Copy Platform by e0RncUCs


									                                    Copy Platform

Name: _________________________ Product: _____________________

   1. Request: What is the nature of the assignment: one-shop, campaign,
      promotional material, etc.?

   2. Background: What are the essentials of the marketing situation? What does
      research tell us about the product? Is it superior in some ways, or is it a parity
      product similar to our competition? What is the competitive climate? What
      specific communication needs does the client/product have?

   3. Description of Concept: How does management see the product or service from
      the customer’s perspective?

   4. Is the Assignment Important or Routine? What impact will a successful ad
      have on the product’s future?

   5. Advertising Objectives: What do we want to have happen as a result of this

   6. Key Selling Point: What are the first and second key selling points to be

   7. Input: What specific guidance is known that pertains to this assignment
      concerning required style or usage, continuity with other assignments, and
      integrated communications?

   8. Media Plan: Which media should this assignment be geared toward?

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