Use of the New LACF by HC121106114036


									Use of the New LACF

 590 Commonwealth Ave.
• The new facility is split into a Barrier
  and Non Barrier Facility
• Both are considered “clean” of
  rodent pathogens including noro-
       Barrier vs Non-Barrier
• The Barrier is used for the breeding of
  mouse lines that are not commercially
• Once a mouse leaves the Barrier it
  does not come back.
• The Non-Barrier is used once a mouse
  is involved in an experiment, surgery,
  behavioral testing, etc.
• Mice in the Non-Barrier can leave for
  surgery, behavioral testing, etc. and

• Besides experimental mice, the Non-
  Barrier also houses rats, ferrets, gerbils,
  zebra finch birds, and both mouse and rats
  for ABSL-2.
• In the Non-Barrier there is also a necropsy
  room, a surgical suite, cagewash facilities
  and autoclave facilities.
• Necropsy is to be used only for terminal
• Neither animals nor people can return to
  an animal room after being in the
             Surgical Suite
• The Surgical Suite consists of 3 rooms.
  – People and instrument prep room.
  – Actual surgical room.
  – Animal prep room, which is also the post op
    recovery room.
  – This animal prep/post op recovery room can
    also be used as a procedures room.
      Clean and Dirty Caging
• There will be a cart outside the cagewash
  room for the placement of dirty cages.
• There will be a limited but sufficient
  amount of clean cages, bottles, tops etc
  available in each rodent room along with
  cagecards, colored dots and other
                 Traffic Flow
• Once again flow is from the cleanest to the
• Start with the Barrier Facility which is of limited
• Then the clean side of the Cagewash.
• Then the Mouse room and the rat room
• Then the bird room & then the ferret room.
• The last two rooms to be entered are the ABSL-
  2 room, and the gerbil room
• And finally the dirty side of the cagewash.
• PLEASE do not go from the dirtier to the
  cleaner areas.
• Once you have been in the Non-Barrier
  area you CAN NOT go back into the
• Once you have been in the dirty side of
  the cagewash you should not go back into
  the animal rooms.
• Once you have been in Necropsy you can
  not go into another animal room.
• For Entry into hallways
  –   Disposable lab coat
  –   Disposable bonnet
  –   Disposable booties
  –   Disposable gloves
  –   Disposable masks
• For Entry into animal rooms & handling of
  animals or animal cages.
      All of the above, PLUS
      Disposable arm covers.
• Leave lab coats, jackets etc in the entry
• Put on lab coat, bonnet and mask.
• Put on booties as you cross the imaginary
  line into the LACF.
• Put on gloves after you put on booties.

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