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									                                                                                                 Cluster: Earth’s Crust C4
 Planning Sheet for
                          Lesson Title: How Much Soil is There? SLO 7-4-11 (Lesson 4)            Grade: 7
 Single Science Lessons

Cheryl Delaquis
 A.       Scientific Inquiry                  Teacher asks the students create a chart and
 Initiating, Researching & Planning           list their favourite items of clothing and                                                                       Apple
 Implementing; Observing, Measuring &         foods.                                                 Students will make a chart in their journals              Knife
 Recording                                                                                           and determine which items rely on soil.                   Chart (example attached)
 Record, compile, and display observations    Teacher has a class discussion and
 and data, using an appropriate format.       students/teacher relate their list on the
 Analyzing & Interpreting                     reliance of soil. (i.e. t-shirt – cotton – plant       Students will predict and record in their
 Interpret patterns and trends in data, and   – soil).                                               journal what they believe is the percent of
 infer and explain relationships.                                                                    usable soil the earth has to sustain it’s
 Concluding & Applying                        Teacher will use an apple as an illustration           population.
 Identify and evaluate potential
 applications of investigation results.       to represent the planet earth and answer the
 B. STSE Issues/ Design Process/              question “How much usable soil does the
      Decision Making: Identify and           earth consist of is suitable for agriculture
      demonstrate actions that promote a      and sustaining the earth’s population?”
      sustainable environment, society, and   1. Since water covers approx. 75%, cut the
      economy, both locally and globally.     apple in ¼’s, toss ¾ of the apple away to
 C. Essential Science Knowledge               represent the water (rivers, streams, oceans, and
                                              2. You are left with 25% of the apple
 1. Only 10% of Earth is covered with soil    representing dry land. 50% of that land is desert,
 that is suitable for agriculture.            polar or mountains, where it is too hot, too cold
 2. Food and clothing, practically            or too high for plant growth. Cut dry land ¼ in ½
 everything we have relies in some way on     and toss one piece away.
 the soil.                                    3. 12.5% is left. Of that 12.5 %, 40% is severely
 3. Soil conservation is a problem that       limited by terrain, fertility or excessive rainfall.
 should be addressed by everyone.             Too rocky, too steep, too shallow, poor or too
                                              wet to produce.
                                                                                                                                                       Questions to consider in your planning /
                                              4. Cut 40% away. You are left with 10%. Peel
 Will you assess? If so, what?                the skin from the tiny sliver. The sliver is the                                                         delivery
 Student understanding that soil              land of soil we depend on to sustain the world’s                                                           1. How long will each phase last?
 conservation is important.                   food supply. This 10% competes with houses,                                                                2. How am I going to organize working
                                              cities, schools, landfills, etc. and sometimes it                                                                  groups?
 How will you assess it?                      doesn’t win.                                           Students share their earlier predictions with         3.    How will I organise and distribute
 Reading the student’s journal.               http://ltpwww.gsfc.nasa/gov/globe/app-                 the class.                                                  equipment?
                                              soil/hmsoil.htm                                                                                              4.    Am I emphasizing specific skills and
                                              The lesson will end with the teacher asking                                                                        knowledge development?
                                              the students to think about what they or                                                                     5.    Am I giving clear instructions and asking
                                              others can do to ensure the conservation of                                                                        purposeful questions?
                                              the precious soil. (some research as                                                                         6     What must I look for in monitoring student
                                                                                                     Students will write in their journal about what
                                              homework will be necessary)                            soil conversation means to them and will
                                                                                                     discuss their ideas and research in a future

Chart for Lesson #4

Cheryl Delaquis
                  Items   Plant or Animal   Depends on
                             Product           Soil

Cheryl Delaquis

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