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Founded in 1893, the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is the             We have developed an active learning approach based on
world’s premier reference in hospitality management. We             group work, case studies and experimentation, both on and
are a Swiss establishment steeped in traditions as rich as          off-campus, at school and on the job. You will experience
those of the most venerable hotels around the world. Yet            a truly international education, with about 80 nationalities
come to visit us and you will find a young, dynamic insti-          represented among our 1,800 students, and programmes
tution with ultra-modern facilities and the latest teaching         offered both in English and French.
in the art, management science, techniques and culture                    No matter where in the world your career will take
of hospitality.                                                     you, the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne’s name is admired and
       We select smart, passionate people and educate them          respected.
to become leaders with a deep sense of social responsibil-
ity, an innovative spirit and a constant striving for excellence,   “Hospitality has become an essential function in every industry.
rooted into the history and values of hospitality.                  Companies understand today that their differentiation is in
       Our unique educational approach will let you learn           customer loyalty. Banks and consulting firms, for instance,
what excellence means in all aspects of hospitality man-            come on campus to recruit our graduates because they
agement. We blend business and strategy courses with                combine financial savvy, strong customer focus, and expertise
hands-on practical work, projects and special events designed       in guest relations: a rare combination!”
to develop your artistic and people management skills.
                                                                    —MICHEL ROCHAT, General Director, Ecole hôtelière
                                                                    de Lausanne
LAUSANNE,                                                         As a responsible organisation, the Ecole hôtelière de Laus-
                                                                  anne adopted an environmental policy for its infrastructures
                                                                  over fifteen years ago: solar panels, wind-mills and
SWITZERLAND                                                       a biogas generator have all become part of the scenery at
                                                                  the school.
                                                                      There are 300 single and double studios on campus
Switzerland is world-renowned for its quality of life, politi-    where most students choose to live during their first year.
cal and economic stability, security, and well-developed          You will find an advanced technological environment for
infrastructure. It also provides an ideal setting to study        both your study and leisure time, with campus-wide wire-
hospitality management: The Swiss sense of hospitality is         less access to the internet and to the school’s electronic
a reference for the rest of the world.                            resources.
     The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is in a beautiful for-           Tennis, volleyball and basketball courts are all avail-
ested area, only 10 minutes away by car from the lively uni-      able, as well as a gymnasium and a fully equipped Nautilus
versity town of Lausanne, and 50 minutes from Geneva. Golf        fitness centre. You can also join the Ecole hôtelière de
courses, riding stables, cross-country skiing and fitness         Lausanne’s sport teams which participate in local league
trails are within walking distance. With Europe’s largest         competitions (soccer, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey,
lake and the surrounding Alps nearby, the area offers             rugby, and tennis).
unlimited possibilities for both summer and winter sports.            We offer personal coaching programmes of exercise,
                                                                  nutrition and relaxation, as well as a wealth of activities
                                                                  ranging from yoga, aerobics and indoor cycling, all the way
OUR CAMPUS                                                        to para-gliding and martial arts.

Our campus has been purpose-built to give you experience
in all facets of a first-rate hospitality enterprise. It is run
like a hotel, with accommodation, conference facilities, five
different restaurants, state-of-the -art demo kitchens,
a wine-tasting laboratory, as well as an auditorium and
banqueting facilities.
  We offer 2 yearly intakes for our Bachelor of Science Programme (September and February).
         Please refer to our website for the latest entry dates and admissions deadlines

“Our admissions policy is very selective. The students we admit are a gifted
  and passionate group who we believe will one day become the leaders
                of the international hospitality industry.“
              —LUCILA PEREZ MOLLO, Director of Admissions

 The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is accredited at university level both
                     nationally and internationally.
                        EUROPEAN ACCREDITATION
      In Europe, our Bachelor of Science (BSc.) is a legally protected
title which is recognized by the Swiss federal government as an HES-SO
                  degree (University of Applied Sciences).
                          US ACCREDITATION
     Our Bachelor of Science is accredited by the Commission on
  Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of
                     Schools and Colleges (NEASC).
             Our program is included in the United States Title IV federal student
                                  financial aid programs.

                                                                                              Non-contractual document. Subject to change without notice

                                For details and to apply online

            For any questions, please call our admissions staff at +41 21 785 11 11
                             or e-mail us at
                   PREPARATORY YEAR                                                         YEAR I

       SEMESTER I                      SEMESTER II                  Introductory
                                                                                         Principles of         Decision
     Preparatory year          Internship in hotel operations     decision making
                                                                                         management           making tools
        20 weeks                         24 weeks                       tools

PROGRAMME                                  PREPARATORY                                 YEAR I
STRUCTURE                                  YEAR                                        PRINCIPLES OF HOSPITALITY.
Our four-year Bachelor programme           IMMERSION IN THE WORLD OF                   Courses in year 1 concentrate on the
is focused on personal development,        HOSPITALITY.                                core business competencies required
and mirrors a progression in hotel         INTERNSHIP IN OPERATIONS                    to manage revenues and costs, as
hierarchy: You will start with a solid     In your first year, you will be com-        well as on the people skills needed
grounding in hospitality service fun-      pletely immersed in the world of            to implement plans successfully.
damentals, followed by courses on          hospitality. This preparatory year is a     Courses will focus on business fun-
managerial competencies, and con-          career accelerator which will give you      damentals applied to the hospitality
tinue on to specializations and ad-        hands-on experience essential to your       sector - accounting and economics,
vanced management skills.                  future role as a manager. It embod-         marketing, business law, and human
     In the final year, you will con-      ies our unique philosophy of teaching       resources management.
solidate everything you have learned       which combines the art and science              You will work in small teams
through an external consulting man-        of management. You will deepen your         throughout the year, which will help
date or an individual applied research     hospitality culture, being exposed to       develop your interpersonal and lead-
project. You will also take part in two    a wide range of subjects including          ership skills. By the end of the year,
internships, one in operations and one     humanities, science and technology,         you will have acquired the knowledge
in management, which will provide          economy and markets, politics and           necessary to deal with everyday man-
the real-life experience needed for a      society-all within a hospitality context.   agement issues efficiently, plus the
flying start in your career.                   Our values of excellence, our           tools which will allow you to become
                                           “savoir-faire” and “savoir-être” are        an effective decision-maker.
Most challenges facing hospitality
                                           transmitted through our teaching of
managers today cut across traditional
                                           culinary and other hospitality arts.
academic subjects. Our curriculum
is designed to build links between all
the different subjects in the form of
                                           You will develop your “manual intel-
                                           ligence” through diverse operational        YEAR II
                                           posts, acquiring both practical knowl-
modules or projects which show the                                                     CREATING ADDED VALUE. INDUSTRY
                                           edge and an understanding of
impact of a challenge across the whole                                                 INTERNSHIP AT MANAGEMENT LEVEL
                                           managerial implications. The prepa-
enterprise. Learning is activity-based,
                                           ratory year culminates with an intense      Year II is built around three integrated
calling on a wide range of methods that
                                           24-week operational internship.             modules which transcend the tradi-
encourage exploration and discovery.
                                                                                       tional academic subject areas. Each
Our programme prepares students for
                                                                                       module is centred on a different aspect
management at both operational
                                                                                       of value creation for the company - its
and strategic levels, in phase with the
                                                                                       customers, and stakeholders. You will
latest evolutions in the hospitality
                                                                                       apply this value creation concept to
                                                                                       multiple facets of hospitality manage-
—SAMAD LAAROUSSI,                                                                      ment, including human resources,
Programme Director                                                                     finance, marketing, and operations.
                             YEAR II                                                          YEAR III

    Value       Value creation                                                                     Specialisations:
                                   Service        Internship in
 creation for      through                                          Competitive      Trends and       Finance /         Diploma
                                   process       administration
  hospitality       service                                          strategies      innovation      Marketing /        project
                                 management       20 / 24 weeks
 companies        excellence                                                                        Management

Through our integrated approach to
teaching, you will be better prepared
for the complex decisions you will face
                                           life industry situations, which will
                                           greatly contribute to both your per-
                                           sonal and professional growth.
as a hospitality leader.
     Modules include projects spe-
                                                In Year III, you will also select your
                                           degree’s concentration, in line with
cifically designed by our professors in
collaboration with industry experts
to develop critical thinking skills. You
                                           your career interests. You will focus on
                                           a specific discipline such as finance,
                                           entrepreneurship or marketing, work-
will learn how to mine customer data       ing in small groups with professors           We see extra-curricular activities as
to identify what clients really want,      who are specialized in each field.            an integral part of your learning ex-
and to build the right customer expe-                                                    perience. It is yet another opportunity
riences. Throughout the year, we will      DIPLOMA PROJECT                               for you to hone your leadership skills
help you discover not only how to cre-                                                   while contributing to projects you care
                                           You will complete your curriculum
ate value, but also how to market it                                                     about. Among many other activities,
                                           with a final project, selecting either a
– an ability which will later make you                                                   our students work with our faculty
                                           Student Business Project, or an Indi-
indispensable as an innovative leader.                                                   and staff to shape school life, men-
                                           vidual Applied Research Project. If you
     A 20 or 24 week managerial-level                                                    tor younger students, and lead charity
                                           choose a Student Business Project,
internship will allow you to put your                                                    work. One example is EHL Smile, a
                                           you will integrate a small team of
knowledge into practice, and prepare                                                     charity that uses our institution’s
                                           students mandated to carry out a con-
you for your next step up the hospital-                                                  know-how to found hotel schools in
                                           sulting assignment for an external
ity management hierarchy.                                                                countries such as Ethiopia, Cambodia
                                           real-life client, which can range from
                                                                                         or Madagascar.
                                           market studies and business analyses

                                                                                              There are currently over 35 stu-
                                           to the creation of new hospitality and
                                                                                         dent-run committees on campus such
                                           F&B concepts. More than 70% of Stu-
                                                                                         as the Student Voice (running our stu-
                                           dent Business Projects have seen
DEVELOPING STRATEGIC VISION.                                                             dent newspaper), the Career Club, the
                                           their proposals implemented by the
CONCENTRATIONS                                                                           Student Council, and many others.
                                           company that mandated the project.
                                                                                         Students are encouraged to participate
Your final year will focus on advanced         If you choose the Individual
                                                                                         in competitions between universities,
management skills, building on all the     Applied Research Project, you will
                                                                                         and to attend professional conferences
                                           be mentored by a PhD professor, and
knowledge acquired during previous                                                       where they can network with industry
years. You will be offered numer-          acquire the methodologies necessary
                                                                                         experts and keep up with the latest in-
ous hands -on learning opportunities,      to conduct your own applied research
                                                                                         dustry trends.
working in close collaboration with        project. You will be mandated to
                                                                                              Student-run committees are en-
industry specialists. You will study       solve an industry-specific challenge
                                                                                         tirely responsible for organizing major
                                           using both qualitative and quantitative
strategic management and participate                                                     campus events celebrating our cultur-
in Live Case Studies with experts from     research methods.
                                                                                         al diversity and passion for hospitality,
the hospitality industry who will draw                                                   such as the Fête Universelle, the Culi-
on their experience to provide you with                                                  nary Challenge and the much awaited
feedback and guidance. During Stra-                                                      Fête Finale.
tegic Investment Days and the Strategy
Challenge, you will be exposed to real
BUILDING                                                       INTERNATIONAL
YOUR PROFESSIONAL                                              CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
CONNECTIONS                                                    The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is the first stop for hospi-
                                                               tality recruiters in search of the next generation of leaders.
Preparing your future career begins your first day on cam-     Every year, we welcome on-campus more than 75 companies
pus. Our career centre advisors are there to support you       who are eager to hire our graduates. Outside the hospitality
throughout your studies, helping you make the choices          industry, our graduates are sought after by companies
that are right for you. We provide regular career work-        looking for excellence in customer management, in par-
shops that will help you play to your strengths.               ticular luxury brands and world-class consulting firms.
     A constant stream of distinguished speakers, company

                                                               THE POWER OF OUR
visits and networking events will give you on-going interac-
tion with the industry. Senior students accompany faculty
to many international conferences and events, thereby
gaining privileged contacts and visibility. Internships and
consulting mandates also offer a great spring-board for        WORLDWIDE ALUMNI
your future job.
                                                               Our alumni occupy some of the most fascinating positions in
                                                               the global hospitality industry. As an Ecole hôtelière de Lau-
                                                               sanne graduate, you will experience the power of our net-
                                                               work of over 25,000 alumni. In addition to formal activities,
                                                               events and learning opportunities taking place in dozens of
                                                               locations around the world, you will be part of a lifelong
                                                               support community that will provide you with an extensive
                                                               source of contacts,and help you obtain your ideal job.
“I loved our Student Business Project, which was a mandate
from a major hotel chain to evaluate their management
training programme. Corporate headquarters was so inter-
ested in our proposals that they assigned a large sum
in their operational budget to put our ideas into practice!
There have been other benefits, too – I accepted a position
in their accelerated management training course!”
—SELIMA BENCHENAA, recent graduate

                                                              THE SWISS SENSE OF HOSPITALITY

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