Cell organelle Structure/Function Project by XvkK39d


									Cell organelle Structure/Function Project

This project will consist of a detailed 3-D model (must be able to see inside the organelle)
that shows the structure and function of a plant or animal cell organelle and a
presentation to the class along with notes for all students.
Notes include – How the structure of the organelle relates to its function.
Students will work in groups of two.
First, pick the organelle you plan to use. Get approval from the teacher.
Second, Research the organelle, really get to know its shape inside and out. Discover
what this organelle is composed of (sugars proteins, etc.)
Find out how this organelle functions within the cell.
Third, design your model on paper and think about the materials you will need to use to
build it. Household items will be fine.
Fourth, Build your model and put together your typed notes covering your organelle.
Fifth, Class Presentation .

Due Date _____________________________ (No exceptions)
No late work accepted.

One test grade
3-D Model - Accuracy, creativity, neatness, - 30 Pts.
Detailed Notes on Organelle- 15 Pts.
Presentation- 30 Pts.
Organization, time management in class, 5 pts.

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