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									                            COURT LANE JUNIOR SCHOOL –Autumn 2010
                           YEAR 4 HISTORY TOPIC: The Ancient Egyptians
Week 10 & 11                       Lesson Title What did the Ancient Egyptians believe about
                                   the afterlife?
   Learning Objectives
   Can explain in simple terms why they mummified their dead
   Can sequence the steps in mummification and can describe them in a well-structured account.
   Can decode images such as the book of the dead.
   Can explain in simple terms Ancient Egyptian ideas about the afterlife.
   Primary history matters resource pack ( worksheets, OHP’s), Espresso<KS2<History<Egyptians<Evidence ,
   Assessment task, Espresso<KS2<History<Egyptians<Activities
Key Vocabulary
   See Glossary (resource sheet 2)
   Lesson Activities
   2nd Week
   To complete sections 3 (How do we know about Egyptian beliefs in the Afterlife?) and
   section 4 (Assessment task).
   Introduce lesson by watching the video about the Egyptians and which objects survived
   which shows us how Egyptians lived (Espresso<KS2<History<Egyptians<Evidence<Parts 1+2)
   and discuss some of the objects that Egyptians were buried with. Is there anything that the
   children are surprised by? Discuss reasons.
   In section 3 the children are to look at the Weighing of the Heart ceremony using OHP
   picture 7. Using a paper copy they are to try and identify any familiar images. The teacher
   can pretend to be a tomb painter or scribe who created such scenes (hot seat) some answers
   are provided in Resources sheet 9.
   Next ask individuals or pairs to come up and tell the rest of the class what they think the
   picture tells us. As a written task the children should annotate copies of the picture first.
   Differentiated sheets provided 2a & 2b.
   Resource sheet 10 can be used to summaries picture 7 at the end.

   In section 4 the children are to complete an assessment task on mummification. Ask the
   children to identify the features that tell us that this is a picture of mummification from
   Ancient Egypt. They are to write their labels around the outside of the black and white copy.
   A marking scheme is provided to see if they have met the learning objectives.

   In groups, children to undertake the ‘What am I?’ challenge on

   Teacher’s Comments

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