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					                                      Gamers world and lifestyle

Technology has change the way we live.

About 30 years ago Personal Computers (PC) started to appear into family homes.

They were expensive, bulky, slow and the graphic card was limited: but this was a real revolution.

The television started to be secondary and evenings were spent in the special computer room.

At the same time the film “Wargames” appeared. This film was a kind of awakening for all little
binary geeks.

There were various consoles and games on the market. The Atari 2600 with Space Invaders and
Pacman were the winners.

Then things started to move rapidly. The monochrome monitor changed and the entire
infrastructure improved rapidly. Users wanted to be able to interact on a bigger scale and be
involved remotely…this sounded like a challenge but internet access is nowadays allowing this
dream to be part of our daily lives.

So, are gamers cut from reality and do they fit in a particular category in our 21st century society?
There isn’t one and only simple answer to this. But there have been worries in the past of how many
hours should you spend playing in front of a screen filled with high energy action, animation and

A few gamers are working daytime in an office (using a computer) and when they go home, they will
lock themselves into a parallel world/life. Playing from 8pm to 3am and sometimes even more.

What about their biological clock, nutrition, health and wellbeing?

According to “The Healthy Gamer”, it is possible to actually burn calories while gaming and even tips
to stay healthy during MMO sessions.

But just imagine spending so much time staring at a screen?! Surely this can’t be good whether you
burn calories or not and replace full meals with smoothies?!

Most of these people like to interact and play on various platforms according to the games
specifications. From Xbox to PS3 and powerful computers where fast and efficient graphics cards can
be very pricey!

Having fun is one thing but cutting yourself from the real world might not be the best attitude.

Everybody is different and has various hobbies, however it shouldn’t be a recluse life where
everything happens via screens and consoles.

Some employers like for their staff to have fun during lunch breaks and invest in a television with a
Nintendo Wii because it brings joy, but also some indoor activities – especially when sitting down
most of the day.

Feeling good and happy at work is rather important. Workplaces have improved too. Sometimes
there are some Team Building activities to blend with all departments and branches – depending on
the company ‘s size. Employees can also get a business health insurance which will help them to
extend health benefits at an affordable rate too.

Finally, we all like to check the online news because it is all live and fast. Nevertheless, life in front of
a screen should not damage your lifestyle or become an addiction. Some people have openly
declared that they needed treatment and therapy for such habits.

Tools and toys in general, should be used not abused. Having a spiritually and physically balanced
way of living is essential. Skipping meals, lack of hydration and short nights can seriously damage the
attitude and mood of a person.

It is vital to control your actions and behaviours as an online game, an email or anything else which
won’t change the course of your life can be put on hold for a few hours or days. Your body needs
rest. Excessive activities without resting could be the trigger of stress & fatigue also vital organs
could be irreversibly damaged.

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