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									Age no barrier to love online, reveals be2 survey.
A survey of attitudes to age and dating have revealed that most of their members have an
open minded approach to the age of a potential partner. All age groups and genders
tended towards a feeling that relationships across even quite large age gaps could work:

      75% of people think age is no obstacle to true love.
      Under 25s were most likely to think age was no barrier to love.
      46 to 55 year olds were most likely to think that age can be a barrier if the gap is
       too big.
      Overall 80% of respondents said that if they had found their ideal partner they
       would not let concerns about age difference get in the way.

It transpires that often people are happy to be matched with people who are from
different age groups with many of be2 customers widening their search criteria to include
potential matches upwards of 15 years older or younger than them.

Online dating = open minded dating
Dating online can break down many of the barriers that prevent people getting together in
more ‘ordinary’ circumstances. The barriers of distance, social stigma and a whole range
of other factors are reduced online, where people can get to know each other based at
first just on their written conversations. Once that initial bond is formed many find that
their preconceived ideas about their ideal partner are less important than the reality of
meeting someone they really like!

Age is no exception to this rule and over 80% of those surveyed said if they had found their
ideal partner online they would not let social stigma about age difference affect their
attitude to the relationship.

Older men, younger women
Having said this, when asked specifically about older and younger groups they would
prefer to date, more traditional stereotypes re-emerged:

More women specifically stated they would be happy to date someone 15 years older: 18%
(men only 6%). 19% of men specifically said they would be happy to date someone 15 years
younger than them, but only 6 % of women said this.

Tastes and expectations diverge
Perhaps surprisingly, few respondents were concerned with children and family planning
when it came to deciding whether to date a partner from a very different age bracket.
When asked ‘What is the biggest problem about dating someone much older or younger
than you?’ 62% of respondents said ‘different tastes and expectations’; 33% said ‘lack of
maturity can lead to conflicts’ and only 6% said ‘Different attitudes to wanting children’.

About the survey: the survey was conducted with nearly 300 respondents over four months
in 2010.

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