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									HIV/AIDS Resources
Organisations offering support toHIV-infected mothers and children
1.   Coronation hospital HIV clinic, Westbury, Johannesburg.
     Serves women from informal settlements, rural areas (North West province), and African refugees.
     Includes a peer support and information-sharing group, and is supported local HIV support groups.
     Contact Natalya Dinat;Email:
2.   The Friends For Life Programme, Alexandra township, Johannesburg.
     Provides counselling, orphan care, home-based care, formula for breastfeeding mothers with HIV, and training in
     Alexandria township and the provincial hospital HIV clinics.
     Contact Lulama Fulupha; Tel: (011) 882 9152; Fax: (011) 882 8473
3.   Breastfeeding support programme, Mtubatuba, Kwazulu-Natal
     Researching and developing counselling messages to inform HIV positive women about breastfeeding and HIV
     transmission. A community-based strategy is being designed to support women in their choices.
     Contact Dr. Ameena Goga; Email:; Tel: (031) 360 3288/9 (King Edward Hospital nursery); Dr.
     Nigel Rollins; Cell: 082 806 4134; Email:
4.   Beautiful Gate Ministry, Crossroads, Cape Town
     Runs a care facility in Crossroads township for children with HIV/AIDS.
     Contact Mr Toby Brouwer; Tel: (021) 371 7107;
     Fax: (021) 374 8237; Email:
1.   Varga C, Shongwe B. Schools based reproductive health education
     Published by Health systems Trust, PO Box 808, Durban, 4000, Tel. 031-307 2954 Fax: 3040775
     How should health promotion and education be most effectively and efficiently provided? What lessons can be learnt
     from initiatives in the past? This publication presents a broad picture of existing school-based reproductive health
     education initiatives, in order to answer the above and other important questions. It has a particular focus on
     KwaZulu-Natal, yet is of relevance to the whole of South Africa.
2.   Policy and Legislative Update
     The update aims to promote public participation in the policy and law making processes by providing information on
     current policy and legislation initiatives moving through National Government Departments and Parliament.
     To receive a monthly copy by email, contact Sonja Giese (
     The Update, as well as more detailed information on the law making process, can be viewed at
     (Parliamentary Monitoring Group website).
HIV/AIDS Resource centres
1.   Planned Parenthood Association (PPASA)
     National: The Media Manager, PO Box 1008, Melville, 2109. Tel: (011) 482 4601/4661; Fax: (011) 482 4602; Email:; Web:
     Western Cape: May Bleeker. Tel: (021) 448 7320; Fax: (021) 448 7320; Email:
2.   Beyond Awareness Campaign: HIV/AIDS and STD Directorate, Dept. of Health
     A number of free resources (leaflets, posters, booklets, books) in different languages are available.
     Contact Sonwabile Xaba at Tel: (011) 482 6737; Fax: (011) 482-2099; Email:; Web:
Websites on HIV/AIDS
1.   Metropolitan Life AIDS information site (Web:
     Information and news on children and AIDS, AIDS and the workplace, living with AIDS, and the latest AIDS research.
2.   Southern African AIDS Information Dissemination Service (Web:
     The main purpose of SAfAIDS is to help strengthen capacity to address the socio-economic impact of AIDS and to
     promote HIV prevention in southern Africa.
     AIDSLINK is an organisation which aims at raising funds to support individuals with HIV and AIDS and organisations
     which provide appropriate care for people with AIDS. It also aims at creating awareness of the prevention of HIV and
4.   SANBI HIV Africa
     This is a new site by the South African National Bioinformatics Institute (SANBI). It contains accurate information on
     Southern African HIV prevalence, specialized reports on the epidemic, and
     the first HIV sequence database in Africa .

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