Cell Organelle Activity by nJc6Vg


									Cell Organelle Activity Bilogy (09-10)

Three parts to this activity:
   1. Fine object(s) that are in proportion to the cell organelle, given the total size of
      the cell as specified by your teacher. You must include a written hand-in
      showing the mathematical calculations for your object
   2. Find an object that you feel is an analogy to your cell organelle OR create a
      model of your cell organelle (using any materials you choose). This is not in
      proportion. You must include a written hand-in describing the reasoning
      behind your analogy
   3. Develop a short presentation for your cell organelle, describing what it does.
      Creatively design a cartoon, song, dance or poster as part of our presentation
      (maybe- think what the cell would do without you!)
              -Make links/relationships to other cell oraniells
              -Report should be 3 to 5 minutes long.
              -Do some research on the organelle
              - Include a reference list (this includes websites)

   Links that you can use:
   Cells Alive

   List of organelles:
       1. cell wall
       2. plasma membrane (3)
       3. nucleus and nucleolus (3)
       4. mitochondria – discuss (3)
       5. chloroplast (3)
       6. ribosomes and golgi complex
       7. endoplasmic reticulum
       8. vacuoles (focus on different functions in plant and animal cells) and
       9. microtubules and microfilaments
       10. lysosome

Blabberize – make a cell organelle talk

Make a comic

Make a poster Class code is 201624

   1. Accuracy of proportional object and hand-in showing size calculation
   2. Analogy object and hand-in explaining analogy or model and the explanation for
      your model. If your group does both – extra credit.
   3. Explanation of the functions of your object - You must include a written hand-
      in or your explanation
          - Inclusion of information from higher level references in your explanation
          - Reference
   4. Creativity
   5. Organization of presentation and meeting time requirements
   6. Neatness and organization

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