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Consumer Behavior - Test 1 Review


									     Consumer Behavior - Test 1 Review
               Fall 2005

Chapter 1
Consumer Behavior, target market, segmentation, marketing myopia, marketing concept,
relationship mkg., demographics, research methods.

Chapter 2
Perceptual process, schema, sensory systems, meaning of colors, package design, sound -
background music - McMillan studies, sensory thresholds - JND, subliminal persuasion,
perceptual selection, exposure, adaptation, attention, interpretation, closure.

Chapter 3
Learning, cognitive vs. behaviorist approaches, classical conditioning (how it works,
terminology, factors affecting effectiveness, extinction, generalization), operant conditioning,
shaping, memory systems (sensory, short-term, long-term), associative networks, nodes, links,
spreading activation, recognition vs. recall.

Chapter 4
Motivation, needs vs. wants, motivation conflicts (App-app, app-av, av-av), Maslow’s Hierarchy
of Needs, values, LOV, Involvement (Product or Brand, Product category, Message-Response),
PII scale, how to increase involvement.

Chapter 5
Self-concept, self-esteem, ideal self, real self, undesired self, gap, fantasy & appeals, multiple
selves, self-fulfilling prophecy, self-consciousness, self-monitoring scale, personality,
consumption & self-concept, extended self, sex roles, body image, fattism, anorexia, bulimia,
body decoration & mutilation.

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