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                                                                                    Wilkinson Drive
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                                  Three Bears Playgroup
                                 Newsletter January 2011
                                                              Theme – All About Me
Welcome back to the start of the
Spring Term, we would like to wish you          We will start the term talking about ourselves, our
all a Happy New Year.                           bodies, families, and where we live.

I have been at the Playgroup for a year
now as the Manager and would like your
                                                We will be using the ‘Home Books’ that you have
views on how we are doing and how we
                                                made and sent in with your children, as they will
could further improve our service for           be very helpful as a starting point.
our families. Please take time to               If you have some new pictures to add please
complete the attached form and feel             come in and do with your child or give to your key
free to speak to me about any ideas you         person to do with your child.
                                                If have yet to send one in it would be a great
may have.
                                                opportunity to make one with your child.
Thank You for your support,

                                             Thank you
    Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising Christmas Party. The feedback was
    that it was a good event and the children enjoyed themselves with maybe some tweaking to
    make it even better next year! The party and hamper raffle raised £259.81 which will go
    towards developing our outside area to make it as fantastic as the inside.

    Thanks go to all our parents who helped in session and to those who help by washing our T-
    towels, doing the shopping and all those other tasks that we are very grateful for. The parent
    helper rota is up in the lobby area ready for you to sign up for this term.


          If your child is unwell please phone to let us know.
          If your child is sick please do not send them back for 48hours after sickness has
           finished and they have kept food down.
          If your child requires Calpol before coming out, then they are probably not well enough
           to cope with playgroup and may result in us having to send them home, please keep
           them off.
          Food Allergy – Please remember NO NUTS or Peanut Butter sandwiches at playgroup.
          If you or your emergency contact persons change contact details/mobile phone
           numbers please let us know immediately.
          If you have any changes in your home circumstances they may affect your child, please
           keep us informed, we are here to support you and your child. Confidentiality is vital to
           the service we offer.

    Thank You for your co-operation

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