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                             skills                            web skills
                                                               and online
                                      pr, advertising, sales     Become an Apple Certified Pro

                                      and corporate comms
z 150+ Workshops z 100+ Tutors z 28 years' experience z Central London training rooms
  Sectors that benefit from PMA         People who benefit from PMA training include:
  training include:
 z Advertising                    zArchitects                       zLegal/financial professionals

 z Banking & finance              zArt editors                      zMagazine executives

 z Broadcasting                   zBusiness executives              zManagement

 z Commercial business            zCorporate communications staff   zMarketing executives

 z Creative design agencies       zCorporate video/DVD producers    zMedia sales staff

 z Customer publishing            zCopywriters                      zMultimedia producers

 z Government & public sector     zDeputy editors                   zPR agency staff

 z Internal communications        zEditors                          zProduction staff

 z Law                            zFeature writers                  zPublishers

 z Magazine publishing            zGraphic designers                zSmall publicity departments

 z Newspapers                     zInternal communications staff    zSub-editors

 z PR                             zInternal PR staff                zVideo & photojournalists

 z Online publishing              zJournalists                      zWeb masters

 z Voluntary Sector               zLayout artists                   zWeb & print designers
                                                                                      PMA Gold Standard ......................................3
                                                                                      PMA initiatives ................................................ 4
                                                                                      PMA Postgrad in Magazine Journalism ......5
                                                                                      Room hire ......................................................6
                                                                                      Accreditations ...............................................7

                                                                                      PMA tutors ...................................................74
                                                                                      A-Z Workshop index ...................................78
                                                                                      Booking form and information .................80

                                                                                      Advanced feature writing ..........................................17                    The features editor........................................................29
                                                                                      Investigative reporting................................................18                The Publisher ..................................................................29
                                                                                      Understanding finance and the City......................18
      8    JOUrnALisM                                                                 Sub-editing, proof-reading and editing                                                       30     LAW
                                                                                      Writing better headlines.............................................19
Writing and interviewing                                                                                                                                                       Media law .........................................................................30
                                                                                      Improving your news and feature intros ..............19
Introduction to journalism .......................................... 8                                                                                                        Understanding copyright and the law ..................31
                                                                                      Generating and writing leaders and editorials ..20
Essential writing skills .................................................... 9                                                                                                Law update ......................................................................31
                                                                                      Fast, effective reading..................................................20
Feature writing ................................................................. 9                                                                                            Law for editors & publishers .....................................32
                                                                                      Proof-reading ..................................................................21
News-writing...................................................................10                                                                                              Law for PR professionals .............................................32
                                                                                      Learning to sub-edit ....................................................21
Grammar skills ................................................................10
                                                                                      Sub-editing features or your own work................22
Interviewing skills .........................................................11                                                                                                    33     creAtive & design
                                                                                      Subbing with InDesign or Quark XPress...............22
Journalistic style ............................................................11
                                                                                      Better sub-editing .........................................................23           Learning layout and design using DTP .................33
Writing for house journals & newsletters .............12
                                                                                      Advanced sub-editing .................................................23                 InDesign CS3 essentials ..............................................34
Sharpening your writing style ..................................12
                                                                                      Managing the subs' desk............................................24                    Photoshop CS3 essentials ..........................................34
Improve your news-writing .......................................13
                                                                                      Editing customer magazines ....................................24                        Illustrator CS3 essentials .............................................35
Writing better features ................................................13
                                                                                      Editing house journals and newsletters ...............25                                 Acrobat essentials — PDFs made easy .................35
Science writing and editing ......................................14
                                                                                      Improving house journals and newsletters.........25                                      Quark XPress essentials...............................................36
Travel writing ..................................................................14
                                                                                      Improving your publication ......................................26                      Advanced Quark XPress ..............................................36
Sports writing .................................................................15
                                                                                      How to launch or relaunch a publication ............26                                   Migrating to InDesign from Quark XPress ...........37
Finding accurate news from search engines ......15
                                                                                      News-editing and running a news diary ..............27
Writing news online .....................................................16                                                                                                    Improving your InDesign CS3 skills ........................37
                                                                                      Improve your commissioning...................................27
Shoot and edit for journalists ...................................16                                                                                                           Advanced InDesign CS3 .............................................38
                                                                                      The Editor .........................................................................28
Advanced news-writing ..............................................17                                                                                                         Advanced Photoshop CS3 ........................................38
                                                                                      The deputy editor .........................................................28
Advanced Illustrator .....................................................39     Introduction to Final Cut Pro 6 (FCP 101).............52                             Effective lobbying — successful campaigning ..66
Improving your layouts ...............................................39         Professional editing in Final Cut Pro (FCP 200) ..53                                 Planning and running a campaign .........................67
Advanced design...........................................................40     Shooting video with TV production values .........53                                 Multimedia sales skills .................................................67
Redesigning your publication ..................................40                Introduction to DVD Studio Pro 4 (DVDSP101)..54                                      Internal communications
Creating stunning covers & contents pages .......41                              Adobe Premiere essentials ........................................54                 Internal communications (part 1)
PowerPoint essentials ..................................................41       Overview of Aperture 2 (Aperture 100) ................55                             — essential skills ...........................................................68
Understanding production........................................42               Digital photography .....................................................55          Internal communications (part 2), advanced .....68
Understanding and buying print ............................42                    Researching and improving pictures .....................56
                                                                                 Advanced digital photography ................................56                         69     cOMMUnicAtiOn
   43     WeB sKiLLs                                                                                                                                                            sKiLLs
                                                                                            Pr, Advertising, sALes                                                    Business writing skills ..................................................69
Search Engine Optimisation......................................43                   57
Planning & writing for web broadcast (stage 1) ..44
                                                                                            & cOrPOrAte cOMMs                                                         Report writing made easy..........................................70
                                                                                 PR writing skills ..............................................................57   Presentation skills .........................................................70
Presenting for Podcasts & web (stage 2) ..............45
                                                                                 Planning, targeting and writing                                                      Preparing for media interviews................................71
Producing audio and video Podcasts (stage 3)..45                                                                                                                      Appearing on TV and radio .......................................71
                                                                                 news releases ..................................................................58
Writing for the web ......................................................46                                                                                          Speaking in public ........................................................72
                                                                                 Planning and writing case studies ..........................58
Editing on the web .......................................................46                                                                                          Managing your time with 24/7 media ..................72
                                                                                 Practical PR essentials (PR part 1)............................59
Effective Blogging .........................................................47   Progressing your PR skills (PR part 2).....................59                        Negotiating skills ...........................................................73
Making the most of your online publication ......47                              Planning & managing                                                                  Speech writing & powerful delivery.......................73
Dreamweaver CS3 website development intro ...48                                  long term PR (PR part 3) .............................................60
Adobe Contribute essentials.....................................48               Advanced PR writing skills .........................................60
Planning, designing and                                                          Boosting international PR coverage.......................61
redesigning a website .................................................49        Getting publicity for your business ........................61
Running a website ........................................................49     Copywriting (part 1) — essential skills..................62
                                                                                 Copywriting (part 2) — advanced skills ...............62
Flash CS3: rich content creation ..............................50
                                                                                 Crisis management .......................................................63
Flash CS3 ActionScript ................................................50
                                                                                 Pitching for new business ..........................................63
  51     videO &                                                                 Managing the media effectively ..............................64
         PHOtOgrAPHY                                                             Event management ......................................................64
                                                                                 Using email as a marketing tool ..............................65
Apple Certification Exams in Pro Apps..................51                        Awaken your creativity................................................65
Essential iMovie and iDVD .........................................52
                                                                                 Market research for non-researchers .....................66
On-demand workshops
In addition to the scheduled workshops in this directory, we also offer the following courses. See our website for more
information: Or ask us to email a full course description with dates. Please call Melanie Gilbert or
Michaela Sangster, on 01480 300 653 or email:

l'Soft' News and News for Monthlies: July 24; Oct 20                         lIntroduction to Direct Marketing: Aug 12; Nov 20
lAdvanced Style: July 8; Oct 9                                               lWriting Sales, Follow-Up & Retention Mail: Sep 19; Dec 18
lAdvanced House Journals and Newsletters: Sep 8; Nov 13                      lEssential Media Sales Skills (part 1): Sept 22; Nov 27
lWriting for Women's Magazines: Sept 12; Dec 10                              lAdvanced Media Sales Skills (part 2): July 23; Sep 30
l30 Ways to Beat Your Rivals: Aug 1; Dec 22                                  lCore Management Skills: Jan 17; July 15; Oct 16
lMarketing, Advertising and Research for Editors: Aug 12                     lRunning Successful Meetings: July 31; Nov 19
lBusiness Strategy for Editors & Publishers: July 25; Nov 12                 lDeveloping High-Performing Teams: June 19-20
lThe Freedom of Information Act: Aug 15; Nov 8                               lCoaching Your Staff: Sep 29; Dec 4
lEmployment Law and Best Practice: Sep 11; Dec 17                            lImprove Your Leadership Skills: July 16-17
lPsychology of Colour: July 14; Oct 24                                       lHandling Pressure and Difficult Situations: Sep 16; Dec 2
lHow to Get your Stories into the Media: July 18; Sep 3                      lManaging Equality and Diversity Issues: June 17; Oct 3
lDesigning & Implementing a Media Strategy: Aug 15; Dec 2                    lDealing with Conflict: Aug 8; Nov 6
lManaging Creative Agencies: July 18                                         lUsing Logic Pro: Sep 17; Dec 3
lUnderstanding the EU: Aug 19; Nov 14                                        lThe 'magazine makeover' — what your readers never tell you: June 2;
                                                                             Sep 17 (also ideal for in-house workshops)
lIntroduction to Marketing: Sep 26; Dec 5
lPrize Draws, Competitions and Promotions: Sep 11; Nov 26
    Why you should train with PMA Media Training
    Companies from A-Z have used PMA’s training skills. They cover                  "Now that our training classes for Thomson Financial
    every aspect of the media, from Homes Abroad to Rubber                          journalists have come to an end as we approach the new
    News and from Lewis PR to the Department for International                      era with Reuters, a note to say thanks for the high quality of
    Development. We’ve helped publicly-listed companies, websites                   tuition that our people have enjoyed. I have received a high
                                                                                    level of very positive feedback from everyone who attended the
    and intranets, PR firms, professional communication teams,
                                                                                    markets and libel courses, and the later advanced journalism
    TV and radio companies, government departments, charities,                      and knowledge skills classes. Virtually all our staff now have
    newspapers, in-house magazines and even those publications                      skills sets that should serve them well when the new group is
    that are not written in English. Our work is not just with the media            launched next week. It’s been a pleasure working with you, at
    but with any organisation needing help to improve the quality of                great value for time and money, so thanks again!"
    its writing and communications.                                                 John Coppock, Training Editor, Thomson Financial News

    Tutors who know your field                                                   Bespoke workshops
    If you work for the government, in advertising or a specialist field         Do you want a workshop designed to fit your needs? That’s one of our
    such as science or corporate finance, we can probably supply a tutor         specialities. About half of our work is designing and running bespoke
    with specialist knowledge of your market. This enables us to design          workshops for our clients. Get the best value from your training
    workshops that deliver precisely targeted training, and for you to gain      budget by mixing in-house training with public courses from the
    extra value from the course. All our tutors are expert communicators         following pages.
    who know how to inspire as well as teach.
                                                                                 Great location
    PMA is run by media experts                                                  PMA’s Centre for Media Excellence in London is opposite Mornington
    We know about the media. We’ve been there, done it — and we’re               Crescent tube station — a short walk from the new Eurostar terminal
    still doing it. This company is different from almost every other in         at St. Pancras International, Euston and King's Cross mainline stations.
    communication skills training, because its directors and its trainers        The centre is fully-equipped for communications training with video
    work at a high level in their specialist fields. This means you get expert   cameras, Macs and PCs, plus the latest software. Rooms are also
    advice from professionals who really know what they're talking about.        available to hire for meetings and training events.
    No other company can come close to matching the expertise we offer.          Email:

                                                                                     Distance learning modules with webinar

                                                                                                                                                     gOLd stAndArd
                                                                                     online support available soon.

PMA Gold Standard A formal qualification
                  for all your staff

The PMA Gold Standard is playing a core part in continuous
professional development. This vocational qualification helps the         Are there exams?
appraisal process, an invaluable tool for HR departments to monitor       Yes. Though the essence of the qualification is that it is work-based,
career development. Ultimately, it improves staff retention. The          certain competencies cannot easily be shown from compiled material.
qualification is relevant to publishing, PR, government, internal         The bulk of the portfolio, however, has no formal testing. You will work
communications, charities and the professions. There are eight            with a work-based mentor and your PMA coach.
areas:                                                                    What external training will my staff need to do?
                                                                          This depends entirely on how much support and guidance the
z Consumer journalism z Business journalism
                                                                          candidate’s workplace provides. In specialist areas such as law, there
z Internal communications z Online publishing
                                                                          may need to be some external training. But it is not compulsory, and
z Sales & marketing z Newspaper journalism                                you can complete the programme without the need for any external
z Public sector communications z Public relations                         training at all. We offer a special 20% discount package to all Gold
How does it work?                                                         Standard candidates.
We create a customised portfolio for your staff, detailing areas where
they must prove they can achieve competent work on a consistent           What does it cost?
basis. The emphasis is on producing quality work as part of a             The Gold Standard portfolio includes all documentation and our online
normal working day. This is a practical, vocational qualification with    service notifying you of updates, special offers and coaching days. We
externally-assessed exams in areas such as grammar and media law.         estimate the cost of achieving this qualification — taken at your own
                                                                          pace including the portfolio, with an average of two coaching sessions,
How is the work assessed?
                                                                          two workshops plus exams — should be around £1000.
The portfolio is compiled in sections. At our regular one-to-one
coaching days, candidates can get sections “signed off”, or learn where      For further information, contact Riva Elliott on
they still have to create further work of an acceptable standard. You
can sit the exams at these sessions.                                         020 7278 0606. email:
4 You are not obliged to attend PMA-only workshops 4 One-to-one coaching gives you fast-track learning, feedback
and confidence 4 No dissertations — this is a work-based qualification 4 Immediate improvement in your job skills
— benefits your employer as well as you 4 It's very cost-effective and time-saving                                                                      3
    PMA initiatives
                                                                               PMA Media Training North
                                                                               PMA now runs regular writing, PR and communication skills workshops
                                                                               in Manchester and Glasgow. See dates in this directory or visit www.
    A range of services and benefits                                  for more information. Contact: Melanie Gilbert at:
    to help you                                                                melanie.gilbert@pma-group com, +44 (0)1480 280 232.

    PMA bespoke workshops                                                      PMA discounts for charities
    We can deliver bespoke workshops to keep your staff's media skills up      We automatically give a discount to registered charities on any of the
    to scratch, and help you make the most of the latest technologies. Use     workshops in this directory or in-house courses.
    this directory as a mix 'n' match menu for your specific training needs.   Contact Melanie Gilbert at,
    Dates and venues can be organised to suit you. Your staff will gain        +44 (0)1480 280 232.
    new skills by the end of each session.
    Email or call, +44 (0)01480 280 238           PMA — have we got eNews for you
                                                                               Our weekly e-newsletter gives details of special offers as well as keeping
    PMA room hire - London and Cambridge
    Our London Centre for Media Excellence is ideally located for national     you up-to-date on our new initiatives. Sign up from
    or international meetings, whether they're for a couple of hours or a, or by sending an email to:
    few days. Contact, +44 (0)20 7952 5560.
    or room hire in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, contact:, +44 (0)1480 280 236                       PMA judge and jury
    PMA will travel                                                            We are happy to offer awards judging for regular clients. Many of our
    We are happy to run training at your premises, wherever they are. This     tutors act as judges in industry-wide awards. We can provide a similar
    is often far more economical than sending several staff to London.         service to ensure objective judging for your awards.
    PMA tutors travel across the UK and abroad. We have run in-house
    workshops in the US, Germany, France, Singapore, Denmark, Kenya,           PMA executive coaching
    Belgium, Finland, Spain and Russia, to name but a few.                     Anyone likely to be on TV, the radio or speaking at an event probably
                                                                               needs some specific training. These skills are taught by tutors with huge
                                                                               experience in coaching senior executives. They know how to give you
                                                                               the confidence to face an audience, and handle the media. Contact Riva
                                                                               Elliott on +44 (0)1480 280 234
                                                                                                                                                        POstgrAdUAte diPLOMA in MAgAZine JOUrnALisM
Become a journalist in nine weeks
PMA's Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism
A conversion course — ideal for those who want to get professionally
qualified fast.

                                                                                Year after year, people walk straight out of our PTC- accredited
“Tiring but awesome! I learnt so, so much more than I                           Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism and into good
ever could have imagined, and it made me realise how                            jobs — some even before the course has ended. We expect
much I love journalism.”                                                        most of our graduates to be in fully paid jobs within three
Alice Burnfield, Winter 2008 course
                                                                                months of the course ending.
"Overall it was a stressful, terrifying, brilliant, necessary
experience."                                                                    If you really want to be a journalist and get a good job quickly,
Emma Rink, Winter 2008 course                                                   the PMA conversion course is the one to do. It is a truly vocational
                                                                                experience — and employers love it. The course is also an excellent
                                                                                route for anyone thinking of changing their career. We attract people
                                                                                from a wide variety of backgrounds, including teachers, scientists,
                                                                                accountants and PRs looking to adapt their existing skills to a new,
                                                                                and more fulfilling career.
                                                                                The secret of our success? Expert tutors who know how to get the
                                                                                best out of people, plus our excellent contacts throughout the
                                                                                industry. Many of those we've taught over the years are now in very
                                                                                senior positions.
                                                                                Can we really teach someone to become a journalist in only nine
                                                                                weeks? Of course we can, we’ve been doing it for 20 years.

Postgrad students take a first look at 'AttractLondon' the magazine published
as part of their course. Each group produces its own unique title.               For the full story on PMA's Postgraduate Diploma in
                                                                                 Magazine Journalism visit our dedicated site:

    An ideal location
    for national or
    international meetings
    PMA's Centre for Media Excellence is conveniently
    located in Mornington Crescent, central London, with
    superb Eurostar, national rail and local transport links.
    We also have administration offices and training facilities
    in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, Manchester and Glasgow.
    We offer room hire in all locations.

    Our rooms offer a flexible, serviced environment for training
    sessions, interviews and examinations. A wide range of
    facilities are available for hire, including computers, audio-   London facilities include:          St Ives facilities include:
    visual and video camera equipment.                               z Audio-visual equipment            z Audio-visual equipment
                                                                     z Computers with broadband access   z Computers with broadband access
    PMA's Centre for Media Excellence is available for               z Outside congestion charge zone    z Air-conditioning
    breakfast, daytime, weekend and evening events.                  z Scanning and photocopying         z Scanning and photocopying
    There's on-street parking, and two bookable on-site              z Catering                          z Catering
    parking spaces. We are just outside the congestion               z Parking                           z Easy access parking
    charge zone.                                                     z Air-conditioning                  z Air-conditioning
    For more information on room hire, contact
    Michaela Sangster:
                     Tel: 01480 280 236
PMA endorsements                                           A one-day lecture?
and accreditations
The PMA Centre for Media Excellence is an Apple and
                                                           Not with us.
Adobe Accredited Training Centre. It is an Edexcel         At PMA we want to make sure you get full value.
Exam Centre, and hosts NCTJ exams. PMA is also a           That means staying in touch. We contact you before the workshop to
recommended training provider for Communicators in         gather as much information about your learning needs as possible.
Business, FIPP, AOP and PPA. The PRCA and Quark also       This helps tutors to structure the course around your job. We like to
accredit our IT courses. The PMA Postgraduate Diploma in   use examples of work you typically have to tackle — so next time
Magazine Journalism is PTC-accredited.                     you come across a similar task, you'll know exactly what you need
                                                           to do.

                                                           That's not all.
                                                           We don't abandon you at the end of the course.
                                                           We like to keep in touch. You'll have the tutor's phone number and
                                                           email address, should you need follow-up advice. It's all part of the
                                                           service. At PMA, we like our customers to come back.

                                                           Who trains with PMA? Most UK magazine publishers. Most
                                                           government departments and local councils. The EU, UN,
                                                           Unicef and the Red Cross. They all trust us to deliver top quality
                                                           communication skills. 75% of our business still comes from personal
                                                           recommendation, and after 28 years that speaks volumes.

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          JOURNALISM & MEDIA                                                        Introduction to journalism

                                                                                    3 dAyS London 2008: Aug 19-21; Nov 5-7
                                                                                               London 2009: Jan 14-16; Apr 6-8
                                                                                               Manchester 2008: Aug 20-21; Oct 28-30
                                                                                               Glasgow 2008: Sep 1-3; dec 10-12

                                                                                    Aimed at: All those working in the media, online and print
                                                                                    magazines and newspapers, PR and house journals, as well
    A wide range of journalism and publishing workshops                             as those who have to deal with journalists. This is the ideal
                                                                                    workshop for a grounding in the main skills.
    PMA trains most of the UK's print and online magazine journalists, as
    well as those on newspapers and web only. We also lead the way in
    workshops for senior staff, and help many companies develop people              Workshop contents: A heavy practical emphasis means that
    for management roles.
                                                                                    by the end of this workshop, a newcomer will understand
                                                                                    how a journalist works, and immediately be able to make a
    PMA's experts work with PR agencies, internal communications teams              worthwhile contribution. Includes:
    and government to develop and strengthen their media skills.                    z News-writing — what news is, how to find it and write it
    PMA’s hands-on approach makes training immediately relevant and                 z Feature writing — planning, research and structure
    inspires confidence. We specialise in training small groups – most
                                                                                    z Proof-reading — why good grammar is vital
    courses are limited to six delegates – to ensure maximum individual
    attention.                                                                      z Interviewing — getting good quotes
    An increasing proportion of our work involves helping non-journalists           z Sub-editing — editing copy and writing headlines
    who have to write as part of their job. We can help all sectors at all levels   z The myths of school English
    — from managers to secretaries — to make communications easier.                 z House style
                                                                                    z Getting the best from spelling and grammar checkers
    Workshops take place at our training rooms in central London. All courses
                                                                                    Not for: Those experienced in journalism or PR
    are tailored to your needs. They can also be run as bespoke courses at your
    choice of venue. For bookings and enquiries call 01480 300 653, to discuss
    your requirements with Melanie Gilbert or Vicky Chandler.                       Fee: £780+VAT (£136.50)

                                                                                    ‘The course was really good, relevant and boosted my confidence.’

   Online booking form           Back to index                           Online booking form          Back to index

Essential writing skills                                              Feature writing

2 dAyS London 2008: July 14-15; Oct 23-24                             2 dAyS London 2008: June 9-10 + July 18; Aug 27-28 + Sep 30;
            London 2009: Feb 2-3; May 19-20                           +1 dAy Oct 15-16 + Nov 21
            Manchester 2008: Aug 12; Nov 6-7                                     London 2009: Jan 26-27 + Feb 27; Mar 17-18 + Apr 27
            Glasgow 2008: July; 30-31; Oct 1-2                                   Manchester 2008: July 24-25 + Aug 29; Sep 4-5 + Oct 22
                                                                                 Glasgow 2008: Aug 13-14 + Sep 30; Nov 6-7 + dec 17

Aimed at: Those with little or no experience of writing, those        Aimed at: Newcomers to all aspects of feature writing,
just starting to take on editorial responsibilities and junior PR     whether technical or consumer, and those with only a very
executives.                                                           basic knowledge. Also suitable for those working in PR.

Workshop contents: This workshop is tailored to the                   Workshop contents: This is a split workshop so that
delegate's daily work. The course delivers lots of practical          delegates can prepare and write a feature, which is given
writing sessions. Includes:                                           detailed assessment on the final day. Includes:

z How the reader and medium affects the content and style             z Getting an idea and developing it
  of your writing                                                     z Researching and interviewing
z Guidelines on writing clearly and succinctly                        z Writing for readers
z Writing consistent and grammatically correct copy                   z Intros and conclusions
z Writing to house style                                              z The importance of structure
z Emails and sales letters that get read                              z Selecting material: what to use and what to leave out
z Structuring your writing to include the key facts                   z Generating good quotes
z Jargon — help or hindrance?                                         z Writing technical stories in an interesting way
z Writing captions, competition blurbs and special offers             z Getting the words right to create flow
Not for: Those already writing well as a standard part of their job   Not for: Experienced feature writers

Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                                  Fee: £680+VAT (£119) + £150+VAT (£26.25)

‘The training was worth its weight in gold. Thank you.’               ‘I was taken on a very educational and entertaining journey over the
                                                                      three days. I'll definitely recommend this course to others.’
                Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:          9
               Online booking form         Back to index                            Online booking form        Back to index

             News-writing                                                         Grammar skills

             2 dAyS London 2008: June 2-3; July10-11; Aug 12-13;                  1 dAy      London 2008: June 5; July 7; Sep 16; Nov 24
                        Sep 24-25; Oct 27-28                                                 London 2009: Jan 7; Mar 12; May 26
                        London 2009: Jan 19-20; Feb 12-13; Mar 24-25; Apr 24-25              Manchester 2008: Aug 25; Oct 15
                        Manchester 2008: July 3-4; Sep 18-19; Nov 27-28                      Glasgow 2008: Sep 1; Nov 19
                        Glasgow 2008: Aug 11-12; Oct 21-22; dec 18-19

             Aimed at: Newcomers to reporting and those with only a               Aimed at: All who did not learn grammar at school, and
             very basic knowledge. Also invaluable for those in public            those who find their knowledge patchy.
             relations and others who want to improve their writing skills
             for print and online.                                                Workshop contents: The basics — practical principles on
                                                                                  punctuation, spelling and grammar. Sorting out some of the
             Workshop contents: What news is, identifying stories                 universal problems including words that get misused and
             and writing them for different readerships. The workshop             confused, such as ‘that’ or ‘which’.
             involves plenty of practical work with individual attention          z Punctuation — how and when to use it
             and assessment. Includes:
                                                                                  z Use of adjectives and adverbs
             z Finding news, especially off-diary stories
                                                                                  z The dangers of cliches and puns
             z Researching and planning
                                                                                  z Starting sentences with ‘and’ or ‘but’
             z Story structure, with particular emphasis on intros
                                                                                  z Sorting out tenses
             z The pyramid, and other techniques
                                                                                  z When you can break the rules
             z Interviewing for a news story
                                                                                  z The myths of school English
             z Giving life to dull press releases
                                                                                  z House style
             z Writing news stories from reports and documents
                                                                                  z Getting the best from spelling and grammar checkers
             z Covering press conferences and shows
                                                                                  Not for: Those who are confident that their grammar is perfect

             Not for: Experienced news reporters or feature writers

             Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                                 Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

             ‘A very useful course. It was informative, well-presented and very   ‘Really well run, great atmosphere, good size group and a brilliant
             enjoyable.’                                                          tutor.’
10           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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Interviewing skills                                                   Journalistic style

1 dAy     London 2008: June 25; Aug 14; Oct 7; dec 19                 1 dAy      London 2008: June 18; Sep 11; dec 4
          London 2009: Feb 6; Apr 22; June 18                                    London 2009: Mar 2; June 12
          Manchester 2008: Aug 20; Oct 29                                        Manchester 2008: Aug 4; Oct 15
          Glasgow 2008: Aug 21; Oct 30                                           Glasgow 2008: Sep 9; Nov 13

Aimed at: All who have to carry out interviews, whether               Aimed at: Everyone who wants to improve his or her writing
face-to-face or on the telephone, and take notes at the               style and learn to use language more effectively.
same time. Suitable for anyone from beginners to more
experienced interviewers wanting to improve their skills.             Workshop contents: How to make style transparent and
                                                                      allow the content to shine through. Includes:
Workshop contents: Confidence-building sessions with                  z Using the correct words in the right context
individual coaching. The course includes:
                                                                      z How to make your writing more punchy
z Research and interview preparation
z Establishing credibility and building rapport                       z Words that often get confused or misused
z How to structure your questions                                     z Grammar and punctuation
z Techniques for face-to-face and telephone interviewing              z Making your writing flow
z Note-taking — recorder or notebook?                                 z A fresh look at the words you use, with individual coaching
z Handling difficult or reluctant people — and getting them           z Making technical writing interesting
  on your side
                                                                      z Syntax and spelling
z The role of body language
                                                                      Not for: Experienced writers (see 'Sharpening your Writing Style' workshop,
z On or off the record?                                               page 12)

z Videoed practice interview for content and body language
  feedback and analysis
Not for: Those with more than two years’ interviewing experience

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                                Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

NB: All workshops in this directory can also be delivered in-house,   ‘Lively, thought-provoking and fun exercises in raising my awareness
tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238.         and appreciation of style and content. Inspiring.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:                  11
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             Writing for house journals and                                                Sharpening your writing style
             newsletters — print and online
             2 dAyS London 2008: July 22-23; Oct 30-31                                     1 dAy      London 2008: July 29; Sep 23; Nov 12
                       London 2009: Jan 12-13; Apr 23-24                                              London 2009: Jan 22; Mar 30; May 21
                       Manchester 2008: Sep 9-10; Nov 11-12                                           Manchester 2008: Aug 4; Oct 9; dec 17
                       Glasgow 2008: Aug 27-28; Nov 3-4                                               Glasgow 2008: Sep 16; Nov 18

             Aimed at: Those just starting on internal publications, and                   Aimed at: Experienced writers in all disciplines who want to
             those with little or no formal training in writing skills.                    improve their use of language.

             Workshop contents: This workshop concentrates on the                          Workshop contents: This is the senior form of our
             writing part of house journals and newsletters. It covers                     Journalistic Style workshop (page 11). It takes a refreshing
             everything from finding stories to putting them together.                     look at the way you write and the words you use. It gives
             Includes:                                                                     confidence to handle more challenging writing styles.
             z How to find more and better stories                                         Includes:

             z News and feature writing                                                    z In-depth analysis of your writing style

             z Putting copy together                                                       z Developing your style for different readerships

             z Interviewing and getting good quotes                                        z Contrasting online and print writing styles

             z Handling copy that needs approval from others                               z Individual coaching assessment of your copy

             z Ensuring coverage for all offices and departments                           z How to use language more effectively

             z Dealing with agencies                                                       z Contrasting sentences

             Not for: Experienced in-house journalists (see Improving House Journals and
                                                                                           z Impact from adjectives
             Newsletters, page 25.)                                                        z A critical look at your use of English
                                                                                           Not for: Beginners

             Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                                          Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

             ‘Very productive two days. The ability to focus on my own material            ‘Fantastic! It made me think about how I write and the words I
             made it an extremely useful exercise.’                                        choose.’
12           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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Improve your news-writing                                           Writing better features

2 dAyS 2008: July 16-17; Sep 9-10; Nov 3-4                          2 dAyS 2008: July 21 + Aug 29; Sep 18 + Oct 21; Nov 14 + dec 22
           2009: Jan 8-9; Mar 16-17; May 27-28                      (SPLIT)    2009: Feb 9 + 23 Mar; Mar 6 + Apr 20; Apr 14 + May 29

Aimed at: Those who want to improve their reporting and             Aimed at: Those who have some feature writing experience,
writing skills. You should have been writing news stories           whether in journalism or PR, and want to improve the quality
regularly for at least six months, whether online or in print.      and content of their copy.

Workshop contents: How to generate more and better                  Workshop contents: The workshop is split so that delegates
stories, especially off-diary. Includes:                            can write a feature and have it assessed on the second day.
z Getting more from press releases                                  It covers all areas of feature writing, from highly technical
                                                                    subjects to lighter profiles. Includes:
z Sharpening your intros
                                                                    z Finding a better angle
z Finding better stories from events, press conferences and
  exhibitions                                                       z Improving intros

z Using words for impact                                            z Handling complex issues

z Writing news online                                               z Evaluating detailed research material

z Attracting and keeping readers' attention                         z Improving the structure and pace of articles, especially on
                                                                      technical subjects
z How to make technical copy more readable
                                                                    z Encouraging better quotes
z Writing 'soft' news
                                                                    z Using quotes for effect in your writing
z Copy clinic to look at your writing
                                                                    Not for: Total beginners
Not for: Beginners to news-writing

Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                                Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

‘Very good. I have picked up many pointers which will be very       ‘Great to get a critique of my work. I really enjoyed the
helpful and improve my news-writing skills.’                        small group size.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:    13
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             Science writing and editing                                       Travel writing

             2 dAyS 2008: June 6 + July 24; Oct 9 + Nov 13                     1 dAy      2008: July 9; Oct 17
             (SPLIT) 2009: Feb 20 + Mar 27; June 8 + July 17                              2009: Jan 21; Apr 17

             Aimed at: Science writers who want to improve their style         Aimed at: Experienced writers who have just moved, or
             and avoid a formulaic approach to writing about complex           would like to move into travel writing; also freelancers
             topics.                                                           wishing to broaden their horizons.
             Workshop contents: Day one shows how to improve
             style and vary the treatment of material geared to your           Workshop contents: All aspects of travel writing, including
             publications. Day two takes the form of individual coaching       the different types of travel article and how to research and
             clinics on each delegate’s recent work — how to overcome          write them. Also how to put yourself into your pieces. The
             the problems of editing a learned journal. Includes:              workshop is highly practical, with exercises in writing and
                                                                               structuring articles. Includes:
             z Using language more effectively
                                                                               z Coming up with ideas no-one else has thought of
             z When jargon is allowable — and when it isn't
                                                                               z Spotting markets, and finding the right ideas for the
             z The editing process and proof-reading                             right editors
             z Writing better intros and conclusions                           z Styles of feature writing, from info-packed surveys to
                                                                                 hotel reviews with finely crafted personal pieces
             z Approaches on structure, flow, pace and balance
                                                                               z Finding your voice: how to turn yourself into a unique
             z House style and references                                        property
             z Handling long features                                          z The vital importance of good structure
             z Working with headlines and crossheads                           Not for: Those with no journalistic experience who want to become journalists
             z Using side bars and break-out boxes to add interest             and think travel sounds like a lot of fun (see Introduction to Journalism, page 8

                                                                               or our Postgraduate programme, page 5).
             Not for: Experienced science writers

             Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                              Fee: £380+ VAT (£66.50)

             'Very useful to have someone who clearly knows the topic
             inside-out. Very impressed.'
14           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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Writing about products                                               Finding accurate news and stories
                                                                     from search engines
1 dAy      2008: Aug 6; Nov 11                                        1 dAy 2008: July 9; Oct 22
           2009: Feb 17; May 22                                                 2009: Jan 17; Apr 9

Aimed at: Those who work on product books or write                   Aimed at: Everyone who always knew there must be more
“What’s New” sections for their publications or web sites.           information out there than their favourite search engine
Workshop contents: Tips on getting the best out of press             could find, but didn’t know how to go looking for it.
releases and breaking away from ‘formula’ writing.                   Particularly useful for journalists and researchers who want
                                                                     to dig deeper into the world wide web.
z Good and bad news releases
z Getting to the heart of the story                                  Workshop contents: Search strategies and tips for exploring
                                                                     the internet beyond tools such as Google. How to focus on
z How to get extra information from others besides                   freely available material rather than paid-for subscription
  the press officer                                                  materials. Includes:
z Learning to spot omissions, inaccuracies and                       z Google's outer limits
                                                                     z Are any of the other search engines worth the effort?
z Improving your intros
                                                                     z Searching the invisible web
z Getting the words right — legal issues
                                                                     z Subject gateways and virtual libraries
z Press conferences and exhibitions
                                                                     z Searching the programmable web
z In-house testing
                                                                     z Keeping up to date with new searches of invisible web
z Giving variety to readers                                            information.
z The problems with pictures                                         Not for: Those who have no curiosity about what lies beyond search engines.
Not for: Experienced writers

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                               Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

‘An excellent day, I really do feel I have benefited.’

               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:               15
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             Writing news online                                                   Shoot and edit for online journalists

             1 dAy      2008: June 27; Aug 18; Oct 29; dec 19                      2 dAyS London 2008: July 9-10; Oct 16-17
                        2009: Mar 4; June 23                                                 London 2009: Jan 29-30; Apr 8-9
                                                                                             Manchester 2008: Sep 2-3; Nov 11-12
                                                                                             Glasgow 2008: Aug 21-22; Oct 30-31

             Aimed at: News reporters who work in print and online, or             Aimed at: This is a technical course for journalists who need
             solely online.                                                        to improve video skills to produce content for the web or
                                                                                   other media. Also for video journalists, documentary makers,
             Workshop contents: Why a different approach is required to            PRs, corporate video and multimedia producers.
             write for the web, email, SMS and other mobile technologies.
             Includes:                                                             Workshop contents: Shooting broadcast-standard HD/SD
             z Working in a 24/7 world                                             video and audio. Capture and edit in Final Cut Studio.
             z The power of the headline and intro
                                                                                   z Filming on location with professional HDV cameras
             z Balancing online and print content
             z Maintaining quality of writing from online to print                 z Recording audio with radio and shotgun microphones
             z Learning more about your audience                                   z Capturing video to Final Cut Pro
             z Writing quickly and accurately                                      z Interface overview
                                                                                                                              No presenting
             z Reader interaction and instant feedback — how to                    z Basic editing techniques                 experience? See
               manage this                                                         z Resolving sound issues in Soundtrack Pro 'Presenting for
                                                                                                                              Podcasts and Video
             z The legal side of things                                            z Grading and finishing in Final Cut Pro Broadcasts', page 45.
             z Illustrations and pictures                                          z Creating motion titles
             z How news reporters should plan to include podcasts                  z Outputting for Web or DVD

             Not for: Those who write just for print-based publications            Not for: Total beginners who do not know how to wield a vido camera

             Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                                Fee: £680+VAT (£66.50)

             NB: All workshops in this directory can also be delivered in-house,   See our three-step programme on pages 44-45 on how to produce
             tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238.         professional pod and video casts
16           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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Advanced news-writing                                               Advanced feature writing

1 dAy     2008: Aug 26; Nov 12                                      2 dAyS 2008: July 3 + Aug 11; Oct 3 + Nov 18
          2009: Feb 23; May 5                                       (SPLIT)    2009: Feb 5 + Mar 20; May 18 + June 30

Aimed at: Experienced news reporters.                               Aimed at: Those who have been writing features for at least
                                                                    two years.
Workshop contents: A look at the quality and quantity of
your news-writing, plus fresh ideas on sources for stories.         Workshop contents: This is a split workshop so that
Includes:                                                           delegates can plan a feature, reconvening on the second day
z Finding stories when there seems nothing to write about           with the completed article to have it assessed. The final day
                                                                    includes a detailed analysis of each delegate’s writing style.
z Getting more from seminars, exhibitions, press conferences,       Includes:
  the web, visits and foreign trips
                                                                    z A look at differing narrative forms
z Getting the tough stories and working round problems
                                                                    z The overriding importance of structure
z Practical news gathering exercises with in-depth debrief in
  copy clinic format                                                z Analysing where features have gone wrong

z Writing quickly and accurately                                    z The power of language for emotion or effect

z The lighter touch                                                 z An outline of advanced interviewing and investigation
z The legal side
                                                                    z The need for stories to have a beginning, a middle and an
z Coaching junior reporters                                           end, with emphasis on intros
Not for: Those who have been writing news for under two years       z Troubleshooting
                                                                    z Coaching junior feature writers
                                                                    Not for: Junior feature writers

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                              Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

‘Very good course. This will make me think more about what is       ‘Inspiring stuff. The tutor had such experience and knowledge, we
news and how to generate copy.’                                     were very lucky to learn from a true professional.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:     17
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             Investigative reporting                                           Understanding and reporting
                                                                               finance and the City
             1 dAy      2008: June 4; Sep 8; dec 2                             1 dAy      2008: Aug 1; Nov 25
                        2009: Mar 5; June 17                                              2009: Feb 3; May 14

             Aimed at: News and feature reporters working in                   Aimed at: Anyone who needs to understand how the City
             competitive areas, where off-diary stories and original           works and what the financial terms mean.
             approaches are a vital part of the publication.
                                                                               Workshop contents: Examines the role of the City and
             Workshop contents: New ideas on finding and researching           explains the criteria for financial reporting. Includes:
             fresh stories. Where to find leads and spotting a hidden story.   z How the City works
             Includes:                                                         z What are money markets, bond markets and equity
             z Researching — how to open new lines of enquiry                    markets, and how do they work?
             z The hidden mike and camera — how and when to use them           z Common terms explained, such as p/e ratios, earnings per
                                                                                 share and exceptional items
             z Note-taking                                                     z Equating risk with reward in financial markets
             z Writing the story                                               z How to read the financial pages
             z Handling obstructive and difficult people                       z Looking through a company report
             z Safety issues — secrecy and security                            z FSA and legal rules for reporters
             z Overcoming legal complications                                  z How to price a financial asset
             Not for: Beginners                                                z Understanding a balance sheet
                                                                               z Your right of access to annual meetings or creditors’

                                                                               z Writing stories and summaries from lists of figures
                                                                               Not for: Those with a sound grasp of finance and figures

             Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                            Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

             ‘Very entertaining, informative and helpful.’                     ‘Good to know that it’s not that complicated. Great stuff, thank you.’

18           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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Writing better headlines, standfirsts,                                Improving your news and
captions and break-out boxes                                          feature intros
1 dAy      2008: June 13; Aug 20; Oct 22; dec 17                      1 dAy     2008: July 4; Oct 14
           2009: Feb 19; Apr 21; June 19                                        2009: Jan 16; Apr 9

Aimed at: Those who want to improve and brighten all                  Aimed at: Anyone who wants to write more arresting news
aspects of headline writing both online and in print.                 and feature intros.

Workshop contents: This workshop looks at the quality of              Workshop contents: The importance of intros in making a
your news and feature heads, and works on ways to improve             reader want to know more. Includes:
them. Includes:                                                       z How to get started
z Working within a strict design format in print and online           z News: the inverted pyramid and other structures
z Using DTP programs                                                  z Some key guidelines to follow
z The rules and when to break them                                    z Soft news: when to use this style of intro and how to write it
z Getting the headlines right for your publication                    z Dealing with several key points
z Pun, or not to pun?                                                 z Features: why these intros have to be even better than a
z How to improve coverlines                                             news start
z Effective contents page heads and how they transfer online          z Using questions and quotes
z Standfirsts, crossheads and captions – the dos and don'ts           z Other styles to enhance your writing
z Break-out boxes and how to use them for effect                      Not for: Those who always write winning intros

Not for: Total beginners

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                                Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

‘Very good. Small group meant lots of attention for each delegate.’   NB: All workshops in this directory can also be delivered in-house,
                                                                      tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238.
               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:        19
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             Generating and writing leaders                                        Fast, effective reading
             and editorials
             1 dAy      2008: June 9; Sep 26; dec 18                               1 dAy      2008: July 24; Oct 16
                        2009: Mar 3; June 12                                                  2009: Mar 3; June 12

             Aimed at: Editors, publishers and senior staff who regularly          Aimed at: Sub-editors, editors and researchers who need
             write leader columns and editorials.                                  to read and understand, or extract information from, large
                                                                                   quantities of text in print or online.
             Workshop contents: As part of this workshop, delegates will
             write varying styles of columns and editorials geared to their        Workshop contents: Practical techniques to improve
             publications. Includes:                                               reading speed, concentration and retention of key facts.
             z Analysing your publication for suitable                             Includes:
               editorial issues                                                    z The classic bad habits of reading
             z The differences between editorials and features                     z Controlling regression (re-reading)
             z What to write — especially when there’s                             z Effective reading on-screen
               nothing obvious                                                     z Five proven ways to improve concentration
             z Writing critically                                                  z How to preview and skim-read effectively
             z Balance and content                                                 z How to vary reading speeds to what's being read
             z Leading a campaign                                                  z Understanding and retaining more
             z The lighter touch
             z Legal implications                                                  Not for: Those with little to read at work, or severe dyslexics
             Not for: Junior writers

             Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                                Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

             NB: All workshops in this directory can also be delivered in-house,
             tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238.
20           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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Proof-reading                                                       Learning to sub-edit

1 dAy     London 2008: July 2; Sep 15; Nov 26                       2 dAyS London 2008: July 30-31; Sep 18-19; Nov 27-28
          London 2009: Jan 23; Mar 19; May 11                                  London 2009: Jan 13-14; Mar 10-11; May 28-29
          Manchester 2008: Aug 8; Oct 21; dec 15                               Manchester 2008: Sep 2-3; Nov 12-13
          Glasgow 2008: Sep 9; Nov 17                                          Glasgow 2008: Aug 19-20; Oct 9-10; dec 8-9

Aimed at: Anyone who has to read and check copy or page             Aimed at: Beginners to editing the writing of others, as well
proofs.                                                             as writers keen to tighten and improve their copy.

Workshop contents: How to read thoroughly and accurately,           Workshop contents: The basic skills needed for sub-editing;
and spot the mistakes either on paper or on screen. Includes:       a guide to understanding the approaches for differing types
z Editing and proof-reading marks                                   of text. Includes:

z The problems of proof-reading on screen and how to                z What a sub-editor needs to look for
  solve them                                                        z Working to a consistent style
z The dangers of relying on grammar or spelling checkers            z When to correct and when to rewrite
z Dealing with tables and complicated pages of information          z Tightening up language
z How to read and correct page proofs                               z Grammar and punctuation
z Avoiding common pitfalls — misspelling headlines, wrong           z Editing your own copy
  telephone number or price, misplaced headline or caption          z The problems of editing on screen
z Cutting and making lines. Keeping a checklist                     z How to write accurate, punchy headlines
z Spelling and punctuation tips                                     z Captions and standfirsts
z Passing proofs                                                    z Proof-reading on paper and on screen
z Practical exercises throughout                                    z Cutting copy and making lines
Not for: Experienced proof-readers
                                                                    Not for: Experienced sub-editors

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                              Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

‘I found the course useful and the small group ensured that the     ‘I gained valuable knowledge to help me tighten my own writing,
tutor was more readily available to give one-to-one help.’          and give me more confidence when subbing other people's work.'
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:    21
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             Sub-editing features or your own work                                       Subbing with InDesign or Quark XPress

             1 dAy      2008: Aug 5; Nov 7                                               2 dAyS 2008: Aug 7-8; Nov 24-25
                        2009: Feb 18; May 6                                                        2009: Feb 12-13; May 20-21

             Aimed at: Those who have to sub-edit their own work or                      Aimed at: Subs and writers who use InDesign or Quark
             others' features, especially technical or specialist ones.                  XPress for editing, especially those who learnt 'on the job'.

             Workshop contents: Help and guidance on how to sub-edit                     Workshop contents: How InDesign or Quark can benefit
             or rewrite a feature to give maximum impact. Includes:                      subs — and the shortcomings. Best practice and problem-
                                                                                         solving. Includes:
             z Identifying the angle
                                                                                         z Copy flow issues
             z Improving the structure and pace
                                                                                         z Using shortcuts
             z Intro paragraphs that attract the reader
                                                                                         z Style sheets and programmable keys
             z When and how to rewrite
                                                                                         z Design problems — dealing with bad word breaks,
             z Matching a style
                                                                                           alignment, picture run-rounds and embedded commands
             z Sensitive cutting to length
                                                                                         z Problems that can arise from making changes
             z Talking with, and encouraging, writers
                                                                                         z Sorting out problems
             z Consulting the editor
                                                                                         Not for: Total beginners or those who have never used InDesign or Quark
             z Incorporating new material
             z Good endings
             Not for: People confident of their feature subbing skills

             Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                                      Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

             ‘I picked up some useful advice. Will definitely put this into practice.’   ‘A great refresher on the shortcuts, and I learnt so much new stuff.
                                                                                         Thank you.’
22           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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Better sub-editing                                                    Advanced sub-editing

1 dAy      2008: June 17; Aug 15; Oct 2; dec 9                       2 dAyS 2008: July 24-25; Sep 29-30; Nov 10-11
           2009: Feb 10; Apr 17; June 15                                        2009: Jan 20-21; Mar 26-27; May 12-13

Aimed at: Those who edit text regularly and want to                  Aimed at: Those with at least two years’ subbing experience.
improve technique.
                                                                     Workshop contents: How to deal with news stories and
Workshop contents: Practical help with correcting and                features quickly and accurately, plus tips on treading the
rewriting copy for news and features. Includes:                      fine line between rewriting and heavy subbing. Practical
z Cutting copy yet keeping the key points                            exercises with copy from your publication. Includes:

z How to handle technical features and news                          z Breaking up features

z Knowing when to cut copy                                           z The sub as a writer

z Writing sharper headlines and captions                             z Making dull technical copy sparkle

z Working on intros and standfirsts                                  z Dealing with difficult writers

z Producing better pages within a tight design format                z Revising page proofs

z Quick and accurate proof-reading                                   z Writing sharper headlines, standfirsts and captions

z The problems of on-screen and online subbing                       z Breakout boxes that work harder

Not for: Beginners
                                                                     z Learning the shortcuts for fast and accurate subbing
                                                                     z Coaching junior subs
                                                                     Not for: Junior subs. This is a very demanding workshop

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                                Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

‘Excellent all-round training. Very relevant and useful to my         ‘Fantastic course. The new and innovative approach to covering the
publication.’                                                         subject was great.’
               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:       23
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             Managing the subs' desk                                                   Editing customer magazines

             1 dAy     2008: June 20; Aug 21; Oct 8; dec 12                            2 dAyS 2008: June 12-13; Sept 15-16; dec 1-2
                       2009: Feb 20; Apr 29; June 26                                               2009: Mar 23-24; June 11-12

             Aimed at: Chief subs, production editors and those being                  Aimed at: Editors and senior staff on contract-published
             groomed for subbing management positions.                                 magazines.

             Workshop contents: The chief sub’s role, including setting                Workshop contents: Discover ways to create a first-rate
             up systems that ensure it all runs smoothly. Includes:                    magazine which also keeps the customer happy. Includes:
             z Flatplanning and management                                             z Understanding the client's ambitions for their magazine
             z Controlling copy flow through the desk                                  z How to liaise effectively with the client
             z Dealing with editors, ad and art departments, printers,                 z How to pitch ideas, treatments and covers to the client
               repro houses and keeping on top of technology                           z How to match your editorial ambitions to the client's view
             z A look at new DTP and workflow programs that could help                   of the magazine
               save time                                                               z How to make your magazine an effective marketing tool
             z Revising copy and improving headlines and pages                         z How to make the reader feel the magazine has value, and is
             z Dealing with difficult writers and editors                                a reward for customer loyalty
             z Running a team and allocating work                                      z The magazine as an e-commerce driver
             z Overseeing the work of more junior staff members                        z Working within a tight editorial brief and budget
             Not for: Inexperienced subs                                               Not for: Junior staff

             Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                                    Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

             ‘Very interesting to get different perspectives on the role of the sub-
             editor within different organisations.’
24           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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Editing house journals and                                                     Improving house journals and
newsletters — print or online                                                  newsletters — print or online
2 dAyS London 2008: June 19-20; Aug 11-12; Oct 20-21; dec 3-4                  2 dAyS 2008: Aug 19-20; Nov 4-5
           London 2009: Feb 25-26; Apr 1-2; June 4-5                                     2009: Jan 27-28; Apr 29-30
           Manchester 2008: Aug 20-21; Oct 23-24; dec 8-9
           Glasgow 2008: Sep 4-5; Nov 13-14

Aimed at: Those just starting on internal publications,                        Aimed at: Internal communications departments, press
intranets or newsletters with little or no formal training in                  officers, PR executives, contract publishers and design
basic editing and design skills.                                               companies.

Workshop contents: This workshop looks at the editing,                         Workshop contents: Improving writing, editing and design
proof-reading and design aspects of a house journal.                           of house journals, newsletters or intranets. Includes an
Includes:                                                                      individual coaching session with the tutor. Includes:
z How to edit articles written by non-journalists and make                     z Getting the look and contents right for the readers
  them readable                                                                z Extra sources for news and features
z How to handle copy from management                                           z Fresh ideas on content
z How to make dull writing interesting                                         z Enlivening technical information
z Cutting over-written text to fit a space                                     z Communicating news and views clearly
z Writing headlines and captions to attract readers                            z Effective interviewing skills
z Suggestions for improving the design of your                                 z Editing copy and handling stories from senior management
  publication or site
                                                                               z Headlines, captions and design
Not for: Experienced in-house journalists (see 'Improving House Journals and
Newsletters', right.)                                                          z Producing good newsletters without colour
                                                                               z What you should expect from designers
                                                                               Not for: Those who want a pure design workshop

Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                                           Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

‘A well-constructed course covering a surprising amount of                     ‘Very high standard of training. Tutor was excellent, informed,
material. Group size was ideal.’                                               interesting and very competent.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:              25
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             Improving your publication                                                     How to launch or relaunch
                                                                                            a publication
             1 dAy      2008: July 10; Oct 15                                               1 dAy     2008: July 17; Oct 28
                        2009: Jan 5-6; Apr 2-3                                                        2009: Jan 15; Apr 6

             Aimed at: Editors, news editors and feature editors who                        Aimed at: Editors, art editors, and magazine executives
             want some fresh ideas on how to improve their publications.                    (marketing and advertising directors, publishers) who want
             This is not a management skills course (see The Editor, page                   to launch or relaunch a magazine or newspaper.
             28). NOTE: Publications can either send one person or, for
             maximum inspiration, two people.                                               Workshop contents: An in-depth look at how to overcome
                                                                                            the problems associated with a launch. Includes:
             Workshop contents: Identifying what readers want, and                          z How to confirm you have accurately identified a gap in the
             analysing your position in the market. Includes:                                 market
             z How to be better than your rivals                                            z Inventing and refining the core concept
             z Planning for news, features and supplements                                  z Identifying the reader, and his/her needs
             z Quality control of reporting, feature writing, subbing,                      z Creating the contents template
               design and illustrations
                                                                                            z Finding the essential tone and feel for your publication, its
             z Scheduling and production                                                      market and its readers
             z Balancing money-making with running worthwhile                               z Research: how to use research, create visuals and dummies
               ventures such as advertorials                                                  for focus groups, and interpret research results
             z Getting the best from contributors                                           z Differentiation: how to make your title stand out from
             z An in-depth look at delegates’ publications                                    rival publications
             Not for: Those who think their publication is perfect                          z Those maddening details

                                                                                            Not for: Those experienced in launching or relaunching magazines

             Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87); £630+VAT (£110.25) for two people*                     Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)
                                                              *from the same organisation
             ‘Thank you! I now feel much more confident about producing a           This can be run as a bespoke workshop on a date convenient to the
                                                                                    client. One-to-one coaching is also available. For more information
             magazine that can stand above its competitors.’                        call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238.
26           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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News-editing and running a news diary                                Improve your commissioning

1 dAy      2008: Aug 4; Nov 14                                       1 dAy 2008: July 8; Oct 23
           2009: Feb 10; May 1                                                  2009: Jan 8; April 16

Aimed at: Those who plan and oversee news pages,                     Aimed at: Those who have to commission news, features
especially news editors or those acting in similar roles.            and pictures.

Workshop contents: The news editor’s role on your                    Workshop contents: This workshop looks at formulating
publication, finding off-diary stories and anticipating news.        ideas, planning ahead, balancing contents and keeping
Includes:                                                            records. Includes:
z Planning an issue                                                  z Choosing writers and photographers
z Identifying weak areas in coverage and correcting them             z Dealing with writers who are not journalists
z Controlling the diary and choosing the right reporter              z Writing a brief to include deadlines and fees
z Deciding which stories to cover from a large diary                 z Negotiating fees and recording agreements
z Commissioning and giving a detailed brief                          z Deadlines — leaving yourself leeway
z Turning a story round for your publication and web site            z Rewriting copy
z The news editor’s role in editing copy and running a team          z Getting the best from your freelancers
z Keeping ahead of rivals                                            z Contingency plans
Not for: Junior reporters                                            z Changes in copyright law
                                                                     Not for: Total beginners to journalism

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                                Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

‘A really good workshop. The tutor raised some interesting points    ‘Very impressed by the tutor’s preparation. I felt the course was
and opened up ways to move my news team forward.’                    tailored to my specific needs.'
               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:     27
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             The Editor                                                             The deputy editor

             2 dAyS 2008: Aug 4-5; Nov 17-18                                        1 dAy      2008: July 7; Oct 13
                        2009: Feb 2-3; May 19-20                                               2009: Jan 23; Apr 21

             Aimed at: Deputy editors and editors, especially those                 Aimed at: New deputy editors, and those who are being
             recently promoted, also those being groomed for a senior role.         groomed for editorship.

             Workshop contents: Your role as a manager and editor. You              Workshop contents: The distinction between the editor’s
             will also benefit from a personal tutorial on your magazine.           and deputy editor’s roles; and how to make sure you don’t
             Includes:                                                              end up with all the bits the editor doesn’t want to do!
             z How the editor's role has changed                                    Includes:
             z Managing your time better                                            z Standing in for the editor
             z Getting more from your staff                                         z Leading a team and earning respect
             z Dealing with problems                                                z Managing both other people and yourself
             z Recruiting the right people                                          z Time management
             z Dealing with other departments                                       z Delegation, motivation and recruitment
             z Managing online teams                                                z Keeping your authority within the team
             z Handling change                                                      z Handling problems
             z Learning to delegate better                                          z Decision-making
             z Getting more from appraisals
                                                                                    z Editorial skills: cover-lines, writing, flat-planning
             z Your legal responsibilities
                                                                                    z The limits of your authority
             z Getting the most out of a limited budget
                                                                                    Not for: Those used to substituting for the editor, or those who are confident
             z Understanding budgeting, profit and loss

                                                                                    about their management skills
             Not for: Those editors who believe they know it all

             Fee: £750+VAT (£131.25)                                                Fee: £420+VAT (£73.50)

             ‘Very informative! I appreciated the criticism, which was very         ‘The tutor was great and had plenty of great new ideas that should
             constructive, and the tutor then provided solutions to my problems.’   really help to improve my skills.’
28           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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The features editor                                                          The Publisher

1 dAy     2008: Aug 15; Nov 4                                                2 dAyS 2008: Aug 13-14; Nov 20-21
          2009: Feb 11; May 22                                                         2009: Feb 24-25; May 7-8

Aimed at: Features editors and those responsible for                         Aimed at: Those new to the publisher’s role or those being
planning and handling features.                                              groomed as potential publishers.
Workshop contents: The feature editor’s role — running a                     Workshop contents: A look at the publisher’s role and
team, thinking of ideas, planning ahead and dealing with                     its key components — editorial, circulation, advertising,
long lead times. Includes:
                                                                             budgets, production and personnel. Includes:
z Planning a balanced issue
                                                                             z Your place in the market
z Working to a budget
                                                                             z Readers and advertisers: the crucial difference
z Choosing freelancers and commissioning
                                                                             z Understanding finance and accounts
z Building up a stock of features
                                                                             z Discovering the most effective marketing and advertising
z The problem of planning with long lead times
                                                                               techniques, and how online is changing everything you do
z Planning specials
                                                                             z Leadership; learning to delegate and taking tough
z Running a team                                                               decisions
z The feature editor’s role in editing copy                                  z Commissioning and using research
z Thinking about graphics and using colour
                                                                             NOTE: This workshop is geared to your role and needs, so
z Understanding the flatplan and placing features                            these contents are listed merely as a guide to the areas
z Checking out and beating your rivals                                       covered.
Not for: Inexperienced writers or those who want to major on commissioning   Not for: Highly experienced publishers
(see page 27)

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                                       Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

‘It was very useful indeed. I liked the small group and found the            ‘A great course which covered exactly the sorts of things relevant
tutor inspiring and very experienced.’                                       to my day-to-day job.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:               29
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                                                                            Media law
                                                                            1 dAy      London 2008: July 14; Sep 17; Nov 13
                                                                                       London 2009: Jan 12; Mar 12; May 15
                                                                                       Manchester 2008: Sep 3; Nov 12
                                                                                       Glasgow 2008: Aug 27; Oct 21; dec 10

                                                                            Aimed at: Anyone who has never attended a law workshop.
                                                                            Given the huge libel awards made recently, and changes that
                                                                            have taken place in the law, everyone in the media should
                                                                            attend a workshop such as this.
     Media, PR and employment law training
     Why?                                                                   Workshop contents: A look at the areas where you are most
     — For the cost of the course fee you could be saving £'000s in time    at risk. Includes:
       and money lost in court.
                                                                            z The law of libel and how it affects you
     Are you up to speed with your legal requirements?                      z Defences and the right of reply
     — Whether you’re learning the skills for the first time or just need
                                                                            z Damages
       a refresher, PMA tutors will keep you up-to-date with current
       practice                                                             z Contempt of court and breach of confidence
                                                                            z Trespass and ethics
     Quality training
     — High quality training for individuals, small groups or seminar       z Copyright and recent changes in the law
       style                                                                z Problems with online and electronic media
     — Hands-on workshops run at your offices or at our London              z Freedom of Information Act
       training centre
                                                                            z How to handle complaints
     Your training partner                                                  z Practical exercises to raise awareness of the dangers of libel
     — We work with you to measure training needs                             and breaches of copyright
     — We provide comprehensive follow-up and support                       Not for: Those who feel totally confident that their copy is free from any legal
     — Our friendly, experienced support team handles everything            problems

     HOW TO BOOk
                                                                            Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)
     Tel: 01480 300653                                                      ‘Very good, in-depth and relevant course. It was useful to have
     Email:                                          practical examples of the many problems we may encounter.’
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Understanding copyright                                              Law update
and the law
1 dAy      2008: June 26; Aug 29; Nov 3                              1 dAy     2008: July 8; Oct 22
           2009: Feb 5; Apr 28; June 2                                         2009: Jan 26; Mar 31; May 22

Aimed at: Anyone who is commissioning and negotiating                Aimed at: Those who have attended a law workshop in the
with contributors. Also suitable for those using photographs,        past, but need a refresher to bring them up to date with
illustrations or written material.                                   current practice.

Workshop contents: While part of this subject is covered on          Workshop contents: A look at the main areas that affect
other law courses, this workshop looks in detail at the highly       journalists, and a review of your knowledge on issues such as
complicated copyright issues. It covers changes in the law           libel, malicious falsehood and defences. Includes:
and looks in a practical way at how they relate to your work.        z How recent court cases could affect you
                                                                     z The key changes in copyright
z Tips on best practice
                                                                     z Breach of confidence and injunction problems
z What rights are you buying?
                                                                     z Defamation
z Future use of the material
                                                                     z Freedom of Information Act
z Dealing with file pictures and press release pix
                                                                     z Dealing with lawyers: how far can you go?
z Contracts and changes in European law
                                                                     z The potential problems of the internet and electronic
z Taking and using pictures and information from the                   media
                                                                     z Ensuring a fail-safe system in your office
z Preparing contracts
                                                                     Not for: Those who have attended a law workshop within the
Not for: Beginners
                                                                     past year

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                               Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

‘An extremely useful workshop and a great tutor.’                    ‘A helpful refresher course that’s identified changes in the law since
                                                                     my last media law course.’

               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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      Law for Editors and Publishers                                     Law for PR professionals

      1 dAy       2008: June 17; Sep 10; dec 18                         1 dAy       2008: Aug 12; Nov 5
                  2009: Feb 16; May 11                                              2009: Feb 19; May 6

      Aimed at: Editors, publishers and deputies.                        Aimed at: All those working in public relations, from
                                                                         account executive to director.
      Workshop contents: A recap on the basic areas of law for
      which the journalist is responsible. An in-depth look at           Workshop contents: The course provides an understanding
      the areas for which editors are particularly responsible. An       of PR and the law — including the Freedom of Information
      explanation of the areas of the law for which the publisher is     Act, trespass, defamation and the Human Rights Act.
      responsible. Includes:                                             Includes:
      z Changes in the law, particularly regarding the internet          z Negligent mis-statements and libel
                                                                         z Slander of goods and malicious falsehoods — the need
      z Libel and malicious falsehood                                      for care when commenting on goods and services on offer
      z Contempt of court and breach of confidence update                  from competitors
      z Copyright update                                                 z Advertising standards
      z Handling complaints                                              z Protecting your client's good name and brand identity
      z The dangers of assuming that all legal problems will come        z Protecting your client from press intrusion
        from the editorial side                                          z The rules that the press must operate under, and press self
      z Setting up secure systems for dealing with complaints
                                                                         z How the law applies to material supplied to newspapers,
      z Dealing with solicitors and when to go against their advice        magazines and other media
      Not for: Junior staff                                              z How media law applies to the web
                                                                         Not for: PR practitioners experienced in legal aspects

      Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                            Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

                                                                        NB: All workshops in this directory can also be delivered in-house,
                                                                        tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 300653.
32    Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                     creAtive & design — Print and OnLine
                                                                 Learning layout and design using DTP
                                Content management               2 dAyS 2008: Aug 18-19; Nov 6-7
                                systems training is one of                  2009: Jan 6-7; Apr 15-16
                                our specialities. Call us for
                                help in embedding new
                                workflow patterns with
                                your workforce
                                                                 Aimed at: Anyone whose work involves editorial or
Improve your design, layout and production skills and get        marketing design.
more out of Adobe and Quark tools
                                                                 Workshop contents: A practical workshop involving page
Stretch your creative designs. Our accredited tutors are         make-up exercises with sessions working on delegates’ own
designers first and foremost, so you learn to use layout
tools professionally.                                            publications. Includes:
We ensure you develop and grow as a designer using               z The psychology and purpose of design
Adobe and Quark. Our accredited tutors take your                 z The essential elements of any design
publication as the basis for the workshop and design the         z Understanding typography
course around your needs.
                                                                 z Working with a template
There are a maximum of six people on our workshops,
giving you plenty of personal attention. All workshops are       z Using a grid effectively
held in central London.                                          z Understanding consistency and simplicity
If you have several people who need training, then contact       z Keyboard and operating shortcuts
us to discuss bespoke workshops, which can be held when
and where it suits you.                                          z Using colour
Email: or call 0207 278             z Using and cropping pictures
0606                                                             z Copy flow and proportions
Our tutors train in many other programs too. Just ask us for     z Practical layout exercises
help — we will find a good solution.
                                                                 z Production issues
                                                                 Not for: Those already producing layouts on a daily basis
                                                                 Fee: £680+VAT (£119)
Tel: 01480 300653                                                ‘A very interesting and worthwhile course. It has given me a real
Email:                                    insight and equipped me with skills I can use daily.’
           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:         33
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                      InDesign CS3 essentials                                                      Photoshop CS3 essentials

                      2 dAyS London 2008: July 9-10; Aug 11-12; Sep 17-18; Oct 13-14               2 dAyS London 2008: July 7-8; Aug 13-14; Sep 15-16; Oct 2-3
                                London 2009: Jan 8-9; Feb 9-10; Mar 18-19; Apr 23-24                          London 2009: Jan 12-13; Feb 18-19; Mar 26-27; Apr 14-15
                                Manchester 2008: July 7-8; Aug 6-7; Sep 8-9; Oct 8-9                          Manchester 2008: Aug 8-9; Oct 6-7; Nov 5-6; dec 1-2
                                Glasgow 2008: July 16-17; Sept 24-25; Nov 19-20                               Glasgow 2008: July 14-15; Sep 18-20; Oct 13-14; Nov 17-18

                      Aimed at: Those with little or no knowledge of DTP or                        Aimed at: Newcomers to the program. Designers,
                      design, who want to produce pages on screen.                                 photographers and anyone who needs to manipulate
                      Workshop contents: This Adobe-accredited workshop
                      will give you an essential grounding in InDesign CS3 skills.                 Workshop contents: This grounding in Photoshop
                      Includes:                                                                    skills takes a practical look at picture production and
                      z Creating and modifying text and graphics, importing text                   enhancement of images. Includes:
                        and images from other applications                                         z The Photoshop screen, features and formats
                      z Using master pages and templates                                           z Selecting appropriate resolutions
                      z Colours and blends                                                         z Resizing and cropping image area
                      z Placing and manipulating graphics and pictures and                         z Adding and formatting text within an image
                        controlling text wrap          This workshop can be                        z Tools palette, air-brushing
                      z Creating and managing layers               tailored to your publication.
                                                                                                   z Creating and manipulating multiple layers
design & PrOdUctiOn

                                                                   For details please contact
                      z Working with styles                                                        z Applying blending and shading effects
                                                                   Mel on 01480 280 232 or
                      z Using keyboard shortcuts                   email melanie.gilbert@pma-      z Modifying the brightness, contrast, colour balance, hue and
                      z Creating sophisticated tables                             saturation of images
                      z Preparing documents for printers                                           z Using Photoshop with other programs
                      Not for: Those experienced at layout and DTP                                 Not for: Experienced users

                      Fee: £497+VAT (£86.98)                                                       Fee: £497+VAT (£86.98)

                      ‘Excellent – a mass of information in two days. The tutor made it            ‘The exercises were great. This enabled me to understand the
                      easy to understand and take in.’                                             procedures of producing better quality images.’
34                    Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                             creAtive & design — Print and OnLine
Illustrator CS3 essentials                                            Acrobat essentials
                                                                       — PDFs made easy
2 dAyS London 2008: Aug 18-19; Sep 23-24; Oct 20-21; Nov 18-19        1 dAy     London 2008: July 21; Aug 29; Sep 29; Oct 27; Nov 24
           London 2009: Jan 21-22; Feb 26-27; Mar 30-31; Apr 14-15              London 2009: Jan 15; Feb 23; Mar 10; Apr 20; May
           Manchester 2008: July 21-22; Sep 29-30; Oct 30-31                    Manchester 2008: Please call for dates
           Glasgow 2008: Aug 22-23; Sep 26-27; Oct 17-18; Nov 21-22             Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates

Aimed at: Graphic designers or people just entering a design          Aimed at: All those wanting to learn the general features of
job or taking on design responsibilities, who need to use             Adobe Acrobat in an office, publishing or print environment.
Illustrator to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or
other graphic documents.                                              Workshop contents: This workshop will give you the key
                                                                      skills for using the Adobe Acrobat and Reader packages.
Workshop contents: Learn the latest techniques for                    Includes:
enhancing images and adding a professional finish to design
                                                                      z Convert virtually any document to PDF — dynamic
work. Includes:
                                                                        conversion of TIFF, JPEG, HTML, PNG, Word and RTF
z The Illustrator screen and palettes
                                                                      z Convert HTML pages to PDF and embed media and
z Creating simple shapes, layers and colour                             appearance
z Designing logos using custom paths                                  z Setting Distiller (PDF maker) job options for conversion
z Using type effects                                                    — general, fonts, compression, colour, advanced and
                                                                        PDF/X are covered
z Charts and graphs
                                                                      z How to manipulate and alter text, images and objects
z Learning the tool bar and keyboard shortcuts                          within PDFs
z Producing advertisements and editorial pages that                   z Optimise your PDFs for print, distribution and the internet
  combine text and imported graphics
                                                                      Not for: Experienced Acrobat users
z How to use Illustrator with other programs
Not for: Experienced users

Fee: £497+VAT (£86.98)                                                Fee: £297+VAT (£51.98)

‘I found the course really useful and interesting.’                   NB: The content, date and venue of every workshop in this directory
                                                                      can be tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238.
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:              35
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                                       Quark XPress essentials                                             Advanced Quark XPress

                                       2 dAyS London 2008: July 17-18; Sep 25-26; Nov 20-21                1 dAy      2008: July 11; Sep 17; Nov 28
                                                  London 2009: Jan 19-20; Mar 5-6; May 18-19                          2009: Feb 6; Apr 9; June 22
                                                  Manchester 2008: July 16-17; Oct 1-2; Nov 19-20
                                                  Glasgow 2008: July 8-9; Sep 2-3; Nov 4-5

                                       Aimed at: Those with little or no knowledge of desktop              Aimed at: Those experienced in using Quark, who want to
                                       publishing or design, who want to produce pages on screen.          sharpen their skills and learn the advanced features in the latest
                                       Workshop contents: This workshop combines learning
                                       Quark XPress with the basic elements of design. By the end          Workshop contents: This workshop will include an individual
creAtive & design — Print and OnLine

                                       of the workshop you will be able to produce your own pages          session with the tutor to assess each delegate’s own work.
                                       on screen. Includes:                                                Includes:
                                                                           This workshop can be            z Features — transparency, composition zones, etc.
                                       z Tools, menus and palettes
                                                                           tailored to your publication.
                                       z What makes a good design                                          z Typesetting and typography; the alphabet rule
                                                                           For details please contact
                                       z Setting up a template             Mel on 01480 280 232 or         z Quark preferences in detail
                                       z Using an effective grid           email melanie.gilbert@pma-      z Leading, text and word tracking
                                                                                        z Document management and frame editing
                                       z Typography basics
                                       z Style sheets and effective use of colour                          z H & Js; graphics; contoured text
                                       z Using pictures                                                    z Embedding rules and pictures
                                       z Pre-press issues                                                  z Importing files, scaling & cropping, 'in-the-layout' image editing
                                                                                                           z Colour handling and management
                                       z Delegates will produce their own pages on screen
                                                                                                           z Keyboard commands and shortcuts
                                       Not for: Those experienced at layout or DTP
                                                                                                           z Creating the ultimate template
                                                                                                           Not for: Those who are already working on DTP at a high level
                                       Quark courses are run in the version of the program you use.

                                       Fee: £497+VAT (£86.98)                                              Fee: £325+VAT (£56.88)

                                       ‘A very useful and practical course. I now feel confident using     NB: The content, date and venue of every workshop in this directory
                                       Quark and designing newsletters. Thank you.’                        can be tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238
36                                     Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                          creAtive & design — Print and OnLine
Migrating to InDesign                                               Improving your
from Quark XPress                                                   InDesign CS3 skills
1 dAy      London 2008: July 23; Sep 26; Nov 14                     2 dAyS 2008: Aug 6-7; Oct 30-31
           London 2009: Feb 4; Apr 17; June 3                                 2009: Feb 5-6; May 5-6
           Manchester 2008: July 16; Oct 1; Nov 11
           Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates

Aimed at: Experienced Quark XPress users who have moved,            Aimed at: Those with some DTP knowledge and those who
or are thinking of moving to InDesign                               want to learn the new facilities in the latest version of this
Workshop contents: How the programs differ. How to avoid
the glitches when changing over. From design concept right          Workshop contents: This workshop will cover everything
through to output, delegates will gain an understanding of          from planning and template creation, to creating master
the features and processes involved in producing documents          pages that save time, and preparing for print. Includes:
using InDesign rather than Quark. Includes:                         z File management and better housekeeping
z The InDesign interface — menus and palettes                       z Templates and master sheets
z New document settings                                             z Using the shortcuts and new features of InDesign
z Working with text and graphics                                    z Typographical controls
z Working with fonts and styles                                     z Adjusting hyphenation and justification
z Using colour swatches and gradiants                               z Using styles              This workshop can be tailored to your
z Using graphic and layout tools                                                                publication. For details please contact
                                                                    z Tables and tabs           Mel on: 01480 280 232 or email:
z Transparency — applying, flattening and printing                  z Using colour    
z Tables                                                            z Preparing work for print
z Using keyboard shortcuts                                          z Integrating with other modules in CS3
Not for: Those with no DTP experience
                                                                    Not for: Newcomers to DTP

Fee: £385+VAT (67.38)                                               Fee: £497+VAT (£86.98)

                                                                    NB: The content, date and venue of every workshop in this directory
                                                                    can be tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:           37
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                                       Advanced InDesign CS3                                                    Advanced Photoshop CS3

                                       1 dAy      2008: June 11; Aug 13; Oct 15                                 1 dAy     2008: July 9; Sep 17; Nov 12
                                                  2009: Jan 23; Mar 11; May 15                                            2009: Jan 16; Mar 20; May1

                                       Aimed at: Designers, editorial staff or layout artists wanting           Aimed at: Designers and those working in production who
                                       to refine their InDesign skills in the latest version.                   want to focus their Photoshop skills.

                                       Workshop contents: This workshop builds upon your skills                 Workshop contents: This advanced Photoshop training will
                                       using additional techniques to manipulate text, pictures and             help delegates create eye-catching and effective designs.
creAtive & design — Print and OnLine

                                       pages. Includes:                                                         Includes:
                                       z Composition and hyphenation                                            z Formats, resolutions and filters
                                       z Justification, track and kern types                                    z Using layers and montages
                                       z Dragging items between document windows and                            z Using vector paths
                                         importing files                                                        z Colour — spot colour, separations and repro systems
                                       z Editing and typographical control                                      z Retouching and restoring old, damaged photographs and
                                       z Embedding rules and pictures                                             simulating painted effects
                                       z Tables and tabs                This workshop can be tailored to your   z Importing files, scaling and cropping
                                       z Setting up style sheets publication. For details please contact        z Saving images for the internet
                                                                        Mel on: 01480 280 232 or email:
                                       z Using shortcuts                 z Keyboard commands and shortcuts
                                       z Workflow issues                                                        z New facilities available in CS3 Design edition
                                       z Efficient integration with the CS3 suite                               Not for: Inexperienced Photoshop users

                                       Not for: Those inexperienced in the use of InDesign

                                       Fee: £325 +VAT (£56.88)                                                  Fee: £325+VAT (£56.88)

                                       ‘A most interesting and useful day – the tutor was entertaining and      ‘Very informative – useful tips, shortcuts and great exercises. I feel
                                       gave me lots of helpful advice.’                                         like I know the tool bar very well now.’
38                                     Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                            creAtive & design — Print and OnLine
Advanced Illustrator                                                 Improving your layouts

1 dAy       2008: June 18; Aug 20; Oct 22; dec 17                    2 dAyS 2008: July 21-22; Sep 3-4; Nov 10-11
            2009: Feb 13; Apr 3; June 8                                         2009: Feb 11-12; Apr 1-2; June 23-24

Aimed at: Experienced Illustrator users who work with the            Aimed at: Subs and art editors handling design, who want
programme regularly.                                                 to improve their pages and inject fresh ideas.

Workshop contents: Delegates will learn the skills required          Workshop contents: An individual look at how your
to create complex illustrations that go beyond those you             publication can be improved using the same content.
could create using Illustrator's basic tools. Includes:              z The psychology of design and visual codes
z Creating complex illustrations                                     z Analysis of typefaces and page balance
z Converting raster graphics to vector graphics                      z Designing pages with no pictures
z Creating a banner                                                  z Use of colour and creating an
z Filters                                                              appropriate palette

z Exporting to the web                                               z Re-thinking your page ‘furniture’

z Colour management                                                  z Dealing with large ads or heavy picture content

z Using layers                                                       z Handling covers, inserts and specials

z Preparing documents for commercial printing                        z Re-thinking the contents page

z New CS3 integration facilities                                     z Making sure you're getting the most out of your DTP
Not for: Newcomers to Illustrator
                                                                     Not for: Beginners to layout

Fee: £325+VAT (£56.88)                                               Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

‘An enjoyable training session which has given me fresh ideas to     ‘Very professionally run course. The tutor tailored the course to my
revolutionise my magazine.’                                          particular needs.’
               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:            39
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                                       Advanced design                                                         Redesigning your publication

                                       2 dAyS 2008: July 15-16; Oct 16-17                                      1 dAy     2008: Aug 26; Nov 12
                                                  2009: Jan 19-20; Apr 7-8; June 3-4                                     2009: Feb 17; May 27

                                       Aimed at: Those who have been designing pages as part of                Aimed at: Editors, designers and production
                                       their job for at least two years.                                       people who will be playing a key role in revamping and
                                                                                                               redesigning their publication.
                                       Workshop contents: As part of the course, delegates will
                                       redesign aspects of each other’s magazines. You will also               Workshop contents: Looks at your publication and how it
creAtive & design — Print and OnLine

                                       take away copies of designs you have developed. Includes:               can be improved. Includes:
                                       z Advanced design concepts                                              z Planning and preparation
                                       z Revitalising your publication                                         z When evolution is better than revolution
                                       z Analysis of delegates’ magazines                                      z Using design to guide the reader
                                       z How British and foreign ‘style leader’ publications achieve           z Covers, spreads and special pages
                                         their impact                                                          z Making colour work
                                       z Maximising production and colour                                      z Effective use of pictures
                                       z Horizontal and vertical grids                                         z Fresh ideas and style leaders
                                       z Making the most of DTP, including the tips that don’t                 z The latest techniques
                                         appear in the manuals
                                                                                                               z Relaunching with confidence
                                       Not for: Those only occasionally handling layouts
                                                                                                               For maximum impact a team of two from your publication is
                                                                                                               recommended to attend for a total fee of £675 +VAT

                                                                                                               Not for: Those who don't like change
                                       Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                                    Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

                                       ‘Excellent! A really informative course and I learned a vast amount.’   ‘Lots of inspirational advice from a tutor who was knowledgeable
                                                                                                               and patient.’
40                                     Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                        creAtive & design — Print and OnLine
Creating stunning covers                                             PowerPoint essentials
and contents pages
1 dAy      2008: June 18; Sep 19; dec 11                             1 dAy     2008: June 4; Sep 25; dec 4
           2009: Mar 2; June 5                                                 2009: Mar 12; June 10

Aimed at: Those who have to plan covers and contents                 Aimed at: Anyone who wants to learn how to use
pages, write coverlines, select illustrations and choose             PowerPoint for powerful presentations.
                                                                     Workshop contents: How to use PowerPoint for
Workshop contents: This workshop is geared to each                   presentations to structure and format content and design
delegate’s publication and addresses individual target               in an impactful way. Includes
audiences. Includes:
z What constitutes a good cover and contents page                    z What a PowerPoint presentation is, and what it isn't
z Improving the logo                                                 z Defining and organising content — what are you trying to say?
z Choosing photos and illustrations                                  z What looks good and what doesn't — handy design tips
z Effective coverlines                                               z Text boxes, bulletpoints and hierarchy
z Visual codes                                                       z Slide backgrounds and the use of images
z A look at typefaces                                                z Sorting, adding, copying and deleting slides
z The purpose of the contents page and how to strengthen it          z Transitions and animation
z Using spot and full colour                                         z Timing your slide show
z Working within a budget                                            z Creating and printing comments and notes
z Dealing with covermounts and barcodes
                                                                     z Formatting your presentation for distribution
z Linking coverlines and contents
                                                                     Not for: Anyone with a thorough working knowledge of PowerPoint
Not for: Those uninterested in design

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                               Fee: £385+VAT (£67.37)

               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:        41
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             Understanding print production                                      Understanding and buying print

             1 dAy      2008: July 31, Oct 3                                     1 dAy      2008: Aug 15; Nov 19
                        2009: Jan 29; Apr 22                                                2009: Feb 24; May 13

             Aimed at: Sub-editors, art desks, newly-appointed                   Aimed at: Staff involved in buying or overseeing print, from
             production staff and all those involved in the editorial            promotional leaflets to magazines, including production staff
             production side of commercial publications and house                and junior print buyers.
                                                                                 Workshop contents: This workshop will uncover the secrets
             Workshop contents: This workshop looks at the sequence of           behind selecting the right print firm and paper. Includes:
             production from editorial planning to readers’ hands. Includes:
             z Editorial organisation: flatplans, schedules, dummies and         z Understanding printing methods and how they work
               sections, pre-press issues                                        z Specifying a print job to get what you need
             z Liaising with the art room and advertising departments,           z Finding a printer and communicating what you want with
               outside suppliers and the role of the publisher                     confidence
             z Modern repro applied to conventional and digital printing         z How to achieve the right quality and price for new and
             z Printing: methods, sheet-fed and web-fed presses, ink and           on-going jobs
               paper, print finishing processes, including folding, collating,   z Types of paper and what is right for your publication
               binding and trimming
                                                                                 z Different ways of buying paper
             z The latest software and techniques for efficient workflow
                                                                                 z Foreseeing and overcoming problems in print and paper
             z Distribution, including wholesale, supermarkets and                 (Samples are welcome)
               mailing houses
                                                                                 z Ways to save costs on print and paper including sourcing
             Not for: Experienced production staff                                 overseas

                                                                                 Not for: Experienced print buyers

             Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                              Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

             ‘I learnt a lot — really useful and practical information.'         ‘Very useful. I wish I’d come on the course sooner!’

42           Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                            WeB sKiLLs & OnLine PUBLisHing
                                                                          Search engine optimisation
     WEB SKILLS                                                           — marketing your website
                                                                          1 dAy     2008: July 10; Sep 29
                                                                                    2009: Mar 4; June 1

                                                                          Aimed at: Anyone who is responsible for attracting visitors,
                                                                          and the positioning of their site in search engine rankings.
                                                                          Workshop contents: The technology, tools, and tips for
Training for the web                                                      creating a web site that responds to the leading search
The boundaries between web and print media are merging fast.              engines. Simple ways to interact and spread the word.
Journalists and business communicators need the skills to work across     Includes:
print-based and electronic media.                                         z How search engines work and what they're trying to achieve
PMA's range of web skills workshops covers just about everything          z Why content is critical (white hat vs black hat techniques)
you need to put content online: from writing, editing and image           z Optimising content for search
manipulation — including sound and video, to planning and                 z Keyword analysis
designing a website.                                                      z Site descriptions that attract search engines
If you want to create a podcast or a blog, get more out of search         z Creating a searchable site design
engines, or transform your written skills into active web content, then   z The importance of links
navigate through PMA's wide range of workshops.                           z Interaction and repeat visits
If you need to train four or more people in your organisation, all        z Page rank and trust values
scheduled workshops can be run in-house at a time and date to             z Preferred and non-preferred listings
suit you. Call Vicky Chandler for more information.                       z Directories and meta search
                                                                          Not for: Those who already have a detailed understanding of SEO

                                                                          Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)
Tel: 01480 300653                                                         ‘Topics were well explained and I will be able to take a lot of
Email:                                             useful information away with me.’

             Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                 Web broadcasting and Podcasting                                          Planning and writing for web
                                                                                                          broadcasting (stage 1) Qnew workshop
                                                                                                          1 dAy      2008: June 3 July 22; Sep 23; Nov 4
                                                                                                                     2009: Feb 24; Apr 14

                                 This series of workshops is designed to take the                         Aimed at: The growing number of editors, PR and marketing
                                 beginner right through to the level at which they                        people who need to produce content for web or broadcast
                                 can plan, write, present, record, edit and upload                        media, such as podcasts and video.
                                 an audio or video programme to a website.                                Workshop contents: How to to adapt your skills to broadcast
                                                                                                          journalism. Theory and practical exercises. Includes:
                                 The first stage introduces you to planning and
                                 writing — the platform on which you will build                           z Why broadcast online? Making broadcast content an asset
                                 your successful broadcast.                                                 to your website
                                                                                                          z The audience — who, when, where and why
WeB sKiLLs & OnLine PUBLisHing

                                 Next is presentation — the 'soft skills' stage,
                                 where you will learn how to manipulate your                              z Developing a plan — storyboarding techniques
                                 material to add power and interest. You'll learn                         z Overview of basic production techniques — includes
                                 how to appear relaxed and professional in front                            producing interviews, discussions and features
                                 of the camera or when recording audio.                                   z The importance of sound and pictures in telling a story
                                 The final stage is the technical bit. You'll learn                       z Analysis of current broadcast content on the web
                                 the jargon and get to grips with shooting,
                                 recording, editing and enhancing your digital                            z How to choose the richest subject and best approach
                                 material. You'll also learn how to format and                            z How to attract and retain your audience
                                 upload it to a website.
                                                                                                          z Scripting and the difference between writing for print
                                 These workshops can be taken individually, or                              and broadcast
                                 combined to suit your skills needs. The price for                        z What it all costs — equipment, manpower, training, etc
                                 taking any two workshops is £680+VAT (£119),
                                                                                                          Not for: Those with no experience of print journalism
                                 or take all three for £980+VAT (£171.50).
                                                                                                          Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

                                                                                                          NB: The content, date and venue of every workshop in this directory
                                                                                                          can be tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238
44                                      Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                                     WeB sKiLLs & OnLine PUBLisHing
Presenting for Podcasts and Web                                              Producing audio and video
broadcasting (stage 2) Qnew workshop                                         Podcasts (stage 3) Qnew workshop
1 dAy     2008: June 4; July 23; Sep 24; Nov 5                               1 dAy      2008: June 5; July 24; Sep 25; Nov 6
          2009: Feb 25; Apr 15                                                          2009: Feb 26; Apr 16

Aimed at: Anyone who wants to create and present their                       Aimed at: Those who want to learn how to record, edit and
own radio-style and video programmes for the web.                            upload their own radio-style and video programmes for the web.
Workshop contents: The techniques needed to present
broadcast content for audio or video on the web. Includes:                   Workshop contents: A background and definition of
                                                                             podcasting and vodcasting. How to put a podcast and
z Preparing content — setting up locations, questions, interviewees          vodcast together, including the technology required. How
z What broadcast content can offer that print cannot                         to produce and format content, and upload it to the web.
z Style — great emotion in voices, rich sounds and images
                                                                             z Terminology — and the jargon
z The key elements of storytelling in broadcast journalism:
  powerful opening, good hook, context, progression,                         z Cameras, lights, recording and editing requirements and
  conflict and resolution — scripting exercises                                how to use them
z Conducting an interview for broadcast use — dos and don'ts                 z Sound quality — how the professionals achieve this
z Building interest to keep your audience                                    z What you need to do to add broadcast to your website
z How to make less, more                                                     z Exercises in audio recording and editing
z Professional broadcast speaking techniques                                 z Shooting and editing video — lighting and backgrounds
z Presentation — coping in front of the camera                               z Exercises in video recording and editing
z Exercises in audio and camera presentation techniques                      z Picture quality — optimisation and compromise
Not for: Those who think the web is just a passing fad                       z Compression and conversion
                                                                             Not for: Technophobes

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                                       Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

          NB: We can run these as bespoke workshops, at a venue and date to suit you. We can also provide advice on equipment and software needs.
          Call Riva Elliott on 01480 280 234. We recommend web broadcast teams work together over the three days to achieve professional podcasts.

              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:                     45
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                                 Writing for the web                                               Editing on the web

                                 1 dAy      London 2008: July 18; Sep 1; Nov 13                    1 dAy      London 2008: June 16; Aug 20; Oct 9; dec 5
                                            London 2009: Jan 29; Mar 16; May 11                               London 2009: Feb 20; Apr 8; June 1
                                            Manchester 2008: Aug 14; Oct 20; dec 12                           Manchester 2008: Sep 23; Nov 19
                                            Glasgow 2008: Sep 9; Nov 17                                       Glasgow 2008: Aug 26; Oct 16; dec 9

                                 Aimed at: Journalists, PRs, internal and external                 Aimed at: Journalists, PRs, internal and external
                                 communications staff and marketeers who write for websites.       communicators and marketeers who put up and manipulate
                                                                                                   information on the web.
                                 Workshop contents: How writing for the web differs
                                 from traditional writing. How words can affect design             Workshop contents: How sub-editing on the web differs
                                 considerations. Includes:                                         from subbing in print. The importance of easy navigation.
                                 z How readers differ: accounting for surfers and users            How readers differ — taking account of surfers and users.
                                                                                                   Keeping readers’ attention. Includes:
                                 z The importance of easy navigation
WeB sKiLLs & OnLine PUBLisHing

                                                                                                   z Thinking 'international' in words and style
                                 z Thinking international in words and style
                                                                                                   z Word use and word breaks
                                 z How to write to attract search engines
                                 z Keeping readers’ attention                                      z Maintaining topicality
                                 z Word use and word breaks                                        z Thinking in screens
                                 z Maintaining topicality                                          z Exploring and making use of dynamic content
                                 z Thinking in screens                                             z Hyperlinks — when and how to use them
                                 z Headlines and other visual aids                                 z Headlines and other visual aids
                                 z Attribution, legal and health considerations                    z Avoiding the pitfalls
                                 z Rewriting print content for the web                             z Attribution, legal and health considerations
                                 Not for: Experienced web writers                                  Not for: Experienced web subs

                                 Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                            Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

                                 ‘Great course content, small group and a good mix of theory and   ‘All very relevant and I’m now equipped with the skills to really help
                                 practical exercises.’                                             me in my job. Thank you.’
46                               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                             WeB sKiLLs & OnLine PUBLisHing
Effective blogging                                                     Making the most of your
                                                                       online publication
1 dAy      2008: June 4; Aug 22; Oct 2; dec 12                         1 dAy      2008: Sep 1; Nov 3
           2009: Feb 16; Apr 29; June 22                                          2009: Feb 20; May 7

Aimed at: Any organisation that wants to attract a regular             Aimed at: Those who would like to improve their online
audience to its website.                                               presence.

Workshop contents: A blog is a frequently-updated web                  Workshop contents: How to make the most of your website.
diary with the latest content posted to the top of a web site          Optimising revenue from your site. Includes:
in reverse date order. It started as a simple way of updating          z How readers and surfers differ
personal home pages but now the wider benefits are
recognised worldwide. Discover how blogs can attract traffic           z How to co-ordinate print and online publications
to your clients' or your site. Includes:                               z The pressures of no fixed deadlines
z Assessing which blog software is right for your site                 z The importance of easy navigation
z Installing and working with templates                                z Thinking internationally — the benefits for your publication
z Designing your blog and thinking about content
                                                                       z Attracting visitors to your site and turning them into
z Deciding what to blog about                                            subscribers
z Getting into a publishing cycle                                      z How to promote your site
z Assessing blog traffic                                               z Maintaining topicality
z Advanced blog techniques
                                                                       z Headlines, animation, video and other audio-visual aids
z Blogging live events
                                                                       z Attribution, legal and health considerations
z Turning whole websites into blogs
                                                                       Not for: Experienced online publishers
Not for: The internet shy!

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                                 Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

‘I now realise why blogging is such an important part of online        NB: The content, date and venue of every workshop in this directory
publishing. I’m looking forward to putting my skills into practice.’   can be tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238
                Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:           47
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                                 Dreamweaver CS3                                                     Adobe Contribute essentials —
                                 website development introduction                                    website content management system
                                 3 dAyS 2008: June 16-18; July 14-16; Aug 18-20; Sep 22-24           1 dAy     2008: Aug 13; Oct 31
                                           2009: Jan 13-15; Feb 3-5; Mar 16-17; Apr 6-8; Mar 20-22             2009: Jan 9; Apr 21
                                           Manchester 2008: July 7-9; Sep 15-17; Nov 10-12
                                           Glasgow 2008: Aug 11-13; Oct 27-29; dec 8-10

                                 Aimed at: Those new to web design and development who
                                 want to use Dreamweaver CS3 to build intuitive, attractive          Aimed at: Site administrators and creators who want to
                                 and accessible websites.                                            create a website that is easily updateable by journalists or
                                                                                                     other authorised users. Ideal for magazines or newspapers
                                 Workshop contents: Provides the knowldege and hands-on              who want a live online presence.
                                 practice needed to build and manage professional websites
                                 using Dreamweaver CS3. Includes:                                    Workshop contents: How to simplify the editing process
                                                                                                     to update multiple websites and blogs from a single
                                 z The Dreamweaver interface and new features in CS3
                                                                                                     application, without the need to learn HTML. Includes:
WeB sKiLLs & OnLine PUBLisHing

                                 z Getting started
                                                                                                     z WYSIWYG authoring capabilities
                                 z Adding content to a site
                                                                                                     z Three steps to publishing and updating content
                                 z Formating and designing page layouts using cascading
                                   style sheets (CSS)                                                z Creating permissions to define who can update content

                                 z Working with graphics                                             z Web page and blog posting from Microsoft Office

                                 z Using libraries and templates                                     z Posting to multiple blogs from a single application

                                 z Navigation                                                        z The use of Dreamweaver templates
                                                                                                     Not for: Those with no experience of web authoring using Dreamweaver
                                 z Creating forms
                                 z Transparency
                                 z Working with tables
                                 z Uploading, testing and maintenance
                                 Fee: £697+VAT (£121.98)                                             Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

48                               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                             WeB sKiLLs & OnLine PUBLisHing
Planning, designing                                                 Running a website — the business case
and redesigning a website
1 dAy     2008: Aug 5; Nov 17                                       1 dAy     2008: June 30; Sep 10; Nov 28
          2009: Feb 2; Apr 30; June 24                                        2009: Jan 30; Mar 25; June 2

Aimed at: Anyone planning or creating content for a                 Aimed at: Those with responsibility for the continuous
website.                                                            development and upkeep of a website.

Workshop contents: The workshop covers content and                  Workshop contents: Understanding the technology and
design considerations, plus tips on choosing and using              production processes of managing and maintaining a
software. Includes:                                                 website. Includes:
z Strategy — what do you want your website to achieve?              z How to attract visitors to your site, retain them, and make
z Identifying and targeting your audience                             them revisit

z Detailed site planning — how to set up a site map                 z Why people visit competitors' websites

z Future-proofing your site                                         z Maximising the financial opportunities of your site

z Creating targeted content and navigation styles                   z Content considerations — what works and what doesn't

z Design: page sizes, fonts and images                              z Design issues — refreshing a tired site

z How does HTML work?                                               z Web management — a look at the software you use

z Integrating sound and video                                       z Time management issues — the 24/7 deadline

z Flash, podcasts, video, blogs and RSS                             z Discussion of delegates’ own websites and a comparison
                                                                      with competitors
z When to use frames or tables
                                                                    Not for: Those without influence on the maintenance and development of
z CGI scripts; Java and ASP — forms and databases                   a website
Not for: Newcomers to the internet

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                              Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

‘Really enjoyed the day. The tutor was excellent. Very clear        NB: The content, date and venue of every workshop in this directory
theoretical information was supported by practical exercises.’      can be tailored to your needs. Call Vicky Chandler on 01480 280 238
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:             49
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                                 Flash CS3: rich content creation                                      Flash CS3 ActionScript

                                 2 dAyS 2008: June 2-3; July 17-18; Aug 21-22; Sep 8-9; Oct 6-7        3 dAyS 2008: July 2-4; Aug 6-8; Sep 10-12; Oct 8-10
                                            2009: Jan 6-7; Feb 9-10; Mar 3-4; Apr 16-17; May 26-27               2009: Jan 14-16; Feb 10-12; Mar 11-13; Apr 14-16
                                            Manchester 2008: Aug 11-12; Oct 13-14; Nov 13-14                     Manchester 2008: July 16-18; Oct 15-17; dec 10-12
                                            Glasgow 2008: Aug 14-15; Sep 29-30; Nov 24-25; dec 11-12             Glasgow 2008: July 23-25; Oct 1-3; Nov 26-28

                                 Aimed at: New Flash 8 users and those who want to add                 Aimed at: Designers with some experience of Flash design
                                 dynamic elements to their websites.                                   who would like to learn basic and intermediate ActionScript.
                                                                                                       To gain the most from this class, you should already have
                                 Workshop contents: Hands-on practice shows how to                     experience creating Flash designs and animations using
                                 create rich Flash content. You will produce an engaging               the timeline and equivalent knowledge from the Flash rich
                                 interface using text, graphics, animations, video and sound.          content creation course.
                                 Includes:                                                             Workshop contents: Provides the experienced Adobe Flash
                                 z Importing, creating and editing vector graphics                     CS3 designer with the knowledge and hands-on practice
WeB sKiLLs & OnLine PUBLisHing

                                                                                                       needed to create dynamically generated, event-driven
                                 z Scenes and symbols, and working with graphics
                                                                                                       animation and interactivity for websites, games and mobile
                                 z Using imported sound                                                content. Includes:
                                 z Drawing, painting and the Flash Interface                           z Controlling visual objects
                                 z Interactivity and exporting                                         z Using and writing functions
                                 z Flash movies                                                        z Using text, dates, maths and paths
                                 z Templates and using the library                                     z Understanding and handling events
                                 Not for: Those with no interest in interactive websites               z Managing colour, sound and data with built-in classes
                                                                                                       z Making decisions and repeating yourself
                                                                                                       z Animating
                                                                                                       Not for: Those with no experience of Flash

                                 Fee: £495+VAT (£86.63)                                                Fee: £695+VAT (£121.63)

                                 ‘The course gave a really good understanding of how Flash works
                                 – lots of hints and tips for the future.’
50                               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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          VIDEO &

                                                                                                                                             vide0 & PHOtOgrAPHY
                                                                        Apple Certification Exams in
          PHOTOGRAPHY                                                   Pro Applications
                                                                        1 dAy     London 2008: July 25; Aug 29; Sep 23; Oct 15; Nov 20
                                                                                  Cambridge 2008: July 7; Aug 11; Sep 10; Oct 8; Nov 5
                                                                                  London 2009: Feb 25; March 25; Apr 22
                                                                                  Cambridge 2009: Feb 4; March 4; Apr 8
                                                                        PMA is an Apple authorised training centre (AATC) and runs Apple
                                                                        Certified Exams in Pro Applications.
yOuR GuIdE TO MuLTIMEdIA                                                Pro Apps Level One exams are available for anyone who has
PMA guides you on how to make the most of multimedia tools.             completed level one workshops — at an AATC or self-taught.
Digital photography: ways of managing the thousands of images           Pro Apps Level Two exams are available to those who have
you produce. Producing and editing digital video for promotions,        completed level two workshops at an AATC. Students registering for
presentations or the web.                                               Level Two training and exams must be certified at Level One in the
                                                                        same application and version. Exams include:
These workshops have been created for people of all skill levels. If
                                                                        z FCP 101 — Introduction to Final Cut Pro 6
your background is in print-based communications, we can show you
                                                                        z FCP 200 — Professional Editing in Final Cut Pro 6
how to adapt your skills to multimedia. If you're a beginner, we give
                                                                        z DVD SP101 — Introduction to DVD Studio Pro 4
you professional skills.                                                z DVD SP100 — An Overview of DVD Studio Pro 4
If you need to train four or more people in your organisation, all      z Aperture 100 — An Overview of Aperture 2
scheduled workshops can be run in-house, at a time and date to          z Aperture 101 — An Introduction to Aperture 2
suit you. Call Vicky Chandler for more information.                     z Color 101 — An Introduction to Color
                                                                        z DVDSP101 — An Introduction to DVD Studio Pro
ACCREdITATIONS                                                          z FCE 101 — An introduction to Final Cut Express
                                                                        z FCP 100 — An Overview of Final Cut Pro
PMA’s multimedia workshops are accredited by Apple and Adobe.
                                                                        z FCP 101 — An Introduction to Final Cut Pro
We only use accredited tutors who are certified experts.
                                                                        z FCP 200 — A Comprehensive Study of Final Cut Pro
PROFESSIONAL QuALIFICATIONS                                             z FCP 250 — Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors
                                                                        z FCP 300 — Advanced Techniques in Final Cut Pro
PMA offers full training programmes leading to Apple
                                                                        z FCS 101 — Motion Graphics and Effects in Final Cut Studio
certification exams.
                                                                        z Motion 101 — A Comprehensive Study of Motion
                                                                        z Logic 101 — An Introduction to Logic Express and Logic Pro
For more information contact
Riva Elliott: 01480 280 234                                             Fee: £50+VAT (£8.75)
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                      Essential iMovie & iDVD                                           Introduction to Final Cut Pro 6
                                                                                        (Apple training course: FCP 101)
                      1 dAy      2008: June 10; Sep 15; dec 8                           3 dAyS 2008: June 23-25; Aug 18-20; Oct 20-22
                                 2009: Mar 2; June 11                                              2009: Jan 19-21; Apr 28-30
                                                                                                   Manchester 2008: Please call for dates
                                                                                                   Glasgow 2008: July 7-9; Sep 1-3; Nov 3-5

                      Aimed at: Anyone who wants to learn how to use these              Aimed at: Anyone looking to edit professional quality video
                      standard Mac tools to edit video and produce DVDs with the        as well as professionals or others with some video editing
                      minimum amount of fuss.                                           experience who wish to become qualified in editing video
                                                                                        using Final Cut Pro. This course includes plenty of hands-on,
                      Workshop contents: Explore the user interface and move            interactive instruction.
                      beyond the basic functions. Includes:
                      z iMovie clips, themes, media, editing and chapters               Workshop contents: This is the official three-day training
                                                                                        course that prepares you to become an Apple Certified Pro,
                      z Manipulating clips                                              Level 1, in Final Cut Pro. Includes:
                      z Importing photos and graphic images                             z Screening and marking in the Final Cut Pro interface
                      z Drag and drop editing                                           z Editing clips in the timeline
                      z Transitions, effects and titling                                z Finishing the rough cut
                      z Using audio                                                     z Trimming to refine clip duration and a sequence
                      z Outputting for different devices                                z Applying transitions and filters
videO & PHOtOgrAPHY

                      z iDVD themes, menus and buttons                                  z Refining the edit process
                      z Sub-menus                                                       z Supporting the edit process
                      z Working with photos                                             z Changing motion properties
                                                                                        z Capturing footage
                      z iDVD audio
                                                                                        z Applying audio tracks
                      Not for: PC users
                                                                                        Course fee includes textbook. Online Apple Prometric exam fee is extra. (£50+VAT)
                                                                                        You can sit the exam on any of the published course dates or after the course.

                      Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                            Fee: £697+VAT (£121.98)

                                                                                        For full course contents, please visit:

52                    Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                                        videO & PHOtOgrAPHY
Professional editing in Final Cut Pro 6                                            Shooting video with broadcast TV
(Apple training course: FCP 200)                                                   production values — an introduction
                                                                                                                                Qnew workshop
5 dAyS 2008: June 23-27; Aug 18-22; Oct 20-24                                      1 dAy      2008: July 18; Oct 27
           2009: Jan 23-27; Apr 11-15                                                         2009: Jan 23; Apr 24
           Manchester 2008: Sep 1-5; Nov 10-14
           Glasgow 2008: Oct 6-10; dec 8-12

Aimed at: Journalists, PR and marketing executives, graphic                        Aimed at: Journalists, PR and marketing executives, TV
artists, web designers, corporate video and multimedia                             professionals, corporate video and multimedia producers who
producers and video professionals. Anyone who wants to                             have to shoot high quality video.
develop a comprehensive understanding of Final Cut Pro
6. You also have the option of taking the Apple Certified                          Workshop contents: The basic skills and knowledge needed
Pro Prometric test at the end of this course or on any of the                      to film using a broadcast quality Z1 camera. No previous
published dates                                                                    experience is required. By the end of the day you will be able to
                                                                                   film your own programme. Includes:
Workshop contents: This official five-day Apple training
course introduces the primary feature set and basic                                z Familiarisation with the camera
interface of Final Cut Pro. You will learn to perform a broad                      z Busting the jargon
range of editing functions while familiarising yourself with                       z White balancing
the user interface. Includes:
                                                                                   z Framing — head room and eye room
z Basic setup
                                                                                   z Using a tripod to full effect
z Adjusting and customising preferences and settings
z Capturing video and audio                                                        z Filming pieces to camera and interviews
z Editing and trimming techniques                                                  z Directing in your head
z Ripple, roll, slip and slide tools                                               z Handling talent
z Audio creation and editing                                                       z Filming action and internal cutaways
z Finishing and final output                                                       z Producing your own film or programme
z Hands-on practical exercises throughout                                          Not for: Steven Spielberg
Course fee includes textbook. Online Apple Prometric test fee is extra (£50+VAT)
Fee: £997+VAT (£174.48)                                                            Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

For full course contents, please visit:                                            Need to improve your inteviewing and broadcasting skills for video                    or audio production? See pages 44 & 45 for workshops

               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:                     53
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                      An introduction to DVD Studio Pro 4                                   Adobe Premiere essentials
                      (Apple training course: DVDSP 101)
                                                                         Qnew workshop
                      3 dAyS 2008: July 30-Aug1; Oct 15-17                                  2 dAyS 2008: July 2-3; Sep 3-4; Nov 5-6
                                2009: Jan 5-7; Apr 1-3                                                  2009: Jan 8-9; Apr 5-6
                                Manchester 2008: Please call for dates
                                Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates

                      Aimed at: Video producers, video journalists, internal                Aimed at: Anyone looking to edit professional quality video
                      communicators and marketing executives who want to learn              as well as video journalists, PR and marketing executives,
                      the basics of authoring professional quality DVDs.                    web and multimedia producers, corporate and training video
                                                                                            producers. No previous video editing experience required.
                      Workshop contents: Using compelling media and real-world
                      production workflow to create MPEG 2 video and motion                 Workshop contents: Designed to give anyone the basic
                      menus. Hands-on and interactive instruction Includes:                 skills and understanding of desktop video editing. Practical
                      z Preparing your project                                              workshop involving hands-on editing exercises. Includes:

                      z Using the DVD Studio Pro Interface                                  z Settings — how to plan the video

                      z Working with tracks and markers                                     z Using the log and capture window

                      z Designing and creating menus                                        z Interface overview

                      z Working with slideshows and stories                                 z Drag and drop editing
                                                                                            z Performing an edit
videO & PHOtOgrAPHY

                      z Subtitles and closed captions
                      z Markers, stories and connections                                    z Transitions and effects

                      z Encoding audio and video                                            z Titling

                      z Creating transitions                                                z Using audio with Adobe Premiere
                                                                                            Not for: Those experienced in the use of Adobe Premiere
                      z HD DVD authoring
                      Not for: Those who think VHS is the way forward.

                      Fee: £740+VAT (£129.50)                                               Fee: £547+VAT (£95.73)

                      NB: delegates can take the Apple Pro Certificate Exam at the end of
                      this course, or on one of our scheduled exam dates — see page 51.

54                    Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                            videO & PHOtOgrAPHY
An overview of Aperture 2                                           Digital photography
(Apple workshop Aperture 100)
1 dAy     2008: June 18; Sep 17; dec 10                             1 dAy      2008: July 11; Sep 12; Oct 28
          2009: Mar 11; June 18                                                2009: Jan 27; Mar 20; May 1
          Manchester 2008: Please call for dates                               Manchester 2008: Sep 3; Nov 11
          Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates                                  Glasgow 2008: Oct 9; dec 4

Aimed at: Professional photographers, picture editors and           Aimed at: The increasing number of people in PR, journalism
anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of Apple's photo           and general business who have to take pictures as well
editing and management software.                                    as produce copy, but have had no formal training in
                                                                    photographic techniques.
Workshop contents: The basics of image management
and Aperture's powerful photo-editing, image-retouching,            Workshop contents: Understanding your camera. How to
proofing and publishing features. Includes:                         produce good photographs with digital equipment. How to
z Importing images into the Aperture workflow                       use technology to enhance your pictures. Includes:
z Evaluating images: compare and select                             z How a digital camera works, its settings and limitations
z Basic edits: cropping, straightening, white balance               z How to take news and feature pictures — covers legal issues
z Understanding and working with RAW files                          z Picture composition and appreciation
z Correcting tone: reading a histogram, exposure                    z Lenses and flash techniques
z Correcting colour                                                 z Manipulating and enhancing the digital photograph
z Rating, editing and outputting images                             z Breaking away from standard formats such as the cheque
                                                                      presentation, the 'firing squad' and 'talking heads'.
                                                                    z Basic editing using Photoshop
NB: Following this workshop, delegates can become an Apple          Please bring a digital camera and connection-cable to this
Certified Pro by studying in their own time using the Apple Pro     course. Delegates should let the tutor know the make and model
Training Series book and dVd: 'Aperture 2', which is provided.      of camera prior to the course, or if buying one, we can make

Fee: £420+VAT (£66.50)                                              Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

                                                                    ‘A really useful workshop that has helped not only my ability to take
                                                                    photos, but also in my role briefing photographers.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:          55
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                      Researching and improving pictures                                              Advanced digital photography

                      1 dAy      2008: June 13; Sep 11; Nov 28                                        1 dAy     2008: June 24; Aug 4; Nov 26
                                 2009: Feb 27; May 26                                                           2009: Mar 10; June 2

                      Aimed at: Those who brief photographers, choose pictures                        Aimed at: More advanced photographers who want to
                      from digital and conventional sources, and those who want                       improve their picture-taking techniques.
                      to enhance pictures.
                                                                                                      Workshop contents: A practical workshop covering aspects
                      Workshop contents: Choosing the best picture, creative                          such as advanced composition, making the best of dull
                      cropping and the legal side. Includes:                                          subjects, getting pictures that others miss, and making
                      z Deciding what you want from a picture session                                 'people pictures' interesting. Where necessary, a refresher of
                                                                                                      techniques and processes for digital image manipulation is
                      z Choosing pictures for impact                                                  incorporated. Includes:
                      z Transferring digital images and understanding image file formats              z Lighting techniques
                      z Building up a picture library                                                 z Planning a set of striking and relevant feature pix using
                      z What an art department looks for in images                                      digital cameras to a deadline
                      z Paid-for and free sources — online delivery                                   z Legal issues
                      z Legal issues and web-sourced images                                           z The importance of planning and researching assignments
videO & PHOtOgrAPHY

                      z Using technology for picture handling, image manipulation                       in advance
                        and transmission                                                              z Using Adobe Photoshop to frame and enhance the finished
                      z Psychology of colours                                                           pictures
                      z Scanning, retouching and special effects                                      NOTE: Those attending should bring a digital SLR camera
                                                                                                      and connection cable.
                      Not for: Those who get perfect pictures all the time from libraries and their
                      photographers                                                                   Not for: Beginners. This workshop assumes you have a knowledge of the
                                                                                                      basics. Beginners should attend the Digital Photography course (page 55).

                      Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                                          Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

                      ‘Extremely user-friendly approach to training, very comprehensive               ‘Everything is so much clearer now. I feel confident to research,
                      and a fantastic use of my time.’                                                plan and carry out any future assignment.’
56                    Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                       Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns
                                  PR writing skills
                                                                   1 dAy     2008: June 6; Aug 14; Oct 7; dec 8
                                                                             2009: Feb 12; Apr 6; June 23
                                                                             Manchester 2008: Aug 6; Nov 13
                                                                             Glasgow 2008: July 22; Sep 30; Oct 21; Nv 4; dec 9

                                                                   Aimed at: Newcomers to public relations and those who
                                                                   have never had any training in the basic writing skills aspect
                                                                   of their job.

                                                                   Workshop contents: Discover how to write what a journalist
                                                                   will use. Includes:
Training for professionals by professionals
Choose the experts                                                 z Why journalists re-write PR copy for news and features
— PMA uses CIPR-accredited tutors and is recommended by the PRCA   z Spotting a news-worthy story or feature
— PMA has more than 28 years’ experience of media and              z Researching and writing it
  communications training
                                                                   z Getting the intro headline right
— PMA trains PR executives and managers, internal and external
  communicators, press officers and house journal staff            z Tips on effective interviewing
— PMA courses work because our tutors work in their chosen area    z Grabbing attention straight away
  of expertise
                                                                   z Tightening up language, grammar and punctuation
                                                                   z Selling ideas
                                                                   z Sourcing good quotes
                                                                   Not for: Experienced PR executives

HOW TO BOOk                                                  Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)
Tel: 01480 300653                                                  ‘An excellent session which focused on my specific problem areas.
Email:                                      I’m looking forward to achieving extra press coverage!’
                                                      Online booking form        Back to index                                  Online booking form        Back to index

                                                    Planning, targeting and writing                                          Planning and writing case studies
                                                    news releases
Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns

                                                    1 dAy     2008: July 3; Sep 26; Nov 21                                   2 dAyS 2008: July 2 + Aug 11; Oct 14 + Nov 24
                                                              2009: Jan 29; Mar 31; May 18                                   (SPLIT) 2009: Jan 14 + Feb 19; Apr 14 + May 28
                                                              Manchester 2008: Aug 14; Oct 10
                                                              Glasgow 2008: July 23; Oct 1

                                                    Aimed at: Agency and in-house PR staff who want to learn                 Aimed at: All those who have just started producing case
                                                    how to attract the media to their stories.                               studies and histories for their clients.

                                                    Workshop contents: An intensive workshop showing how to                  Workshop contents: As part of this course, delegates will
                                                    get your news release into print, broadcast or online. It looks          plan and write a case history for evaluation on day two of the
                                                    at examples of your work for group analysis and constructive             workshop. Includes:
                                                    criticism. Learn why targeting and news value are critical               z Finding the right subject
                                                    factors. Includes:
                                                                                                                             z What journalists are looking for, and matching case studies
                                                    z The role of the PR executive                                             to a publication online or in print
                                                    z What journalists want from you                                         z Researching and preparing for an interview
                                                    z Matching a release to the media outlet                                 z Getting more than the obvious from an interview
                                                    z Tricks to make your release worthy of distribution                     z Encouraging good quotes and the mix between quotes and
                                                    z Getting the structure right
                                                                                                                             z Filtering material
                                                    z News and how to make it
                                                                                                                             z Writing and presenting: the different approach needed for
                                                    z What to avoid                                                            case studies
                                                    z Using pictures effectively                                             z Getting the intro and structure right; deciding what to keep
                                                                                                                               in and what to leave out
                                                    z The electronic press release
                                                                                                                             Not for: Experienced feature writers
                                                    Not for: Experienced PR executives

                                                    Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                                   Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

                                                    ‘Very useful and relevant. It addressed the finer details and points.’   ‘An intensive workshop with lots of interesting and useful advice.
                                                                                                                             Thank you.’
58                                                  Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                       Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns
Practical PR essentials (PR part 1)                                   Progressing your PR skills (PR part 2)

2 dAyS 2008: July 23-24; Sep 2-3; Nov 17-18                           2 dAyS 2008: June 16-17; Sep 24-25; dec 17-18
          2009: Jan 15-16; Mar 18-19; May 6-7                                    2009: Feb 5-6; Apr 23-24; June 29-30
          Manchester 2008: Sep 24-25; dec 12-13                                  Manchester 2008: Call for dates
          Glasgow 2008: Sep 17-18; Nov 5-6                                       Glasgow 2008: Sep 5; Nov 25

Aimed at: Anyone new to PR, and those changing roles                  Aimed at: In-house PROs and consultancy account
within consultancies or in-house PR departments. This is the          executives. This is the senior part of a structured series of
first part of a structured modular series (for more advanced          workshops for the development of executives in PR roles.
courses see PR part 2, this page and part 3, page 60)
                                                                      Workshop contents: Two days on the effective use of the
Workshop contents: A hands-on workshop involving                      whole PR armoury to ensure continued success and personal
practical exercises and the chance to discuss your individual         development. Includes:
projects and problems. Includes:                                      z Media relations
z Understanding the demands of the media                              z Communications audits
z How to use the press, TV, radio and the web                         z Market research
z Effective press releases and newsletters                            z Sponsorship, competitions and awards
z Improving basic writing skills                                      z Conferences, exhibitions and event management
z Building media relations                                            z Confident and powerful radio, podcast and TV interviews
z Using blogs and social networking online                            z Community relations; lobbying; education programmes
z Preparing for radio, podcast and TV interviews                      z Harnessing the power of blogging and online social
z Maximising event coverage                                             networking
z Research and evaluation                                             z e-PR and crisis PR
z The principles of planning and wider PR techniques                  z The internet and issues management
Not for: Those with more than 18 months’ experience                   Not for: Experienced PR practitioners or the faint-hearted

Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                                  Fee: £680+VAT (£119)

‘Great course which covered a lot of useful ground. I now feel much   ‘A great insight into the more detailed elements of PR.’
more confident in my day-to-day work.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:   59
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                                                    Planning and managing long term PR                                            Advanced PR writing skills
                                                    (PR part 3)
Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns

                                                    2 dAyS 2008: Aug 6-7; Nov 3-4                                                 1 dAy     2008: June 30; Sep 4; Nov 27
                                                              2009: Feb 24-25; Apr 8-9; June 29-30                                          2009: Jan 22; Apr 22; June 29

                                                    Aimed at: PR directors and line managers who are                              Aimed at: Experienced PR staff who want to improve
                                                    responsible for strategic communications or those about to                    their writing skills and those who have attended our basic
                                                    take up such roles.                                                           workshop.

                                                    Workshop contents: How to put together a PR campaign                          Workshop contents: This workshop includes individual
                                                    that delivers. An interactive workshop that enables you to                    assessment of each delegate’s copy, with suggestions for
                                                    plan PR campaigns using a multimedia approach. Includes:                      improvement. Includes:
                                                    z Establishing aims and objectives                                            z How to be active in finding news-worthy stories and features
                                                    z Identifying messages                                                        z Getting the targeting right — different angles and approaches
                                                    z Planning and maintaining a campaign using the                               z Making case histories interesting
                                                      multimedia armoury
                                                                                                                                  z Styling your work to suit the market
                                                    z Using long-term techniques
                                                    z Determining resources — staffing the 24/7 media landscape                   z Writing for niche/technical markets
                                                    z Presenting proposals — techniques that work                                 z Targeting for online, print and broadcast media —
                                                                                                                                    multimedia tips
                                                    z Budgeting — how to make budgets work harder
                                                                                                                                  z Better headlines
                                                    z Project management
                                                    z Maximising the power of electronic media — podcasts,                        z Ways to improve the readability of your work
                                                      blogs and social networking                                                 z Selling the client in a subtle way
                                                    Not for: Junior PR executives and managers with under two years’ experience   Not for: Newcomers to PR

                                                    Fee: £680+VAT (£119)                                                          Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

                                                    ‘A useful two days which gave me the opportunity to glean an                  ‘Very relevant and the tutor answered all my queries. It was very
                                                    independent view from a PR professional.’                                     useful to have my releases analysed.’
60                                                  Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                          Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns
Boosting international PR coverage                                   Getting publicity for your business

1 dAy     2008: July 30; Oct 16                                      1 dAy     2008: June 20; Sep 22; dec 9
          2009: Feb 20; May 15                                                 2009: Mar 25; June 22
                                                                               Manchester 2008: Sep 29; dec 15
                                                                               Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates

Aimed at: Account directors, managers and senior                     Aimed at: Those for whom marketing is not a prime skill.
executives.                                                          Especially useful for smaller companies, or anyone who has
                                                                     recently moved to a post that requires some knowledge of
Workshop contents: Ideal for these tough economic times.             how to promote a business, its products and services.
This workshop is designed for experienced executives faced
with launching successful multinational campaigns on a               Workshop contents: How to generate publicity for your
tight budget. Includes:                                              business using a variety of tools and media. A practical
z Case histories, useful resources and 20-point checklist            workshop on how to get your message across in a lively way.
z Know the media
                                                                     z Making the most of a limited budget
z The one-shot campaign
                                                                     z Defining and understanding your customers
z Understanding the European and international media
                                                                     z Developing brand values and key messages
z When time and speed is critical
                                                                     z How to communicate effectively with your audience
z Competing with the 'big boy' agencies
                                                                     z PR, advertising and advertorials, and the difference
z The blueprint concept                                                between them
z Dealing with the language problem                                  z Online and new media resources and how to exploit them
z Maximising your use of online media                                z What to do when your campaign takes off
Not for: Mid-level account executives and below                      Not for: Experienced PRs and marketeers

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                               Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

‘A very good, highly-targeted session tailored to my needs. Thanks   ‘An excellent day. The training was tailored to my specific needs,
to the tutor for very good preparation and expert advice.’           and the tutor was very approachable and encouraging.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:      61
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                                                    Copywriting (part 1) — essential skills                                  Copywriting (part 2) — advanced skills
Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns

                                                    1 dAy      2008: July 9; Sep 26; Nov 25                                  1 dAy     2008: June 27; Aug 8; Oct 6; dec 1
                                                               2009: Jan 28; Mar 5; May 12                                             2009: Feb 18; April 7; June 25
                                                               Manchester 2008: 16 July; Oct 7; dec 4
                                                               Glasgow 2008: 18 July; Oct 8; dec 3

                                                    Aimed at: Marketing and communications staff and anyone                  Aimed at: Marketing and communications staff and anyone
                                                    wanting a career in copywriting.                                         whose career involves copywriting. Those who have one or
                                                                                                                             two years' experience and would like to improve their skills.
                                                    Workshop contents: A hands-on session for those who
                                                    write, or want to learn more about writing their own copy                Workshop contents: An intensive, hands-on session for
                                                    for display and banner ads or sales literature. Includes:                those with some experience, who want to learn how to
                                                    z Developing customer-orientated copy                                    write better copy, working with current examples of each
                                                                                                                             delegate's work. Includes:
                                                    z Getting your message across with imagination and wit,
                                                                                                                             z How to write more effective, customer-focused copy
                                                      using fresh ideas
                                                                                                                             z Getting your message across using creativity
                                                    z Measuring readability
                                                                                                                             z Avoiding common mistakes
                                                    z Changing some old attitudes
                                                                                                                             z Creating relevant, yet unexpected concepts
                                                    z Thinking up an original way to stimulate business
                                                                                                                             z Writing copy your audience will want to read in print
                                                    z Devising copy to attract readers and viewers                             and online
                                                    z Avoiding repetition                                                    z How good copy works
                                                    z How good copy sells                                                    z The potential of online interaction
                                                    z Learn the hidden rules to solid copy                                   z The importance of brand and design
                                                    z Winning headlines                                                      z Tricks of the trade
                                                    Not for: Experienced copywriters or those only interested in ad design   Not for: Inexperienced copywriters

                                                    Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                                   Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

                                                    'The tutor had researched my organisation’s background, planned my       ‘A useful session, and the small group allowed the tutor to provide
                                                    requirements and tackled my problems with expert enthusiasm.’            individual attention.’
62                                                  Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                       Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns
Crisis management                                                   Pitching for new business

1 dAy     2008: July 16; Oct 29                                     1 dAy     2008: July 4; Oct 13
          2009: Jan 26; Apr 3                                                 2009: Jan 7; Apr 15
          Manchester 2008: July 25; Oct 15
          Glasgow 2008: Sep 2; dec 18

Aimed at: PR agencies or in-house press officers who need a         Aimed at: Anyone who wants to bring a fresh approach to
‘what-if?’ mechanism in place if something goes wrong.              new business pitches. Suitable for those in PR, marketing,
                                                                    sales and advertising agencies.
Workshop contents: Things can go wrong in any
organisation. Handled well, the damage can be limited;              Workshop contents: Breathe new life into your standard
handled badly and it can have a huge effect on image and            approach to new business pitches. Includes:
profits. This course looks at worst-case scenarios and what to      z Winning a competitive advantage over the other agencies
do when things go wrong. Includes:
                                                                    z Interpreting the brief — filling in gaps, how much research
z Issues management and risk audits                                   is required, pulling together your team
z Why prevention is better than cure — scenario planning            z Making your credentials more relevant and interesting to
  and foreseeing a problem                                            the potential client
z How external sources can affect you                               z Creative stage — put yourself in the shoes of the clients
z What to do when things go wrong                                     — what do they want to see and hear?
z Setting up spokespeople and a chain of command                    z Crazy ideas for pitches that have worked and those that
                                                                      have not
z Getting authority for statements
                                                                    z A pitch planning process to ensure you cover all bases and
z Managing the media — including 'citizen journalists'                get everything done on time
z The message and the medium — what to communicate,                 z Follow-up and self evaluation
  how, when and to whom, through which channel
                                                                    Not for: Seasoned veterans
z Positive press from bad news
Not for: Newcomers to PR

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                              Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

‘The training was great. The excellent tutor changed the contents   ‘Excellent – informative and inspiring.’
during the day to cover new points and issues we raised.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:   63
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                                                    Managing the media more effectively                                  Event management
Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns

                                                    1 dAy      2008: June 12; Aug 4; Oct 3; dec 15                       1 dAy     2008: June 19; Sep 29; dec 2
                                                               2009: Feb 16; Apr 28; June 12                                       2009: Mar 11; June 15
                                                               Manchester 2008: Aug 12; Nov 6                                      Manchester 2008: Please call for dates
                                                               Glasgow 2008: Sep 3; Nov 6                                          Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates

                                                    Aimed at: All those who have to manage the media —                   Aimed at: Anyone who is new to running events.
                                                    written, radio, television and the web — as a regular part of
                                                    their work.                                                          Workshop contents: It covers everything you need to know
                                                                                                                         about organising and running events — for press launches,
                                                    Workshop contents: Learn how to maximise every media                 conferences, press trips and exhibitions. Includes:
                                                    opportunity. Includes:                                               z The importance of planning
                                                    z What does the media want from you?                                 z Why date and time can make the difference between
                                                    z How can you give them something it seems they don’t                  success and failure
                                                      want?                                                              z Addressing the key media
                                                    z Getting the story clear                                            z Scheduling speakers for conferences — best practice hints
                                                                                                                           and tips
                                                    z Selling yourself, your brand and your client
                                                                                                                         z Issuing timely invitations and the follow-up
                                                    z Handling awkward questions
                                                                                                                         z Making an event relevant to key media
                                                    z Building more effective media relations
                                                                                                                         z Maximising coverage
                                                    z Preparing your spokespeople for radio, TV and podcasts             z Press kits that get used
                                                    z The people who can make or break your campaign                     z Exhibitions that work — especially with competition from
                                                    z Organising press conferences that people will attend                 the web
                                                    Not for: Those inexperienced at handling all aspects of the media    z How to prevent press trips turning into press jaunts
                                                                                                                         Not for: Seasoned event managers

                                                    Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                               Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)

                                                    ‘Thought-provoking training from a media expert – very impressed!’   ‘The training was great, it allowed me to focus on areas where
                                                                                                                         I needed specific help.’
64                                                  Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                                Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns
Using email as a marketing tool                                       Awaken your creativity

1 dAy      2008: July 7; Oct 17                                       1 dAy     2008: Aug 21; Nov 11
           2009: Jan 21; Apr 9                                                  2009: Feb 11; May 21

Aimed at: All those wanting to explore the benefits of                Aimed at: PR executives, editors and corporate
electronic marketing.                                                 communicators — or any marketing or business executive
                                                                      looking for an innovative strategy.
Workshop contents: An introduction to using email
effectively to support your marketing activity. Includes:             Workshop contents: This workshop is presented in a ‘Better
z Tips on what works and what doesn’t, plus practical                 Brainstorming’ format — a training programme that draws
  sessions                                                            on alternative worlds for inspiration. Includes:
z Planning, creating and deploying an email campaign                  z How anyone can learn and apply the principles of
                                                                        creativity used by leading communications experts,
z Copywriting for email — best practice                                 presenters, broadcasters and entrepreneurs
z Types of offers                                                     z Knowledge and tools you can use immediately, including
z Optimising a database                                                 your personal brainstorming manual to run your own
z What makes a customer respond
                                                                      z Going back to basics with the principles behind effective
z Creative email marketing — integration with the web
z The dialogue — how to speak to prospects and clients
                                                                      z How to apply creativity to a wide range of business and
z Email designs — dos and don'ts                                        communications situations
z What makes a client respond                                         z Explanation of the best way to sell your creative ideas in
z Capture the right information and measure success                     presentations and pitches, including problem-solving
z How to follow up and grow your business                             Not for: The narrow minded!
Not for: Those with an effective email marketing set-up

Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                                Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

‘I now know the full potential of email marketing — a great course.   ‘A great day’s training. I’m feeling inspired, creative and cannot wait
Thank you.’                                                           to get back to the office!’
               Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:           65
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                                                    Market research for non-researchers                               Effective lobbying — successful
Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns

                                                    1 dAy      2008: June 2; Sep 30; dec 3                            1 dAy      2008: July 2; Oct 6
                                                               2009: Jan 30; Mar 30; June 1                                      2009: Feb 9; May 14

                                                    Aimed at: Communicators who want to understand and                Aimed at: All those wanting to influence public policy when
                                                    influence their audience using market research techniques.        campaigning for their clients, audience or readers.

                                                    Workshop contents: How to acquire solid research                  Workshop contents: A professional lobbyist develops
                                                    techniques without having to study for a degree in statistics     delegates’ skills on how to identify, approach and influence
                                                    or psychology.                                                    the key decision-makers of Westminster, Whitehall, Brussels,
                                                                                                                      and local Government. Includes:
                                                    z Why you should never make big decisions on 'gut feel'
                                                    z What is it you really want to know?                             z How to monitor, research and gather intelligence
                                                    z The difference between qualitative and quantitative             z Developing influential lobbying strategies
                                                      research techniques and when to use them
                                                                                                                      z The differences between national and European decision-
                                                    z Why research costs so much and how you can build a                making and how it leads to policy-making and legislation
                                                      survey to suit your budget, especially online
                                                                                                                      z Political processes that determine public policy and public
                                                    z How to save time and effort                                       affairs. Addressing concerns to the right people, in the right
                                                    z When to call in the experts                                       way and at the right time
                                                    z Top 10 tips for a successful research study                     z How to structure your case with authority
                                                    z Why focus groups are so popular                                 z Successful strategies to influence the right people for your
                                                    z The pitfalls of DIY research and how to avoid them                business or organisation sector
                                                    z Online quantitative studies that work and go on working         z Clarifying the real issues
                                                    z Interactive online qualitative research                         z Developing a long-term and sustainable plan to success
                                                    Not for: Professional market researchers                          Not for: Apolitical people or those who think politics changes nothing

                                                    Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                            Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

66                                                  Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                       Pr, Advertising, sALes & cOrPOrAte cOMMUnicAtiOns
Planning and running a campaign                                     Multimedia sales skills

1 dAy     2008: June 19; Sep 9                                      1 dAy      2008: July 16
          2009: Mar 4; June 17                                                 2009: Jan 16; Apr 16

Aimed at: Anyone who is responsible for or involved in              Aimed at: Anyone who needs to generate revenue from
planning and running a campaign — whether on a large                print, outdoor, broadcast or online media.
scale, requiring national or international participation, or
tackling small-scale, local issues.                                 Workshop contents: Exploring media sales in the 21st
Workshop contents: How to generate awareness and                    Century. Looking at the challenges of generating revenue
involvement and create impact with your campaign.                   from a multimedia environment — from print to online and
Includes:                                                           everything in between. Includes:
z Setting clear and measurable objectives                           z Revenue-generating opportunities — old and new
z Creating easily understood messages                               z Understanding how consumers consume multimedia
z Identifying the right target group                                z Techniques for selling across the media spectrum
z Making your messages hit home
                                                                    z Identifying your audience and where to find them
z Securing a 'figure head' and 'champions'
                                                                    z Converting sales opportunities
z Generating sponsorship
                                                                    z Packaging media to increase sales opportunities
z Budgets and resources — finding out who can help
z Promoting your campaign — understanding the power of              z Understanding and communicating the value of your
  the media                                                           media
z Planning, timescales and context                                  z Measuring success — how multimedia gives instant and
                                                                      accurate feedback
z Monitoring progress — keeping on track
                                                                    Not for: Those on print-only publications
z Evaluating success — communicating results

Not for: Those who only communicate one-off stories

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                              Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:   67
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                          Internal communications                                              Internal communications
                          (part 1) — essential skills                                          (part 2) — advanced skills
                          1 dAy     2008: June 26; Aug 29; Oct 13; dec 3                       1 dAy     2008: June 23; Sep 23; dec 5
                                    2009: Jan 12; Mar 9; May 8                                           2009: Jan 12; Mar 9; May 8
                                    Manchester 2008: Sep 18; Nov 12                                      Manchester 2008: Sep 24; dec 8
                                    Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates                                  Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates

                          Aimed at: Anyone new to the internal communications                  Aimed at: Anyone who works in internal communications
                          department of an organisation, and those seeking to                  and wants to improve their skills.
                          improve their internal communication skills. A vital workshop
                          for those in government or business.                                 Workshop contents: Developing strategic business goals.
                          Workshop contents: The purpose of internal                           z Gaining ownership from the top
                          communications and how it ties in with your organisation’s
                          plans. Includes:                                                     z The psychological contract — why employees often feel
                                                                                                 let down by employers
                          z The staff journal, intranets and other forms of
                            communication                                                      z Running a campaign
                          z Finding stories and writing them for staff journals and            z Effective evaluation
internAL cOMMUnicAtiOns

                            intranets                                                          z Crisis communications
                          z Crisis communication and the internal audience                     z Internal branding — examples of good and bad practice
                          z Getting messages out using the multimedia approach                 z Defining the role of the head of internal communications
                          z The PR role, and dealing with senior management
                          z Internal audits: benchmarking and evaluation                       NOTE: This workshop follows the Internal Communications
                          z Staff surveys and issues                                           (part 1) — essential skills.
                                                                                               Not for: Those new to internal communications
                          z The link with external communication
                          Not for: Experienced members of a communications team

                          Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                               Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

                          ‘This course was really relevant to my work – just what I needed.’   ‘The workshop was specifically designed to my requirements, and
                                                                                               exceeded my expectations. Thank you for an enlightening day.’
68                        Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                         cOMMUnicAtiOn sKiLLs
                                                                       Business writing skills
                                                                       1 dAy     2008: July 25; Sep 2; Nov 25
                                                                                 2009: Jan 19; Mar 18; May 5
                                                                                 Manchester 2008: Please call for dates
                                                                                 Glasgow 2008: July 29; Sep 4; Nov 27

                                                                       Aimed at: Everyone who writes as an integral part of their
                                                                       business life. Reports, tender invitations and submissions,
                                                                       internal newsletters, external marketing materials, emails:
                                                                       this course covers the lot.
Be seen and heard
Tailored training                                                      Workshop contents: The core lessons of business writing
Effective communication with clients, staff and the media is vital     with lots of practical writing sessions. Includes:
for the success of an organisation. PMA delivers high-quality          z Understanding who you are writing for and what they want
tailored, hands-on training in writing, presentation, media
handling and web skills for managers and directors. We find out        z Getting to the point in clearly understood language
what you want to learn and adapt each workshop to fit your needs.
                                                                       z Converting a mass of facts into a readable document
Executive coaching
Professional one-to-one coaching sessions for senior managers          z Emails and sales letters that get read
and directors at your premises or in our London training centre.       z Getting rid of the waffle and avoiding unnecessary jargon
Whatever your needs, we’ll supply an expert tutor, the latest audio-
visual and computer equipment and, most importantly, the chance        z Grammar, spelling and punctuation
for you to try things out discreetly and get feedback. We specialise
in coaching senior executives for appearing on TV and speaking in      z Developing a house style to reflect your business brand
public.                                                                z Checklist to ensure you have covered all the key points
In-house workshops                                                     z Presentation — the relationship between words and design
Talk to us about running a course in-house. We can adapt an
existing workshop or design a bespoke programme for people in          Not for: Those experienced in everyday business writing
your organisation.

HOW TO BOOk                                                      Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)
Tel: 01480 300653                                                      ‘A great day! The course was structured to cover all delegates’
Email:                                          requirements.’
            Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:       69
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                       Report writing made easy                                          Presentation skills

                       1 dAy      2008: June 30; Sep 4; Nov 27                           1 dAy      2008: June 6; Aug 18; Oct 8; dec 19
                                  2009: Feb 3; Apr 17; June 8                                       2009: Feb 10; Apr 20; June 11
                                                                                                    Manchester 2008: July 17; dec 19
                                                                                                    Glasgow 2008: July 30; Sep 16; dec 17

                       Aimed at: All managers who have to produce reports as part        Aimed at: Anyone who has to make presentations, and
                       of their job, and want to find ways of making it easier.          wants to learn how to do it more professionally.

                       Workshop contents: A close look at your report writing skills     Workshop contents: A look at the skill set needed to sell
                       and how they might be improved. Includes:                         ideas to an audience. Includes:
                       z Writing to communicate rather than impress                      z How to sell yourself in the first two minutes
                       z Thinking about who you are writing for                          z Opening with impact
                       z The art of plain English — avoiding jargon                      z Closing effectively — body language feedback
                       z Incorporating house style — the report template                 z How verbal communication differs from the written word
                       z Structuring your writing                                        z What listeners want and need from you
                       z Planning what you want to say                                   z Understanding the way new information will be perceived
                                                                                           by the audience
cOMMUnicAtiOn sKiLLs

                       z Keeping to significant points and comments
                       z Maintaining a reader’s attention                                z Conveying your message using effective communication
                                                                                           skills — how to be at ease with yourself
                       z Highlighting key points — the importance of the
                         management summary                                              z Utilising creative thinking

                       z A checklist to ensure you’ve covered all you wanted to          z Exercises on how to speak convincingly using visual aids
                                                                                         Not for: Those who want sales presentation skills
                       Not for: Those afraid of constructive criticism

                       Fee: £380+VAT (£66.50)                                            Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

                       ‘Good to re-learn many things I had forgotten and so much new     ‘A very useful exercise. Great to be able to practise and re-work my
                       stuff.’                                                           own presentations — most valuable.’
70                     Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                        cOMMUnicAtiOn sKiLLs
Preparing for media interviews                                         Appearing on TV and radio

1 dAy     2008: June 26; Sep 1; dec 1                                  1 dAy     2008: June 9; Sep 9; dec 11
          2009: Feb 4; Apr 2; June 24                                            2009: Jan 14; Mar 31; June 17
          Manchester 2008: July 31; Nov 21                                       Manchester 2008: Aug 13; Nov 18
          Glasgow 2008: Oct 22; dec 10                                           Glasgow 2008: Aug 7; Nov 19

Aimed at: Those whose job entails getting their message                Aimed at: All those who represent their organisation on the
across professionally to the media.                                    broadcast media.

Workshop contents: How to deal with interviewers from                  Workshop contents: A top TV anchorperson gives you the
the press and broadcast media. Includes:                               confidence and skills to tackle any TV and radio interview
z Body language and how to use it to best effect                       effectively. Includes video work and feedback and the
                                                                       chance to try out techniques learned. Includes:
z Controlling nerves: how not to put your foot in it
                                                                       z Preparing for a live interview, especially in a crisis
z Dealing with a crisis and damage limitation
                                                                       z The different types of interview: in the studio, in your own
z How to be accessible to the media                                      office, on-site, in the street or over the telephone
z Tips on maximising media coverage of special events                  z Handling questions — especially the trick ones
z Speaking with authority                                              z Dealing with the paparazzi and doorstepping
z Setting the agenda in any interview                                  z Getting your point across
z Getting the most from an impromptu situation                         z Avoiding gaffes: how to channel your thought processes
z Using the internet effectively as a follow-up to an interview        Not for: Experienced radio and TV performers
Not for: Those happy with their media persona                          We can run this session in full studio conditions or at your
                                                                       premises with a broadcast team. One-to-one coaching is
                                                                       also available. For more information, contact Vicky Chandler
For one-to-one coaching sessions call Vicky Chandler on                on 01480 280 238 or email
01480 280 238 or email
Public workshop fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                 Public workshop fee: £420+VAT (£73.50)

‘I aim to put my nerves behind me, and using the skills I’ve learned   ‘Very helpful and informative – just what I needed.’
today, I will tackle all future interviews with renewed confidence.’
              Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:    71
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                       Speaking in public                                                Managing your time with 24/7 media

                       1 dAy     2008: June 5; Sep 19; dec 16                            1 dAy      2008: July 1; Oct 1
                                 2009: Mar 16; June 18                                              2009: Jan 8; Apr 23
                                 Manchester 2008: Sep 25; dec 11
                                 Glasgow 2008: Please call for dates

                       Aimed at: Anyone who has to make speeches at conferences          Aimed at: All those who have problems managing their time
                       and seminars.                                                     effectively in a world of constant demands.

                       Workshop contents: Guidance and practice in the essential         Workshop contents: Introducing the principles of time
                       skills of speaking to an audience. Remember public speakers       management, and applying them to the pressure of a 24/7
                       are made, not born. The workshop includes:                        media environment. Includes:
                       z Thinking about your audience                                    z Recognising personal blocks
                       z Planning your script                                            z Using natural energy patterns to plan your working
                       z The art of effective speaking
                                                                                         z Spotting time wasters and time stealers
                       z Using body language effectively
                                                                                         z How to balance the demands of print lead times and web
                       z Making nerves work for you                                        lead times
                       z Holding the audience’s attention                                z Controlling interruptions — working effectively in a team
cOMMUnicAtiOn sKiLLs

                       z Preparing for awkward questions                                 z How to avoid procrastination
                       z Avoiding cliches and jargon                                     z Levels of assertiveness
                       z Pacing your speech                                              z Learning to say 'no'.
                       z Managing visual aids while speaking                             z Considering how to prioritise, both at a strategic and
                       z How to start and finish                                           tactical level using various time and diary management
                       Not for: Experienced speakers
                                                                                         Not for: Those with all the time in the world

                       Fee: £420+VAT (£73.50)                                            Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)

72                     Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:
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                                                                                                                                           cOMMUnicAtiOn sKiLLs
Negotiating skills                                                  Speech writing & powerful delivery
                                                                                                                      Qnew workshop

1 dAy     2008: Aug 11; Oct 29                                      1 dAy     2008: Sep 19; dec 16
          2009: Feb 17; May 26                                                2009: Mar 27; June 26

Aimed at: Those whose work involves negotiating. And                Aimed at: Middle to senior managers, business leaders
anyone who has recently moved into a role that requires             and politicians — local and national. You should have some
these skills.                                                       experience of platform speaking or presenting in a business
                                                                    context. It is especially helpful to those who speak at conferences.
Workshop contents: Learning to conduct negotiations with            Workshop contents: How a skillfully written speech can
confidence, to achieve better outcomes for your organisation        enhance the message and image of the speaker and their
or business. The course reveals the processes and practices of      organisation. Includes:
negotiation, and adds practical rehearsals for the delegates.
                                                                    z Writing for an audience — what do you want to say and
z Win-Win — why negotiating is all about mutually successful          what are they expecting to hear
                                                                    z Identifying the true message
z Preparation — establishing your goals, your limits and
  your BAFNA (best alternative if you fail to negotiate             z Blank page to first draft
  agreeement).                                                      z The difference between written and spoken text
z Opening the negotiation — how to take control to ensure a         z How delivery affects the impact of a speech
  better outcome                                                    z Gestures and movement to enhance your words
z Conducting the negotiation — how to ask the right                 z Structuring your message, reinforcing the main points
  questions, and how to trade effectively
                                                                    z Using technology effectively to enhance your speech
z Closing the negotiation — confirming the outcome to
  make sure the deal sticks                                         z Pitch, pace and pauses
z The psychology of negotiation                                     z Closing — anticipating Q & As
Not for: Those who can't compromise                                 Not for: Those who have written many successful speeches

Fee: £405+VAT (£70.87)                                              Fee: £420+VAT (£73.50)

                                                                    Can be arranged as a one-to-one coaching session

             Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email:        73
 TUTORS A-Z                                                      PMA's cOMMUnicAtiOn eXPerts
                                                                 CAROLINE BRANNIGAN                                         VALERIE CLARkE
      All PMA tutors still work in their specialist              Caroline Brannigan is a freelance feature writer           Valerie Clarke was senior journalism lecturer at the
                                                                 contributing to The Times, Sunday Times and other          London College of Communication. She worked in a
      area. Among our tutors are:                                national newspapers and magazines. She is based in the     senior role on several of the country’s top magazines, as
                                                                 North and is among several northern-based tutors           well as editing a German weekly. She was executive editor
     SEAN ASHCROFT                                               who can run PMA courses outside London.                    of English and French partworks before going freelance.
     Sean Ashcroft's credentials include production editor
     on BBC Gardeners' World Magazine, editor and                PHILIP BRAuNd                                              ROBERTA COHEN
     managing editor of Macworld. He also teaches sub-           Philip Braund is the former series producer of the award   Roberta Cohen has vast experience editing, launching
     editing and news-writing. Sean has freelanced as a          winning investigation programme The Cook Report. He        and relaunching a range of business magazines from
     sub-editor on The Sunday Sport, The Sun, News of the        spent 20 years on national newspapers — the Daily Mail     Marketing Week to Leisure Week. She has guided many
     World and Pulse.                                            and Daily Mirror (which he news edited). He currently      trainee journalists into glittering media careers.
                                                                 works in television news.
     SIMON BERNSTEIN                                                                                                        NICk CONSTABLE
     Simon Bernstein is a CIPR-accredited trainer with more      LINdSAy BROOkE                                             Nick Constable worked as a staff reporter for Today
     than nine years’ experience of PR in the public and         Lindsay Brooke is an award-winning broadcast journalist    newspaper and then as lobby correspondent for the
     private sectors. He has exceptional communication           who has worked for the BBC and ITV. She has anchored       Daily Star. Since 1993, Nick has run his own news
     skills and delivers training in an inspirational and        Channel Television's regional news and magazine            agency. He regularly contributes to national newspapers
     motivational style. His PR clients have included the        programme and worked as a reporter and producer on         and magazines and has written books on current affairs.
     Benefits Agency, Tumble Tots and Mothercare World.          documentaries for Anglia Television.                       JOHN COPPOCk
                                                                                                                            John Coppock has been a financial journalist for more
     ANN BIRd                                                    ANdy BuLL                                                  than 20 years, working across the spectrum as an award-
     Ann Bird is a former executive features editor on the       Andy Bull is an award-winning travel writer working        winning business reporter and editor for Thomson
     Daily Express. She has been nominated for national          on publications including The Independent, The Daily       Financial News, Dow Jones, breakingviews, Bloomberg
     writing awards. Ann currently runs her own media            Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday and has published         and national newspapers including the Financial
     consultancy. She continues to write for a broad             seven books including Coast to Coast: A Rock Fan’s         Times. He has latterly been Training Editor for Thomson
     spectrum of outlets, including the Sunday Telegraph,        US Tour and Strange Angels: In search of America’s         Financial specialising in teaching financial markets and
     Daily Mirror, The Sun and Radio 4.                          Immortal Heroes.                                           journalism skills.
     RICHARd BIRd                                                MIkE BuTCHER                                               JuLES CRANSHAW
     Richard Bird is a freelance designer on magazines           Mike Butcher pioneered the use of the web on industry      Jules Cranshaw is a freelance writer. She has worked
     and books, including Car, TV Times, Yachting Monthly,       title New Media Age. Mike won the 1999 Centaur award       as a sub on The Sun and Mirror, chief sub on She and
     Architects Journal and Woman’s Own. He is an                for Best Editorial Team. He was executive editor of        Zest, and was senior editor at the National Magazine
     Associate of the Institute of IT Trainers and is an Adobe   Industry Standard Europe and set up He         Company. She also makes regular radio appearances.
     Certified Expert in PhotoShop and InDesign.                 writes for the Guardian, Broadcast, Media Age and Wired.
     .                                                                                                                      ALEXANdRA dALTON
     TIM BOuQuET                                                                                                            Alexandra has 10 years’ journalism, production and
                                                                 LySIANE BySH
     Tim Bouquet is a journalist, writer, editor, broadcaster                                                               training experience with the BBC. She has helped
                                                                 Lysiane Bysh is an independent consultant in human
     and traveller. He was features editor of the British        resources and training, specialising in performance        to create programme formats for BBC Sport both in
     edition of Reader's Digest, and has written extensively     management, leadership and coaching. She also works        television and radio — Five Live and Radio 4. Her
     for YOU, Telegraph and Express magazines, as well as        with front-line staff in customer care programmes and      training experience covers producer foundation and
     The Times and the Guardian.                                 time management for all levels.                            live studio production courses.
                        Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email: Web:
                                                                                                                                                           A-Z     TUTORS
JuLIAN dISMORE                                            ROBIN ETHERINGTON                                               MATT HAddOCk
Julian has produced primetime shows for broadcasters      Robin Etherington is communications manager for the             Matt is a trainer in Adobe and Quark products,
including ITV, Channel 4, Five, Discovery US, Animal      rail division of First. He was formerly editor of Railnews,     including InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, Illustrator and
Planet and Sky. He has produced and directed in           the rail industry's staff newspaper. He was a former sub-       XPress. He has worked with designers and journalists
                                                                                                                          from IPC, Emap, and with leading ad agencies. He has
a wide variety of genres, including reality, factual      editor on the Daily Mail, local radio and regional TV.
                                                                                                                          also trained designers at MTV and Universal Music.
entertainment, outside broadcast, documentary,
wildlife, house makeover, history, talk, medical,         HuMPHREy EVANS
                                                          Humphrey Evans has been editor and commissioning                CAROLINE HILLER
docusoap and current affairs.                                                                                             Caroline has over 20 years’ experience in magazine
                                                          editor for a range of publications. He freelances for several
                                                                                                                          publishing. Originally in editorial and production, her
THAyER dRIVER                                             magazines and newspapers as a writer and sub-editor.
                                                                                                                          roles have included publishing director for Haymarket’s
Thayer Driver has worked in the dot com arena                                                                             medical and business titles. She has worked as a
since 1999. Her background includes statistics, Web       TIM FENNELL                                                     consultant and trainer for the past 10 years.
development and programming, recruitment and              Tim Fennell is a consultant editor and writer with more
                                                          than 16 years’ experience in consumer magazines,                NICk INGRAM
company development. She has a huge interest in                                                                           Nick Ingram is a senior page editor on the Daily
social media, Web commercialisation and Web 2.0.          including stints at Emap, IPC, News International,
                                                                                                                          Express. He rejoined the Express in 2003 having been
                                                          BBC Worldwide and Dennis Publishing. Tim has worked
                                                                                                                          on staff between 1990 and 1995. He has also worked
kEITH ELLIOTT                                             for Maxim, Motorcycle News and Radio Times.                     for The Observer, The Independent, the Daily Telegraph
Keith Elliott is chairman of PMA Media Training. He                                                                       and Today, as well as magazines.
                                                          NICk FITZHERBERT
has worked on several national newspapers, and
                                                          Nick Fitzherbert has been in PR consultancy for more            PETER JAy
edited magazines on subjects as varied as computing,
                                                          than 20 years, working in drinks, media, marketing              Peter Jay is an award-winning photograper with
general practice, exports, independent healthcare and
                                                          services, public sector, industry organisations and             many years' experience covering everything from the
taxidermy. He writes a weekly sports column for the
                                                          financial services. His presentation and creative skills        Olympics to disasters at Hysel and Hillsborough in his
Independent on Sunday and runs his own magazine as                                                                        role as sports photographer with the Independent and
                                                          have their roots working as a DJ and more recently as a
well as writing various weekly and monthly columns.                                                                       Independent on Sunday.
                                                          member of The Magic Circle.
RIVA ELLIOTT                                              ANdy GAGE                                                       ANdy JONES
Riva Elliott was marketing director of a public IT        Andy Gage has been a copywriter in leading direct               Andy Jones has worked on several national
company, and now runs PMA Research, the market            marketing advertising agencies, working as a copy chief,        newspapers in a senior subbing capacity, from The
research arm of PMA. It has worked for many top                                                                           Sun and News of the World to The Daily Star and
                                                          creative manager and strategy director on top consumer
                                                                                                                          Today. He has also worked as a copywriter for ABTA,
clients, from BT to Saab, and specialises in the media,   accounts such as Time-Life Books and the AA. He now             a studio manager for BBC Radio and a layout sub for
new technology and consumer products.                     runs his own creative service agency.                           British Airways News.
JOAN ELLIS                                                ASHLEy GIBBINS                                                  NEIL JONES
Joan Ellis is an award-winning copywriter. As senior      Ashley Gibbins is a CIPR accredited trainer and runs an         Neil Jones has more than 30 years' experience in
copywriter for Lion, her clients included Greenpeace,     independent PR consultancy. He is also Director General         reputation management, public relations, internal
RNLI, RSPB and Crisis. She currently works as a           of the International Travel Writers Alliance. He has more       communications and training — working in-house and
                                                          than 20 years' experience which includes communications         with consultancies. He also writes and edits oil industry
freelance copywriter for global organisations.
                                                          development work with several local authorities.                publications, and is a freelance opera journalist and
                                                                                                                          critic. Neil heads up PMA Scotland.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 0606 or +44 (0)1480 300653 Fax: +44 (0)1480 496022 Email: Web:
     PHILLIP kHAN-PANNI                                          TOM MAVRO                                                     MIkE NICkS
     Phillip Khan-Panni is a professional speaker, author,       Tom Mavro has worked in the video and new media               Mike Nicks is an editorial director who has been
     trainer and coach in communication skills. He is a          industry as a consultant and trainer for the past             involved in the launch and redesign of more than 25
     Founder Director and Fellow of the Professional             six years. He now works as a freelance for a range            magazines and newspapers in Britain, Australia, France
     Speakers Association, and has won more speech
                                                                 of computer-based video production, effects, DVD              and the USA. He speaks French and Spanish, and writes
     contests than anyone in Europe. He has published
     seven books on communication skills.                        authoring and streaming video solutions.                      for The Observer, the Independent and the Guardian.

     PETER LAW                                                   FRANk NELSON                                                  ELIZABETH ORCuTT
     Peter Law’s career has spanned editorial, advertisement     Frank is a freelance trainer specialising in all aspects of   Lizzie has been a full-time photojournalist for the last
     sales, production and marketing, mainly with Reed,          the internet, DTP and computer-based training. He has         six years. After graduating she joined Horse & Hound
     Emap and Harmsworth. He has edited weeklies,
                                                                 worked as the editorial systems manager for several           magazine as picture editor and won newcomer and
     published and launched directories, consumer and
     trade titles, and runs a contract publishing company.       companies, including Reader’s Digest, Haymarket               new technology awards in her first year with IPC. Her
                                                                 Publishing, Associated Newspapers and Reed Books.             clients including Newmarket Racecourse and the
     dANIEL LEE                                                                                                                Guards Polo Club. She regularly contributes portraits to
     Daniel Lee's experience covers a broad range of writing     kEITH NELSON                                                  the T2 section of The Times.
     and editing skills, from writing celebrity interviews and   Keith Nelson worked on many Emap launches and
     reportage for The Times, the Guardian and the Evening                                                                     RuPERT PAuL
                                                                 relaunches including Total Sport, Garden Answers
     Standard, to websites, books and PR. His subject matter                                                                   Rupert Paul is a freelance editor and writer. A former
                                                                 and Angling Times. He set up their coaching and
     includes business, history, science, crime and fiction.                                                                   editorial director at Emap (now Bauer) consumer
                                                                 development scheme and now runs his own
     PHIL LONG                                                   organisational change consultancy.                            magazines, he’s hired 30 editors, and worked in 22
     Phil Long was closely involved in the publishing                                                                          magazine markets. He co-launched RiDE magazine
     industry's switch to Adobe inDesign. He spearheaded        PAT NEVINS                                                     and has extensive experience in relaunching and
     the change at Emap by producing its first InDesign-        Pat is an experienced European specialist who has a            understanding specialist readerships. He has edited
     produced magazine where he also trained staff in the       thorough understanding of how the EU works. She                eight national publications.
     new application on other titles.
                                                                has worked extensively with MEPS, and was an adviser
                                                                to UK representatives on the EU Committee of the               GORdON RAdLEy
     AdRIAN MACLEOd                                                                                                            Gordon Radley was one of the main anchors for Sky
     Adrian MacLeod develops content-based websites for         Regions. An experienced public sector lobbyist, Pat has
                                                                                                                               News. He presents, reports and produces for ITV and
     a number of commercial clients, as well as training new contributed to the development of new initiatives in
                                                                                                                               satellite stations. His experience includes news-reading,
     and existing journalists. He also writes for technical and social economic and environmental sectors.
     business publications and websites and is an expert in                                                                    presenting and producing for many of the country’s
     media law and ethics.                                      STEVE NICHOLS                                                  main television stations.
                                                                Many major publishing companies use Steve’s
     SHARON MAXWELL MAGNuS                                                                                                     BEN ROONEy
                                                                photographic skills, and he has provided digital
     Sharon is an award-winning writer including the                                                                           Ben Rooney is an award-winning journalist with over 17
                                                                photography training for a wide range of blue chip
     Catherine Pakenham Award and Rosemary Goodchild                                                                           years' experience. He was launch editor of Europe's first
     Award. She was assistant and acting deputy editor of       companies. He also writes regularly for the CiB
                                                                                                                               daily web-based newspaper, electronic telegraph, and
     She and is an advisor to the Media Trust. Author of        members’ magazine Communicators and has written
                                                                                                                               is author of two books. He has been a commentator on
     three books — one of which became a TV series — she numerous articles on getting the best from digital
                                                                                                                               new media for broadcasters including ITV, Sky News
     has worked extensively in contract magazines as well       cameras.
     as consumer magazines and newspapers.                                                                                     and the BBC.

                                                                                                                                                       A-Z      TUTORS
STEVE ROSE                                                  MALVIN VAN GELdEREN                                         ROBIN WOOd
Steve began his career in local newspapers; moved           Malvin van Gelderen has worked as a designer of trade       Robin Wood is now a consultant after working as
to BBC Radio where he produced the Radio 4 Today            publications at Haymarket followed by 14 years as Art       electronic publishing director at CMP Information,
Programme; then to BBC television where he produced         Director on leisure, specialist and woman's interest        where he was editor and then publisher of a variety of
Newsnight, Breakfast News, the Money Programme and                                                                      the company’s monthly and weekly magazines. Robin
                                                            magazines at IPC Media.
the main BBC1 news bulletins. Now a media consultant,
                                                                                                                        has been chairman of the PTC Editorial Committee. He
He specialises in corporate communications and
                                                            SARAH WALkER                                                is an external examiner for PMA’s postgraduate course.
                                                            Sarah Walker is a freelance broadcast journalist and
TONy SIMMS                                                  regularly works for Anglia TV. Sarah began her career       RICk yOuNG
Tony Simms began his career as a reporter on local          on the country’s largest freelance press agency, Masons     Rick Young is a founding member of the UK Final Cut
papers and freelanced for the nationals while studying      News Service in Cambridge, writing for the national         User Group. He has extensive experience as an editor,
for his law degree. He is a member of the NCTJ’s            press. Sarah is currently a regular reporter/presenter on   live director, cameraman and graphics operator in
Newspaper Journalism and the Law board, specialising        BBC Look East.                                              television, and has written four books on multimedia.
in UK media law. He writes for Media Lawyer and The
                                                                                                                        Clients include the BBC, ITN, Sky, CNBC and Reuters.
House Magazine.
                                                            JOHN WESTLAkE
kEITH STAFFORd                                              John is one of the UK's most experienced magazine
Keith specialises in all aspects of financial journalism.   editors. He has worked across markets from women's
He has managed Reuters foreign reporting bureaux            lifestyle to popular science. As editor-in-chief of Emap
worldwide, and acts as Sheffield University’s external      Automotive he was involved in the launch and relaunch
journalism examiner. He is well-versed in EU and            of 15 magazines. As a writer he has won three major
world bank policies, medical and environment issues,
                                                            awards. John is now a freelance journalist. For the last
economic affairs and international institutions. Keith is
a committee member of many journalism organisations         three years he has been developing techniques that allow
and has a formidable knowledge of developing and            magazines to benefit from the web.
advising on educational excellence.
                                                            ANdREW WILSON
dOMINIC STEVENSON                                           Andrew Wilson has more than 20 years’ magazine
Dominic worked for various Soho production                  publishing experience. As a member of the PPA’s
companies in the late 1980s during the transition from
                                                            Production and Technology committee, Andrew helped
film to video. He later switched to stills photography
                                                            introduce the 'pass4press' standard for magazine
while living in China and Japan. He is now a freelance
video editor and cameraman and an Apple Certified           advertising and he is also a member of the Digital
Trainer in Final Cut Studio.                                AdLab steering committee (DAL).

     A                                                  D                                                  I

     Acrobat essentials — PDFs made easy 35             Digital photography 55                             Illustrator essentials 35
     Adobe Contribute essentials — 48                   Dreamweaver essentials 48                          Improve your commissioning 27
     Adobe Premiere essentials 54                                                                          Improve your news-writing 13
                                                        E                                                  Improving house journals and newsletters — print
     Advanced design 40
     Advanced digital photography 56                                                                                 or online 25
                                                        Editing customer magazines 24
     Advanced feature writing 17                                                                           Improving your InDesign skills 37
                                                        Editing house journals and newsletters
     Advanced Illustrator 39                                                                               Improving your layouts 39
                                                                 — print or online 25
     Advanced InDesign 38                                                                                  Improving your news and feature intros 19
                                                        Editing on the web 46
     Advanced news-writing 17                                                                              Improving your publication 26
                                                        Effective blogging 47
     Advanced Photoshop 38                                                                                 InDesign essentials 34
                                                        Effective lobbying — successful campaigning 66
     Advanced PR writing skills 60                                                                         Internal communications
                                                        Effective PR Skills (PR part 2) 59
     Advanced Quark XPress 36                                                                                        (part 1) — essential skills 68
                                                        Essential iMovie & iDVD 52
     Advanced sub-editing 23                                                                               Internal communications
                                                        Essential writing skills 9
     An introduction to DVD Studio Pro 4 54                                                                          (part 2) — advanced skills 68
                                                        Event management 64
     An overview of Aperture 2 55                                                                          Interviewing skills 11
     Appearing on TV and radio 71                       F                                                  Introduction to Final Cut Pro 6 52
     Apple Certification Exams in Pro Applications 51                                                      Introduction to journalism 8
     Awaken your creativity 65                          Fast, effective reading 20                         Investigative reporting 18
                                                        Feature writing 9
     B                                                  Finding accurate news and stories                  J
                                                        from search engines 15
     Better sub-editing 23                                                                                 Journalistic style 11
                                                        Flash CS3: rich content creation 50
     Boosting international PR coverage 61
     Business writing 69                                G
                                                                                                           Law for Editors and Publishers 32
     C                                                  Generating and writing leaders and editorials 20
                                                                                                           Law for PR professionals 32
                                                        Grammar skills 10
     Copywriting (part 1) — essential skills 62                                                            Law update 31
     Copywriting (part 2) — advanced skills 62          H                                                  Learning layout and design using DTP 33
     Creating stunning covers and contents pages 41                                                        Learning to sub-edit 21
     Crisis management 63                               How to launch or relaunch a publication 26

78            Scheduled workshops can also be run at a date and venue that suits you. Call Vicky Chandler on: 01480 280 238
                                                                                                                                     A-Z    INDEX
M                                                  Preparing for media interviews 71                 T
                                                   Presentation skills 70
Making the most of your                            Presenting for Podcasts and Web                   The deputy editor 28
        online publication 47                      broadcasting (stage 2) 45                         The Editor 28
Managing the media effectively 64                  Producing audio and video Podcasts (stage 3) 45   The features editor 29
Managing the subs' desk 24                         Professional editing in Final Cut Pro 6 53        The Publisher 29
Managing your time with 24/7 media 72              Proof-reading 21                                  Travel writing 14
Market research for non-researchers 66             PR writing skills 57
Media law 30                                                                                         U
Migrating to InDesign from Quark XPress 37         Q
                                                                                                     Understanding and buying print 42
Multimedia sales skills 67
                                                   Quark XPress essentials 36                        Understanding copyright
N                                                                                                           and the law 31
                                                   R                                                 Understanding finance and the City 18
Negotiating skills 73                                                                                Understanding print production 42
News-editing and running a news diary 27           Redesigning your publication 40                   Using email as a marketing tool 65
News-writing 10                                    Report writing made easy 70
                                                   Researching and improving pictures 56             W
P                                                  Running a website 49
                                                                                                     Writing about products 15
Photoshop essentials 34                            S                                                 Writing better features 13
Pitching for new business 63                                                                         Writing better headlines, standfirsts, caption
Planning and managing long term PR 60              Science writing and editing 14                             and break-out boxes 19
Planning and running a campaign 67                 Search engine optimisation                        Writing for house journals and newsletters —
Planning and writing case studies 58                       — marketing your website 43                        print and online 12
Planning and writing for web                       Sharpening your writing style 12                  Writing for the web 46
         broadcasting (stage 1) 44                 Shoot and edit for online journalists 16          Writing news online 16
Planning, designing and                            Shooting video with broadcast TV production       Writing to promote or market
         redesigning a website 49                          values — an introduction 53                        your organisation 61
Planning, targeting and writing                    Speaking in public 72
         news releases 58                          Speech writing & powerful delivery 73
PowerPoint essentials 41                           Subbing with InDesign or Quark XPress 22
Practical PR (PR part 1) 59                        Sub-editing features or your own work 22

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     PHOTOCOPY,                    Please write in black ink and block capitals                                                                      What specific areas do you want the workshop to
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     PE27 5AY.                     Publication (if applicable) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                        Do you work on: Apple Macintosh ❏          PC ❏
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     7a Bayham Street,            ..........................................................                                                        Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
     Mornington Crescent,         ..........................................................                                                        Job title . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
     London NW1 0EY
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     you for details.)            ..........................................................                                                        Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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     £.........................   ..........................................................                                                        Registered charity number (if applicable). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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     available on request.                                                                                                                          signature: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                                                                                BOOKING A COURSE
The PMA Centre for Media Excellence                             terMs And cOnditiOns
                                                                1. All course bookings must be made in writing, via
All public courses are held at PMA’s purpose-designed           our website or by email. You will receive confirmation   PlEAsE NoTE:
                                                                of this. Once your booking form has been received, it    All course fees are
centre for Media excellence located at 7a Bayham
                                                                constitutes a firm contract with PMA Media training Ltd. subject to VAT at the
street, Mornington crescent, London nW1 0eY.
                                                                                                                            current rate on date of
the centre is over the road to Mornington crescent              2. the cost of the course will be invoiced once your
                                                                booking has been confirmed. Full payment is required        booking.
underground (charing cross branch of the northern Line)         prior to the start of the course to guarantee your place.
and within easy reach of euston, st. Pancras international      Make all cheques payable to PMA Media Training              Please book online at
                                                                ltd. We also take credit cards and payment by      or
and King's cross stations. All buses on routes 24, 27, 29,      BACs. To pay by credit card, call Melanie, Gemma
88, 134, 168, 214 and 253 stop near Bayham street.              or Vicky on: 01480 300 653.                                 photocopy the booking
                                                                                                                            form opposite.
z courses run from 9.30am to 5.00pm                             3. All cancellations or postponements must be made
                                                                in writing. For cancellations or postponements that         Email booking forms are
z A folder with back-up notes will be provided                  are made more than 15 business days before the start
                                                                date of a course, a cancellation or postponement            available from our offices.
z certificates are available to all delegates
                                                                charge of 33% of the course fee will be made.
z refreshments and lunch are included in your course fee
z Assessment forms are collected with delegate feedback         4. We only allow one transfer per individual booking
  to ensure training remains at a high standard                 made. subsequent cancellations, postponements or
                                                                transfers will be charged at the full rate. substitutions
z Bookings can be taken by telephone, post, fax, email or       may be made before an event at no charge.
  online at
                                                                5. if a booking is cancelled or postponed within 15
CONTACT US:                                                     business days of the course date, the fee will be
                                                                payable in full and is not refundable.
Want more details about a PMA course? Contact Riva or Mel on:
T: +44 (01480 300 653                                           6. the full course fee will be charged if the delegate
or +44 (0)1480 280 232                                          does not turn up on the day of the course.
PMA Media Training Ltd
PMA House                                                       7. course prices exclude travel, accommodation and
                                                                any other incidental expenses that may be incurred by
Free Church Passage                                             a delegate.
St Ives, Cambs PE27 5AY.
F: +44 (0)1480 496 022                                          8. PMA Media training Ltd reserves the right to cancel,
e:                                       alter or reschedule any course. in the event of this
                                                                happening, you will be offered a full refund of your                                               course fee.
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                                                                 ers thern Cros

                                                                                                                                                         St. Pancras



                                                                    No har
                                                                 (    C

                                               Hampstead Ro

                                                                       r ing


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Training Centre


                      (Bank bran

                                           24                                                            18.59.68
                                                                             lin s b

                                                                                e ran

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The PMA Centre for Media Excellence

                                           27                                                            253.476                                           line                                            King’s

                                           29                                                                                                        ern
                                                                                                                                               rth                                     ad 476 Cross
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               7a Bayham Street

                                                                                                                                       No                 British

Regent’s                                   88                                                                                                         ine

                                                                                                                                                     l                n 205.390
Park                                       134                                                                                 Vic
                                                                                                                                   to                                  sto                                                     Mornington Crescent
                                                                       Euston                                                                                     Eu  73.91

                                                                                                                                                                  10.30                                                        London

                      ROBERT STREET

                                                                                                                                                                             St. Pancras                                                             Google Map — London

                                                                                                                                 Ro                                                                                            NW1 0EY

                       C2                                                                    30      on
                                                                                          18. 90 ust
                                                                                       10. .205.3 E                                                      59
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Please call 01480 300 653 for Manchester

                                              30                                                                                                            91

                                          27.                                                                                                                168                                                               and Glasgow venue details.
                                       73. .205

                                          8                                                     Euston Square





                                                                                         ay                                    nS

                                                                                       nW    5                             o                                                          Russell

                                                                                         .20                           ord


  Great                                         Warren                    G
                                                                                       30                          G                                                                  Square


  Portland                                      Street



                                                                                                                                                         PMA Media Training Ltd
18.59.68 - Bus numbers and approximate stopping points
                                                                                                                                                         7a Bayham Street                                                      (see website for online booking service)
         - Underground stations                                                                                                                          Mornington Crescent
         - Flow of one-way traffic                                                                                                                       London
         - Bus only available towards indicated direction                                                                                                NW1 0EY
                                                                                                                                                         Tel: 020 7278 0606                                                    Registered offices in St Ives, as above. Company number 4157450

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