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									Heriberto Sedeno MD Took Admission In
   Bachillerato, A Secondary School
Heriberto Sedeno MD was born on June 5, 1946 in Havana, Cuba and
at the age of five, he attended Escuela Primaria del Centro de
Dependientes del Comercio de La Habana, an elementary school.
After completing 5th grade, he took an early entrance exam and took
admission in bachillerato, a combination of 6th grade and a
preparatory year which is also known as a secondary school.
Heriberto Sedeno MD Studied At A Popular Academic Center
From 1957 to 1958, he studied at a popular academic center named
Havana Business Academy. In 1958, after clearing this competitive
exam that lasted for three days, his parents enrolled him at o
Academia Pitman which is a private school. It was affiliated to the
state overseen Instituto de Ensenanza Secundaria de La Vibora.
Heriberto Sedeno MD Went To St. Thomas
In 1969, he received his B.A Biology degree from the University of
St. Thomas, Houston, Texas. The University of St. Thomas which is
also abbreviated as St. Thomas or UST originated in 1947 by
Basilian Fathers. It is an extensive Catholic university which is
grounded in the liberal arts. It is the only Catholic university in the
Archdiocese of Galveston,Houston.
Heriberto Sedeno MD Completed Doctor Of Medicine From
University Of Zaragoza
He completed Doctor of Medicine from University of Zaragoza which
is located in Zaragoza, Spain and is considered as the heart of
technological innovation in the Ebro Valley. The university is highly
recognized among the group of Spanish,
European and International universities.
Heriberto Sedeno MD Has Been Linked To Harris County
Medical Society And Many Other Organizations

He has been linked to several professional organizations including
Harris County Academy of Family Physicians, Harris County Medical
Society, Texas Medical Association, Texas Academy of Family
Physicians, Texas Academy of Family Physicians and more. Harris
County Medical Society was founded in 1903 and is also
abbreviated as HCMS and it is ranked amongst the largest county
medical societies in the U.S. The organization includes over 11,000
members, physicians and medical students.

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