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Career Planning - Download as DOC by r6828t6


									Career Planning - getting started
Planning or changing your career can be a daunting process. At languagematters, you will be assigned a
consultant who will guide you through each stage of the process. Remember the clearer your objectives are,
the more effective we can be.

To help you on your way, here are a few basic guidelines to consider.

       Research, research, research! Use the internet, newspapers, even your local library will have a
        careers section. Know what the possibilities are and think big!

       Don’t be confused by job titles which vary from company to company – it’s the duties and
        responsibilities which matter. Make a list of the aspects of your current job you enjoy and see which
        other types of work could also offer that.

       Temp to perm opportunities can present an excellent opportunity to try before you buy. They may
        also secure a way in to a role where the permanent entry requirements may be too stringent for your

       Keep up! – emerging markets and new industries represent exciting development opportunities in
        terms of languages and skills which may speed up your career progress. Make sure your skills are
        up to date and relevant for your chosen career.

       Keep an open mind – you never know what is around the corner or what may develop from what
        may seem like ‘nothing’. Don’t go for jobs which are clearly unsuitable, but if in doubt about a job
        opportunity – check it out! At worst, it may be something you can eliminate from your search, you
        may get a useful networking lead and it may even be the bilingual job of your dreams.

       Keep at it – competition for the best jobs is always going to be tough and you may not be successful
        first time. Think of all the options – is there another entry path, is there an intermediate move you
        need to make or do you just need to stick with it?

If you are clear about the type of multilingual work you want, consider the type of company and working
environment which suits you best. Consider the size, culture, location, industry. What working environment
do you prefer – pressurized, calm, nurturing? What do you expect for your own personal development – is
ongoing training a prerequisite?

languagematters prides itself on providing a quality service, aimed at matching every aspect of your
requirements. We will work with you to secure the best match available. Take a step closer to your dream
job and contact us today.

                          languagematters, 9 Irving Street, London, WC2H 7AH Tel: 020 7930 1811

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