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Connecting GTA Teachers by 5r6g27x


									                                    Connecting GTA Teachers
                                     Regional Planning Team
                               Monday, September 24, 2012
                                   12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
                      Humber ITAL, Residence Conference Room (T132)

                                    MEETING NOTES
      Joe Andrews, Humber                           David Armstrong, SCWI
      Paul Bertrand, EDU                            Kiley Bolton, Seneca
      Chris Coleman, (Coordinator)                  Tina Cotrupi, Toronto CDSB
      Cesare DiDonato, Halton CDSB                  Domenic DeMarco, Dufferin-Peel CDSB
      Rosa Duran, George Brown                      Pat Evans, Peel DSB
      Ken Harrison, Humber (Chair)                  Eunice Leung, Centennial
      Dave Lewis, Halton SB                         Caroline Mallozzi, Dufferin-Peel CDSB
      Susan McPhedran, Upper Grand DSB              Irene Mota, Dufferin-Peel CDSB
      Catherine Moynihan, Toronto CDSB              Greg Murray, Halton IEC
      Lee-Ann O'Leary, Dufferin-Peel CDSB           Chris Pearson, Sheridan
      Carol Ray, Humber                             Laura Reynolds, Toronto DSB
      Karen Robertson, Peel SB                      Annette Ryan, Dufferin-Peel DSB
      Bruno Sacco, Dufferin-Peel CDSB               Ed Sedlak, TDSB
      Janet Shuh, Sheridan                          Michael Smith, SCWI
      Sean Squires, Centennial                      Shelagh Taber Walsh, George Brown
      Mary Talamo, York CDSB                        Dale Thorington, Centennial
      Sonja Vandermeer, EDU                         Mary Vesia, Humber

1. Welcome and Introductions
         Ken welcomed participants, and a round of introductions was made.
         There is a link on the Agenda to our Orientation document. The document has been updated.
          It covers:
             The goals and priorities of this Regional Planning Team
             The organization of the team and how we manage our various projects
             An SCWI Organizational Chart
             Roles and Responsibilities for the various Members
             Reference to the CGTAT database and Website
             Descriptions, logins and passwords for the Ministry’s three Websites
             Role of the Secondary School Dual Credit Teacher
             Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
         A List of Members’ Contact Information by Organization was distributed. The letter ‘Y’
          indicates the “Main Rep”, i.e. the key “go-to” person for each organization. Please update this
          list and give the changes to For reasons of privacy and security, this
          document does not appear on the Web. Copies are available upon request.
         Also distributed was the CGTAT Important Dates document. Note the references to the
          Contract Change Dates. This document is always updated and posted on the Web.

2. Agenda Check
   A check of the Agenda was made and no new items were added.

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3. Review of Previous Meeting Notes
    Meeting Notes for June 18, 2012, were accepted and are posted at in the Open
    Meetings section.

4. Phase 15 (2011-2012) Final Reporting:
      Student Data Report
        Ken thanked Members for reporting in a timely manner.
        The Final Student Data report for 2011-2012 is available on the Ministry’s EDCS Website.
        In 2011-2012, RPT2 had 2,824 students who started a Dual Credit Program; 2,343 students
        The URL and login information, including password, are available in the Orientation

      Expenditure Report
        The Final Expenditure Report is also available on the EDCS Website.
        The report summarizes all of our expenditures for 2011-2012, broken down by board and by
        In 2011-2012, CGTAT spent $5.2 million. Specifically for Dual Credit Programs about $4.3
          million. For Activities about $696,000, and for the Regional Planning Team (admin,
          lunches, etc) about $171,000.
        Our total budget for last year was just over $6 million.

      Summer SWAC Report
        This past summer, CGTAT ran several School Within A College (SWAC) Dual Credit
        The SWACs were reported separately, so they are not in EDCS.

      RPT 2 Data Report – September 2012 (David Armstrong)
        A one-page data report was distributed at the meeting.
        In 2011-2012, CGTAT spent 82.1% of its total available funding, serving 83.5% of the
          number of students approved.
        Boards should be invoicing for the number of students who started (i.e. still enrolled on the
          “day 10 count date”).
        The growth of DCPs over the years is impressive.
        The question remains: Why are the Actual Expenditures so much lower than the Funding
          Approved? The gap will be taken into consideration at the next RFP deliberations. How can
          we take advantage of every single dollar that’s there?
        As we gain experience, we may be able to make better decisions.
        We need to look at the gaps by semester. We likely have a larger gap in semester one
          because of the fact that we’re recruiting and promoting in May-June, and there are a lot of
          shifts and changes over the summer. And with the early start date, especially with the
          integrated models in many colleges, we don’t have the option to put students in after day
        Various explanations for the gaps and strategies for reducing them were discussed.
        David Armstrong needs to know about anything that’s been dropped, about any numbers of
          students who haven’t filled out classes, any seats left at all, so that those dollars can be
          recycled. The first priority for any dollars that are available this year is going to have to be
          addressing some transportation issues that we have because the transportation allocations
          for 2012-13 were done a little bit differently. People were offered a percentage of what they
          had in 2010-11. We now have 2011-12 experience to go by and it appears that at least four
          RPTs are really going to be “behind the eight ball” with what they’ve been allocated. For
          the October 26th date, when hopefully some changes will be submitted the dollars should be
          able to be recycled to enhance existing successful programs.
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         The next Contract Change Date is October 26th. So, if you have a DCP that has experienced
          a decrease in enrolment numbers, you need to file a Contract Change Form identifying that
          fact. If you can use the dollars from one DCP to enhance the numbers in another, then do so.
          But, you still need to submit a Contract Change Form in order to get the approved numbers
          in the right column. If you can’t transfer the money to one of your own Programs, someone
          else in this RPT might need it. We don’t want to “leave money on the table” (like $1.146
          million this year).

5. SCWI Updates:
     Course Code review – unused course codes and up-dated list
       In this process, the DC Course Codes that had never been used were identified so that they
         could be taken off the list and reassigned.
       Ken thanked all those who participated in the process.
       The updated list hopefully identifies current activity.
       Legally, Course Codes that have been used must be kept for 55 years.
       Please take a look at the list as it applies to you, and if there are any missing or incorrect
         pieces (e.g. hours, grades), send updates to (CC to Chris and Ken
         plz). The more complete the list is, the easier it is for everybody.
       Some of the challenges pertaining to Course Codes were discussed.

     New Fall Newsletter – Michael Smith
       In the past SCWI has annually produced a newsletter that typically was distributed at the
         SCWI Symposium in May.
       This year (2012-13), SCWI wants to produce a Fall Newsletter. The target date for getting it
         out is November 8th. It is intended for RPT use, to look at what’s going on provincially,
         especially with Dual Credit Programs. The newsletter will have limited distribution.
       The data was copied from EDCS and given a cursory edit, and then the Programs were
         grouped under General, Apprenticeship and SWAC. Then the draft was sent out to Main
         Reps for final vetting.
       If, at any time, you have a student testimonial, an interesting Forum/Activity, etc., please
         send it along to If it isn’t posted in the SCWI Newsletter, it
         could be posted on the GoToCollege Website.
       You are invited to visit which is designed largely for parents and
         students, but which is an opportunity to honour good activities and good news items
         whether or not they appeared in another newsletter. It’s important to keep this Website
         current. The aim is to inform everyone right down to the classroom level of the amazing
         opportunities that are available in Dual Credit Programs.

     Governance Report – (David Armstrong)
       This document is intended to support Regional Planning Teams, especially those who are
         new or for which the leadership is changing. It is also intended to be a resource document in
         discussions with senior board or college management.
       It is a long document (over 60 pages) and is still in draft form.
       SCWI would like to get any further input from the RPTs in order to make the document the
         best it can be.
       It contains organizational charts, flow charts, role descriptions, processes, practices, etc.
       Two other documents of interest are Dual Credit Management and Financial Services
         Management. All three documents are available at behind the password
         protection. Together the documents offer a set of practices that have proven to be useful in
         certain situations.
       The target date for release is November 8.
       Any contributions would be appreciated.

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      Review of Rubrics for RFP
        On October 2 there will be an invitational teleconference to discuss how decisions are made
           with regard to approving projects for each year.

      Request to monitor dual credit orientation activities
        Bill Jack has asked to be invited to any Dual Credit orientation sessions that will be held for
          the winter semester.

6. SMART Goals
      Feedback on 3 questions (due June 29)
        At our June meeting, we broke into groups and looked at data from the RPTs’ Year End
          Student Data Reports and from OnSIS for the purpose coming up with SMART Goals for
        There were some questions that we haven’t responded to yet.
        One of the questions relates to the success rates for our Dual Credit Programs. What was
          done in 2011-2012 to address low success rates? We need to provide some feedback for
        The questions will be circulated along with some examples of what is expected in the way
          of SMART Goals. The SMART Goals have to be updated and are due October 12th.

7. Dual Credit Teacher Forum – planning subcommittee
          At the June meeting a subcommittee was formed consisting of Dale Thorington, Chris
           Pearson, Catherine Moynihan, Carol Ray, Kiley Bolton, and Tina Cortrupi.
          The group was asked to identify a Chair or Co-chairs to organize a meeting/teleconference
           to help get this forum “off the ground”.
          Who would this involve? What does it entail? Where would it happen? How would it
           happen? When would it happen?
          There was a forum in the spring involving just Dual Credit Teachers at Centennial.
          A number of RPTs have held similar forums – done after school, with food. There could be
           a number of these, not just one for the whole GTA.
          College instructors might be included.
          People like Michelle Rao could provide a template.
          Mostly these teachers want an opportunity to talk with each other.
          The subcommittee was asked to report back at the next CGTAT meeting.
          It would be helpful to submit a request for funding.

8. Transportation Funding
          This year, the funding for transportation was not allocated by individual Program. Instead
           the RPT was given an operational budget, a total amount (approx. $600,000). This is
           because last year there was a lot more money allocated for transportation than was actually
          As the requests for transportation funding come in, we will “dip into that pot of money”.
          Requests for transportation funding should be submitted as soon as possible. Invoices can be
           submitted on an on-going basis.

9. Other Business
          There was no new business.

10. Next Meeting:
      Monday, October 22, 2012
      Humber ITAL North
      Residence Conference Room (T132)

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