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									             Meet the Member                                                                                             The German Chamber of Commerce in China

                                                       Tim                                                            ineffective. Within Bureau Veritas, we use
                                                                  Bureau Veritas (China), Industrial                  licensed Chinese partners to integrate this
                                                                  & Facilities Division                               regulatory presence into a comprehensive
                                                                  German Key Account Manager                          Quality Assurance/Quality Control plan. We
             What is your background and how did it                                                                   prepare this plan ourselves to meet individ-
             bring you to China?                                                                                      ualized quality objectives, offering peace of
             I was born in Germany in 1970 and lived                                                                  mind for our clients.
             in Vienna until the age of 14. Afterwards, I
             moved around Germany and Europe for my                                                                   However, our service portfolio is not
             education and professional development.                                                                  restricted to project management, QA/QC
                                                                                                                      audits and integrated services. We are avail-
             As a Geotechnical / Tunneling engineer with a                                                            able at any time of our client’s investment
             PhD in the area of high-speed rail track foun-                                                           lifecycle. For example, clients seeking to
             dations, I came to China in 2005 as a consult-                                                           expand their business in China will ask us to
             ing engineer to work on the Wuhan-Guang-                                                                 carry out risk assessment of structures and
             zhou high speed track. I joined Bureau Veritas                                                           processes (HAZID/HAZOP) prior to acquisi-
             in 2007 as German Key Account manager for                                                                tion of exiting facilities, control the quality
             the Industry and Facilities Division.                                                                    risk during whole manufacturing process or
                                                                                                                      certify prototypes and help them in global
             What is Bureau Veritas’ main business?                                                                   sourcing matters.
             We are an international group specializing in
             inspection, analysis, audit and certification.                                                           Nowadays everybody is talking green.
             Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas ushered in                                                               Do you cover these concerns as well?
             its 180-year jubilee as a leading group in con-                                                          In China, our American LEED Accredited
             formity assessment and certification services                                                            Professional and technical team helps some
             in the fields of Quality, Health, Safety, and                                                            of our clients obtain LEED certification. This
             Environment (QHSE) and social responsibil-                                                               comes in addition to the energy audits and
             ity. Our network has approximately 35,000            >In Brief:                                          energy efficiency services we have provided
             employees and 850 offices in 140 countries.                                                              for several years.
                                                                  Year of Foundation: 1993 in China / 1828 in
             That’s quite an international presence,                                                                  What competition do you face in China?
                                                                  HQ (location): Shanghai
             what about your representation in China                                                                Bureau Veritas has a unique history, strategy
                                                                  Main Business: QHSE Management / Confor-
             specifically?                                                                                          and client-focused business model dealing
                                                                  mity Assessment
             Bureau Veritas Industries & Facilities Divi-                                                           with conformity and independent assess-
                                                                  Number of Employees: ca. 5000 in China
             sion was established in China in 1993 and                                                              ment. As such, there are of course a lot of
                                                                  Sales/Revenue: EUR 127m (China)
             has developed dramatically together with the                                                           companies we compete with, who may not
             country’s robust economic growth. We have                                                              be able to compete with our comprehensive,
Member Mix

             helped a great number of customers, both local and international, in        global approach. Our advantage is that we help the client through all
             fulfilling various requirements regarding their products, as well as the    phases of his investment, through all steps of design and construc-
             construction and operation of their facilities, supply chain activities     tion, test material, controling environmental impacts and identify-
             and management systems certification.                                       ing risks of an industrial plant, inspecting equipment and material at
                                                                                         the workshop before shipment. Localization does not prevent us from
             With 550 employees in our division, we have 20 permanent offices            integrating international experts from within our network.
             in China. We have three global businesses: industry, certification and
             construction, with a complete set of complementary services includ-         What are your aims for the future in China?
             ing: inspection, testing, audit, certification, risk management, out-       First and foremost, our goal is to establish Bureau Veritas as the one-
             sourcing, consulting and training.                                          stop-shop of choice for conformity assessment in construction and
                                                                                         industry. It is very exciting to develop such a unique business in China,
             Could you give us a concrete example of a service package for               which itself has been one of the most fascinating places to be over the
             one of your businesses?                                                     last few years - and surely will be for many years to come.
             In construction, we offer project management from design through
             construction to commissioning and handover. Furthermore, our techni-        On a more personal note, what is your favorite past time in
             cal center in Shanghai provides technical consulting services such as       China?
             design review, Technical and Environmental Due Diligence (TDD/EDD),         Of course going out for spicy food - Sichuan-style hot pot is just to die for!
             and inspection of construction sites. Finally, our “in service” verifica-
             tion team provides audits for facilities such as Fire Life Safety, HVAC     What are the most valuable things you have learned as an indi-
             and electrical installations, as well as indoor air quality testing.        vidual during your time living and working in China?
                                                                                         Flexibility and respect for other people’s ideas, including the need to
             How do these services add value for Bureau Veritas’ clients?                understand problem-solving approaches and methodologies which are
             In China, there are regulatory services with accredited service pro-        often diametrically different from one’s own. This is a prerequisite for
             viders. For example, the regulatory construction quality supervision        success in any multicultural environment. Also, try to learn a little bit
             (Jianli) full-time presence on site is often misunderstood and found        of Chinese and move forward with confidence!

             October - November 2008 | 36
The German Chamber of Commerce in China

                                                                         Member Mix                          37 | October - November 2008
             Meet the Member                                                                                           The German Chamber of Commerce in China

                                                       Bilgin                                                             increasing by 25% p.a. (since 2001).

             Guengoermues                                            Allianz China Life Insurance
                                                                     Co., Ltd.
                                                                                                                          However, despite this trend, China’s
                                                                                                                          insurance industry is yet to be devel-
                                                                                                                          oped. It is still only a small part of
                                                                     Global Account Manager
                                                                                                                          the whole economy, with about 2.7%,
             “Insurance is important, but can                                                                             compared with 11% in Japan and
             become absolutely essential in China”                                                                        9.2% in the United States (2005).

             says Bilgin Guengoermues at Allianz                                                                          To sum up, China’s insurance market
             China Life in Shanghai, who has worked                                                                       is small, has only a limited range of
                                                                                                                          insurance products, comparatively
             and lived in both Germany and China                                                                          high costs and lacks a sound frame-
             for many years. Day by day, he sees                                                                          work, mainly in terms of enforce-
                                                                                                                          ment. Additionally, Chinese consumer
             ongoing changes in the Chinese insur-
                                                                                                                          education about the importance of
             ance market, both the improvements as                                                                        insurance is still a work in progress.
             well as challenges which remain                                                                              Of course, this is generally speak-
                                                                                                                          ing and there are huge regional dis-
                                                                                                                          parities as the relative wealth of
             Inadequate insurance coverage is one                                                                         the major cities contrasts with the
                                                                                                                          rural areas. Nevertheless we can see
             of the significant problems. Due to a                                                                        that China has made great efforts to
             cultural background and an immature                                                                          improve the situation in many ways
                                                                                                                          which is a major benefit.
             governmental framework, insurance
             density remains behind international                                                                         3. How does the government
                                                                                                                          react to the development of the
             standards. He spoke to GC Ticker. About                 >In Brief:                                           insurance market and the social
             his opinions on insurance in China,                     Tel: 021 6860-4960-3012                              security needs of Chinese citi-
                                                                     Mob: 13918424000                                     zens?
             where it is going and why it is impor-
                                                                     Email:                        The government is gaining awareness
             tant for foreign invested companies to                  HQ: Chinese – Shanghai, Worldwide – Munich          of the changing situation and the
                                                                     Employees: 170,000 worldwide                        increasing demand for all-embracing
             be aware of risks and provide accurate
                                                                     Main Business: Life, health, property and casu-     coverage. There have been several
             coverage to its employees.                              alty insurance; asset management and banking        social security reforms, particularly
Member Mix

                                                                                                                         of the pension fund and the medical
             1. Please tell us a little about Allianz:                                  insurance. According to the 11th 5-year plan, the government plans
             Allianz was founded in 1890 in Berlin, Germany with its headquar-          further improvement of the social security system and will to allo-
             ters now located in Munich. With a presence in more than 70 markets        cate more money to the pension fund and medical insurance. The gov-
             worldwide, Allianz Group is one of the world’s leading providers of        ernment will need an additional RMB 740bn to cover future pension
             insurance and financial services. Allianz’s 170,000 employees serve        expenses. As a result, the government has decided to encourage com-
             80m clients worldwide, offering a core set of services including life,     mercial insurers to participate in the market, and issuing more and
             health, property and casualty insurance, as well as asset management       more licenses.
             and banking. Allianz provides a variety of insurance services to about
             half of the world’s top leading Fortune 500 companies. Allianz is the      4. What has been covered by the public insurance scheme
             first European life insurance company that opened business in China        China, or rather Shanghai?
             and ranks among the top 5 foreign life insurers in China, as written       The social security system consists of a pension plan, medical insur-
             gross premiums reached more then RMB 3bn and increased by more             ance, workplace injury, unemployment insurance, maternity leave and
             than 150% compared to the previous year.                                   an optional housing fund. China requires companies and employees to
                                                                                        contribute to this compulsory national social security fund. The con-
             2. Could you provide us with more details on the current insur-            tributions are payroll deductibles, and differ for employers/employees
             ance market situation in China?                                            and for each fund/insurance. Currently, only some urban areas have
             There have been changes over the past few years: a weak social secu-       the full system of protection. Even then, only 44% of the eligible
             rity system, the population’s rapid aging and a lack of alternative        urban population participates in the statutory pension plan.
             savings possibilities are increasing the demand for these types of
             products. Furthermore, social and economic reforms encourage demand        5. The government seems to put more effort into covering
             for insurance. The potential for future growth is enormous -- of China’s   Chinese citizens, but is this coverage sufficient?
             1.3 billion people, only less than 4% have insurance coverage. China’s     The system is still dominated by a pay-as-you-go theory in terms of
             insurance sector has experienced strong growth, with premiums              pension and a fee-for-service approach for the medical insurance. Just

             October - November 2008 | 38
             Meet the Member                                                                                         The German Chamber of Commerce in China

             3% of government spending in China is in support of social welfare.        Over 30% of the companies claim making staff development and reten-
             According to statistics from labor and social security authorities, the    tion top priority. Benefits will become a defining factor of companies
             social medical insurance systems for employed urban residents bene-        trying to improve their employee attraction and/or retention. Many
             fits only about 157m of the country’s more than 1.3bn population. To       companies are beginning to implement incentive programs as a way to
             make it clear, that means that 66% of urban residents have no medical      retain their people or to make a more attractive offer. As competition
             care insurance, with the rate in rural areas being even higher, at 80%.    becomes more intense, more and more employers will use benefits as
             The Ministry of Health estimated that medical insurance covers only        an innovative way to address this situation.
             6% of the Chinese population. Even those who have insurance often
             cannot afford the co-payments, as out-of-pocket spending still covers      8. How can companies effectively address such problems?
             half of medical costs due to inadequate insurance coverage.                What kind of measures would you recommend ensuring provid-
                                                                                        ing adequate insurance coverage for employees while benefit-
             The pension is lower than the cost of living after retirement and the      ing the company?
             penetration rate is limited. The country-wide coverage ratio is only       Enterprises can offer additional pensions, cooperate annuities or
             about 23%. There are structural changes in today’s systems that need       supplemental insurances to improve workers’ benefits/risk coverage.
             to be addressed as well. For example the legacy debt, like unfunded        As is evident from our experience, companies are increasingly using
             liabilities from the old pension system or decentralization, causing       insurance schemes as an additional incentive tool to cover employ-
             vagueness and fragmentation. Today a wage replacement of only              ees’ risks, to keep key personal within the company and to recruit new
             23-25% can be expected.                                                    staff. That is why I would recommend implementing an all-embracing
                                                                                        employee retention scheme. Embarking on this strategy, individual
             It is obvious that this kind of social security system cannot suit         risks and company problems resulting from inadequate insurance cov-
             China’s current conditions, a social security system that covers all       erage can be minimized.
             laborers, not only those in the public sector but also those in the
             private sector and those who are self-employed meaning that we need
                                                                                        9. Based on your experience, what are the major mistakes
             to build. To make it clear, China has to deal with a challenge that
                                                                                        committed by companies when preparing for- and implement-
             even the most developed countries often find difficult to handle.
                                                                                        ing a supplemental benefit/insurance retention scheme?
                                                                                        The major problem is creating a well-structured scheme. Many com-
             6. What are the risks of inadequate insurance coverage? How
                                                                                        panies have purchased lots of products over the years, regardless of
             does this affect for example the companies and their employees?
                                                                                        whether they complement one another or not. It is better to have a
             There are several risks that should not be underestimated. Due to
                                                                                        set of well-matched products, which are tailored to each company’s
             China’s historical background, employees and their families expect
                                                                                        specific needs. There are a lot of products on the market and it is dif-
             that the company will take care of all their needs. In the case of a
                                                                                        ficult to gain a clear overview, every industry has different needs
             death for example, the family would expect the company to pay a
                                                                                        concerning the right insurance and the right choice is hard to make.
             death benefit. This can be an unexpected financial burden, especially
                                                                                        Therefore it is better to be assisted by an expert in the phase of
             for smaller companies.
                                                                                        research, selection and implementation.
Member Mix

             If we take the medical insurance for example; due to high co-pay-
             ments many people do not seek care even if they are ill. This might        10. How much are supplemental benefits valued by
             cause a more serious illness, which in turn leads to inability to work     employees?
             and finally in a decrease of productivity for the company (44% of          While salary is important, it’s not the only factor. Companies should
             poverty in China has medical reasons).                                     consider offering other benefits, such as tuition reimbursement,
                                                                                        housing allowances, insurance or long-term incentive plans like pen-
             A lack of adequate insurance can also be seen as a lack of incentives      sions. Regarding the high turnover rate, which I mentioned before,
             for employees to stay with the same company. Turnover is high in           a recent survey showed dissatisfaction with benefits is of growing
             China (12-30%), and causes damage to companies in terms of replace-        concern for employees and was ranked No. 4 among the reasons to
             ment, brain drain, loss of intellectual property, etc.                     change jobs.

             By far, the biggest expense is lost productivity; most of the damage to    11. What kind of products does Allianz China Life offer to
             productivity is caused by the inexperience of new employees. Let me        support local and foreign companies concerning this issue?
             give you a figure, e.g. replacing a high-performing manager in China       We are able to offer a wide array of insurance products tailored to
             can cost 300 percent to 2,000 percent of that individual’s salary.         client needs. Allianz China life has designed and already successfully
             Unfortunately, it is difficult to directly capture or isolate this enor-   implemented welfare plans and employee retention plans for many
             mous expense. As a result, this cost almost always goes unnoticed.         international and national companies. Especially the implementa-
                                                                                        tion of Employee Retention Programs in connection with group insur-
             7. What are recent trends in the insurance market?                         ance products is very successful in the market and experiences high
             The insurance market is not fully developed. Yet there seems to be         demand.
             growing awareness of the importance of risk prevention. For example,
             today’s retirees started saving for retirement at an age of 47, a recent   Recently Allianz launched comprehensive supplemental medical insur-
             report shows that one-third of the Chinese today start with an average     ance product covering outpatient and inpatient treatments, which for
             age of 37.                                                                 many employees represent the most essential insurance product.

             October - November 2008 | 40
The German Chamber of Commerce in China                                      Meet the Member

                                     Dirk Fell is General Manager and
                                     Director of Hörmann Beijing and
                                     Hörmann Tianjin Door Production
                                     Co. After studying mechanical engi-
                                     neering in Bochum and Gothen-
                                     burg, his first assignment in 1994
                                     led him to China. After 5 years in
                                     Sichuan he went back to Europe
                                     only to return to Beijing in 2006,
                                     taking over responsibility for Hör-
                                     mann’s activities in China.

                                     Could you briefly describe Hör-
 Dirk Fell                           mann’s fields of activity?
 Hörmann Beijing and                 The Hörmann Group provides high
 Hörmann Tianjin Door                quality doors for home and indus-
 Production Co.                      trial use and is one of Europe’s
                                     leading door manufacturers.

In August 1998, Hörmann established its business unit in Beijing and
has been producing a wide range of door products for the Chinese
market since then. Hörmann’s product range covers apartment doors,
fire doors, security doors and internal doors, as well as sectional doors,
high-speed doors and dock loading equipment.

Why did you become an annual sponsor of the GCC • Beijing?
Hörmann, as a family-owned company, firmly believes in the services
and network the German Chamber can provide its members in Beijing.
We are glad to be able to support the work of the Chamber to help small
and midsized enterprises to establish in this booming yet certainly
complex market.

The Chamber media offer a platform for reaching existing and potential
customers. 2008 is not only Beijing’s Olympic year, but also Hörmann’s
10th anniversary in China. Furthermore, Hörmann has started construc-
tion of a second factory in Tianjin in order to be prepared for future
growth and to even better fulfill customer needs.

                                                                                                              Member Mix
What is your favorite place in Beijing?
Apart from our BDA based factory it is hard to say, as Beijing is devel-
oping new sights almost every day. Certainly the art village 798 is one
of my favorites.

When did you come to China for the first time, and what sur-
prised you? What has changed the most since then?
In October 1995 I came to Kunming and I was stunned by the sheer
number of people and by the diversity of the various markets.

Not only the appearance of almost every city and its infrastructure has
changed, but also the approach of most business people towards foreign-
ers has changed dramatically.

Could you comment on cultural differences?
In many fields, the business approach is quite different from our direct
way of communicating and conducting business.

If you plan on doing business in China you should definitely …
Grab the chances but also be aware of the obstacles in the market. A
short term strategy is not recommended.

Things you would take to a lonely island are …
My wife, my daughter, and an internet connection.                                                               41 | October - November 2008
             Member News - Beijing                                                                                   The German Chamber of Commerce in China

             Water Organizations Collaborate on                                         Sartorius Inaugurates Plant in China
             Water Expo China                                                           The laboratory and industrial equipment provider Sartorius officially
                                                                                        started up operations at the new plant at its Beijing location. The plant
                                                         The Sino-German Training
                                                                                        has allowed Sartorius to double its production capacity in China from
                                                         Center for Water & Envi-
                                                                                        roughly a former 4,000m2 to more than 8,000m2; an additional building
                                                         ronment (SGTC) and the
                                                                                        phase will make it possible to quadruple floor space in the future. The
                                                         Chinese Hydraulic Engineer-    investment volume for the new plant site is about EUR 10m.
                                                         ing Society (CHES) signed
                                                         an agreement for long term
                                                         cooperation on visitor,
                                                         exhibitor and sponsor acqui-
                                                         sition, setting topics for
             workshops and forums, recruiting speakers, organizing study tours,
             producing advertising and publicity materials, and providing services
             to exhibitors – all of this for Water Expo China.

             SGTC is a partnership between the DWA Deutsche Vereinigung für
             Wasser, Abwasser & Abfall e.V, Hennef, Emscher Wassertechnik GmbH,
             Essen, the Intertraining Institut für Training & Consulting Interna-
             tional GmbH, Brühl, and Kocks
             Consult GmbH, Koblenz. German                                              CEO and Executive Board Chairman Dr. Joachim Kreuzburg pointed
             Minister of the Environment Sigmar                                         out that thanks to its long-standing presence in China, Sartorius had
             Gabriel is the patron. CHES is part                                        gained high brand awareness and enjoyed a strong market position
             of the Chinese Ministry of Water                                           with customers from the pharmaceutical, chemical and food indus-
             Resources. Together with Messe                                             tries. “We are profiting from the high investment of global groups in
             Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. it                                           China by covering their needs for weighing equipment in their on-site
             organizes Water Expo China.                                                production processes.”

                                                                                        German Embassy School’s Adventure in
                                                                                                                           A Mongolian saying goes: “When
                                                                                                                           the heavens created time they made
Member Mix

                                                                                                                           plenty of it.” This, says the German
                                                                                                                           Embassy School Beijing’s (DSP’s)
                                                                                                                           teacher, R. Busch, is the key experi-
                                                                                                                           ence one brings back from Mongolia:
                                                                                                                           it is a country of plentiful time and

                                                                                                                          13 students from the DSP got an
                                                                                                                          early vacation this year in order to
                                                                                                                          explore the country of the DSP’s
                                                                                                                          partner school, the Goethe School
                                                                                                                          in Ulan Bator. They hope that the
                                                                                                                          increased cultural understanding the
                                                                                        visit produced will lead to even more fruitful cooperation in language
                                                                                        exchange and joint projects in the future.

                                                                                        From their arrival in the Yurt village in Terel National Park, 75km from
                                                                                        the capital, to the grand finale of the annual national competition
                                                                                        called Nadam, the students had an experience filled with wonder. The
                                                                                        hardest thing to overcome according to the students: literally crawling
                                                                                        into camp on all fours after dismounting from a cumulative 12 hours
                                                                                        of riding. The best: long breakfasts with no school bell, and making
                                                                                        many new friends. These students are firm believers in international
                                                                                        school partnerships.

             October - November 2008 | 42
The German Chamber of Commerce in China                                                                         Beijing - Member News

Gerlach Supplies Products in Beijing
An increasing need for medical foot care, brought on by the prolifera-
tion of diabetes, for example, is providing an opportunity for products,
techniques, and equipment from Germany. Since 2005, German market
leader Eduard Gerlach GmbH has supplied foot care products to China.
Now they have been put to use in Beijing’s first foot care studio in
the Chaoyang District, licensed by the Beijing Bureau for Industry and
Commerce and completely equipped by Gerlach. Chinese foot care spe-
cialists trained by podologists from Germany provide treatment accord-
ing to German standards for calluses, morbid nails, ingrown nails, etc.

With a similar studio in Dalian and more slated to open elsewhere in
China, hospital endocrinology departments are taking notice. A Ger-
man-style podiatrist training program is under discussion.

Eduard Gerlach GmbH is represented by Beijing-based Eurohealth Trade
Co. Ltd. in China. Gerlach’s products are registered as cosmetics and
marketed in premium consumer shops in major cities.

New Members
Mr. Michael Andrut                   Ms. Chen Chen
Marketing Manager Far East           Regional Manager
Interturbine Logistik GmbH China     Lappkabel (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Representative Office                Beijing Branch
Unit 1020, Hua-Ou Aviation           Unit 2510, Beijing Sunflower Tower
Support Center                       37 Maizidian Street
5 Tianzhu Road (E)                   Chaoyang District, Beijing 100125
Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone      Tel: 010 8527-5156
Shunyi District, Beijing 101312      Fax: 010 8527-5064
Tel: 010 8048-6340 ext. 4047         Email:      Unit 0715, Landmark Tower 2            Unit 1505, Landmark Tower 2
Fax: 010 8048-6877                   Web:              8 Dongsanhuan Road (N)                 8 Dongsanhuan Road (N)
Email:                                                Chaoyang District, Beijing 100004      Chaoyang District, Beijing 100004
Web:              Mr. Klaus Evers                        Tel: 010 6590-0966                     Tel: 010 6590-7521
                                     CEO                                    Fax: 010 6590-0266                     Fax: 010 6590-7521
Mr. Peter Born                       Continental Automotive                 Email:     Email:

                                                                                                                                                          Member Mix
Board Chairman                       Changchun Co. Ltd.                     Web:                 Web:
BP Group Holding Co. Ltd.            1981 Wuhan Avenue
28D, Block 1, Royal Garden           Changchun, Jilin130033                 Dr. Andreas Tank                       Mr. Wen Zhao
Shoutu Road (E)                      Tel: 0431 8468-4715                    Viessmann Heating Technology           General Manager
Chaoyang District , Beijing 100021   Fax: 0431 8465-9763                    Beijing Co. Ltd.                       Beijing Chang Cheng Bilfinger Berger
Tel: 13020023374                     Email: klaus.evers@                    Area B, Beijing Tianzhu                Construction Engineering Co. Ltd.
Email:                 Airport Industrial Zone                16F Golden Tower
                                     Web:   26 Yumin Road                          1 Xibahe Road (S)
Mr. Martin Buchholz                                                         Shunyi District, Beijing 101308        Chaoyang District, Beijing 100028
Unit 1204, Inspiring Space           Mr. Michael Heerde                     Tel: 010 8049-0888 ext. 8101           Tel: 010 6440-2721
25 Gunluyuan Nanli                   Head of Strategy & Business            Fax: 010 8049-6336                     Fax: 010 6440-2720
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025    Development                            Email:              Email:
Tel: 13611115621                     Bayer Healthcare Co. Ltd.              Web:                 Web:
Fax: 010 8559-1083                   16F, Fortune Plaza
Email:      7 Dongsanhuan Road (C)                 Mr. Olaf Bjoern Tietz                  Mr. Jian Zhou
                                     Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020      Managing Partner                       General Manager
Mr. Daniel Chao                      Tel: 010 5921-8305                     E. R. P. Eastern Relationship          Tianjin SMG Presses Co. Ltd.
General Manager                      Fax: 010 5921-8434                     Projectconsult & Real Estate GmbH      Unit 1004, Building A
Novotel Beijing Sanyuan              Email: michael.heerde@                 25A, Gate B, Building 3                Yingfen Huayuan
Tower C, Phoenix Place                         Central Palace                         Youyibei Road
A5 Shuangguang Xi Li                 Web:           8 Furong Street                        Hexi District, Tianjin 300204
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100028                                           Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102      Tel: 022 8328-0421
Tel: 010 5829-6666                   Ms. Kelly Liu-Chaumet                  Tel: 010 5903-5723                     Fax: 022 8328-0540
Fax: 010 5866-7000                   Representative China                   Email:               Email:
Email:            Storymaker Agentur für                 Web:                Web:
Web:                 Public Relations
                                                                            Mr. Yefang Zhang
If you are interested in becoming a member of the German Chamber of         Chief Representative
Commerce in China • Beijing, please refer to our website: www.china.        Schnellecke Representative Office                              China (Beijng)                                                                                                          43 | October - November 2008
             New Members - Guangzhou                                                                                The German Chamber of Commerce in China

             Guangzhou Tan Tec Leather Awarded Grade A Taxpayer
                                                    German leather manufacturer        taxes according to taxation requirements. Only 146 out of more than
                                                    Guangzhou Tan Tec Leather          60,000 enterprises had been nominated.
                                                    Ltd. has been awarded Grade
                                                    A taxpayer in Baiyun district.     CEO Mr. Thomas Schneider proudly presented the award on occasion
                                                    The assessment is being con-       of the ceremony. Tan Tec is a key supplier for brands like Timber-
                                                    ducted every two years by          land and New Balance and an approved supplier for OEM car compa-
                                                    the bureaus of National and        nies like VW, Ford and PSA. Tan Tec did its part for Corporate Social
                                                    Local Taxation. It honors com-     Responsibility by successfully initiating the LITE (low impact to
                                                    panies that contribute high        environment) system.

             New Members
             Mr. Han Bing                        Mr. Clemens Pfeffer
                                                                                       Lufthansa Wins European Award
             Attorney China, LL.M (Germany)      Managing Director
             Kai Tong Consultant Service Ltd.    Jiangmen Jiechu (Hardware)            Lufthansa has been voted the top airline in Europe in the 2008 World
             Room 2504, Citic Plaza              Fittings Co. Ltd.                     Airline Awards, out-competing 59 other carriers. More than 15m pas-
             223 Tianhe Road (N)                 2nd Industry Park, Yamen Town
                                                                                       sengers took part in the survey, conducted by the UK-based aviation
             Guangzhou 510620                    Xinhui District, Jiangmen
             Tel: 020 8752-1833                  Guangdong 529152                      research agency Skytrax over an eleven-month period from August
             Fax: 020 8752-1700                  Tel: 0750 6451-010                    2007 to June 2008.
             Email:         Fax: 0750 6451-020
             Web:                  Email:
                                                                                       In the Best in Region category, passengers were asked to rate their
             Ms. Lanny Chu                                                             level of satisfaction with a total of 59 European airlines. Respon-
             Marketing Manager                   Mr. Frankie Yeung                     dents evaluated more than 35 different aspects in the categories
             Central Chain – Guangzhou           General Manager                       Ground Service, Onboard Product and Onboard Staff Service. Lufthansa
             Hichain Electricity Co. Ltd.        Guangzhou Bow Yue Vehicle
             No. 16, Pubei Road                  Trading Co. Ltd. (BMW Dealer)         impressed passengers with its fast and innovative check-in options,
             Yunpu Industrial Estate             No. 57 Daguan Road (S)                the speed and convenience of its baggage handling and the friendly
             Huangpu District                    Tianhe District                       service provided by staff. The airline also scored top marks for its
             Guangzhou 510520                    Guangzhou 510660
             Tel: 020 6295-8589                  Tel: 020 8216-8668
                                                                                       excellent in-flight service, notably its comfortable seats, in-flight
             Fax: 020 8205-8684                  Fax: 020 8216-8206                    entertainment program and the choice and quality of the menus and
             Email:      Email: frankie.yeung.kinfai@          drinks served on board. Overall, Skytrax evaluated 168 carriers for this
             Web:                           year’s World Airline Awards.
             Mr. Cui Hailong
             Key Account Manager                 Mr. David Zhang
Member Mix

             FAW-Volkswagen                      Representative
             Guangzhou Brand Experience Center
             742 Huangpu Road (E)
                                                 ThyssenKrupp AG
                                                 Guangzhou Representative Office
                                                                                       Guangzhou Hichain Electricity Celebrate
             Guangzhou 510660
             Tel: 020 2821-8138
                                                 Room 1504, Yi’an Plaza
                                                 33 Jianshe 6 Road
                                                                                       New Factory
             Fax: 020 8257-4821                  Guangzhou 510060
             Email:       Tel: 020 8363-3841                    Construction completed - Hichain Electricity Co. Ltd. will move to
             Web:                 Fax: 020 8363-3349
                                                 Email: david.zhang@
                                                                                       a new 50,000m2 garden factory in Guangzhou soon. As a result, the
             Mr. Hjalmar Konzet                           industry chain will be extending to cable material production, copper
             Beiya Village, Daojiao Town         Web:          processing, wire and cable, wiring harness and electronic monitor
             Dongguan 523170                                                           equipment.
             Tel: 0769 8838-0211                 Mr. Remus Zhang
             Fax: 0769 8838-0210                 Regional Sales Manager
             Email:               Guangzhou Branch                      With more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, Hichain has
                                                 Lapp Kabel Shanghai Co. Ltd.          been devoted to supply quality ROHS wiring harness, wires and cables
             Mr. Lam Ramsteiner                  Room 3301, Metro Plaza
                                                                                       to different types of businesses. After great success in IFA, Hichain
             Representative                      183 Tianhe Road (N)
             Noble Energy Saving Technology      Guangzhou 510620                      will take part in Hong Kong Electronics Autumn Fair from 13th to 16th
             (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd.                   Tel: 020 8755-3839                    October.
             6F, Xiechang Building, No. 21       Fax: 020 8755-3360
             Zhoushan Road, Xiangzhou            Email:
             Zhuhai 519000                       Web:
             Tel: 0756 2269-128
             Fax: 0756 2269-178

             If you are interested in becoming a member of the German Chamber of
             Commerce in China • Guangzhou, please refer to our website: www.china.

             October - November 2008 | 44
The German Chamber of Commerce in China   Guangzhou - Member News

                                                                                   Member Mix                                    45 | October - November 2008
             Member News - Guangzhou                                                                                The German Chamber of Commerce in China

             The Executive Centre Opens First Center in Shenzhen
                                              The Executive Centre, an Asian ser-      “Shenzhen is a market with a unique position in China’s rapidly
                                              viced office provider, continues to      expanding economy. Companies operating in Shenzhen have access to
                                              expand with the opening of its oper-     significant production power present in the city itself, the markets of
                                              ation center in the special economic     the region, and still have the benefits of Hong Kong’s globally inte-
                                              zone of Shenzhen, within minutes of      grated market presence” said Stephen Chatham, Operations Director of
                                              the Hong Kong border crossing. The       The Executive Centre.
                                              new center is strategically located in
                                              the heart of Shenzhen’s new central      Along with the Shenzhen operation, The Executive Centre is expanding
                                              business district, and is very close     facilities to Guangzhou, Macau, and Mumbai, and will be adding two
                                              to the Hong Kong border crossing in      centers in Hong Kong and Sydney, bringing the total number of oper-
                                              Kerry Plaza.                             ating centers to 30 across the globe.

             Vopelius Chemie AG Reports Record Result
             The first half of 2008 has been the most successful business period for Vopelius Chemie AG ever. The increase in revenues hit the 14% mark
             compared to the previous year to reach EUR 1.4m. Therewith the company with its branch in Guangzhou is above the average growth of German
             chemistry industry and well-positioned on the global market.

             C.R.S. Offers Enhanced Hotel Booking Service
             By means of the Service Card the booking process is simplified, i.e. your data is saved for each new reservation, and every booking
             is rewarded with Cash Points! C.R.S. International GmbH & Co. KG is the provider of the online hotel booking engine.
Member Mix

             October - November 2008 | 46
The German Chamber of Commerce in China                                                             Shanghai - Member News

VMT Provides Technical Service to China                                    Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar Extends
Projects                                                                   Joint Venture Contract
This summer Airbus launched its Airbus Airplane A320 Tianjin Chief         Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar
Assembly line, a project in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Admin-     Trunking Systems Company
istration of China. Precise measurement is the pre-condition for the       Ltd. (ZSB), a 50/50 joint
complete success of Airplane Assembly line, VMT is providing the tech-     venture between Siemens
nical service for the Airplane Chief Assembling by applying the preci-     Ltd. China and Daqo Group
sion measurement instruments and experienced staff.                        Co, recently extended its
                                                                           joint venture contract for
                                                                           another 12 years with a        Mr. Klaus Nebl | GM - ZSB; Mr. Thomas Schaffer | Board
                                                                           valid business license from    Director; Mr. Xu Xiang | Vice-Chairman; Mr. Rudolf
Kingdee Standardizes Cost Management                                       now until 30th July 2022.
                                                                                                          Martin Siegers | Chairman; Mr. Ge Fei | Board Director;
                                                                                                          Mr. Cai Jinhong | GM - ZSB

Kingdee Software International Company Ltd. successfully brought a
standard costing management system to GSI Westwind (Suzhou). Stan-
                                                                           Bosch Rebuilds Schools, Donates Supplies
dard costing is mature management technique to achieve desirable
                                                                           Bosch donated recently RMB 11m to rebuild two schools in the area
production performance in western countries of advanced manufactur-
                                                                           devastated by the Sichuan earthquake. This is the second donation
ing practice. However, to implement it in China operations, there are
                                                                           announcement by Bosch; the previous donation of RMB 2.5m con-
some obstacles to overcome.
                                                                           sisted of equipment and cash donations from Bosch legal entities and
                                                                           Bosch Joint Ventures in China. Bosch associates have also made cash
                                                                           donations of amounting to RMB 1.75m.
Schuler Group Hosts 4th Metal Forming
                                                                           Dr. Rudolf Colm, Member of the Board of Management of the Bosch
Symposium                                                                  Group responsible for the coordination of company activities in the
                                                                           Asia-Pacific region, met with the Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial
                               The Schuler Group’s 4th Metal forming       Government Mr. Huang Xiaoxiang in Chengdu on 23rd June to present
                               Symposium in Shanghai and Changchun         the donation. “Bosch associates around the world are in deep sympa-
                               took place from 23rd – 27th June. With      thy for the families and for the children affected by the earthquake.
                               the motto “Press Shop Solutions from a      We would like to extend our sincere condolences to the families of the
                               Strong Partnership,” the Schuler Group      victims,” said Dr. Colm. “Our efforts to rebuild the schools aim to help
                               introduced its new products and service     the families affected by the earthquake to return to normal life as
                               concepts to more than 300 participants      quickly as possible.”

                                                                                                                                                                    Member Mix
from the automobile OEM and supplier sectors. Over a period of two
days, each of the technical papers was presented and face-to-face ses-     Straight after the earthquake, Bosch donated power tools worth RMB
sions were held on topics such as press lines for car body panels, servo   100,000 to the Chengdu Public Security Fire Department earthquake
technology, warm forming and hydro-forming.                                rescue headquarters in Du Jiang Yan.


                   INTERIM MANAGEMENT
                   BY BRAINFORCE
                   operational responsibility in projects
                   and line management: experience, speed,
                   flexibility, change your success

     BRAINFORCE (CHINA) REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE | Room 321, 3F, Building A, Far East International Plaza | 319 Xianxia Road, Shanghai 200051
                               Tel: +86 21 6270-2222 | Fax: +86 21 6270-5555 | Web:                                                                                                          47 | October - November 2008
             Member News - Shanghai                                                                                The German Chamber of Commerce in China

             New General Manager at ETAS                                              Continental Plant Creates 1000
                                     Dr. Hans Goller joined ETAS’ parent company
                                                                                      New Jobs
                                     Robert Bosch GmbH in Germany almost 20
                                                                                      The international automotive supplier Continental AG has opened a
                                     years ago in the Gasoline Systems Business
                                                                                      production plant for the HBS (Hydraulic Brake Systems) activities of
                                     Unit. From 1992 onwards, he was responsible
                                                                                      its Chassis & Safety Division in Changshu Southeast Economic Devel-
                                     for project management and system develop-
                                                                                      opment Zone, China. The new plant, Continental Automotive Systems
                                     ment at the Technical Center of Bosch K.K.
                                                                                      (Changshu) Co. Ltd. is wholly owned by Continental AG and produces
                                     in Yokohama, Japan. With the foundation of
                                                                                      hydraulic brake systems, in particular front and rear calipers, drum
                                     ETAS’ Japanese branch in 1998 he transferred
                                                                                      brakes and brake actuation products.
             to ETAS as General Manager of the Japanese operations and later also
             resumed the responsibility for the Asia-Pacific market including Korea
                                                                                      With the total investment
             and China. In July 1998, he relocated to Shanghai as the head of
                                                                                      of about RMB 600m, Conti-
             ETAS’ Chinese operations.
                                                                                      nental Automotive Systems
                                                                                      Changshu is situated on a
                                                                                      land space of 73,000m2 with
             Psyma Hires New Marketing and                                            around 25,000m2 of factory
             Business Development Manager                                             area. As planned, its produc-
                                                                                      tion capacity will ramp up to
             Psyma Business Research is expanding and Mr. Marcus Gladers has          5m calipers and 2.4m actua-
             joined Psyma in their new state-of-the-art office at 777 West Yan’an     tion units by 2011, with a growing local workforce of up to 1,000
             Road. Mr. Gladers will serve as the marketing and business develop-      employees within the next two years.
             ment manager. Previously, Mr. Gladers has worked in Germany and the
             US. He recently received a Masters degree in business administration
             from Fudan University in Shanghai. In his new position, Mr. Gladers      Festool Midyear Dealer Meeting
             will assist international clients from Germany and other countries in
             utilizing market research to position their products in the Chinese
                                                                                      Festool midyear dealer meeting 2008 was held on 17th July in Yalong
                                                                                      Bay, Sanya, Hainan Province. All important Festool dealers attended this
                                                                                      meeting. During the meeting, managers of the sales and the marketing
                                                                                      department presented the sales figures for the first half year, and con-
                                                                                      gratulated the growing sales team for its excellent performance.

                                                                                      New President of WACKER Chemicals
Member Mix

                                                                                      Greater China
                                                                                      As of October 2008, Jean-Lionel Gros, former President of WACKER
                                                                                      Chemicals Greater China, became Senior Vice President of WACKER
                                                                                      Group, focusing on Global Sales and Distribution Management. Dr.
                                                                                      Peter von Zumbusch, former Vice President Operations Greater China,
                                                                                      has taken over as President of WACKER Chemicals Greater China.

                                                                                      GGP Renamed Gaudlitz Precision
                                                                                      The name of Gaudlitz Green Point Precision Technology (Wuxi) Co.
                                                                                      Ltd, abbreviated as GGP, was officially changed into Gaudlitz Precision
                                                                                      Technology (Wuxi) Co. Ltd at the end of July 2008.

                                                                                      On the occasion of company’s 4th anniversary of establishment, the
                                                                                      name of GGP was announced as Gaudlitz Wuxi. Gerd Thiele, CEO of
                                                                                      Gaudlitz Wuxi, said “We made very remarkable progress these past few
                                                                                      years with the professional team and strong support from Gaudlitz
                                                                                      Germany. Our sales volume has kept a fast growth rate. We expect to
                                                                                      expand the Chinese market in the following years. ”

             October - November 2008 | 48
The German Chamber of Commerce in China                                                                 Shanghai - Member News

New Members
Mr. Sheng Cha                                    Email:    Mr. David Schulte
General Manager                      Web:              Web:                 General Manager
Vorwerk Household                                                                                             Kunshan Byrel Fastening Systems
Appliance Co. Ltd.                   Mr. Christoph Gerigk                Ms. Dorothee Kuenzler                158 Yuanfeng Road, Yushan Town
8777 Songze Road, Qingpu             Managing Director                   Suite 1009, 10F, Huawen Plaza        Kunshan, Jiangsu 215300
Shanghai 201700                      SaarGummi China Ltd.                999 West Zhongshan Road              Tel: 0512 8163-9558
Tel: 021 6921-2575                   1 Yunzao Road, New Northern Zone    Shanghai 200051                      Fax: 0512 8163-9279
Fax: 021 6921-2836                   Economical & Technological          Tel: 021 3251-5080                   Email:
Email:    Developing Zone                     Fax: 021 3251-5010                   Web:
Web:                  Chongqing 401122                    Email:
                                     Tel: 023 6737-8675                                                       Mr. Peter Ungaenz
Mr. Lee Chang                        Fax: 023 6737-8674                  Ms. Vanessa Moriel                   General Manager
8G, No. 4, 2 Weifang Road (W)        Email: assistant                    Managing Director Asia Pacific       VON ARDENNE Vacuum
Shanghai 200122                            Human Capital Partners Ltd.          Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Tel: 021 5882-4207                   Web:              Unit 1006, Shanghai Times Square     Part D, Building 31, 390 Aidu Road
Fax: 021 5882-4197                                                                                            Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
                                                                         Office Tower
Email:               Ms. Vanessa Guo                                                          Shanghai 200131
                                                                         93 Huaihai Road (C), Shanghai
                                     V. P. – Key Account Manager                                              Tel: 021 5046-2782
                                                                         Tel: 021 6437-2034
Mr. Fanwei Cheng                     RUNBOW LOGISTICS                                                         Fax: 021 5046-1678
                                                                         Fax: 021 6390-0821
General Manager                      Office 207, Building 39                                                  Email:
ifm electronic (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.   2688 Yindu Road                                                          Web:
Building 15, 912 Bibo Road, Pudong   Shanghai 201108
Shanghai 201210                      Tel: 021 5443-1003                                                       Mr. Bruce Xu
                                                                         Mr. Jianfeng Mu                      Managing Director
Tel: 021 5027-8559                   Fax: 021 5443-3844
                                                                         Director European Purchasing         Westfalia Surge (Shanghai)
Fax: 021 5027-8669                   Email:
                                                                         IAC (Shanghai) Management Ltd.       Dairy Equipment Co. Ltd.
                                                                         Unit 504, King Tower                 11D, 353 Riying Road (N)
Web:                      Web:
                                                                         28 Xinjinqiao Road, Jin Qiao         Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
                                                                         Pudong, Shanghai 201206              Shanghai 200131
Ms. Daniela Drees                    Mr. Ximing Guo
Director Marketing / PR / Retail     CEO                                 Tel: 021 5030-2766                   Tel: 021 2281-7771
Rosenthal Lifestyle Trading          EagleBurgmann (Shanghai)            Fax: 021 5030-2655                   Fax: 021 5046-3163
(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.                  Investment Management Co.Ltd.       Email:             Email:
Unit 322, Tower 1, German Center     (EagleBurgmann China)               Web:                Web:
88 Keyuan Road                       Room 211-212, Cimic Tower                                      
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong      800 Shangcheng Road, Pudong         Mr. Claus-Jürgen Müller-Yang
Shanghai 201203                      Shanghai 200120                     General Manager                      Mr. Zhao Yang
Tel: 021 2898-6419                   Tel: 021 5835-3711                  V. Fraas (Zhangjiagang)              General Manager
Fax: 021 2898-6439                   Fax: 021 5835-4838                  Textile Co. Ltd.                     Teka Machinery (Taicang) Co. Ltd.
Email:    Email: simon.guo                    Dongqu Avenue, Tangshi Town          8 Loujiang Road (N)
Web:                     Zhangjiagang City                    Taicang, Jiangsu 215400
                                     Web:           Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu 215618         Tel: 0512 5357-6251
Mr. Mark Ehrich                                                          Tel: 0512 5816-1050                  Fax: 0512 5357-6252

                                                                                                                                                    Member Mix
Managing Director                    Mr. Eddie Hsia                      Fax: 0512 5816-1057
dataschalt Entwicklungs- &           General Manager                     Email:                Web:
Automatisierungsgesellschaft mbH     Hotel ONE Suzhou                    Web:
An der Hülshorst 7-9                 379 Changjiang Road                                                      Mr. Alex Zhang
Lübeck 23568, Germany                Suzhou 215011                       Mr. Andreas Oswald                   Managing Director
Tel: +49 451 29-05-921               Tel: 0512 6878-1111                 Vice General Manager                 Roder Tent Services
Email:    Fax: 0512 6878-1234                 BSH Electrical Appliances            (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Web:              Email:   (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd.                   Building 6-10, No. 18
                                     Web:            208 Yaoxin Road                      399 Zhuguang Road
Ms. Wu Fang                                                                                                   Qingpu, Shanghai 201702
                                                                         Nanjing, Jiangsu 210046
Assistant to General Manager         Mr. Franz Jaeger                                                         Tel: 021 5988-6605
                                                                         Tel: 025 8543-9988
Behr-Hella Thermocontrol             Chief Representative                                                     Fax: 021 5988-6607
                                                                         Fax: 025 8566-3777
(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.                  Guentner Shanghai                                                        Email:
868 Guangzhong Road                  Unit 735-736, German Centre                                              Web:
Xinzhuang Industry Park              88 Keyuan Road                                                 
Minhang, Shanghai 201108             Zhangjiang High-tech Park           Mr. Harald Schmidt
Tel: 021 3350-8188                   Pudong, Shanghai 201203                                                  Mr. Liping Zhou
                                                                         Plant Manager                        General Manager
Fax: 021 3350-8288                   Tel: 021 2898-6320                  Burkert Contromatic
Email:              Fax: 021 2898-6357                                                       TWE Nonwoven (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd.
                                                                         (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.                    552 Street No. 20
Web: www.bhtc.coom                   Email:      A5, Suhong Industrial Square
                                     Web:                                                     Economic & Technological
                                                                         81 Suhu Road (W), SIP                Development Zone
Mr. Matthias Gantner                      Suzhou, Jiangsu 215021
Vice President / CFO Operations                                                                               Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310018
                                                                         Tel: 0512 6265-9230                  Tel: 0571 8687-8136
DISA Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.     Mr. Markus Kaehler
                                                                         Fax: 0512 6265-9773                  Fax: 0571 8687-8029
Room A 901-903                       General Manager
                                                                         Email:    Email:
Far East International Plaza         MCon China Ltd. (Shanghai) Branch
                                                                         Web:                 Web:
319 Xianxia Road                     31F, Jin Mao Tower
Shanghai 200051                      88 Century Avenue
Tel: 021 6113-1797                   Pudong, Shanghai 200120             If you are interested in becoming a member of the German Chamber
Fax: 021 6113-1788                   Tel: 021 2890-9031                  of Commerce in China • Shanghai, please refer to our website:
Email: matthias.gantner              Fax: 021 2890-9999                                                                                                             49 | October - November 2008
             Member News - Shanghai                                                                                   The German Chamber of Commerce in China

             Allianz Sponsored Schools Open in                                           New Measurement Technology for
             China’s Earthquake Zone                                                     Energy Saving
                                             Two primary schools and two kindergar-      Press conference of new products release of Testo Shanghai took place
                                             tens, sponsored by Allianz Group, have      on the evening of Aug. 8th, and 40 journalists from different maga-
                                             opened in China’s earthquake-hit Sichuan    zines in the field of HVAC/R, Building, Electronics and Instrumenta-
                                             province. This marks Allianz’s first step   tion were present.
                                             towards providing long-term support for
                                             reconstruction efforts comprising a total   The newly released electronic manifold will be widely used in energy-
                                             investment estimated at RMB 10m.            consumption inspection and maintenance of refrigeration systems
                                                                                         in industrial facilities as well as in cooling systems. A considerable
             This is also the first school charity program financed by an interna-       amount of the work involved in refrigeration systems is done by tradi-
             tional insurer in China after the earthquake. As temporary schools, the     tional mechanical measuring tools. Emissions monitoring instruments
             four Allianz institutions can accommodate nearly 3000 students for          have provided for improved environmental protection and energy
             at least three years, until permanent schools are built. These institu-     saving. Now, Testo expects improved performance in the refrigeration
             tions are now named after Allianz and are located in the Mianzhu area       and energy-thirsty industries as a result of this development.
             of Deyang, which was severely destroyed by the earthquake. With the
             cooperation of local authorities and the Ren’ai Charity Fund, Allianz
             built altogether 57 classrooms in Qifu and Xiaode.                          New Partner Joins Ernst & Young
             “As a member of the local community                                         German Business Center
             in Deyang, we are particularly devoted
             to being a good corporate citizen in                                        Philipp Canzler joined Ernst & Young Shanghai
             supporting local residents and their                                        as the new Audit Partner of the German Business
             families. We will keep in close contact                                     Center this July. Philipp was previously based in
             with these schools and kindergartens,                                       Berlin and has more than 14 years of experience
             and carry this engagement forward in                                        in public accounting. He has served many multina-
             light of social necessity in future,” said Heinz Dollberg, who heads        tional companies in Germany and during his second-
             Allianz Group’s Asia Pacific Division, at the opening ceremony.             ment to the Ernst & Young Boston/USA office from
                                                                                         2002 to 2004.

                    Founded in March 2005, Montfort Shanghai Co. Ltd.                    EPCOS Ranking Improves
                    specializes in Industry Marketing, B2B-communication
Member Mix

                    and Financial communications. This includes Full-Service             Among the ranking of the top 100 electronic components manufacturers
                    Marketing in all aspects of CI/CD developments, sales                in China, EPCOS has moved from the tenth to fifth place. If only manu-
                    tools and direct marketing activities in all Asian                   facturers with comparable portfolios are counted, EPCOS remains the
                    languages, events, inserts in trade magazines etc. As                second largest manufacturer in China after the Hengdian Group DMEGC.
                    such, we serve our clients throughout Asia.

                    Currently, we handle printed materials including direct
                    marketing activities in 6 languages and organize over
                                                                                         SurTec (Hangzhou) Launches Second
                    40 events in the whole of Asia. In addition, we create               Enterprise in China
                    many ads for selected trade publications throughout
                    the region.                                                                                         Operating for ten years in China, SurTec
                                                                                                                        (Hangzhou) is well known for its inno-
                    In March 2008, Montfort Shanghai became one of the                                                  vative high end surface treatment chem-
                    yearly sponsors of the German Chamber. Members of                                                   icals. We are now proud to announce
                    the GCC are welcome to visit our office in the heart of                                             the opening of our second enterprise in
                    Shanghai to learn more about our services.
                                                                                                                        Xiaoshan. SurTec Metal Surface Treat-
                                                                                                                        ment Technology (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd.
                                                                                         commenced production in the beginning of July. Our new facility will
                                                                                         support the well established SurTec Chemical and Engineering (Hang-
                                                                                         zhou) Co.Ltd. to satisfy the constantly increasing demand in Asia.

                                                                                         SurTec Metal Surface Treatment Technology (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd.
                                                                                         No.70 Hongtai Wu Road | Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou 311232
                                                                                         Tel: 0571 8269-6636 | Fax: 0571 8269-6395
                                                                                         Web: | E-Mail:

             October - November 2008 | 50
Shanghai - Member News
             Member News - Shanghai                                                                                  The German Chamber of Commerce in China

             Young Freudenberg Managers Support                                         Voith Paper Sponsors Nanjing Forestry
             Migrant School                                                             University
             A school for migrant children in Shanghai/Jiading was chosen to            Voith Paper, a process provider for the paper industry, has come to
             receive voluntary support from young Freudenberg Group managers in         an agreement with Nanjing Forestry University to sponsor its Pulp &
             China. They have organized donations for a school library begun to         Paper Foundation on an annual basis. The agreement marks an impor-
             renovate school facilities and support instruction for more than 500       tant milestone in the cooperation between both, but also attests to
             primary school students.                                                   Voith’s long commitment to Chinese paper industry by supporting
                                                                                        talent development.
                                                   This social commitment is an
                                                   outcome of Freudenberg’s 1 st        The grant will be used to attract outstanding high school graduates to
                                                   China Talent Summit. During the      apply for the College of Pulp & Paper Engineering, to reward students
                                                   two-year development program         and teachers for their excellent achievements, to improve teaching
                                                   for young managers, the par-         and research facilities, and to support projects that can develop the
                                                   ticipants developed the idea for     discipline.
                                                   a sustainable social project as
                                                   part of their understanding of       In addition to the donation, Voith Paper will also send its own indus-
                                                   the Freudenberg social respon-       try experts to give regular lectures on the latest in paper-making
             sibility. Other key elements in the program include a close exchange       technology. At the same time, the company will also offer internships
             with Senior Management on group values, business principles, perfor-       during summer vacation at its Kunshan facility.
             mance management, presentation techniques and conflict manage-
             ment modules.

             As part of their initiative, the team also spent a day at the school to    QIAGEN Named New Champion
             repair and refurbish classroom desks before the new school year starts.
             Headmaster Li, himself a committed volunteer for nearly 10 years, was      QIAGEN, Germany’s largest biotechnology company, has been nomi-
             much encouraged by the support for this school. He will make every         nated as one of the new champions in the Word Economic Forum’s
             effort to receive full recognition by the local education administration   Annual Meeting of New Champions. This meeting, also referred to as
             in the near future.                                                        the “Summer Davos,” will be held in Tianjin, China from 27th - 28th
                                                                                        September. The Summer Davos was inaugurated in 2007 by the World
                                                                                        Economic Forum in response to the changing business landscape and
                                                                                        the growing prominence of emerging economies.

                                                                                        Seidenschwarz & Co. Conducts Quality
Member Mix

                                                                                        The international management consulting company Seidenschwarz
                                                                                        & Co. is currently conducting a survey on Quality Made in China. In
                                                                                        recent years, products made in China have reached competitive price-
                                                                                        performance levels and gained a good reputation in the world market.
                                                                                        In terms of quality however, products made in China are still not widely
                                                                                        seen to be world class by industrial customers as well as consumers.

                                                                                        Weidmüller Attends Windpower Asia
                                                                                        Weidmüller China attended “Windpower
                                                                                        Asia 2008” which was held from 25th
                                                                                        - 27th June at the Beijing Exhibition
                                                                                        Center. Wind power, as a new force, has
                                                                                        started late but developed rapidly in
                                                                                        China. Weidmüller took the opportunity
                                                                                        to display its products, such as terminals
                                                                                        and electronics, etc. During the show,
                                                                                        a lot of trends for new technology and
                                                                                        solutions needed were received by Weidmüller as well as the feedback
                                                                                        from numerous potential customers.

             October - November 2008 | 52
The German Chamber of Commerce in China                                                               Shanghai - Member News

Koerber Schleifring Machinery                                                Crowne Plaza Celebrates Opening
Relocates to Anting                                                          Ceremonies
Koerber Schleifring Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. would like to take         Crowne Plaza Century Park Shang-
this opportunity to express its gratitude to all its clients and partners.   hai offered a series of activities to
Due to needs of future development, the company moved from Taicang           celebrate the 2008 Olympic Games,
to Anting on 14th August.                                                    including a sizzling BBQ at the Pool
                                                                             Terrace and a sumptuous seafood
Koerber Schleifring Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.                            buffet in the Park Café. During
No.1128,Taishun Road | Anting, Jiading District, Shanghai 201814             the Olympic Games period, guests
Tel: 0 21 3958-7333 | Fax: 021-3958-7334                                     viewed the competition on large
                                                                             screens in the hotel.

Halfen Celebrates Olympics in Beijing
& Shanghai                                                                   Hella Training Holds Events in Beijing,
                                                                             Shanghai and Guangzhou
The Halfen Olympic Opening Bar was held successfully on 25th July
in Beijing at Die Kochmuetzen and on 1st August in Shanghai at the                                           After Hella’s successful technical
Hofbräuhaus. Halfen invited German and Chinese partners to celebrate                                         training and product testing event in
the company and the opening of the Beijing Games.                                                            Beijing this past April, Hella Trading
                                                                                                             (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. held two more
                             Both events were attended by more than                                          training events in Shanghai and
                             80 guests, including representatives from                                       Guangzhou on 5th June and 19th July.
                             the GCC • China, such as Mr. Manfred                                            These one-day on-site training courses
                             Rothgänger, Delegate & Chief Represen-                                          focused on a new Hella product for
                             tative of German Industry and Commerce                                          the automotive aftermarket: the Hella
                             Shanghai. Guest enjoyed a hospitable and        Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The TPMS TC-400 training was
                             relaxed atmosphere at this informal event.      aimed at Hella’s authorized dealers and their garage customers.

                                                                                                                                                      Member Mix                                                                                                       53 | October - November 2008

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