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					July 25, 2005

James F. Russell
Assistant Director, Purchasing Department
George Mason University
4400 University Drive, MS 3C5
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

                RE: PPEA – Conceptual Proposal for Hotel & Conference Center

Dear Mr. Russell:

Collegiate Hospitality, LLC and our Development Manager, Concord Eastridge, Inc
thoughtfully and strategically have assembled a focused Development Team to respond to
the advertisement of your having received unsolicited proposals for the development of a
Hotel & Conference Center at the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University. The
Concord Eastridge team fully embraces the importance and significance of creating a
synergistic planned development that will bring together private-sector expertise to support
academic infrastructure needs and ultimately create a special facility to foster a 21st Century
university such as George Mason.

In order to create a visionary, high quality, and financially viable project, the University will
require a public-private creativity that is not widely found among traditional real estate
development firms. Collegiate Hospitalities and Concord Eastridge are especially focused on
public/private partnerships within the realm of higher education, and thorough hands-on
experience, possesses the creativity and flexibility required to realize both the immediate
urgent facility needs of the University as well as the long term vision of the overall campus
development. In 2004, Concord Eastridge was chosen by Arizona State University to
complete the master plan, design, financing, construction and overall turnkey development
its large-scale Arts and Business Gateway project in downtown Tempe, Arizona, a 2.2
million-square-foot, $600 million mixed use complex. Concord Eastridge was selected from
a field of 16 national development teams representing the largest real estate development
organizations in the United States.

As you will see from the information submitted, our seasoned Development Team led by
Collegiate Hospitalities and Concord Eastridge is pleased to submit our response to the
advertisement for Conceptual Proposals. We trust you will find the enclosed information
responsive to your objectives. We assure you of our Team’s dedication to exceed your
expectations on this vital project, and our ability to immediately begin working with the
University in a collaborative fashion to further refine the concept of the overall development
and financial potential of this project.

                               1225 19th Street, NW - Suite 850
                                    Washington, DC 20036
                               202.955.9200(o) | 202.955.9255(f)
We look forward to the opportunity to compete for this exciting project during the detailed
development proposal stage of your selection process.

Sincerely yours,


R. Jeffery Arnold

cc:     Susan Eastridge, CEO, Concord Eastridge
        Greg Derby, Senior Vice President/Regional Director
        Michael Haller, Development Director – Public Private Development
                                             GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

A-1. Identify the        LEGAL STRUCTURE
legal structure of the   This Proposal represents the collective response of a comprehensive team of
firm or consortium       experienced and capable professional firms (see the list of team members below).
of firms making the      The Proposer and the contracting entity is Collegiate Hospitality, LLC (“CH”), a
proposal.                Virginia limited liability company formed to finance and own the Project and be
                         financially responsible for the efforts of its capable Development Team. R.
                         Jeffery Arnold is the Managing Member of CH, and will be the Principal-in-
                         Charge of the Project. Concord Eastridge, Inc. (“CEI”) will act as the
                         Development Team leader and the development manager of the Project.

                         CH, with CEI’s assistance, carefully chose each member of the Comprehensive
                         Development Team in order to optimize the effectiveness of each individual
                         firm’s qualities and strengths. This team consists of the following firms:

                          OWNER/DEVELOPER                                Collegiate Hospitality, LLC

                          DEVELOPMENT MANAGER                              Concord Eastridge, Inc.

                          GENERAL CONTRACTOR                             Centex Construction, LLC

                          ARCHITECT                                               Gensler

                          OPERATOR                                       Aramark Harrison Lodging

                          BRANDING CONSULTANT                               Gensler - Studio 585

                          HOSPITALITY CONSULTANT                              PKF Consulting

                          LEGAL CONSULTANT                               McGuire Woods Consulting

                         The Development Team will add specific specialists and consultants as required
                         with full approval by George Mason University (GMU).

                                    CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                               GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

A-2. Identify the         ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE
structure for the         The Development Team is organized around the premise of focusing all efforts in
project, the manage-      a collaborative manner in order to provide a quality product on time and on
ment approach and         budget. Each member of the Development Team was selected based upon
how each partner          experience, past performance, and ability to perform.
and major
subcontractor in the      The Team framework and management structure is built around efficient
structure fits into the   communication and work assignments. The Team approach is based on the
overall team.             concept of a true partnership among professional firms, cultivating a strong
                          element of innovation and project ownership.


                                                   Collegiate Hospitality, LLC
                                                      Development Manager
                                                       Concord Eastridge

                                  Architect             General Contractor              Operator
                                  Gensler                    Centex                 Aramark Harrison
                                                          Construction                  Lodging

                            Branding Consultant            Hospitality               Legal Consultant
                            Gensler-Studio 585             Consultant                McGuire Woods
                                                         PKF Consulting

                          As the sole entity contracting with GMU, CH is responsible for ensuring the
                          successful completion of all components of the Project. To this end, CH will
                          create a team structure and utilize contractual relationships that best embody that
                          mission. The following table outlines each team member’s project responsibilities
                          for this assignment.

                                     CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                     GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Team Member                        Authority and Responsibilities

                    Development Manager
                    •  Concord Eastridge, Inc.   Development Management; Team
                                                 Coordination; Design Control; Budget
                                                 and Schedule Control; Financing
                                                 Coordination; Site Acquisition;
                                                 Construction Quality Control;
                                                 Community Relations

                    General Contractor
                    •  Centex Construction,      Construction Site Planning and
                       LLC                       Management; Construction
                                                 Contracting/Coordination; Permitting
                                                 and Approvals; Construction Cost and
                                                 Schedule Control/Guarantee;
                                                 Construction Quality Control;
                                                 Construction Job Site Safety; Value
                                                 Engineering and Constructability Review;
                                                 Facility Commissioning and Warranty

                    •   Gensler                  Programming; Site Planning; Conceptual
                                                 Design; Architectural and Engineering
                                                 Design; Interior Design and
                                                 Specification; Value Engineering and
                                                 Constructability Review; Construction
                                                 Contract Administration; Quality Control;

                    •  Aramark Harrison          Operational Design Advisory/Consulting;
                                                 Budget Formation; Feasibility
                                                 Consulting; Market Analysis

                    Branding Consultant
                    •   Gensler-Studio 585       Comprehensive Identity Package,
                                                 including Market Awareness Material,
                                                 Theme, and integration of GMU elements

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Hospitality Consultant
                   •  PKF Consulting           Market Demand Study (Room and
                                               Meeting space); Internal GMU Demand

                                               Study (Room and Meeting space);
                                               Preliminary Project Concept; Preliminary
                                               Operating Pro Forma

                   Legal Counsel
                   •  McGuire Woods            Financing Strategy; Transaction
                      Consulting               Structuring; Legal Documentation; Bond

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

B-1. Describe the      The response to Question B-1 is a part of Question C response of Section
experience of the      1.
firm or consortium
of firms making the
proposal and the key
principals involved
in the proposed
project including
experience with
projects of
comparable size and

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                            GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

DEVELOPMENT            Concord Eastridge, Inc. is an experienced national real estate development firm
MANAGER                focused on the financing and development of public and education related
                       facilities. The senior leadership team of CEI is staffed by interdisciplinary
                       professionals with over 250 years of collective experience in the development of
CONCORD                over $3 billion in real estate projects. The company operates on a national
EASTRIDGE, INC.        platform with offices in Washington, DC, Phoenix, AZ, and Sacramento, CA.
1225 19th Street, NW
Suite 850              Offering complete turnkey delivery of facilities to public sector clients in
Washington, DC         combination with attractive lease, lease-to-own, and/or purchase terms, CEI
20036                  meets the needs of the client and its facility plan. In performing the development
202.955.9200 (t)       and financing coordination role within the Project, CEI is allowed to draw upon
202.955.9255 (f)       its diverse project experience to accommodate any special circumstance for either   the client or the Project. CEI’s staff consists of veteran industry leaders with
                       experience in every segment of the real estate development process. Each Project
                       is designed to the Client’s unique specifications and time frames. Facilities can be
                       developed on a pre-established budget and financing program for either a sale or
                       lease-to-own option.

                       CEI is a national leader in the privatized developer delivery of public school
                       facilities. Currently, CEI is developing over $100 million of public school
                       facilities in California. The quality professionals have collectively been involved
                       in the design, construction and development of approximately $500 million of
                       school facilities nationally.

                       Having established partnerships with the most respected contractors in America,
                       CEI affords the ability to ensure quality of construction performance. With
                       centralized control, CEI’s project team coordinates project costs, schedules, and
                       activities among all partnering firms, allowing CEI to regularly earn leading track
                       records for job costing, construction time, and client satisfaction.

                       The key to CEI’s success is to assume an integral role within every Project. As a
                       customer-centered organization, CEI customizes its work to the specific
                       requirements of each Client and Project. Because of the company’s focus on
                       always providing superior work results, CEI has developed long-term alliances
                       and built an established repeat client base. Concord Eastridge projects involve
                       unique and creative real estate solutions in response to complex financial and
                       programming requirements of the projects’ end users and clientele. Concord
                       Eastridge approaches each project and each client’s needs as their own and works
                       to structure the most beneficial and responsive development and facility results.


                                  CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                           GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                               In 1950, Dallas-based Centex Corporation (NYSE: CTX, and a Fortune
                               250 company) began its move into the commercial construction industry.
CENTEX                         The construction and contracting services division has grown through
CONSTRUCTION                   the years through a consolidation of Centex acquisitions of several of the
CORP.                          nation’s oldest and best-know regional construction firms.
Washington D.C. Metro
Office                         Today, the firm is known as Centex Construction, a leader in the
3924 Pender Drive              construction industry, providing general contracting, at-risk construction
Fairfax, VA 22030              management, design-build, preconstruction and turn-key services.
703.273.3311(t)                Centex Construction operates four full-service divisions headquartered in
703.218.1332(f)                Washington, D.C., Dallas, Charlotte and Fort Lauderdale.
                               Centex Construction provides general contracting and construction
                               management services on many landmark projects, and has a 65-year
                               history in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and throughout the
                               Mid Atlantic region. The firm has extensive experience in general
                               construction of large, challenging, unique projects, operation from its
                               full-service division in Fairfax, Virginia.

                          PRESENT OWNERSHIP

                               Centex Construction is a subsidiary of Dallas-based Centex Corporation,
                               which is a U.S.-based, publicly-held corporation. Centex Corporation is
                               one of the nation’s premier companies in building and related services:
                               Home Building, Home Services, Financial Services and Construction
                               Services. Centex is ranked No. 1 in its industry on FORTUNE®
                               magazine’s list of “America’s Most Admired Companies.”™

                               With fiscal 2005 revenues of approximately $13 billion, Centex is a
                               Fortune 250 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under
                               the symbol “CTX.” The company has more than 17,500 employees
                               located in more than 1,500 office and construction job sites across the
                               nation and in the United Kingdom.

                               Centex is honored by the recognition of industry and business experts;
                               selected recognition follows:
                               ~ Centex is listed for the sixth year in a row as the nation’s largest
                                   domestic general building contractor by Engineering News-Record
                               ~ Centex is ranked No. 1 in its industry on FORTUNE® magazine’s
                                   list of “America’s Most Admired Companies.”™
                               ~ Centex ranks in the top 50 overall on Barron’s list of the 500 Best
                                   Performing Companies.

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   LOCAL DIVISION OFFICERS

                          Centex Construction’s local Washington, D.C. metro division officers are
                          listed here:

                           John P. Tarpey, Jr.                Division President and Chief Executive
                           Steven R. Smithgall                Executive Vice President, Director
                                                              of Operations
                           Leon E. Blondin                    Senior Vice President
                           Paul C. Nassetta, Jr.              Vice President
                           David C. Birtwistle                Vice President
                           William A. McIntosh                Vice President
                           William E. Reinhart                Vice President
                           David R. Laib, P.E.                Vice President
                           David M. Salzer, P.E.              Vice President
                           Michael D. Phillips                Vice President
                           Douglas B. Turner                  Vice President
                           Glenn Burns                        Chief Legal Officer

                   Resources from throughout the Centex Construction organization will be
                   available to our team as needed for the George Mason University hotel and
                   conference center project.

                   Centex Construction maintains an excellent safety record. The firm’s well-
                   established safety program and focus on accident prevention contribute toward
                   ensuring a safe and healthy environment for employees, subcontractors and other
                   project team personnel and others associated with Centex Construction projects.

                   Centex Construction’s current projects range in size from $10 million to more
                   than $300 million and include such projects as three corrections facilities for the
                   Virginia Department of Corrections, procured under the PPEA; E. Barrett
                   Prettyman Courthouse Annex and Renovation; the Pentagon Memorial; and the
                   National Museum of the Marine Corps. While other construction firms have
                   seen their bonding capacities reduced in recent years, Centex Construction’s
                   bonding capacity has increased.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


                    Gensler is a leading global architecture, design and planning firm, with over 1,800
GENSLER             people and offices in 28 cities across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Founded in San
Washington D.C.     Francisco in 1965, we work with corporate, government and institutional clients
2020 K Street, NW   to plan and design great places that support their people and organizational
Suite 200           objectives.
Washington, DC
20006               Fast Company magazine calls Gensler “one of America’s most influential design
202.721.5200(t)     firms” and Fortune says: “Gensler’s reputation for professionalism is unrivaled.“
202.872.8587(f)     For over two consecutive decades, Gensler has been recognized by our peers and         the business world as the leading international design and architecture firm.

                    Numerous awards, such as our industry-leading three Business
                    Week/Architectural Record awards, demonstrate the lasting value that we
                    provide to our clients’ business strategies through design. The AIA honored
                    Gensler as “Firm of the Year” in 2000, the organization’s highest recognition of a
                    firm that has advanced the profession of architecture and design through
                    consistently distinguished work and client relationships.

                    As an award-winning architecture, interior design and planning firm, Gensler is
                    uniquely qualified to partner with educational facilities to design state of the art,
                    innovative facilities that will add to the vigor and enterprise of your campus. Our
                    work is consistently innovative, people-centered and sustainable, reflecting our
                    commitment to our clients, our communities and our planet. Our diverse practice
                    areas bring to this project veterans of design of projects for workplace, hospitality
                    and the education industry. Our in-depth knowledge of multiple industries creates
                    a unique perspective that truly benefits our clients and their customers. Gensler’s
                    extensive experience, understanding of the needs and priorities of both owners
                    and operators, our creative design teams, and proactive approach to design
                    efforts all contribute to realizing successful projects — and more importantly,
                    great relationships.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                                  GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                             ARAMARK entered the conference center marketplace in 1974 as an operational
ARAMARK                      partner in the new Xerox Document University in Leesburg, Virginia. We still
HARRISON                     manage this property continues today. A commitment to delighting the customer
LODGING                      and constantly finding new ways to provide exceptional centers of learning has
1101 Market Street           helped ARAMARK Conference Center Management grow into an acknowledged
Philadelphia, PA 19107-      leader in the conference center field. Many clients (owners) who have selected
2988                         ARAMARK over the past 30 years are still clients today. As our clients' needs
215.409.7891(t)              have changed, ARAMARK has grown with them in "Unlimited Partnership,"
1.800.422.6338(t)            providing the very best in customer service and partnership success. In the
215.409.7940(f)              spring of 2002, ARAMARK Conference Center Management entered a new   chapter. After merging with Harrison Conference Centers to create ARAMARK
                             Harrison Lodging, we are now the largest management company in the
                             conference center and collegiate hotels niche of the lodging industry. Harrison
                             Conference Centers, established in 1967, has a long history of operational
                             excellence in the conference center industry. With historic conference centers in
                             Glen Cove, New York, on Long Island, and Lake Bluff, Illinois as centerpieces of
                             its portfolio, Harrison has helped define the conference center industry and
                             earned a reputation as the meeting specialists.

                             Harrison's 30 years of experience and innovation are expressed in the brand
                             slogan: Knowing What Matters®. This phrase defines Harrison Conference
                             Centers’ expertise in creating effective environments for learning,
                             communication, and personal growth. It also communicates that Harrison has
                             always been at the forefront of anticipating the changing needs of customers and
                             clients and finding ways to create solutions. With the Complete Meeting Package
                             (CMP), for example, the company offered an innovative solution to satisfy the
                             needs of meeting planners for ease of cost management.

                             With the acquisition of Harrison Conference Centers, ARAMARK increased its
                             inherent strengths: our heritage of industry experience, our employees' dedication
                             to hospitality, and our hallmark conference services that feature first-class
                             facilities, accommodations, recreation, and technology. Combined with the power
                             of ARAMARK Corporation, ARAMARK Harrison Lodging leads the industry
                             and provides a world-class experience at every Conference Center and Collegiate
                             Collection property.

                             As meeting specialists, ARAMARK Harrison Lodging forms an “Unlimited
                             Partnership” with our clients as we work together toward a common goal. As our
                             clients’ needs change, ARAMARK grows with them in an “Unlimited
                             Partnership,” providing the very best in customer service and partnership success.

                                        CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging understands that meetings should serve the needs
                   of people, and it is important for those meetings to be free of distractions.

                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging manages the details and creates environments that
                   promote effective meetings that are both free of distractions and full of
                   Functional Facilities
                   While customized, they all share a common purpose—a setting for meetings that
                   works. They are comfortable, accessible, and equipped with the latest technology.

                   Unparalleled Hospitality
                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging prides itself on comfortable and professional
                   accommodations that are made possible by the ARAMARK Corporation

                   Services We Provide:

                        Food & Beverage
                        Guest Services
                        Registration & Reservations
                        Conference Planning
                        Sales & Marketing
                        Property Operations and Maintenance
                        Recreation & Fitness Operations
                        Gift Shop/Sundry
                        Audiovisual Media Support
                        Design Consultation
                        Quality Training Programs

                   OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES
                   Because we value our relationships, we treat customers as long-term partners and
                   each other with candor and respect. Because we succeed through performance,
                   we encourage the entrepreneur in each of us and always work to improve our
                   service. Because we thrive on growth, we seek new markets and new
                   opportunities, and we innovate to obtain and keep customers. And because we
                   are ARAMARK, we do everything with integrity.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   OUR VISION

                   Our vision is to be a company where the best people want to work. Our
                   customers recommend us to others because we constantly exceed their
                   expectations. Our success is measured in the growth of our company, its earnings,
                   and ourselves. Our vision is to be the world leader in managed services.

                   Philosophy More than just an operator of fine hospitality
                   Today, ARAMARK Harrison Lodging manages more than 50 conference centers
                   and collegiate hotels in North America. Our mix of corporate, university, and
                   government conference centers/hotels gives ARAMARK Harrison Lodging a
                   unique relationship with many of the nation’s leaders in each of these fields.
                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging is the brand of choice for leaders in the world of
                   Executive Education. Eight of the Financial Times of London’s top-ranked
                   University Executive Education programs are affiliated with one of our
                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging brands. Number-one-ranked Duke Corporate
                   Education uses ARAMARK Harrison Lodging for transformational learning at a
                   number of our conference centers. These are not one-time events—these are
                   programs that create systemic change in their target organizations. Duke
                   Corporate Education has partnered with ARAMARK Harrison Lodging because
                   of the sustained high levels of service and customer focus we demonstrate every

                   IBM, which owns two of its own conference centers, has partnered with
                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging for its e-Business training programs. This series is
                   now in its third year. When asked why they use ARAMARK Harrison Lodging,
                   the program director cites a more value-added training module. His people who
                   are learning at our center are more productive, generate more billable hours, and
                   deliver higher IBM customer satisfaction than those from any other training
                   location in North America.

                   Tomorrow’s government leaders train at the Federal Executive Institute in
                   Charlottesville, Virginia. This ARAMARK Harrison Lodging conference center
                   has been a leader in the innovative teaching of high potential governmental
                   associates and many are department heads today. Having already been introduced
                   to ARAMARK Harrison Lodging’s brand of hospitality they seek us out to host
                   meetings for their agencies.

                   These are just a few examples of how we deliver best-of-class service to each of
                   these segments and provide above-market performance to our clients.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Our Marketing Approach
                   Each Customer is Unique and Each Location is Unique

                   We realize that too often meetings can seem commonplace, but we believe that
                   even the seemingly typical meeting frequently means the difference between
                   success and failure.

                   For this reason, we have created sales and marketing position that realizes each
                   time someone meets it is for a very special reason with specific outcomes. Our
                   customer-centric approach is the basis of our marketing message—It’s all about
                   you! It is about achieving your success, your goals, your mission.

                   We also celebrate the character of our portfolio of conference centers and
                   collegiate hotels. In today’s lodging world of standardization, ARAMARK
                   Harrison Lodging stands alone in celebrating our location’s uniqueness. We want
                   to celebrate the sense of place that we are able to offer. We capitalize on the
                   features of our conference centers to make each learning session memorable and

                   We take great pride in our commitments to our guests, clients, and associates.
                   This is evidenced in our mission and values and brand promise.

                   It’s all about our focus on you
                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging has become the industry leader by creating
                   unique, customized solutions — one customer at a time. It's how we help you
                   accomplish your goals and how we build larger, stronger, and more enduring
                   partnerships with you and every one of our customers

                   It’s all about the best for you
                   Our mission is to provide exceptional learning environments, comfortable guest
                   accommodations and the highest standards in hospitality. We do this by putting
                   our key values into practice every day:

                   Customer Focus
                   We customize services for our customers and client/owners with client-centric
                   management strategies, consultative selling and programs carefully tailored to
                   meet client requests.

                   We create progressive facilities and services designed to enhance learning,
                   communication and personal growth. Yet each of our centers is one-of-a-kind,
                   reflecting its unique setting and creating a true "sense of place," where people feel
                   comfortable and prepared to achieve.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Above all, in all that we do, we treat our client/clients and colleagues with
                   honesty, fairness and respect.

                   The success of our philosophy is measured in many ways one of the most
                   important is customer loyalty, which is why we have partnered with LRA
                   Worldwide a leading provider of integrated customer loyalty solutions. Together
                   we have created a Brand Performance program that is designed to enhance
                   performance and measurement. We measure our guests, meeting planner and
                   your satisfaction. Additionally we have an independent inspection service and
                   process that is contracted out to provide us with a quality assurance report that
                   helps us measure our progress and provide us with a performance improvement

                   Our branded service philosophy and the resulting culture are a key point of
                   differentiation of ARAMARK Harrison Lodging and ultimately our success is
                   measured in the growth of our company, its earnings and ourselves.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

BRANDING            Gensler’s Studio 585 is a communication design studio with roots in brand
CONSULTANT          strategy, signage and wayfinding, print, and interactive as well as architecture,
                    interior and product design. These specialists within Gensler work hand-in-hand
GENSLER-STUDIO      with the architects and interior designers of the firm to build integrated and
585                 compelling solutions by diving into who you are and building our analysis and
Washington D.C.     ideas on your vision. Their success doing this has made Studio 585 one of the
2020 K Street, NW   nations’ most respected communication design firms. A team of designers adept
Suite 200           at identifying problems and designing unique solutions, Studio 585 is itself
Washington, DC      composed of architects, interior designers, strategists, graphic and environmental
20006               designers.
202.872.8587(f)     Gensler Studio 585 merges strategy and design to create memorable experiences.
                    We balance specialists with designers fluent in all media. Why does this matter? It         means that we can employ all media-print, web, signage and the built
                    environment to deliver messages to our clients’ customers. In this case, it means
                    that rather than simply designing a building that functions well, our Gensler team
                    will design a building that truly speaks to the mission of GMU, and that further
                    expands the message of the University, merging function and message to design a
                    building that is as much a part of the University’s appeal as the function it serves.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                             GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                       PKF Consulting is a respected resource for sound decision-making in the hospitality,
                       tourism and real estate industries. Our job is to apply our special skills to a particular
PKF CONSULTING         problem; to see the unique aspects of the opportunity; and to develop and
Washington, DC         recommend practical, realistic programs and solutions that can be implemented
2034 Eisenhower        promptly, efficiently, economically and, above all, successfully and profitably.
Avenue, Suite 170
Alexandria, VA 22314   In the following pages, we provide brief outlines of some of our most important
703.684.5589 (t)       services.
703.684.5598 (f)
                       Evaluating the market and economic feasibility of a hotel, restaurant, marina, casino,
                       golf course or other hospitality or recreational project prior to making a major
                       financial commitment is an essential aspect of sound investment decision making.

                       PKF Consulting sets the standard for market and feasibility studies. As such,
                       owners, investors, operators and lenders have the confidence in our ability to
                       provide them with the highest quality market feasibility studies whether they are
                       considering investing in a new project, the repositioning or renovation of an existing
                       asset, or the takeover of an operating property.

                       Although we can tailor the scope of the study to meet the unique requirements of
                       each individual project, typically our market and feasibility studies incorporate the
                       following research and analyses:

                           •        Area Review - The area review takes into consideration the
                                    economic and demographic character of the market within which
                                    the project currently operates, or will be developed.
                           •        Site Analysis - Given the importance of location, we carefully
                                    evaluate the characteristics of the site, enumerating its advantages
                                    and disadvantages relating to operational goals.
                           •        Supply and Demand - As the basis for our estimates of the future
                                    operating performance of the project under consideration, we
                                    perform an in-depth analysis of the supply and demand
                                    characteristics of the competitive market.
                           •        Position of the Subject Project in the Market - Our research and
                                    analyses become part of your area, site, and supply and demand
                                    reviews. This information allows us to determine the most
                                    probable position of your project relative to its market.
                                    This phase of the study results in estimates of the future
                                    top-line (revenues) operating performance of your asset.

                                   CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                       •        Estimated Financial Statements - Using our understanding of the
                                operating dynamics of the type of operation under consideration,
                                information generated from our data base of comparable
                                operating statistics allows us to generate estimates of future
                                bottom-line (net operating income) results. Typically these
                                estimates include detailed projections of departmental and
                                overhead line items.
                       •        Project Recommendations - As part of our market and feasibility
                                services, we also provide recommendations, based on our analysis
                                of the competitive market, relative to the project concept and
                                timing of development.


                   With MAI (Member Appraisal Institute) professionals on staff, PKF Consulting is
                   able to provide appraisals of all types of real estate assets. Using our market and
                   feasibility analysis as a base, through the appraisal process, we then value an asset by
                   reconciling the Income Capitalization Approach, the Cost Approach, and the Sales
                   Comparison Approach.

                   In cases where a full MAI appraisal is not required, or when the operating entity is
                   separate from the underlying real estate, we also provide economic valuations of all
                   types of hospitality and tourism-related businesses.


                   PKF Consulting has counseled many local, state, and national governments in
                   developing a variety of tourism strategies and product development plans. From
                   local recreational areas, to national parks to tourism master plans, PKF Consulting
                   has the experience needed to assist both public and private sector entities in
                   achieving their tourism and recreation development goals.

                   Our scope of professional services for tourism and recreational studies include:

                       •        Infrastructure and Superstructure Inventory - Especially useful
                                for destinations that are just beginning to develop their tourism
                                capabilities or those that are evaluating the maximum potential
                                of an already developed destination, a physical inventory is taken
                                of all the existing tourism-related infrastructure and
                                superstructure facilities. The inventory is then used as a base for
                                projecting future market supply and demand, for estimating
                                future infrastructure needs, and for evaluating the need for
                                additional superstructure.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                       •        Supply and Demand Estimates - In order to best evaluate the
                                infrastructure and superstructure needs of the destination, we
                                provide estimates of probable levels of supply and demand.

                       •        Infrastructure and Superstructure Needs Assessment - Once the
                                inventory of existing facilities has been completed and the
                                estimates of future supply and demand have been calculated, we
                                then perform an assessment of the future needs both for
                                infrastructure and superstructure facilities.

                       •        Development of Marketing Plans - After making estimates of
                                future supply and demand and taking into consideration the
                                infrastructure and superstructure elements that will be available,
                                we assist in developing an integrated marketing plan designed to
                                take advantage of the unique position of the destination within
                                its competitive market. The main focus of the marketing plan is
                                to ensure that the destination captures its potential demand.

                       •        Economic Impact Studies - As an integral element in tourism
                                planning, we evaluate the potential economic impact of any
                                additions to the tourism infrastructure and superstructure, as
                                well as the growth in overall demand.

                       •        Market and Feasibility Studies for Individual Facilities - On the
                                microeconomic level, PKF Consulting is experienced in
                                performing market and feasibility studies for hospitality facilities,
                                recreational facilities, parks and attractions.


                   As a service to owners, lenders, and attorneys, PKF Consulting professionals
                   provide litigation support and expert witness testimony relative to the negotiation of
                   business terms involved in leases, loan covenants, management contracts, and the
                   purchase and sale of hospitality and recreation entities. In addition, as a member of
                   the American Arbitration Association, we offer professional arbitration services.

                   STRATEGIC PLANNING

                   In light of the globalization of the hotel industry and our extensive worldwide
                   experience, PKF Consulting has been successful in assisting numerous international
                   hotel chains with their strategic planning.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Specific strategic planning services that we provide include:

                            •        Evaluation of regional hotel development strategies of other

                            •        Assessment of the system costs associated with regional

                            •        Evaluation of the supply and demand characteristics of specific

                            •        Selection of specific sites.

                            •        Product concept development.

                            •        Development of an overall regional development strategy.

                   OPERATIONAL REVIEWS

                   PKF Consulting is often called upon to provide scheduled reviews of individual
                   hotel and recreation operations to assist with: (i) optimizing the revenue-generating
                   opportunities in the market, (ii) providing efficient systems to minimize
                   departmental and overhead expenses, and (iii) preserving the integrity of the physical
                   asset. In performing these duties, we utilize our extensive library of comparative
                   data on the actual operating performance of local operations and of operations of
                   like size and orientation in similar markets.

                   A typical operational review will include the following tasks:

                            •        Review of the operation's competitive position in the

                            •        Review of the operation's operating and marketing systems
                                     (including cash control, guest services policies, staffing
                                     policies, inventory control, maintenance and equipment
                                     replacement policies, and the marketing plan).

                            •        Review of the operation's financial performance relative to
                                     competitive operations and to industry averages.

                                CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                          GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   ASSET MANAGEMENT

                   Our operations background enables us to evaluate fixed assets and operating
                   expenses and recommend courses of action for increasing both profits and asset
                   value. As a related service, we assist in hotel chain selection and in choosing and
                   monitoring operations management companies. As needed, we advise on both
                   acquisition and disposition of hospitality properties.


                   PKF Consulting provides a full range of consulting services to the residential real
                   estate industry including demographic research, market research, and development
                   feasibility analyses. Our clients include real estate investors, financial institutions,
                   municipalities, investment advisors, real estate developers, and brokers.

                   Several representatives of our firm are officers and members of the American
                   Society of Real Estate Counselors, the National Association of Realtors, the Urban
                   Land Institute, and the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks.

                   Among the specific types of studies and consulting services provided are:

                       •         Market Research Analysis - Determining market demand and
                                 appropriate product and pricing for a property, based on
                                 analysis of competitive properties.

                       •         Site and Location Analysis - Analyzing specific sites or general
                                 market areas to determine acceptability for a particular

                       •         Highest and Best Use Analysis - Determining the most
                                 appropriate and economical use for a property.

                       •         Financial Feasibility Analysis - Determining whether projected
                                 absorption and pricing generates sufficient return on investment
                                 based on estimated development costs.

                       •         Economic Valuation and Appraisal - Valuation of income-
                                 producing properties. MAI appraisals for commercial and
                                 residential real estate properties.

                       •         Implementation Strategies - Recommending methods for
                                 accomplishing a proposed development or redevelopment plan.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                       •        Real Estate Portfolio Analysis - Assisting lending institutions
                                with loan reviews and implementation strategies for
                                development/revitalization and property disposition.


                   Given our experience in consulting to the hospitality, tourism, and real estate
                   industries, PKF Consulting is a recognized leader in providing financial consulting
                   services to institutions such as banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and
                   government agencies.

                   Some of the services we provide to our institutional clients include:

                       •        Evaluation of Loan Request Proposals - This service focuses on
                                the loan requests put forth by hotel and other tourism and real
                                estate related developers. In evaluating the loan request
                                proposal, we perform the following tasks:

                                         Providing a critical review of the overall project

                                         Assessing the appropriateness of the general design
                                         and layout.

                                         Identifying the capabilities of the development team
                                         (including the ownership entity, the developer, the
                                         architects, the land planners, and the proposed
                                         management company).

                                         Assessing the reasonableness of the development

                       •        Financial Structuring - PKF Consulting also has considerable
                                experience in assisting the institutional client with creating an
                                appropriate financial structure for the new project, or existing
                                asset for which the financing structure is being reorganized. As
                                part of this service, we can recommend appropriate levels of
                                debt and equity, assess the level of "equity at risk" (or in the case
                                of existing assets, value the contributory equity of the physical
                                asset), and evaluate the level of overall risk associated with the
                                project as configurated.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   •   Workouts - As part of this service, we assist with the
                       restructuring of non-performing properties, the formulation of
                       re-organization plans for properties in bankruptcy, the re-
                       organization of real estate owned (REO) -- including the
                       selection of a qualified management team in those cases where
                       new management is required.

                   •   Asset Monitoring - PKF Consulting is often asked by our
                       institutional clients to provide scheduled operational reviews of
                       hotels in their portfolios to ensure that the operators of the hotel
                       are: (i) optimizing the revenue-generating opportunities in the
                       market, (ii) providing efficient systems to minimize the
                       departmental and overhead expenses, and (iii) preserving the
                       integrity of the physical asset.

                   •   Evaluation of Management Agreements - As part of this service,
                       PKF Consulting assists with the evaluation of management
                       contracts to ensure that the terms of the contract are well
                       formulated to protect the financial position of the client.
                       Likewise, given our broad understanding of the industry, the
                       players involved, and the current trends in management
                       contracts, we are well positioned to assist our institutional clients
                       with the actual negotiation of management contracts.

                       CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

CONSULTANT         Founded in 1834, McGuireWoods currently has 750 lawyers working from 14
                   strategically located offices worldwide serving public, private, government and
                   nonprofit clients from such industries as automotive, energy resources, health
MCGUIREWOODS       care, technology and transportation. They serve clients by tapping into resources
CONSULTING         and the experiences of attorneys working from seven legal departments and more
1750 Tysons        than 70 areas of practice, thus meeting clients' needs from virtually any area of
Boulevard          law.
Suite 1800
McLean, VA         McGuireWoods Consulting LLC
22102-4215         McGuireWoods Consulting LLC (MWC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the
703.712.5000(t)    McGuireWoods law firm. MWC was founded in 1998 and provides government
703.712.5050(f)    relations, public relations and business expansion services to clients throughout
                   the United States. Based in Richmond, Virginia, the firm also has offices in   Tyson's Corner Virginia and Washington, D.C. Over the past four years, MWC
                   has grown to become the largest and most diverse public affairs firm in the
                   Commonwealth of Virginia.

                   Building upon the success of the PPTA, McGuireWoods Consulting drafted
                   legislation, at the request of Senator Walter Stosch, to create the Public-Private
                   Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA). Team members,
                   including Frank Atkinson, Chris Lloyd, Steve Horton, Tracy Baynard, Mark
                   Bowles, and Eric Finkbeiner, lobbied the General Assembly and the Warner
                   administration to secure overwhelming support for this initiative despite
                   significant opposition.

                   The act extends the partnership concept pioneered in the PPTA to the
                   development of all types of infrastructure, including schools, public buildings,
                   water and wastewater infrastructure, and communications systems. Both solicited
                   and unsolicited proposals to develop, operate, or maintain infrastructure are

                   McGuireWoods Consulting is also playing an active role in developing the model
                   procedures for implementation of the PPEA and in sponsoring a conference for
                   local and state government decision-makers regarding the opportunities created
                   by the legislation.

                   McGuireWoods has extensive experience in the drafting and negotiation of
                   agreements with public and private parties governing privatization initiatives,
                   public-private partnerships, and infrastructure projects related to transportation
                   and in other contexts. Typically, the Firm has also utilized its extensive public
                   finance expertise in connection with these same projects.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   •         McGuireWoods attorneys developed the concept and statutory language
                   for the Virginia’s Transportation Improvement District Act, and then provided
                   comprehensive legal services related to the following projects financed pursuant
                   to that statute:

                   •         Route 28 (Fairfax/Loudoun): $167 million project to improve a two-
                   lane facility to four and six lanes with several major interchanges.

                   •        Prince William Parkway (Prince William County) - $40 million project to
                   build a new four-lane facility and major interchange at Interstate 95 north of
                   Potomac Mills using a combination of state allocation monies and FHA monies;
                   completed in 1996.

                   •       Route 5 (James City County) - $20 million expansion of Route 5
                   between the city limits of Williamsburg and the Governor's Land development;
                   undertaken for Dominion Resources, the landowner; completed in 1996.

                   •         Route 234 Bypass (Prince William County) - $100 million project
                   undertaken for the commercial landowners; involved construction of a new four-
                   lane facility between the Manassas airport and a new interchange on Interstate 66;
                   facility opened in 1998.

                   Each of these projects required the organization of complex multi-party
                   negotiations among the General Assembly, the CTB, VDOT, the local counties,
                   the landowners, and often FHA landowners. McGuireWoods attorneys managed
                   the negotiations, wrote the enabling legislation, prepared the documentation and
                   successfully oversaw the necessary public hearings and approval process for each
                   public body. Each of these projects also required multi-source financing, and
                   McGuireWoods handled the documentation.

                   •        McGuireWoods served as bond counsel and counsel to the Northern
                   Virginia Transportation District Commission (NVTC) in connection with its
                   issuance of approximately $160 million in revenue bonds and refunding revenue
                   bonds in four series from 1990 to 1998 to finance the Virginia Railway Express
                   (VRE), a commuter rail service between Fredericksburg, VA and Washington,
                   DC. As part of the VRE financings, McGuireWoods helped negotiate, draft and
                   amend a comprehensive Master Agreement among NVTC, the Potomac and
                   Rappahannock Transportation District Commission, and the six participating and
                   contributing counties and cities.

                   •       As former bond counsel to the Maryland Transportation Authority,
                   McGuireWoods assisted the Authority in connection with financings for
                   Baltimore-Washington International Airport, including significant private
                   elements for the benefit of commercial airlines.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   The Firm also assisted the Authority in connection with its efforts to attract
                   various private interests to the Port of Baltimore. The Maryland Transportation
                   Authority is responsible for all toll roads in Maryland and various bridges and
                   tunnels, including the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

                   •        McGuireWoods has served as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel,
                   and/or lender’s counsel for various parties in numerous revenue bond and other
                   financings for the Richmond, Norfolk, and Charlottesville (VA) airports, including
                   the financing of major terminal and facility construction and expansions.

                   •        McGuireWoods represented the Vint Hill Farms Economic Development
                   Authority in its acquisition and development of the closed U.S. Army
                   Communications Base at Vint Hill in Fauquier County, Virginia. The Firm handled
                   the Authority’s negotiations with the Army for acquisition of the facility and
                   advised the Authority on tax-exempt financing of infrastructure costs,
                   environmental remediation, permitting of sewer, water, and other utilities,
                   procurement matters, and negotiations with master developers and interim lessees.

                   •         McGuireWoods served as bond counsel to the Maryland Stadium
                   Authority in connection with the financing of the highly successful Orioles Park
                   at Camden Yards and the football stadium for the Baltimore Ravens. These
                   representations involved the Firm in the solution of numerous public/private
                   partnership financing issues and the application of the Internal Revenue Code to
                   such financings. Representation of the Maryland Stadium Authority as bond
                   counsel included legal work in connection with financing for the Baltimore
                   Convention Center expansion and construction of convention centers in Ocean
                   City and Montgomery County, Maryland. McGuireWoods also serves as counsel
                   to the Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority in connection with that organization's
                   efforts to bring major league baseball to Northern Virginia. In that capacity, we
                   have assisted the Authority in resolving legal issues surrounding the location and
                   financing of a stadium, negotiated agreements with private and municipal
                   interests on behalf of the Authority, and developed and promoted financing
                   options in collaboration with state and local government officials

                   •         McGuireWoods has extensive experience in representing state and local
                   governments, municipal authorities, private developers, hotel operators, financial
                   institutions and other parties in negotiating agreements and structuring financing
                   for public-private hotel, convention center, shopping mall, and theme park
                   projects, including the following major Virginia projects: Charlottesville Omni
                   and Convention Center; Donaldson-Brown Center and Alumni Hall at Virginia
                   Tech; Hotel Roanoke Conference Center; MacArthur Center Mall in Norfolk;
                   Norfolk Public Health Center; Portsmouth Hotel and Conference Center;
                   Richmond Marriott Hotel and Convention Center; Richmond Riverfront
                   Development; Suffolk Hotel and Conference Center; Waterside Marriott Hotel
                   and Convention Center in Norfolk.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   •        McGuireWoods served as underwriters’ counsel in the Commonwealth
                   of Virginia’s successful first effort to privatize, with bond financing, the
                   development and construction of a maximum-security adult correctional facility,
                   located in southwest Virginia.

                   •         McGuireWoods attorneys have represented numerous private sector and
                   governmental entities in the privatization of landfills and related services, and in
                   the evaluation of the feasibility of such privatization proposals. The Firm has
                   also represented municipal sanitation districts across the country in the
                   privatization of tax-benefit interests in landfill gas extraction projects. The Firm
                   is counsel to the Virginia Resources Authority, which provides financing for
                   water, sewer, and solid waste facilities throughout Virginia.

                   •          Internationally, McGuireWoods has served as project counsel for a joint
                   venture among a major U.S. energy company and units of the Bulgarian
                   government to repower an existing power plant and construct transmission
                   facilities for cross-border power sales. The Firm represented Kazakhstan’s
                   Department of Privatization in the privatization of a large power generation
                   facility, served as counsel to a major U.S. telecommunications company in the
                   formation of a large telecommunications joint venture in Kazakhstan, and
                   represented Kazakhtelecom in the restructuring of its joint ventures with
                   Deutsche Telecom and Telstra International Limited of Australia. The Firm
                   represented lenders in connection with financing a 2,000-mile natural gas pipeline
                   from Alberta, Canada to the Chicago area. McGuireWoods attorneys also
                   represented Westinghouse in its bid to upgrade the air traffic control system for
                   the Russian Federation, as well as an American consortium (Brown & Root;
                   Lehman Brothers; KMPG Peat Marwick) with regard to developing a master plan
                   for a new international airport in Moscow.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   In 1995, Mr. Arnold became Principal and Founder of Concord Partners, LLC, a
                   real estate services firm specializing in providing planning, design, marketing,
                   development management and construction coordination to third-party clients.
                   Since 1997, Mr. Arnold has concurrently served as a member of The Eastridge
                   Companies, LLC. Throughout his extensive career in commercial development
                   industry, Mr. Arnold has been involved in virtually every aspect of the real estate
                   development process from inception to completion. His involvement has been
                   both hands-on and managerial in nature. Although many of his achievements
                   have been in the commercial office and retail sectors, he also has significant
                   experience in the design, financing, development, construction, marketing,
                   leasing, and management of build-to-suit, performing arts, residential, hotel,
                   industrial and land projects as well.
President             Responsible for overseeing the firm’s new and existing business
                      relationships with its institutional and corporate clients.

                        Performs hands-on development management functions including project
                        coordination, feasibility analyses, strategic positioning, transactional deal
                        structuring and financial oversight.

                        Serves as Principal-in-Charge of the 700,000 square foot NetCenter project
                        in Hampton, Virginia, which was formerly a regional mall under a full
                        redevelopment into a data, call and back-office mixed-use property.

                        Spearheads several residential multi-family and condominium projects in
                        various markets around the country.

                        Directly oversees in the management of certain development projects for
                        affiliated entities, including Collegiate Hospitality, LLC, Concord Wilshire
                        Partners and Concord Companies, Inc.

                   YEARS OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: 32

                   During his 32-year professional career, Mr. Arnold has been directly involved in
                   the development of 21 office buildings totaling more than 7 million square feet.
                   He also has orchestrated the development of six shopping centers, a 200-acre
                   industrial park and a 750,000 square foot urban mixed-use project. He was
                   responsible for asset management operations for portfolios containing more than
                   2 million square feet of commercial space and 1,400 apartment units.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Prior to forming Concord, he served as Chief Executive Officer of The
                   Kaempfer Company in Washington, DC, a full-service real estate development
                   and commercial management firm. In this capacity, he was responsible for
                   coordinating the activities of the company’s development, asset management and
                   retail expansion functions, overseeing all corporate operating and financial
                   matters, and spearheading new third-party business efforts. He also headed the
                   firm’s commercial fee-development division.

                   Prior to his role as CEO of Kaempfer, he was Senior Vice President in charge of
                   development, marketing and leasing for new and existing office building projects.
                   In addition to overseeing project budgets, financial reports, quality control,
                   selection of outside consultants and the development progress for more than a
                   dozen major projects, he also maintained direct hands-on responsibility for
                   specific projects containing a total of 500,000 square feet.

                   Mr. Arnold held the position of Senior Vice President of Development at The
                   Centennial Companies, one of the largest commercial developers in the mid-
                   Atlantic region. While at Centennial, he directed the completion of 9 commercial
                   projects, totaling 1.4 million square feet and worked on 12 other commercial,
                   retail, residential and land development projects in various stages of development.

                   Before joining Centennial, Mr. Arnold served as Director of Development and
                   Marketing for McCormick Properties, Inc., where he opened a new suburban
                   satellite office and orchestrated the complete development of a 750,000 square-
                   foot mixed-use project.

                   Mr. Arnold is a licensed real estate broker in Maryland, Virginia, and the District
                   of Columbia. He has been a member (and former Director) of the Building
                   Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), the International Development
                   Research Council (IDRC), the National Association of Corporate Real Estate
                   Executives (NACORE), the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks
                   (NAIOP) and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). He is a
                   member of the D.C. Building Industry Association, the National Association of
                   Realtors and several other trade and business organizations. He is listed in
                   “Who’s Who In Real Estate” and has written many published articles. Mr. Arnold
                   has been recognized for his participation in numerous civic activities, including
                   Chairman of the Renaissance Committee, a public/private consortium for urban
                   renewal in his community.

                   Mr. Arnold obtained his BA degree in Political Science from Wesleyan University
                   and his MBA degree in Finance and Real Estate from The Wharton School at the
                   University of Pennsylvania.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Susan H. Eastridge is one of the Founders of Concord Eastridge, Inc.., and
                   serves as its Chief Executive Officer. At Concord Eastridge, her primary
                   responsibilities involve the planning and development of build-to-suit facilities
                   for corporations, educational entities and government agencies. In addition, she
                   coordinates marketing and transactional strategies while supervising efforts of
                   business development and marketing staff, real estate licensees and project

                   Ms. Eastridge brings a 23-year track record of success in the commercial real
                   estate industry focused in the area of property acquisition and disposition,
                   development, leasing and management. Her experience includes the
                   development of more than 5 million square feet of commercial space valued in
SUSAN H.           excess of $600 million and disposition of approximately $200 million in
EASTRIDGE          commercial property. She has leased more than 1.5 million square feet of office,
Chief Executive    retail and industrial space, and she also has directed the management portfolio
Officer            of commercial properties totaling 3.8 million square feet.


                       Directs the overall company strategies and national business plan

                       Manages company-wide staffing and investment decisions

                       Advises property owners, corporation and communities throughout the
                       country about the creation and implementation of public/private
                       partnerships for project development

                       Applies her expertise in mixed-use development and hands-on
                       development management to municipal governments, and to both public
                       and private colleges and universities

                   YEARS OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: 23

                   Based in Washington, D.C. and Phoenix, Arizona, Ms. Eastridge focuses the
                   majority of her efforts on national business development and pre-development
                   planning. She has overseen build-to-suit development and project financing as
                   well as property disposition and acquisition for a variety of Concord Eastridge
                   clients in Arizona, Washington, D.C., Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania,
                   New York, Texas and California as well as property transactions and new
                   development assignments in many markets throughout the United States.

                   In 1997, Ms. Eastridge became the Founder and Managing Member of The
 CONCORD           Eastridge Companies, LLC, a national development firm focused exclusively on
 EASTRIDGE         the real estate and facility development needs of the education sector.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Prior to establishing The Eastridge Companies, Ms. Eastridge was a Principal
                   and Co-founder of ESI Corporation, a diversified real estate consulting firm
                   with offices in Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Arizona, and Santa Fe, New
                   Mexico. The firm’s focus was in the areas of public/private development,
                   public sector and corporate real estate and public sector and corporate facility
                   planning and transactions.

                   During her career, Ms. Eastridge has addressed political issues ranging from the
                   economic impact of major public expenditures to the investment strategies for
                   individual properties as well as the assessment of the market for major planned
                   communities and urban redevelopment projects to single commercial and
                   build-to-suit projects.

                   Prior to ESI, Ms. Eastridge held positions of Director of National Corporate
                   Development, and Regional Director for BetaWest Properties, Inc., a national
                   realty and development company owned by US West Communications, Inc.
                   from 1984 to 1990. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, then Orange County,
                   California, Ms. Eastridge was responsible for identifying, evaluating and
                   structuring new real estate ventures with partners and corporate users. She
                   increased the company’s regional portfolio from 127,000 square feet to nearly 3
                   million square feet of commercial space.

                   Prior to BetaWest Properties, Ms. Eastridge served as a Senior Sales Associate
                   for a subsidiary of Marcus & Millichap Commercial Brokerage, based in San
                   Francisco, California.

                   Ms. Eastridge’s undergraduate education in Economics and Political Science
                   was completed at Arizona State University where she was the first woman
                   elected as student body president in the history of the University. She has
                   completed the core curriculum toward a graduate degree in business
                   administration with an emphasis in real estate. Her professional affiliations have
                   included the Education Leaders Council, Society of College and University
                   Planners (SCUP), Council of Education Facility Planners International
                   (CEFPI), Industrial Development Research Council (IDRC), National
                   Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), National association
                   of Corporate Real Estate Executive (NACORE), the Public/Private
                   Development Collaborative (P/PDC), and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). She
                   has participated in numerous local and regional organizations, including Valley
                   Partnership, Valley Forward, Arizona Association for Economic Development,
                   Commercial Real Estate Women (AZCREW), and the California Association
                   for Local Economic Development. Ms. Eastridge has published numerous
                   articles on real estate development and has been a panelist and speaker at a
 CONCORD           variety of professional conferences. She currently holds an active real estate
 EASTRIDGE         broker’s license in Arizona.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Mr. Derby has been involved in the commercial real estate industry for his
                   entire professional career. Greg’s primary focus has been on real estate finance,
                   investment and development. Mr. Derby marries his significant knowledge of
                   private and public real estate finance with a deep understanding of the
                   development process to provide creative solutions to real estate projects.


                        Directs the real estate and development activities in the Eastern U.S.

                        Devises the Company’s real estate development and acquisition strategies.
Senior Vice             Devises the company’s capital and finance strategies.
President /
Development             Analyzes project feasibility, project planning and finance.

                   YEARS OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: 15

                   Mr. Derby served as lead project manager for the company’s proposal to
                   redevelop the Former Giant Bakery Site at the Takoma Park Campus of
                   Montgomery College.

                   On behalf of KIPP DC/KEY Academy, he led the negotiation for the leasing
                   of 28,000 square feet at 770 M Street, SE. This $3.8 million lease won
                   Honorable Mention, Best Community Impact – Washington Business Journal’s
                   Best Real Estate Deals of 2002

                   In his career, Mr. Derby has raised more than $200 million in private equity for
                   several real estate developers and operating companies.

                   He has raised over $100 million of first mortgage and mezzanine financing for
                   a large portfolio of properties in the southwestern United States.

                   Mr. Derby was involved in the acquisition of more than $100 million of
                   investment properties throughout the United States and has appraised
                   commercial properties with an aggregate value of more than $1 billion.

                   Mr. Derby has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University
                   of Maryland and a Masters of Science in Real Estate Development from the
                   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is a member of the the
 CONCORD           Council of Education Facility Planners International (CEFPI) and the Society
 EASTRIDGE         of College and University Planners (SCUP).

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Mr. Pitchford is a senior real estate development executive with 18 years of
                   industry experience and more than 2.5 million square feet of commercial
                   projects to his credit. Mr. Pitchford obtained a Masters of Business
                   Administration degree in 1993. Prior to this, he worked as a licensed architect
                   for the firm of Shriver & Holland in Norfolk, Virginia.


                       Project identification, feasibility, deal structuring

 JOSEPH                Pre-development activities including entitlements, zoning, design and
 PITCHFORD             constructability
 Vice President/
 Development           Pro-forma modeling and analysis

                       Creation and management of development teams

                       Directs project delivery and on-time, on-budget performance of projects

                   YEARS OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: 18

                   Prior to Mr. Pitchford’s career at Concord Eastridge, he was Vice President and
                   Regional Partner of Hines Interests, LLP, where he organized and opened
                   Hines’ Arizona office in 1997. While at Hines, Mr. Pitchford was responsible
                   for all new projects and general management in Arizona.

                   He served as Officer in Charge of a 300,000-square-foot office building in
                   Phoenix, Arizona and the acquisition of a 17.5 acre-office parcel in Scottsdale,
                   Arizona. His responsibilities included pre-development and entitlement activity
                   and oversight of the project manager, listing broker, property manager, and
                   coordination of all community and municipal relationships to achieve necessary

                   In addition, Mr. Pitchford has led the development team for a new $36-million
                   corporate headquarters on behalf of America West Airlines. Including
                   negotiating the comprehensive Development Agreement including property tax
                   abatements and parking contributions from the City of Tempe.
 EASTRIDGE         He also led the consulting assignment on behalf of the Arizona Tourism and
                   Sports Authority for pre-development advice related to the new $365 million
                   Arizona Cardinals football stadium.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Mr. Brana brings to Concord Eastridge more than 20 years of industry
                   experience in all phases of real estate development, including sourcing new
                   deals, procuring sites, obtaining financing, pursuing entitlements, directing
                   design and construction, negotiating leases and major agreements and
                   maintaining investor and client relationships. Mr. Brana’s broad experience
                   includes retail, office, residential and institutional projects.

                       Project identification, feasibility and deal structuring
                       Pre-development activities including feasibility due diligence and
                       Pro-forma modeling and analysis
Senior Vice
President              Creation and management of financial projections
                       Directs project delivery and on-time, on-budget performance of projects

                   YEARS OF RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: 20
                   Prior to Mr. Brana’s career at Concord Eastridge, he served as Managing Director
                   for UrbizGroup in Vienna, VA. Mr. Brana was the founder of this company
                   specializing in retail and mixed use real estate development and consulting. He
                   formed a finance/development team to pursue a 500,000 sf retail/university
                   facility with a private university in Pittsburgh and put together the plan for the
                   development of a $50 million retail/condominium project in Silver Spring MD.
                   In addition, Mr. Brana has directed the marketing, leasing and development for
                   the commercial phase of a $38M mixed use project in Loudoun County, VA and
                   served as a partner in the commercial phase.

                   Previously, Mr. Brana was an officer of the Kravco Company in King of Prussia,
                   PA. As the company’s Vice President for Development, Mr. Brana was
                   responsible for all development activities and led a team of Development
                   Directors for projects ranging from $5 million to more than $240 million, located
                   in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Maine and other Eastern states. As Director
                   of Special Projects at First Washington Realty Trust, he was responsible for a
                   large retail portfolio. As Development Director at Federal Realty Trust, he
                   directed the development of the highly successful Pentagon Row mixed use
                   development in Northern Virginia and was the primary asset manager for a
 CONCORD           portfolio of 12 company owned projects.
                   Mr. Brana has a Masters Degree in Real Estate from the Massachusetts Institute
                   of Technology and a Bachelor of Architecture Professional Degree from the
                   University of Southern California. Prior to doing real estate development, Mr.
                   Brana practiced architecture in Los Angeles.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Mr. Haller has more than 30 years of commercial real estate development
                   experience that brings a strong foundation to his role as Director of
                   Public/Private Development for Concord Eastridge.

                        Business development, project identification, feasibility, deal structuring,
                        and creation and management of development teams
                        Pre-development activities including entitlements, zoning, design and
                        Pro forma modeling and analysis
                   Mr. Haller’s previous work experience includes:
                       • Eight years as the Senior Property Manager for Honeywell Inc. and
                           JMB Properties.
                       •   13 years as Vice President/General Manager for Space Center Inc.
                       •   Two years as a Senior Managing Partner for a commercial real estate
                           brokerage, Julien J. Studley Inc.
                       •   Two years as the Senior Vice President for Construction Advisory
                           Services, Smithy Braedon-ONCOR International.
                       •   Five years as Principal-in-Charge for Jacobs Facilities, Inc., Corporate
                           A/E Business Development.

                   His Project Experience includes:
                       • Academic facilities: 90,000 square feet, $200 million corporate
                           educational/ training facilities throughout the United States.
                       •   Instituted program for Public-Private/Design-Build/Leaseback
                           delivery of office, industrial, R&D facilities to General Services
                       •   Office facilities: Developed more than 4 million square feet of
                           commercial office buildings throughout the United States; Industrial
 CONCORD                   facilities: Developed more than 3 million square feet of multi-tenanted
                           industrial facilities throughout the United States.
                       •   Build-to-suit facilities: 250,000 square foot corporate headquarters in
                           Miami, Florida, and 400,000 square foot regional headquarter buildings
                           for the National Health Laboratory Corporation in Pittsburgh, Detroit,
                           Denver and Dallas.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

GENERAL              27 years of construction experience; 14 years with Centex Construction.
                     Project Role:   As Division President and CEO of the Washington, D.C.
                                     metro office, Mr. Tarpey is responsible for overseeing all
JOHN P. TARPEY                       aspects of the division’s private, federal, state and local
Division President                   government services projects. His focus is on Centex
and CEO                              Construction’s growing presence in the Washington, D.C.
                                     area. Mr. Tarpey has developed and maintained productive,
                                     positive relationships with Owners, Developers, A/Es,
                                     subcontractors and consultants, working together with them
                                     to achieve effective resolution of construction issues.

                     Credentials:    Mr. Tarpey has been with Centex Construction for 14 years.
                                     In 1978, he began his career with Centex Construction as an
                                     Estimator. During his first five years with Centex
                                     Construction, he was promoted to Field Engineer, Office
                                     Engineer, and Project Engineer. Mr. Tarpey then worked for
                                     Clark Construction for 13 years, advancing from Project
                                     Manager in 1983 to Executive Vice President, Director of
                                     Operations in 1996. With a proven track record in senior
                                     management, Mr. Tarpey returned to Centex Construction
                                     Group in 1996 as Executive Vice President and Chief
                                     Operating Officer, and was then appointed President and
                                     CEO of Centex Construction in 1997. With 27 years in the
                                     construction industry, Mr. Tarpey is thoroughly experienced in
                                     construction management with overlapping design
                                     development and construction document processes and during

                     Education:      Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of
                                     Massachusetts, 1978
                                     Executive Program, University of Michigan, 1994

                     Representative Project Achievements:
                                    • Three PPEA Correctional Facilities for the
                                        Commonwealth of Virginia
                                    • National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia
                                    • Air Force Memorial, Arlington, Virginia
                                    • National Archives II,College Park, Maryland - $165
                                    • Pentagon Renovations, Arlington, Virginia - $60 million
                                    • National Research Council Headquarters, Washington,
                                        D.C. - $72 million
                                    • Ronald Reagan State Office Building; Los Angeles,
                                        California - $118 million

                                CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                                  •   Defense Threat Reduction Center, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
                                  •   FDA CDER Office and Central Shared Use Building,
                                      Silver Spring, Maryland
                                  •   NIH - Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center,
                                      Bethesda, Maryland
                                  •   F-22 Facilities at Langley Air Force Base, Hampton,

                                 Appointed to serve in GSA’s Construction Excellence
                                 program on the National Register of Peer Professionals • 1993
                                 Nominee for Engineering News-Record's “Construction Man of
                                 the Year” Award • National Award 2001: “Walter A. Nashert,
                                 Sr. Constructor Award” by American Institute of Constructors
                                 • VA Chapter Associated Builders and Contractors (officer) •
                                 Virginia Tech Building Advisory Board • Penn State Business
                                 Advisory Roundtable • Associated General Contractors

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                          GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

STEVEN R.             28 years of construction experience; 8 years with Centex Construction.
Executive Vice        Project Role:   As Executive Vice President and Director of Operations for
President, Director                   the Washington, DC metro office of Centex Construction, Mr.
of Operations                         Smithgall has overall responsibility for all construction
                                      operations throughout this region. He is ultimately responsible
                                      for the success of these Centex Construction projects and for
                                      committing the necessary resources to complete them within
                                      budget and schedule constraints. In addition, Mr. Smithgall is a
                                      member of the firm’s leadership team and is involved in the
                                      day-to-day divisional operations.

                      Credentials:    Mr. Smithgall joined Centex Construction in 1997 as Senior
                                      Vice President, and was recently promoted to Executive Vice
                                      President. Of his 28 years of experience in the construction
                                      industry, 16 years were with a major national general
                                      construction firm. In 1977, he began his career as an
                                      Estimator. His responsibilities grew and he was promoted to
                                      Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, Senior
                                      Superintendent, Project Executive, and Vice President. Mr.
                                      Smithgall offers an extensive background in operations
                                      including the supervision and management of lump sum and
                                      negotiated projects, self-performed work, and design-build

                      Education:      Bachelor of Science, Building Construction, Virginia Tech,

                      Representative Project Achievements:
                                     • Three PPEA Correctional Facilities for the
                                         Commonwealth of Virginia
                                     • Comstock Potomac Yard Landbay F, Arlington, Virginia
                                     • National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia
                                     • Air Force Memorial, Arlington, Virginia
                                     • E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse Annex and Renovation,
                                         Washington, D.C.
                                     • National Research Council Headquarters, Washington,
                                     • John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Parking
                                         Washington, D.C.
                                     • Defense Threat Reduction Center, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
                                     • FDA CDER Office and Central Shared Use Building,
                                         Silver Spring, Maryland

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                                  •   NIH - Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center,
                                      Bethesda, Maryland
                                  •   F-22 Facilities at Langley Air Force Base, Norfolk,
                                  •   Union Center Plaza III and V, Washington, D.C.
                                  •   One and Two Freedom Square, Reston, Virginia
                                  •   Metromedia Fiber Network ISX-VA-3, Reston, Virginia
                                  •   Main Terminal Rehabilitation and Southeast Basement
                                      Package 7 and East Basement Extension Package 8 at
                                      Washington Dulles International Airport

                   Associations: Associated Builders and Contractors • American Concrete
                                 Institute • Washington Building Congress (Board Member) •
                                 District of Columbia Building Industry Association

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

PAUL C.             25 years of construction industry experience; 7 years with Centex Construction.
LEED AP             Project Role:   Mr. Nassetta is the Vice President of Operations. He is
Vice President of                   responsible for overseeing several projects in the Washington,
Operations                          D.C. metro office and is a resource to the on-site project
                                    leaders who are responsible for establishing project objectives
                                    and policies, and for directing the resources of Centex
                                    Construction as required to achieve project goals. He is
                                    responsible for the success of the projects he oversees,
                                    committing the necessary resources on behalf of the team to
                                    complete the project and meet client expectations.

                    Credentials:    Mr. Nassetta joined the Centex Construction team in early
                                    1998, and was promoted to Vice President of Operations in

                                    Prior to employment with Centex, he spent four years with
                                    Clark Construction in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan
                                    area. Mr. Nassetta joined that company as a Senior Project
                                    Manager in 1994 and was promoted to Project Executive in
                                    1996. From 1989 thru 1994, he was the President and CEO of
                                    his own local construction management firm. During these six
                                    years, Mr. Nassetta established relationships with many of the
                                    top Washington, D.C. companies. He worked for Donohoe
                                    Construction, a large Washington, DC based general
                                    contractor, from 1980 to 1988, starting as an Office Engineer
                                    and working his way up to the Director of Construction

                    Education:      Bachelor of Science, Building Construction, Virginia Tech,

                    Representative Project Achievements:
                                   • FDA CDER Office, Silver Spring, Maryland
                                   • FDA Central Shared Use Building, Silver Spring, Maryland
                                   • Marriott Headquarters Parking Garage, Bethesda,
                                   • National Research Council Headquarters, Washington,
                                   • E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse Annex and Renovation,
                                       Washington, D.C.
                                   • Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, Virginia
                                   • Republic Square, Washington, D.C.
                                   • Metromedia Fiber Network ISX-VA-3, Reston, Virginia
                                   • Acute Care Facility, Portsmouth, Virginia

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                                  •   MCI Center, Washington, D.C.
                                  •   Patuxent Naval Air Station, Buildings 2187 & 2185,
                                      Patuxent River, Maryland
                                  •   Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency
                                      Information Command Center, Washington, D.C.
                                  •   Litton Computer Services Building, Reston, Virginia
                                  •   Skipjack Cove and Yachting Resort, Sassafrass River,
                                  •   Pentagon City Mall Complex, Pentagon City, Virginia
                                  •   Hill Crest Shopping Center, Frederick, Maryland
                                  •   Georgetown Center, Washington, D.C.
                                  •   Tysons Pond, Tysons Corner, Virginia

                                    LEED Accredited Professional • Member: Associated
                                    Builders and Contractors; Design-Build Institute of
                                    America (DBIA) • National Honorary Construction
                                    Society, 1980

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                          GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

LEON BLONDIN          19 years of construction industry experience; 4 years with Centex Construction.
Senior Vice
President, Director   Project Role:   As Senior Vice President and Director of Business Acquisition
of Business                           of the Washington, D.C. metro office, Mr. Blondin is
Acquisition                           responsible for the strategy and processes necessary to acquire
                                      projects with target clients and team members whose values
                                      and culture align with Centex Construction. He is then
                                      responsible for the seamless integration of that project to the
                                      construction phase. His duties include management oversight
                                      of preconstruction and estimating services, internal and
                                      external marketing, and purchasing.

                      Credentials:    Mr. Blondin has 19 years of experience in the construction
                                      industry. He joined Centex Construction after working for a
                                      national commercial construction company in the D.C. area
                                      for six years. There he was responsible for all estimating
                                      functions for major national construction projects. He
                                      directed teams of 5-15 estimators on projects ranging from
                                      $20 million to $500 million. He also provided overall
                                      management of the entire estimating staff including hiring,
                                      training, budgeting, performance reviews and departmental
                                      administration. Prior to this position, Mr. Blondin worked for
                                      two other commercial construction companies in estimating,
                                      quality control and soils engineering.

                      Education:      A.S., Construction Engineering, Alfred State University, 1986;
                                      Business Management coursework, University of Maryland
                                          University College

                      Relevant Project Achievements:
                                     • Three PPEA Correctional Facilities for the
                                         Commonwealth of Virginia
                                     • University of California, San Francisco, Laboratory, Phase
                                                2, San Francisco, CA
                                     • University of Maryland at Baltimore, Health Science
                                                Library, Baltimore, MD
                                     • Preconstruction services for Gaylord National Harbor,
                                         Prince Georges County, Md., a $400 million, 2.1-million-
                                         square-foot hotel and conference center; and Park Place,
                                         Annapolis, Md., a $40 million, 425,000-square-foot mixed-
                                         use hotel, office, condominium development including a
                                         500,000-square-foot parking garage

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                                  •   Additional hotel experience including Ritz Carlton,
                                      McLean, VA - $50,000,000; Omni Hotel, San Francisco,
                                      CA - $45,000,000; Embassy Suites Hotel, Washington,
                                      DC- $35,000,000
                                  •   Convention center experience including San Antonio
                                      Convention Center, San Antonio, TX - $110,000,000; an
                                      865,000 square foot expansion to the Henry B. Gonzalez
                                      Convention Center; and Memphis Convention Center,
                                      Memphis, TN - $67,000,000; a 450,000-square-foot
                                      addition to an existing convention center
                                  •   National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia
                                  •   Air Force Memorial, Arlington, Virginia
                                  •   Defense Threat Reduction Center, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
                                  •   FBI Laboratory, Quantico, Virginia
                                  •   Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, Virginia

                                    Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), National
                                    Capitol Chapter, 2005 President

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                           GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

DAVID C.               28 years of professional experience in Northern Virginia;
BIRTWISTLE             19 years in business development and customer service; 8 years with Centex.
Vice President,
Director of Business   Project Role:       Mr. Birtwistle is Vice President of Business Development.
Development                                He is responsible for business development, identifying
                                           and developing opportunities for the Washington, D.C.
                                           metro office. He focuses on developing client
                                           relationships, as well as new commercial and geographic
                                           markets. He also leads the division’s initiative to deliver
                                           public facilities in Virginia under the Commonwealth’s
                                           public-private partnership act (PPEA). In addition, Mr.
                                           Birtwistle leads the division’s initiatives in corporate

                       Credentials:        Prior to joining Centex, Mr. Birtwistle was the Director of
                                           Marketing for the Fairfax County Economic Development
                                           Authority (FCEDA). In that role, he had responsibility for
                                           programs to recruit business to and retain business in
                                           Fairfax County. Mr. Birtwistle’s experience included the
                                           recruitment of such highly visible businesses as: Mobil,
                                           General Dynamics, Airbus, Oracle, AMS and Nextel
                                           among others. He was also the Project Manager for the
                                           effort to attract Major League Baseball to Northern

                                           Over the last 16 years, Mr. Birtwistle has served a variety
                                           of community organizations. His involvement has
                                           included: Center for Multicultural Human Services Board
                                           of Directors; NAIOP - Northern Virginia Board;
                                           Parkinson’s Foundation of National Capital Area; the
                                           Hunter Mill District Council of Civic Associations, which
                                           he chaired for 3 years; Celebrate Fairfax; the YMCA of
                                           Fairfax County; Frying Pan Park, and Leadership Fairfax,
                                           where he was a member of the inaugural class of 1988 and
                                           organized the LF Alumni Association, which evolved into
                                           Leadership Fairfax, Inc. He was a panelist for a recent
                                           (March 2005) Society for Marketing Professional Services
                                           education program on Public-Private Partnerships, which
                                           focused on the PPEA process, project opportunities,
                                           associated team relationships and strategies to best meet
                                           client needs.

                       Education:          Bachelor of Arts, Providence College, 1975
                                           Master's of Public Administration, American University,

                                  CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Representative Project Achievements:
                                      • Three PPEA Correctional Facilities for the
                                          Commonwealth of Virginia
                                      • National Research Council for the National
                                          Academies, Washington, D.C.
                                      • National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico,
                                      • Two Freedom Square, Reston, Virginia
                                      • Plaza America III and IV, Reston, Virginia
                                      • Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, Virginia

                                    CoreNet International • District of Columbia Building
                                     Industry Association • Design-Build Institute of America
                                     • Virginia Association of Commercial Real
                                     Estate • Washington Building Congress • Greater
                                     Washington Board of Trade • Association of Owners and
                                     Developers • Urban Land Institute

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                           GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

MARK KONCHAR,         11 years of professional experience; 6 years with Centex.
AP                    Project Role:        Mr. Konchar will oversee the design-build effort with the
Senior Manager,                            goal of satisfaction for George Mason University and the
Integrated Projects                        team. With a clear understanding of GMU expectations in
                                           mind, this oversight will focus on the close coordination
                                           between team members, the timeliness of design
                                           deliverables, the comprehensive review of progress
                                           designs to verify budget, the constructability of design,
                                           and the ability of the team to deliver on time. He will
                                           work together with Paul Nassetta and other members of
                                           Centex Construction to lead the design-build effort.

                      Credentials:         Mark joined Centex Construction on the design-build
                                           National Research Council Headquarters project in
                                           Washington, D.C., where he served as a field
                                           superintendent. He earned his PhD in Architectural
                                           Engineering, Construction Management at the Penn State
                                           University, and has been directly involved in a number of
                                           research projects. In addition, he is the author of several
                                           published articles and reports and has co-authored the
                                           book, "Selecting Project Delivery Systems." Mark is co-
                                           founder of the Project Delivery Institute, an organization
                                           designed to develop and deliver educational materials to
                                           help facility owners and project team members understand
                                           how to better deliver facilities. He is considered to be an
                                           industry expert and frequently speaks on construction-
                                           related, design-build topics around the country.

                      Education:           PhD, Architectural Engineering, Construction
                                           Management, Penn State University, 1997; Engineer in
                                           Training (EIT) Registration, 1997; Bachelor of
                                           Architectural Engineering, Construction Management,
                                           Pennsylvania State University, 1994

                      Representative Design-Build Achievements:
                                        • Design manager for three PPEA correctional facilities
                                           for the Commonwealth of Virginia, three locations.
                                        • Pentagon Memorial, Arlington, VA; design-build
                                            manager for $27 million design-build project with
                                            organizations united to construct a memorial
                                            commemorating the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                     GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                                     •   National Research Council for National Academy of
                                         Sciences, Washington, DC; $71 million design-build,
                                         headquarters project consisting of 373,000 square feet
                                         of Class A office, administration and conference
                                         related space in 11 stories, and 450 parking spaces on
                                         five levels below grade; award-winning project.

                                     •   The New Elitch Gardens, Denver, CO; $95 million,
                                         110-acre design-build amusement park.

                                     •   Academic Research: A Comparison of U.S. Project
                                         Delivery Systems; This research, the first empirical
                                         comparison of U.S. project delivery systems, was
                                         sponsored by The Construction Industry Institute and
                                         published in 1999 by Sanvido and Konchar.

                                    Designated Design-Build Professional (DBIA) - April
                                    2002; Board of Trustee Member for the Design-Build
                                    Education and Research Foundation; LEED Accredited

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                            GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

ARCHITECT              Jeff Barber is Executive Director of the Architecture Studio at Gensler in
                       Washington, D.C. His focus on corporate headquarters projects and their
JEFF BARBER, AIA,      campuses in the United States and in Europe has helped make him the
                       firmwide leader of the Corporate Buildings Practice Area.
Architectural Design
Director               Jeff is a LEED-accredited architect who also co-directs the firm’s committee
                       on Sustainable Design. His passion for sustainability spans multiple LEED-
                       certified projects with Gensler clients, including: Toyota for LEED CI silver
                       (registered); Armstrong World Industries for LEED 1.0 pilot (complete); SEIU
                       for LEED NC gold (registered); Patriots Plaza (Phase 2.3) for LEED CS
                       (registered), National Geographic for LEED EB; and PNC Bank applying for
                       LEED Silver Volume Build. Jeff has frequently been called upon to present on
                       the topic of sustainable design and leads Gensler’s firmwide sustainable design
                       task force. Under Jeff’s leadership, Gensler has grown from 45 to over 400
                       LEED-accredited professionals in the past two years.

                       Jeff is a recognized talent in the conceptual design, design development and
                       architectural detailing of base building projects and has reCCved several design
                       awards for his work at Gensler and other firms. He also brings substantial
                       experience in master planning and interiors to support his inside-out approach
                       to building and campus design.

                        Base Building / Renovations
                        Gaylord Hotel & Convention Center, Oxon Hill, MD                   2,000,000 sf
                        Armstrong World Industries Headquarters, Lancaster, PA

                          LEED 1.0 Pilot                                                     120,000 sf
                          New Corporate Center                                               550,000 sf
                          Campus renovations
                        Service Employees International Union (SEIU),                        120,000 sf
                        Washington, D.C.
                          LEED Gold
                        Patriots Plaza, Washington, D.C.
                                                                                            300,000 sf
                          LEED CS                                                           1.25 mil sf
                          Phase I

                                    CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   National Geographic
                    LEED EB Silver
                    Multiple projects in the range of 10,000 sf

                   River’s Edge Campus, Medford, MA                             4 bldgs, each
                                                                                   125,000 sf
                   The Hartford Building, Arlington, VA                            220,000 sf
                   Square 516, Washington, D.C.                                    250,000 sf
                   1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.                      225,000 sf
                   Discovery Communications, Creative & Tech.Ctr, Silv.            125,000 sf
                   Spring, MD
                   Teknion Headquarters, Mt. Laurel, NJ                            98,000 sf
                   Hypobank Headquarters*, Luxembourg                             240,000 sf
                   Regus Office Centres, Prototype design, multiple locations     100,000 to
                                                                                  200,000 sf
                   Siemens Headquarters*, Munich, Germany                         450,000 sf
                   Skyline Plaza 1-2-3, Fairfax, VA                               250,000 sf

                   Towson University, Towson, MD                                  130,000 sf
                   Cleveland Hopkins International Airport,                        34,000 sf
                   North Terminal Expansion, Cleveland, OH
                   GSA First Impressions, Multiple Locations, Nationwide            Various
                   Eye Center, Oregon Health Services University*, Portland,      110,000 sf
                   Lincoln Center North Building*, New York, NY                   460,000 sf
                   Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Residences*, New York,           115,000 sf
                   St. Paul’s Community Center, Capitol Heights, MD                65,000 sf
                   The New York Botanical Garden, Library and Herbarium*           80,000 sf
                   Bronx, NY

                   Master / Site Planning
                   Teknion Headquarters, Mt. Laurel, NJ                             25 acres
                   Daimler Benz Research Center*, Ulm, Germany                  1,000,000 sf
                   Avion Office Park, Fairfax County, VA                            57 acres
                   O Street NE Development, Washington, D.C.                        10 acres
                   River’s Edge, Medford County, MA                                 32 acres
                   Corporate Client, Rockville, MD                                  25 acres
                   EDS, Herndon, Virginia                                          190 acres

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Stevens School, Washington, D.C.                                15 acres
                   Burlington and Northern Railroad Headquarters*, Fort        1,000,000 sf
                   Worth, TX
                   Vista, Singapore*                                           5,000,000 sf

                   Toyota Governmental Affairs, Washington D.C.                 25,000 sf
                     LEED CI
                   Mathtech, Inc.*, Arlington, VA                                 13,000 sf
                   N.E.W. National Electronics Warranty*, Great Falls,            12,000 sf
                   USDA Graduate School*, Washington, D.C.                        75,000 sf

                   Entertainment & Retail
                   PNC Bank Prototype & Rollout                               each 5,000 sf
                     Applying for LEED Silver Volume Build
                   Eight-O Restaurant*, Fort Worth, TX                             6,000 sf
                   Fort Worth Brewing Company*, Fort Worth, TX                     7,000 sf
                   Spectrum Express*, Multiple Locations in VA and MD         each 2,000 sf
                   Sundance West*, Fort Worth, TX                                135,000 sf
                   Temps and Co. Prototype*, Washington, D.C.                      1,300 sf
                   Typhoon Brewery and Restaurant*, New York, NY                  12,000 sf

                   Master of Architecture, Yale School of Architecture
                   Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude, Yale University
                   Registered Architect, New York
                   Member, American Institute of Architects
                   Member, Urban Land Institute

                   Honors and Awards
                   2002 Silver Award for State/Federal Government Project, IIDA Washington
                     Chapter — Moorhead Federal Building
                   2000 Award of Excellence, Northern Virginia AIA — Armstrong World
                   1999 Honor Award, IIDA Potomac Chapter —
                     National Electronics Warranty Companies
                   1996 Project Award Citation, AIA Washington Chapter — Typhoon Brewery

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                    GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   1991 Project Award Citation, AIA New York Chapter — Hypolux Bank
                   1989 Progressive Architecture Citation — Portland Eye Center

                   Speaking Engagements & Publications
                   MT Symposium, March 2005 “Progress Report: Defining Energy
                     Performance for New Construction”
                   USGBC annual summit November 2002. “Operable Windows - Divergent
                     Imperatives in the US and Europe”
                   CREW Network Annual Convention, October 2002. “Integrating Security in
                     Office Buildings”
                   ASHRAE winter Meeting, 2002. “Sustainable Imperatives - Divergent Views
                   in the US and Europe”
                   Environmental Design & Construction, 2000, Armstrong
                   Architectural Record, May 2000, Armstrong
                   Architecture, July 1994, Hypobank
                   Domus, January 1994, Hypobank
                   GA Document, December 1994, Hypobank and Daimler Benz

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                             GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

EDWARD A.               Ed Grun has more than 27 years of professional experience in corporate,
GRUN, AIA               commercial and hospitality architecture. Ed has served in the roles of Project
Principal Hospitality   Principal, Project Manager, Project Designer and Project Architect for several
Practice Expert         notable hotel projects including the Ritz-Carlton Houston, Hilton America
                        Houston, Inter-Continental Uptown Houston, Gaylord National Harbor, and
                        the San Soucie and Wildflower Resorts. He is currently co-director of
                        Gensler’s Hospitality Practice. Ed has also been responsible for the design
                        delivery of numerous luxury residential condominium and apartment tower

                        Hotels / Hospitality
                        Doubletree Allen Center, Conference Center; Houston                    30,000 sf
                        Doubletree Allen Center, Re-flag Renovation; Houston         368 keys/26 stories
                                                                                             /230,000 sf
                        French Quarter Inn Hotel & Condominiums; Atlanta300 keys/75 condos/187,000
                        Gaylord National Harbor; Washington, DC                       1,500
                        keys/17stories/2,000,000 sf
                        Hilton Americas Hotel; Houston               1,200 keys/26 stories/1,235,000 sf
                        Inter-Continental Hotel Uptown; Houston          480 keys/23 stories/475,000 sf
                        Inter-Continental Hotel & Condos; Seattle120 keys/70 condos/20 stories/225,000
                        L’Auberge de Sedona Resort Hotel Renovation; Sedona, Arizona 100 keys
                        Marriott Hotel; Troy, Michigan                   350           keys/17
                        stories/372,400 sf
                        Osceola County Convention Center; Orlando                            485,000 sf
                        Provo Beach Club Resort, Turks & Caicos Islands; Bahamas 65 villas/20 acres
                        Renaissance Hotel, Preliminary Design, Houston 290 keys/17 stories/300,000 sf
                        Ritz Carlton Hotel; Houston       325 keys/40 apartments/17 stories/420,000 sf
                        San Soucie Resort Hotel Renovation/Addition; Jamaica           100 keys/50 villas
                        Stafford Centre Performing Arts Theatre and Convention Center;
                             Stafford, Texas                                                    95,000 sf
                        Wildflower Hotel and Golf Resort; Grand Prairie, Texas488 keys/25 villas/569,000
                        1000 First Avenue Condominiums; Seattle         70 condos/12 stories/225,000 sf
                        Al Fattan Tower, Design; Dubai, U.A.E.           210 units/45 stories/68,250 m2
                        Buckhead Residence Apartments; Atlanta           220 units/ 20 stories/212,000 sf
                             Parking garage      550 cars
                        The Citadel Lofts, Houston                    80 luxury loft apartments/8 stories
                        Four Season Residences; Austin                    129 units/28 stories/327,000 sf
                             Parking garage                                                      470 cars
                        Galvestonian Condominiums; Galveston, Texas 179 units/12 stories/220,000 sf

                                   CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   The Houstonian Estates Condominiums; Houston 160 units/28 stories/420,000 sf
                   Inter-Continental Hotel & Condos; Seattle120 keys/70 condos/20 stories/225,000
                   Parklane Apartment Tower; Clayton Missouri      212 units/ 19 stories/204,000 sf
                       Parking garage                                                      500 cars
                   Plaza Tower Apartments; St. Loius                  190 units/17 stories/184,000
                       Parking garage                                                      450 cars
                   Residence at the Ritz Carlton; Houston            50 units/12 stories/150,000 sf
                   Tealstone Condominiums; Houston                   60 units/15 stories/155,000 sf
                       Parking garage                                                      150 cars
                   Vanland Residential Community, Beijing                     500 units/2-9 stories

                   Corporate Headquarters
                   American General, Corporation Consolidation; Houston       12 stories /230,000 sf
                   American General, Corporate Headquarters; Houston           8 stories /150,000 sf
                   Continental Airlines, Headquarters Reorganization; Houston 10 stories /200,000 sf
                   Halliburton Oak Park Corporate Campus, Houston                       2,800,000 sf
                       KBR Building                                            12 stories/745,000 sf
                       HES Building                                          21 stories/682,000 sf
                       LMG Building                                            20 stories/650,000 sf
                       Concourse Building Renovation                            3 stories/562,000 sf
                       Conference Center                                         2 stories/27,000 sf
                       Data Center                                                         47,000 sf
                       Fitness Center                                                      30,000 sf
                       Campus Dining Center                                                59,000 sf
                   Pool Company Headquarter Offices; Houston                               45,000 sf
                   Variable Annuity Life Insurance Corporate Offices; Houston 8 stories/180,000 sf
                   Wilsons Corporate Headquarters; Baton Rouge, Louisiana       6 stories/150,000 sf

                   Bachelor of Environmental Design, Texas A&M University 1977
                       Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi
                   Registered Architect; Texas, #9348, 1983
                   Registered Interior Designer; Texas, #4084, 1993
                   NCARB Certified, #29781
                   Member, American Institute of Architects
                   Member, Texas Society of Architects

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

DONALD J.             Don Ghent has over twenty-nine years of professional experience in the design
GHENT JR., AIA        and delivery of building architecture and interior design projects. Don’s
Principal Technical   experience has encompassed a variety of client types and includes both public
Director              and private sector clients.

                                                                                        2,200,000 sf
                      Gaylord National, Hotel & Convention Center; Oxon Hill, MD,
                                                                                        150 keys
                      Washington Circle Hotel, Washington D.C.,
                       George Washington University
                                                                                         600,000 sf
                      Georgetown Plaza and Four Seasons Hotel*, Washington, DC
                      J.P Morgan Hotel, Goodwin Square*, Hartford, CT                    100,000 sf

                      Commercial Buildings
                      Square 516 South, Washington, D.C.; Trammell Crow Company            250,000 sf
                      Woodland Park, Herndon, VA / Tishman-Speyer                          160,000 sf
                      Square 537, Washington, D.C. / Trammell Crow Company              1,000,000 sf
                      Invesco Corporate Headquarters, Denver, CO                           250,000 sf
                      Discovery Square, Reston, VA /Boston Properties & Terrabrook         380,000 sf
                      American Film Institute, Silver Spring, MD                            80,000 sf
                      Discovery Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD                            600,000 sf
                      The Hartford Building, Arlington, VA                                 450,000 sf
                      649 New York Avenue, N.W.                                             25,000 sf
                      Leggett McCall, Virginia, consulting                                 300,000 sf
                      1625 Eye Street, Washington, D.C.                                    625,000 sf
                      King Farm Office Building F1& F2*, Rockville MD                      300,000 sf
                      Glastonbury Park*, Glastonbury CT Bldgs 1,2, & 4                     240,000 sf
                      1310 G Street NW*,* Washington DC                                    350,000 sf
                      Fairfax Square*, Vienna VA                                           600,000 sf
                      2450 N Street NW*, Washington DC                                     200,000 sf
                      700 11th Street NW*, Washington DC                                   525,000 sf
                      700 13th Street NW*, Washington DC                                   400,000 sf
                      National Geographic Society*, Washington DC                          600,000 sf
                      1001 30th Street NW*, Washington DC                                   75,000 sf
                      1201 G Street, N.W.*, Washington, DC                                 350,000 sf
                      200 Glastonbury Boulevard*, Glastonbury, CT                           80,000 sf

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                    Franklin Court*, Washington, DC                                       400,000 sf
                    2000 K Street, N.W.*, Washington, DC                                  300,000 sf
                    Goodwin Square*, Hartford, CT                                         600,000 sf
                    Metropolitan Square*, Washington, DC                                  750,000 sf
                    1101 Connecticut Avenue, NW*, Washington, DC                          350,000 sf

                    Williams & Connelly, PC, Washington, D.C.                             200,000 sf
                    Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin & Oshinsky Washington, D.C.                 425,000 sf
                    PBS Headquarters, Alexandria, VA                                      200,000 sf
                    Discovery Communications HQ, Silver Spring, MD                        600,000 sf
                    U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Alexandria, VA, LCOR               2,000,000 sf
                    American Film Institute, Silver Spring, MD                             30,000 sf
                    Atlanta Customer Service Center, Interior Space Planning &            400,000 sf
                      Design*, Internal Revenue Service
                    Integrated Workplace Strategy, Milwaukee District HQ Office*,
                      Internal Revenue Service                                            125,000 sf
                    Tiffany & Company*, Vienna, Virginia                                  10,000 sf
                    American Bankers Association*, Washington, DC                          15,000 sf
                    Acumenics Research and Technology, Inc.*                               20,000 sf
                    SOM/DC Office Facilities*, Washington, DC                              45,000 sf
                    National Geographic Society*, Washington, DC                          425,000
                    Ross Dixon & Masback*, Washington, DC                                  80,000 sf
                    Howrey & Simon*, Washington, DC                                       25,000 sf
                    The Urban Institute*, Washington, DC                                   25,000 sf
                    U.S. Embassy – New Office Building*, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada          90,000 sf

                   Master of Architecture, Catholic University
                   Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Catholic University
                   Registered Architect, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut
                   NCARB certificate holder
                   Member, American Institute of Architects
                   Member, Construction Specifications Institution
                   Member, Washington Building Congress

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Building Design & Construction - Reconstruction Award, Commonwealth
                   Tower, 1996
                   Associated Builders and Contractors, Excellence in Construction Award,
                    700 Eleventh Street, N.W., 1994
                   Washington Building Congress, Craftsmanship Awards, 1993,1994,1995
                   Cardinal O'Boyle European Studies Program, 1973

                   Urban Revitalization, "London & Leeds Development Leads Rosslyn
                   Revitalization", The Corridor Real Estate Journal", August 20, 1993.
                   Building Design & Construction, Commonwealth Tower, project profile, 1996
                   SOM/DC Technical Manual, Co-Author, Editor, 1985 - 1990

                   Technical Reports
                   “Enhanced Occupancy Standards”, Internal Revenue Service, 1997
                   “Post-of-Duty Modeling Guidelines”, Internal Revenue Service, 1997
                   “Move Management & Project Implementation - ATCSC, Internal Revenue
                     Service, 1998
                   "Blast Resistance Analysis", FBI-WMFO, General Service Administration, 1995

                   Technical Conference & Lectures
                   2001 Lecturer, Navigator Lecture Series, Professional Development Gensler-
                   1998 Professional Design-Build Conference, Chicago, DBIA
                   GSA Physical Security Panel, General Services Administration, 1995
                   Value Engineering Conference - Technical Security, Port Authority of NY &
                   NJ, 1995
                   Guest Speaker, Construction Metrication Council, 1994, 1995
                   Guest Speaker, Metrication / FBI-WMFO, AIA Architects-in-Government
                     Conference, 1995
                   Value Engineering Conference, FBI-WMFO, General Services Administration,

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

RAFFAEL            Raffael Scasserra brings twelve years of experience to Gensler. He has worked
SCASSERRA, AIA     locally on projects including the design development of the National Museum of
Senior Associate   the American Indian for the Smithsonian Institution and Gaylord National
Lead               Harbor Convention Center & Hotel. Prior to 1996, Raffael worked in Ontario,
Designer/Project   Canada on a series of major institutional and base building projects. His work
Architect          also includes residential and hotels, and he is experienced in all phases of the
                   design process. His area of specialization is building envelopes and curtainwall,
                   and he contributes his diverse experience to both base building and renovation
                   projects at Gensler.

                    Project Experience
                    Gaylord National Hotel – Oxon Hill, MD                            2,200,000 sf
                                                                                      1500 rooms
                    Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, University of                200,000 sf
                    Canadian Museum of Civilization, First Peoples Hall,               200,000 sf
                    Ottawa, Ontario
                    National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian                230,000 sf
                     Washington, DC
                    Square 537 Master Plan – Washington, DC                           1,100,000 sf
                    Square 537 Phase One – Washington, DC                               300,000 sf
                    Square 537 Phase Two – Washington, DC                               350,000 sf
                    Square 537 Phase Three – Washington, DC                             450,000 sf
                    Halliburton – Oak Park, Houston, TX                               2,500,000 sf
                    Union Pacific Railroad Headquarters, Omaha, NE                    1,100,000 sf
                    Woodland Park, Herndon, VA                                          170,000 sf
                    Oneida Nations: Turning Stone Casino Hotel, Syracuse, NY           250 rooms
                    Visual Networks, Rockville, MD                                       27,000 sf
                    Discovery Creative and Technology Center, Silver Spring,            100,000 sf
                    1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC
                    Kainai Board Office, Kainai, Alberta                                 10,000 sf
                    Novartis Master Plan, New Jersey, NY

                   Bachelor’s of Architecture, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, 1992
                   Carleton University, Direct Studies Abroad, Rome Italy
                   Member, American Institute of Architects

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


RORY LOBERG         Rory brings over 30 years of hospitality experience, 20 of which have been
President           spent in the lodging and conference center industry. He has held positions such
                    as Regional Director, Director of Operations, General Manager, Director of
                    Human Resources, and Director of Marketing. Rory has experience in
                    executive, university, corporate, and resort conference centers. He has been a
                    member of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) since
                    1988 and has served in many different capacities. Rory is a graduate of the
                    University of Minnesota and has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant

ABIGAIL             Abigail brings an extensive background in ARAMARK Harrison Lodging as
CHARPENTIER         well as hospitality human resources. Abigail began her ARAMARK career in
Vice President of   property human resources, moving up to Director of Human Resources at the
Human Resources     largest center in ARAMARK Harrison Lodging. She then assumed the
                    corporate responsibilities as Director of Human Resources for Conference
                    Center Management before becoming a Director of Operations responsible for
                    10 properties. In 2002, Abigail returned to human resources as the Vice
                    President. She is now responsible for human resources, staffing, and employee
                    development. Abigail is a graduate of Cornell University.

SUSAN BAWER         With 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Susan is an expert in all
Regional Vice       areas of hotel/conference center management including sales and marketing,
President           conference planning, special events catering, and restaurant management. Susan
                    joined ARAMARK in 1995 as the Director of Conference Services at the
                    Xerox Document University (now known as the National Conference Center).
                    Prior to her current role as Operations Vice President, Susan held a variety of
                    management positions, rapidly advancing to General Manager. She earned her
                    undergraduate degree from the University of Houston at the Hilton School of

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

THOMAS NOLAN        Tom, a hospitality industry executive with more than 23 years experience, is
Regional Vice       presently the Regional Vice President of Operations for the Southeast Region
President           for ARAMARK Harrison Lodging and General Manager/Managing Director at
of Operations       The National Conference Center in Lansdowne, VA.
                    Tom's hospitality career has been with Marriott International, where he has
                    served as General Manager at the Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington VA, the
                    Washington Marriott and the Bethesda Marriott Suites, in each case
                    demonstrating outstanding leadership and improved sales, profits and market
                    share. Tom began his career with Marriott in 1981 as Catering Sales and Service
                    Manager for the company's 705-room hotel in Philadelphia. He then served as
                    Director of Catering for Marriott properties in Cambridge and Springfield, MA
                    before being promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing, a position he held
                    at Marriott hotels in Washington D.C., New York City, Hartford and Portland,
                    ME. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Bentley
                    College in Waltham, MA.

MIKE FAHNER         Mike brings more than 20 years of hospitality experience to the team. His
Vice President of   experience includes positions such as Regional Vice President of Sales and
Marketing and       Marketing, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Marketing as
Development         well as National Director of Sales Training and Staffing Development. He is a
                    member of MPI And IACC and has been a guest speaker at Cornell University,
                    Penn State, University of the District of Columbia, and Drexel University. Mike
                    is a graduate of the College of New Jersey and holds a degree in Small Business
                    Administration. He has been a guest speaker at the International Association of
                    Conference Centers’ annual meetings and serves on its marketing committee.

MEG MCKENNA         Meg brings close to 20 years of operations experience in hospitality-related
Vice President of   contract services to her role as Director of Information Technology for
Information         ARAMARK Harrison Lodging. Her past experiences as Director of Food and
Technology          Beverage, Director of Sales and Catering, Convention Services Manager, and
                    Information Technology Consultant to the hospitality industry will be leveraged
                    as she interacts with each property to create a unique portfolio of technology
                    solutions to anticipate and exceed the technical requirements of conference
                    center guests. Meg joined the team in March of 2004 to support the properties
                    and to provide strategic leadership in the area of Information Technology. She
                    is a graduate of Bryant College with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and
                    Institution Management.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

SCOTT SHONTZ       Scott, a 13-year veteran of ARAMARK, brings a strong balance of operations
Chief Financial    and financial leadership to the team. Beginning with ARAMARK in the audit
Officer            field, Scott joined the conference center team as Director of Finance prior to
                   assuming the Director of Operations role. Scott assumed the Vice President of
                   operations role in 2001. In June of 2002 Scott was promoted to Regional Vice
                   President. To take advantage of Scott’s diverse background, he was named
                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging VP of Finance/Chief Financial Officer in
                   December of 2003.

GREGORY WEIR       A graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in Business and
CHA, Vice          Hospitality Services Administration, Greg’s previous responsibilities with
President Client   ARAMARK include General Manager, Regional Manager, and Director of
Relations and      Operations. Prior to joining ARAMARK, Greg was the executive assistant
Retention          manager of the Adam’s Mark Philadelphia, and Operations Vice President of
                   Sencorp, a resort development firm based in Florida. Upon graduation, Greg
                   was selected for the Sheraton Corporation Management training program, after
                   which he held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility for Sheraton
                   in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Louisiana. Greg has been a member of the
                   IACC since 1990 and is a Certified Hotel Administrator. He has served as an
                   advisory board member to the University of Maryland-Eastern Shore and the
                   Columbus Public Schools.

SEAN               Sean joins the team from the Harrison Conference Center and Collegiate
MCLAUGHLIN         Collection acquisition. Based in Tarrytown, New York, he is responsible for
Director of        brand standards, quality assurance, and performance and satisfaction metrics.
Development        He has more than 20 years of experience in the conference industry in finance,
                   operations, and development. Sean has held numerous positions in the
                   hospitality industry including Controller, Director of Operations, and General
                   Manager at several of the largest and most prominent conference centers in the
                   U.S. He is an active member of the IACC and serves as co-chair of the Quality
                   Committee. Sean is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and resides in
                   Connecticut with his family.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

SCOTT ROBINSON      Scott joined ARAMARK Harrison Lodging as Director of Sales and Marketing,
Regional Director   representing The Harrison Conference Center at Glen Cove, New York, and
                    the Merrill Lynch Conference and Training Center in Plainsboro, New Jersey.
                    Scott was promoted to Regional Director of Sales for the East Coast and is
                    responsible for the sales effort. During his 15 years in the hospitality industry,
                    he held various positions, including Director of Rooms Division, Reservations
                    Manager, and Revenue Manager. Scott is an active member of the International
                    Association of Conference Centers (IACC) and Meeting Planners International
                    (MPI). Scott holds a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

MICHAEL             Mike gained much of his experience in the conference, resort, golf, tourism and
CZARCINSKI          real estate industries over the past 22 years. Prior to his role as managing
Area Director       director at ARAMARK Harrison Lodging's Conference Center at Glen Cove,
                    Mike served as executive vice president of operations for three years at the
                    Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, NC, where he led the $85-million resort
                    operation and acted as development liaison for the Pinehurst Village Concept.
                    Prior to this, he served as director of operations and general manager for the
                    Woodlands Executive Conference Center and Resort in The Woodlands, TX.
                    During his tenure at this Mobil four-star property, he developed the Shell
                    Learning Center and operated the Exxon Learning Center and the Tournament
                    Players Course, site of the Shell Houston Open. Mike also gained valuable
                    experience while serving as northeast regional director of service development
                    for Marriott International. Mike holds degrees in Hotel Management and
                    Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University. He plays an active role on the
                    International Association of Conference Center's executive committee as
                    second vice president.

CRESTON WOODS       Creston Woods has worked in the hospitality industry for the past 27 years and
Area Manager        has been part of the ARAMARK Harrison Lodging team for 2.5 years. Prior to
                    his position as North Carolina Area Manager and General Manager of The
                    Carolina Inn, Creston spent 11 years working with Hilton Hotels Corporation
                    (formerly known as Doubletree and Promus Hotels), where he held general
                    manager positions in Atlanta, GA and Chapel Hill, NC. In addition, Creston
                    worked with Sheraton Corporation for 14 years as general manager in Redondo
                    Beach, CA, Universal City, CA and Anchorage, AK. Woods earned a Bachelor
                    of Science degree in Business Administration from Miami University, Oxford,

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                            GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

STEVE SACKMAN          Steve has worked in the hospitality industry for the past 17 years. Prior to his
Director of National   appointment as the new director of sales and marketing at ARAMARK
Sales                  Harrison Lodging's Conference Center at Glen Cove, he worked at the
                       Doubletree Guest Suites in New York City's Times Square in a variety of sales
                       and marketing positions, eventually serving as the director of sales and
                       marketing. During this ten-year tenure, he created and coordinated key
                       partnerships with American Girl and Disney Theatrical. In addition, he led the
                       marketing cluster for all Hilton Hotels in metropolitan New York. Previously,
                       he held a number of positions in operations and sales at the Crowne Plaza
                       Manhattan and the Grand Hyatt New York. Steve earned a bachelor's degree in
                       Hospitality Administration from New York University.

JEFF WEGGMAN           Jeff graduated from The School of Hotel and Restaurant Management of
Vice President of      Widener University in Chester PA. with a B.S. degree. With over 25 years of
Sales                  hospitality experience, Jeff has held many different positions in our industry
                       from operations, general management, to Vice President of Sales. Jeff was
                       General Manager at three conference centers including American Express’s
                       Oak Ridge Conference Center in Chaska MN. and the world leading General
                       Electric Leadership Development Center in Croton New York. Prior to joining
                       ARAMARK Jeff was the Vice president of Sales for a major conference
                       center/resort company.

                                  CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

BRANDING           Jordan Goldstein is an award-winning designer with Gensler’s Washington, DC
CONSULTANT         office. Over the last two years, Jordan’s designs have won seven national
                   awards and been published in several design periodicals, including Interior
                   Design, Contract Design and The Washington Post. Jordan currently is the
JORDAN             design director for Gensler’s Studio 585 that focuses on alternative architecture
GOLDSTEIN, AIA     and workplace projects as well as product design efforts. These projects include
Principle          building renovations, showrooms and smaller, innovative office environments
                   and retail spaces. Jordan’s work with the U.S. Department of State and retail
                   entities like Bowhe & Peare and SunCom Retail are successful examples of
                   projects using his expertise in design, strategic planning and collaborative work-
                   style while keeping an eye on the client’s goals.

                    Architecture and Workplace
                    Greater Washington Board of Trade, Washington, D.C.                  36,000 sf
                    Southwest Airlines, New Terminal, Islip, NY                         100,000 sf
                    Hillel International Headquarters, Washington, D.C.                  40,000 sf
                    Arbee Associates, Gaithersburg, MD                                   50,000 sf
                    Armstrong Avenue Marketing Center, Lancaster, PA                     25,000 sf
                    Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Washington, D.C.                   3,000 sf
                    Armstrong World Industries, Lancaster, PA                           126,000 sf
                    DatesWeiser Showroom, New York, NY                                    3,000 sf
                    DatesWeiser Neocon Showroom, Chicago                                  1,200 sf
                    Global Crossing, LTD, Washington, D.C.                               14,000 sf
                    Lehman Brothers Bank, Wilmington, DE                                  6,000 sf
                    Navigant Consulting, Inc., Washington, D.C.                          41,000 sf
                    Insignia/ESG, Washington, D.C.                                       35,000 sf
                    Insignia/ESG, McLean, VA                                             20,000 sf
                    Micronomics, Inc., Washington, D.C.                                   6,000 sf
                    Deluxe Data Corporation, Milwaukee, WI                                8,000 sf
                    Frontline Capital Group, LTD, New York, NY                           22,000 sf
          , New York, NY                                        10,000 sf
                    Metropolitan Square, Washington, D.C.                                20,000 sf
                    Reprographic Technologies HQ, Washington, D.C.                       14,000 sf
                    Research Policy Reform Center, Washington, D.C.                       3,000 sf

                    Westfield Shoppingtown, Annapolis, MD                               750,000 sf
                    US Department of State, Washington, DC                              150,000 sf

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Bowhe & Peare, Various Locations                             3,000 sf
                   SunCom Retail, Various Locations                             2,000 sf
                   SunCom Kiosks, New Orleans, LA                                 500 sf
                   Yale Galleria Concept, New Haven, CT                       250,000 sf
                   Bell Atlantic Video Systems Prototype, Norfolk, VA           2,000 sf
                   Smith Retail Prototype, Crystal City, VA                     1,000 sf
                   Number Six Software Corporation, Corporate Identity

                   Product Design
                   Tuohy Finesse                                              June, 2003
                   Leland HiFi                                                June, 2003
                   Geiger/Herman Miller Settings                              June, 2002
                   David Edward Elan Seating                                  June, 2002
                   Bloomberg News Training Desk                               May, 2001
                   XO by DatesWeiser workstation system                       June, 2000
                   XO by DatesWeiser workwall                                 June, 2000
                   Halcon Aperture Collection                                 June, 1999
                   Armstrong World Industries, Ceiling Systems                April, 2000
                   Translite Slim Light                                       June, 1999

                   Other Projects
                   Armstrong World Industries Security Facility, Lancaster,      1,500 sf
                   Trinity Memorial Church and Civic Center*, Philadelphia,     10,000 sf
                   Waynesboro Community Church*, Waynesboro, NC                 35,000 sf
                   Pollock Residence*, Washington, DC                            8,000 sf
                   Dixon House*, Ghana, Africa                                   2,500 sf
                   Morter-Curry Residence*, Manassas, VA                         1,500 sf

                   Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1996
                   Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Magna Cum Laude
                   1994, University of Maryland at College Park
                   Member, American Institute of Architects

                   * Previous Experience

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                            GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

BEATRIZ DE PAZ,        Bea recently joined Gensler Studio 585 with over 10 years of experience
Associate AIA          working with hospitality, entertainment and corporate clients. The variety of
Architect / Designer   design experiences that Bea has been involved in, (signage design and
                       fabrication, interiors, construction, graphics and architecture) have provided her
                       with a comprehensive knowledge of the design needs of a diverse array of
                       projects. Bea specializes in the integration of visual messages and brand
                       expression into architecture and interior design, and her extensive work history
                       combines the experience, design skills, and tremendous creativity to bring
                       invaluable resources to her projects.

                        Fairfield Resorts Las Vegas Towers II and III Time Share
                        Development, Las Vegas, NV*
                        L’Auberge de Sedona Resort, Sedona, AZ*                                 2,000 sf
                        The Restaurants at Palm Pointe-Hyatt Hotel Retail Center,
                          Orlando FL*

                        Gulf World Marine Park, Orlando, FL*                                    5.5 acres
                        Seminole Paradise Entertainment Venue/Hard Rock Live,
                           Hollywood, FL*
                        Pier Park Entertainment Complex, Panama City Beach, FL*
                        Tri-State Racetrack and Gaming Center Facility Expansion
                           and Theming, Cross Lanes, WV*
                        Ella Star Casino Ship $1 million renovation, Ft. Lauderdale, FL*
                        Universal Orlando, multiple projects, Orlando, FL *
                           Isle of Avalon Theater, $30 million project
                           Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure Graphics
                           Multi Park electronic Signage Package
                        House of Innoventions, Epcot Center, Orlando, FL*
                        NASA/Delaware North, multiple projects, Orlando, FL*
                           Early Space Exploration Main Icon and Signage
                           Galaxy Theater Renovation Proposal
                           Johnson Space Center Complex Proposal
                           Astronaut Encounter Signage
                        Roola’s Restaurant/Bar Renovation, New York, NY*                         1,000 sf

                                  CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Zoological Park Expansion, Sanford, FL*
                   Southwood Town Center, Tallahassee, FL*                              40,000 sf
                   JDS Headquarters Facility Phase I and II, Melbourne, FL*            200,000 sf
                   Publix Supermarkets, FL*
                      Project Designer Self Development Store, Cleremont, FL            60,000 sf
                      Eight remodel projects throughout FL
                   Safdie Residence $1.5 million Renovation, New York, NY*
                   Shnay Residence $30k Renovation, New York, NY*

                   Westfield Annapolis Mall (signage design, exterior and interiors)
                   DestiNY Mall (Syracuse), roof design and development
                   Faison Showroom-Interior/Branding Design
                   Washington Sports club-Interiors
                   West Oaks Mall/Old Navy Renovation, Ocoee, FL*
                   City Center Doha-Hotel, retail complex addition, Doha, Qatar*
                   Seminole Paradise Retail Hollywood, FL*

                   Tulane University School of Architecture, Master of Architecture, June 2004
                   Tulane University School of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture / Minor
                      Art, May 1996
                   Associate AIA Member
                   CANstruction Committee – Orlando, 2004
                   CANstruction Committee – Morris Architects, 2002-2004
                   Morris Architects Vision Team – Leadership Initiative, 2004

                   * Previous Experience

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

BETH READY         With over fifteen years of involvement in the design industry, Beth’s skills are
Senior Graphic     interdisciplinary. She has experience in print design, exhibit design,
Designer           environmental design and Web design and development. She holds a B.F.A.,
                   cum laude, in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth
                   University in Richmond and an M.A. in Art History from Temple University in
                   Philadelphia. Her work has been recognized by the Art Directors Club of
                   Metropolitan Washington and the Printing and Graphic Communications
                   Association. Her work has been published in American Corporate Identity,
                   Logo2000 Novum Gebrauchgrafik, and Gensler Design Excellence 2001.

                    Environmental Graphic Design
                    Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center & Hotel,                  2 million sf
                    Oxon Hill, MD
                    University of Pennsylvania Law Library*, Philadelphia, PA
                    Buccini/Pollin Group, Wilmington, DE
                    Westfield Shoppingtown, Annapolis, MD                                750,000 sf
                    JetBlue Terminal 5, JFK International Airport
                    Louisville International Airport, Louisville, KY
                    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta,           900,000 sf
                    GA                                                                 1,000,000 sf
                    Washington Dulles International Airport, Herndon, VA
                    U.S. Department of State, Washington DC                           2.5 million sf
                    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Alexandria, VA
                    GSA National Capitol Region, Washington, DC
                    Ronald Reagan Washington National Air., Arlington, VA                 45,000 sf
                    Discovery Communications, Bethesda, Maryland (DCTC)
                    Discovery Communications, Bethesda, Maryland (HQ)                    100,000 sf
                    Sheppard Air Force Base Hospital, Wichita Falls, TX
                    Offutt Air Force Base Hospital, Omaha, NB
                    Minot Air Force Base Hospital, Minot, ND
                    Mountain Home Air Force Base Hospital, Mtn. Home, ID
                    Wright Patterson Air Force Base Hosp., Dayton, OH
                    Optical Capital Group, Columbia, MD
                    Connolly Bove Lodge and Hutz
                    Charles E. Smith/Rosslyn Building
                    Cysive, Inc., Reston, VA
                    American Film Institute, Silver Spring, MD
                    Tower Oaks/Boston Properties
                    Steelcase, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
                    Los Angeles Zoo*, Los Angeles, CA
                    Lincoln Park Zoo*, Chicago, IL

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                     GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Woodland Park Zoo*, Seattle, CO
                   Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor*,
                   Bethlehem, PA
                   University Center*, Baltimore, MD
                   Philadelphia Phlash*, Philadelphia, PA

                   Representative Project Experience: Print Design
                   Connolly Bove Lodge and Hutz, LLP
                   Armstrong Flooring
                   Interface Annual Report
                   Woodland Park/Tishman Speyer, Herndon, VA
                   American Council on Education*
                   America Online*
                   Coale, Cooley, Lietz, McInerny & Broadus*
                   Concert Communications*
                   Embassy of Israel*
                   Georgetown University*
                   Hill and Knowlton*
                   New Jersey City University*
                   National Association of Chain Drug Stores*

                   Web Design
                   Georgetown University*, Washington, D.C.
                   American International Health Alliance*,
                   American Society of Association Executives
                   Civil Engineering Research Foundation*,

                   Master of Arts, Art History, Temple University
                   Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cum Laude, Communication Arts &
                   Design, Virginia Commonwealth University

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


                   David Arnold possesses 30 years of diverse experience in hotel and conference
DAVID E. ARNOLD    center development, planning and management. Mr. Arnold has conducted and
Chief Executive    directed economic feasibility studies, marketing strategies, corporate strategic
Officer-East       planning studies, financial analyses and general business counseling for numerous
                   organizations and individuals. He is the Chief Executive Officer-East of PKF
                   Consulting, one of the largest hospitality and real estate consulting organizations
                   of its kind in the world.

                   Mr. Arnold's areas of specialization include the following:

                                •   Market analyses for various types of land use, both
                                    new development and re-use;
                                •   Financial analysis and economic impact, extensive
                                    background in resorts and conference/meeting
                                •   Repositioning of existing real estate assets;
                                •   Strategic planning;
                                •   Acquisition and disposition
                                •   Marketing;
                                •   Development planning; and
                                •   Operational aspects of real estate -- notably with
                                    conference centers, hotels, resorts, and golf courses.

                   Mr. Arnold has experience in conference center and hotel operations, marina
                   operations and development planning of hotels, conference and convention
                   centers, retail mixed use, office and residential property. He has worked closely
                   with some of the nation's most prestigious real estate organizations,
                   corporations and financial institutions, including Citibank, Prudential, The Sea
                   Pines Company, Princeton University, CIGNA, Joseph C. Canizaro Interests,
                   Mitchell Energy, Gates Rubber Company, Pitney Bowes, Xerox, and J.P.
                   Morgan Chase. His clients in the conference center field include
                   ARAMARK/Harrison Conference Services, Benchmark Hospitality, Dolce
                   International, Marriott, and numerous other corporations and institutions.

                   Mr. Arnold has a national reputation as a consultant within the conference center
                   industry. He is the author of The Conference Center Industry: A Statistical and
                   Financial Profile, the most comprehensive publication of its kind. He was also
                   one of the founders of the International Association of Conference Centers and
                   serves as an Advisor to the Board of Directors. He was awarded the Association's
                   annual Distinguished Service Award in 1985. He is also the author of Conference
                   Center Perspective, a periodic publication on operational and economic trends in

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   the conference center industry, published by IACC. In addition, he is past
                   president of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Cornell Society of Hotelmen.

                   Mr. Arnold is an active member of the Urban Land Institute, having served for six
                   years on the Recreational Development Council, and also served on the Hotel
                   Development Council, and the Commercial and Retail Development Council. He
                   was a principal author of the Hotel/Motel Development Handbook, published by
                   the Urban Land Institute.

                   He has previously served as the National MAS Director for Laventhol &
                   Horwath, where he was responsible for growth of the Division from $30 million
                   to $100 million in six years, and was Chairman of the International MAS
                   Committee for Horwath & Horwath International.

                   Mr. Arnold's education was concentrated in economics and hotel administration
                   and he received his B.S. from Cornell University. His education has been
                   augmented by numerous courses in real estate and finance and he has conducted
                   several courses on real estate related topics.

                   The following chart is a listing of some of Mr. Arnold’s conference center
                   engagements and industry involvement.

                     University Conference Centers         Corporate Conference Centers

                      University Place Executive             Chase Manhattan Bank
                      Conference Center                      Marlboro Learning Center (NYNEX)
                      Stony Brook University of              CIGNA – Eagle Lodge
                      New York                               Conference Center
                      Gallaudet University                   Cleveland Clinic
                      Clemson University                     General Electric Management
                      University of Cincinnati               Development Institute
                      Northwestern University                Pitney Bowes – Aberdeen Woods
                      Rutgers University                     Conference Center
                      Babson College                         AMR/American Airlines
                      North Carolina State University        Learning Center
                      University of Rhode Island             Xerox Training Center
                      University of California, Davis        United States Postal Service
                      Boston University                      CIBC Learning Center
                      Clarkson University
                      Vanderbilt University

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                     GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Resort Conference Centers             Executive Conference Centers

                    Lansdowne Conference Resort           Hamilton Farms Conference Center
                    Dolce International                   Desmond Great Valley Hotel &
                    Barton Creek Conference Center        Conference Center
                    Killeen Castle Conference             National Park Service – The Presido
                    Center, Ireland                       River Winds Conference Center
                    Kiawah Resort Conference Center       Annapolis, Maryland
                    Sea Pines Conference Center           Hamilton Park Conference Center
                    Bald Head Island                      Scanticon, Princeton – The Forrestal
                    Mill Creek Conference Resort          Westfields Conference Center
                    Dripping Springs Conference Resort    Amtrak – Acela Conference Center
                    Snowmass Conference Center            Cedarbrook Hill Conference Center
                    Barcelona Conference Resort           Evergreen Conference Center
                    The Palm Springs Classic              and Resort
                    Villagio Resort                       Arrowwood Conference Center
                    Hoban House, Ireland                  Gateway Conference Center
                    Bulle Rock Conference Resort          American Security Council
                    Bristol Harbor Resort                 Foundation
                    Sandio Pueblo, New Mexico             New Brunswick Development
                    Fountain Hills, Arizona               Corporation
                    Cedar Creek Conference Resort         Airlie House
                    Napa Valley Conference Resort

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

Senior Vice President        Present            Senior Vice President - PKF Consulting
                                                Washington, D.C. Office

                             Prior              Pannell Kerr Forster
                                                Senior Principal

                                                Guest Services, Inc.
                                                Recreation and Resort Division
                                                Vice President

                                                Acres Research and Planning and Food
                                                Industry Services
                                                Hospitality Industry Consulting Services

                                                United States Air Force - Officer

                        AREAS OF EXPERTISE      Economic, financial, operational, organizational
                                                and management consulting for the real estate,
                                                hospitality, food service and related service

                        PROJECTS               • Market and feasibility study for a proposed
                                               resort hotel adjacent to an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus
                                               Signature Golf Course in Rocky Gap State Park.
                                               Extension of services included the preparation
                                               and issuance of a Request for Proposal to lease
                                               the resort (including the golf course) land,
                                               develop the resort, and manage the entire

                                               • Market and feasibility study for a golf
                                               development to be located in Baltimore County.

                                               • Analysis of a major residential golf community
                                               in Bethany, Delaware.

                                               •Analysis for the market potential for the
                                               redevelopment of an existing resort/club to
                                               include a championship golf course, residential
                                               homes sites, conference center, health spa, and
                                               other support facilities.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                               Study included estimates membership potential
                               and absorption, fees and dues structure, and
                               estimated financial results.

                               • Market and economic feasibility study to
                               ascertain the optimum positioning of a proposed
                               private golf course and club to be located in a
                               planned residential community in Chesapeake,

                               •Project Director for a U.S. Army CFSC
                               contract to prepare a full economic feasibility
                               analysis for transient lodging facilities to be
                               located on Army installations.

                               •Project Director for a U.S. Army CFSC
                               contract for a proposed development of a full-
                               scale recreational facility at Fort Belvoir,
                               Alexandria, Virginia.       Major components
                               included a full-service marina, lodge, restaurant,
                               and camping sites.

                               • Market analysis/feasibility studies for over 700
                               hotel/motel/resort projects ranging in size from
                               60 to 1,000 rooms. An additional component of
                               each       study       included         developing
                               recommendations on appropriate levels of food,
                               beverage, meeting facilities, and other amenities
                               such as swimming pools, health clubs, retail
                               shops, golf courses, and parking facilities.

                               • Market feasibility study for a proposed
                               resort/residential development in St. Mary's
                               County, Maryland. The components included
                               495-housing units, a resort hotel, golf course,
                               marina, tennis and swimming facilities, and an
                               equestrian facility.

                   CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                  GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                                    •    Provided consulting services for numerous
                                         assignments relating to the negotiation, analysis,
                                         and award of management contracts between
                                         hotel operators and owners. Further, provided
                                         assistance to various clients in the evaluation of
                                         management contract compliance and overall

                                    •    Prepared estimated annual operating results for
                                         the proposed St. Helena Island Center Club near
                                         Annapolis, Maryland. Included estimates of
                                         staffing schedules for hospitality, maintenace,
                                         and motor launch operations.

                                    •    Market, economic feasibility, and operationsl
                                         studies for numerous indoor tennis centers,
                                         marinas, and campground developments.

                                         Bachelor of Science, Hotel and Restaurant

                                         DEPARTMENT OF THE U.S. ARMY
                                         Club Management School

                                         DEPARTMENT OF THE U.S. ARMY
                                         Subsistence Technology Management School

                   MEMBERSHIPS           • National Restaurant Association
                                         • Travel and Tourism Research Association
                                         • Penn State Hotel and Restaurant Society
                                         • American Hotel and Motel Assoc.
                                         • Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
                                           Hotel Associations
                                         • International Society of Hospitality Consultants

                         CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

LEGAL              Mr. Dudley is the chairman of the commercial litigation group in the firm's
CONSULTANT         Tysons office. He is listed in 2004 Best Lawyers in America, and among the
                   Best Lawyers in Washington in the 2004 Washingtonian Magazine.

WALLER T.          Representative Matters:
Partner                •   Defended one of the largest water and sewer authorities in the country
                           in environmental litigation by the Justice Department over combined
                           sewer overflows. Favorable Consent Decree.
                       •   Defense of university in multi million dollar suit for breach of contract
                           and business torts. Case dismissed, sanctions awarded against plaintiff.
                       •   Negotiated and drafted construction documents for large project
                           under the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act
                       •   Counsel to large municipal water and sewer authorities on bidding,
                           document drafting and construction claims arising from large
                           wastewater treatment projects, including extensive mediation
                       •   Successful defense of private equity firm and board of technology
                           company in multiple suits by terminated CEO and allied shareholders.
                       •   Defended airline consulting firm in case alleging Feddeman conspiracy
                           to injure business and related claims.
                       •   Represented the estate of the former owner of an NFL football team
                           in litigation brought by surviving spouse claiming a one-third interest
                           in all estate assets, including the team.
                       •   Represented publicly traded wireless communications company in
                           complex litigation against minority shareholders, seeking enforcement
                           of shareholders agreement, a "true-up" provision, and loss of
                       •   Defended owner of $50 million hotel in suit for specific performance
                           and damages.
                       •   Lead counsel in successful removal of several thousand toxic tort cases
                           from hostile state court, including successful defense of three Motions
                           to Remand and Petition for Writ of Mandamus to the U.S. Court of
                           Appeals for the Third Circuit.
                       •   Lead counsel for defendant Fortune 500 company in six week class
                           action toxic tort trial.
                       •   Secured judgment notwithstanding the verdict setting aside millions of
                           dollars in punitive damages in class action case in Maryland.
                       •   Regular drafting and negotiation of AIA construction documents on
                           large commercial projects.
                       •   Defended physicians in suit for wrongful termination, obtained award
                           of sanctions against plaintiff.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                      •   Counsel to Fortune 50 bank, as trustee of a supplemental executive
                          retirement plan trust, in litigation in Federal Court in Miami, arising
                          from the collapse of the failed CenTrust Savings and Loan.
                      •   Experienced in all aspects of the Virginia Public Procurement Act,
                          including drafting RFPs, bid documents, prequalification. Undefeated
                          in bid protest litigation.
                      •   Successful defense of company in one week trial to enforce nationwide
                          covenants vs. competition contained in stock purchase agreement.
                          Secured permanent injunction and money damages.
                      •   All aspects of mediation and arbitration, including favorable rulings in
                          several AAA proceedings regarding breach of contract and partnership
                      •   Won case for secondary school sued by former student expelled for
                          violation of honor code.
                      •   Successful representation of commercial real estate brokerage firm in
                          suit for commissions in excess of $1 million.
                      •   Negotiated and drafted primary construction documents on behalf of
                          co-owner/developer of $100 million hotel/resort project.
                      •   Successful representation of owners on numerous claims and disputes
                          arising in public and private construction projects.

                      • Commercial Litigation

                   Practice Areas
                      • Complex Commercial Litigation
                      • Construction Litigation
                      • Fiduciary Litigation
                      • Appellate

                      • Washington and Lee University, J.D., 1979
                             • Honors: Winner, Moot Court Competition; Captain, Moot
                               Court Team
                             • Honors: President of Student Body Executive Committee and
                               Honor Council
                      • Washington and Lee University, B.A., 1974

                   Fraternities or Sororities
                       • Omicron Delta Kappa
                       • Phi Kappa Sigma, President

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Classes Taught
                       • Negotiation and Settlement of Civil Litigation, Virginia State Bar, 1988
                       • Charter Member of Faculty, Professionalism and Ethics Course,
                           Virginia State Bar, April 1992; Spring 2001
                       • Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing Agents;
                           Procurement Law: Practical Tips and Pitfalls, Fall 2000

                   Professional Affiliations
                       • Boyd Graves Conference
                       • American Bar Association, House of Delegates, 1983-1985
                       • Virginia State Bar
                               • President, Young Lawyers Conference, 1982-1983
                               • Chairman, Standing Committee on Professionalism, 1990-
                               • Member, Section of Construction Law and Public Contracts,
                       • Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys
                               • Vice President, 1985-1988
                               • Director, 1983-1989
                       • Virginia Bar Association, Construction Law and Public Contracts
                           Section, 1993-Present

                   Civic Affiliations
                       • Washington and Lee University, Board of Trustees, 1998-Present
                       • Washington and Lee Alumni Association
                                • President, 1992
                                • Member, Board of Directors, 1989-1992
                                • President, DC Chapter, 1982-1986
                       • Alexandria Symphony, General Counsel and Board of Directors, 1989-
                           1993; 1996-Present
                       • Alexandria Hospital Board of Trustees, 1998-2001

                      • Virginia 1979
                      • District of Columbia 1997
                      • U.S. Supreme Court 1998
                      • U.S. District Courts of Virginia 1979
                      • U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th 1979
                      • U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit 1992
                      • U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit 1995

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

MICHAEL W.         Mr. Graff has served as bond, underwriter's, bank, borrower's, issuer's or
GRAFF, JR.         trustee's counsel on dozens of tax-exempt bond financings in Virginia, the
Partner            District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Mississippi,
                   Nevada and Wisconsin. He has extensive experience in all aspects of tax-
                   exempt financings for small manufacturing companies; private, nonprofit
                   elementary and secondary schools; nonprofit association headquarters; college
                   and university student housing facilities; hospitals and healthcare facilities;
                   multifamily affordable housing projects; solid waste disposal facilities for power
                   plants; port facilities; water and waste authorities; road and rail transportation
                   projects; and various other borrowers, governmental issuers and their projects.
                   He is the co-author (with William J. Strickland) of "Financing Virginia's Local
                   Governments" in the Virginia Local Attorneys' Handbook. A former trial lawyer,
                   Mr. Graff has successfully brought numerous judicial proceedings to establish
                   the validity of municipal bonds.

                      • Financial Services

                   Practice Areas
                      • Public Finance

                      • Duke University School of Law, Durham, North Carolina, J.D., 1994
                             • Honors: Parkinson Scholar
                             • Law Reviews: Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum, 1992-
                                  1993; Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy, 1993-1994
                      • College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, A.B., Summa Cum
                          Laude, 1991
                             • Honors: Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa

                      • Virginia 1994

                   Place of Birth
                       • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

DOROTHEA W.        Ms. Dickerman has twenty (20) years of experience in almost every aspect of
DICKERMAN          commercial real estate transactions, including: debt and equity financing; lender
Partner            and borrower representation in all types of commercial lending transactions;
                   commercial leasing (ground leases, office, industrial, high tech and retail leasing)
                   and brokerage; venture, limited liability company, corporate and partnership
                   formation; real estate acquisition, disposition and development matters; debt
                   restructuring, work out, foreclosure and deficiency proceedings for both
                   creditors and borrowers; and advising businesses in executive employment
                   matters, environmental matters, corporate and securities matters.

                   Her experience includes representation of purchasers and sellers of developed
                   and undeveloped real property, stock, partnership and LLC membership
                   interests, and tangible and intangible assets; tax-free exchanges; securitization of
                   asset pools of various types of real estate product, conduit programs, including
                   national and regional lenders and originators, commercial mortgage brokers and
                   REITS. Ms. Dickerman also was licensed as a commercial real estate agent
                   from 1976 to 1983.

                      • Real Estate & Environmental

                   Practice Areas
                      • Real Estate Transactions
                      • Leasing

                      • University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, Illinois, J.D., 1983
                      • Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, B.A. summa cum laude,
                          English and Political Science, 1980

                   Previous Experience
                      • Andrews & Kurth, L.L.P., Washington, D.C., Of Counsel, 1996-2001
                      • Stohlman, Beuchert, Egan & Smith, Chartered, Washington, D.C.,
                          Partner, 1990-1996; Associate, 1986-1990
                      • Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge, Washington, D.C., Associate
                      • Dickerman Real Estate and Investment, Real Estate Agent, Maryland
                          and District of Columbia, 1976-1983

                   Professional Affiliations
                       • District of Columbia Bar Association
                       • Virginia Bar Association
                       • Commercial Real Estate Women
                       • The Real Estate Group

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                          GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

CHRISTOPHER D.       Chris Lloyd served for nearly five years in the Office of the Secretary of
LLOYD                Commerce and Trade under Virginia Governors Allen and Wilder, including
Senior Vice          service as the Assistant Secretary for policy. In this position, he was responsible
President and        for legislative, budgetary, and regulatory coordination and development for the
Director,            fifteen agencies within that Secretariat which oversees the state's economic
Business Expansion   development marketing, workforce training and business assistance programs.
                     Chris leads the McGuireWoods Consulting business expansion team where he
                     specializes in incentives negotiations, financing programs, and contact with
                     state agencies on behalf of the group's clients. He also assists with the
                     organization's public and government relations teams.

                        • College of William and Mary, Bachelor of Arts, 1993
                            Honors: Omicron Delta Kappa

                     Past Positions:
                        • Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Office of the Governor,
                        • Special Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Office of
                            the Governor, 1993-1996
                        • Research Intern, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, 1992

                     Community Involvement:
                        • Young Guarde Council of the Society of the Alumni of the College of
                          William and Mary 1993-1998, Vice Chair, 1997
                          Virginia Economic Developers Association, 1999- , Legislative
                          Chairman, 2000-2001

                                CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                          GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

SUSAN LIBERTY        Susan Liberty has extensive economic development and legislative experience.
Vice President,      Most recently, she was the Director of Policy and Business Development at the
Business Expansion   Fairfax County Economic Development Authority where she assisted major
Services             corporations with their relocation and business expansion requirements. In
                     addition to concentrating on local business retention she led the business
                     expansion team that has successfully marketed Fairfax County in Silicon Valley.
                     She also has experience providing the full range of relocation and business
                     expansion services to international companies. Previously, she was the Chief of
                     Staff for Thomas M. Davis, III during his term as Chairman of the Fairfax
                     County Board of Supervisors. Prior to that, she served on the staff of Fairfax
                     County Board of Supervisors Chairman John F. (Jack) Herrity. Susan has
                     campaign experience at the national, state and local level. Additionally, she has
                     highly successful fundraising efforts for several major charities serving her

                        • George Washington University, BA in History
                        • George Washington University, Fundraising Administration Certificate

                     Past Positions:
                        • Director of Policy and Business Development Fairfax County
                            Economic Development Authority
                        • Chief-of-Staff, The Honorable Thomas M. Davis, III, Chairman,
                            Fairfax County Board of Supervisors & Mason District Supervisor
                        • Deputy Chief-of-Staff, The Honorable John F. Herrity, Chairman,
                            Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

                     Community Involvement:
                        • Executive Board, The Enterprise School
                        • Executive Board, McLean Chamber of Commerce
                        • Executive Board, McLean Central Business District Planning
                        • Chairman, Dranesville District Annual Plan Review Committee
                        • President, Washington Area Chapter, Childhelp USA
                        • Virginia Board of Trustees, Childhelp USA
                        • Co-Founder, Fairfax Investors Group (an investment club for
                          professional women)
                        • Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
                        • Northern Virginia Technology Council
                        • Women in Technology

                                CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                           GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

B-2. Describe the     Please refer to the information in Section B-1 above, which addresses the
length of time in     request for information in Section B-2 as well.
business, business
experience, public
sector experience,
and other
engagements of the
firm or consortium
of firms.

B-3. Describe the     Please refer to Section 1 K.
past safety
performance record
and current safety
capabilities of the
firm or consortium
of firms.

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                              GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

B-4-1. Describe the     Please refer to section 3.
past technical
performance history
on recent projects of
comparable size and
including disclosure
of any legal claims,
of the firm or
consortium of firms.

B-4-2.Include the       CH will guarantee the lien free completion of the Hotel & Conference Center
identity of any firms   for the agreed upon Project’s cost and schedule. As such, CH will provide to
that will provide       the School District a set of standard guarantees and warranties with respect to
design, construction    the completion and operation of the facility. Gensler and their design team will
and completion          provide a “design to budget” guarantee. They will work with GMU and the
guarantees and          Development Team to align the project design with the agreed to budget
warranties and a        assuring that there is an agreement between scope, budge and delivery. Centex
description of such     will provide the construction cost guarantee (guaranteed maximum price of
guarantees and          construction) and will provide/manage all warranties regarding materials,
warranties.             products, and building systems. CH and the Development Team shall obtain
                        and deliver to the GMU the manufacturer’s warranties that the manufacturer
                        may furnish, and shall cooperate with GMU in enforcing such warranties.
                        Centex will provide a one (1) year warranty and will cooperate and assist
                        wherever possible to coordinate corrective action. Substantial Completion or
                        beneficial occupancy of each area of the building will initiate the corresponding
                        warranty period.

                                    CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                                  GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

c. For each firm or          The following project sheets provide a detailed description of up to 10 prior
major subcontractor          projects completed within the past 3 years by the principal project team
that will be utilized in     members. These projects are presented for their similar scope and size.
the project, provide a
statement listing all of
the firm's prior
projects and clients for
the past 3 years and
contact information for
the same. If a firm has
worked on more than
ten projects during this
period, it may limit its
prior project list to ten,
but shall first include
all projects similar in
scope and size to the
proposed project and,
second, it shall include
as many of its most
recent projects as
possible. Each firm or
major subcontractor
shall be required to
submit all performance
evaluation reports or
other documents
which are in its
possession evaluating
the firm's performance
during the preceding
three years in terms of
cost, quality, schedule
maintenance, safety
and other matters
relevant to the
successful project
operation, and

                                        CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                                GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Tempe, AZ

Awarded July 2004

2 million SF

$600 million
                           SCOPE OF SERVICES
CLIENT                     Concord Eastridge was recently selected as Master Developer with Turner
Arizona State University
                           Construction Company as the General Contractor on this large mixed-use
                           development project. Our Team will be responsible for site master planning,
                           feasibility, development management, financing, design management,
                           construction management, marketing, leasing and public relations.

                           PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                           The Arts and Business Gateway project is a high-profile development of a 13-
                           acre site on Arizona State University’s main campus in Tempe, Arizona.
                           Planned for the site are major academic uses including the new W.P. Carey
                           School of Business, expansion of the Herberger College of Fine Arts and the
                           College of Architecture and Environmental Design. In addition, the site is
                           planned for commercial uses including a conference center with hotel, a grocery
                           store and other retail space, multi-family housing, and parking.

                           Parking stalls for approximately 2,100 cars will be provided for a mix of above
                           grade street parking for grocery/retail short term users and a single level below
                           grade garage for long term users over the entire 13-acre site.

                           Concord Eastridge assembled a complete team for this project, including
                           world-class architects, planners, engineers and builders with decades of award-
                           winning experience. The key members of the team are design architects Foster
                           & Partners, Will Bruder/Architects Ltd. and Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner,
                           Inc., production architect Kendall/Heaton Associates Inc., public finance
  CONCORD                  expert Merrill Lynch & Company, and general contractor Turner Construction

                                      CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                                 GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Tempe, AZ

2004 – 2008

120 guest rooms; 25,000
GSF of meeting space

$35 million                 SCOPE OF SERVICES
                            Concord Eastridge is the Master Developer of the ASU Arts & Business Gateway,
CLIENT                      a 2.2 million SF mixed use complex that includes the planned Sun Devil
Arizona State University,   Conference Hotel. Concord Eastridge will manage all aspect of the financing,
ASU Foundation              design and construction of the ASU Sun Devil Conference Hotel, which will be
                            owned by a single purpose entity established by Concord Eastridge for the ASU

                            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                            The Sun Devil Conference Hotel will occupy the most prominent location
                            within the new Arts & Business Gateway at ASU. The facility will be located at
                            the corner of University Drive and Mill Avenue, which is one of the true 100%
                            intersections in the state of Arizona.

                            The 120 guest rooms will offer accommodations equal to any business class
                            hotel, and will be designed to accommodate the special needs of Executive
                            Education students. The meeting space will include at least one large tired
                            classroom for executive education. The ground floor of the hotel will house an
                            independent “white tablecloth” restaurant.

                            The Sun Devil Hotel and Conference Center will be the first hospitality facility
                            on the main campus of ASU, which currently has an enrollment of more than
                            45,000 students. The facility will serve the many internal needs of ASU, which
                            are currently constrained by a shortage of quality guest rooms and meeting
                            space in Tempe. Initial studies indicate that more than 65% of the facility’s
                            availability will be absorbed by direct ASU demand.


                                       CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                               GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Orlando, FL

Due Diligence:
Oct. 2000 to Jan. 2001

May 2001 to July 2003

Gross: 19.6 million SF
Hotel: 2.5 million SF
Conference: 112,000 SF
Spa Facility: 40,000 SF

BUDGET                    SCOPE OF SERVICES
$547 million              Concord performed due diligence services for Thayer Lodging Group from
                          October 2000 to January 2001. These services included reviewing and
OWNER                     evaluating documents, drawings and studies relating to the feasibility of the
Thayer Lodging Group      project’s development.

                          In March 2001, Thayer Lodging hired Concord to act as owner’s representative
                          throughout the two and one-half year construction period. Concord reviewed
                          available existing documents, contracts, preliminary development budgets,
                          preliminary construction schedules, and architectural working drawings and
                          specifications relating to the proposed redevelopment and construction of the
                          Project. Concord was also responsible for entitlements, availability of utilities,
                          engineering and environmental studies, easement agreements, and necessary
                          approvals. Further involvement of the company included the scope and extent of
                          the current development plan for the project and critique its marketability and
                          feasibility and on a biweekly basis advised the owner of any potential problems or
                          issues that could result in significant delays or cost increases to the Project.

                          PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                          The Grande Lakes Resort, located near world-class attractions as Walt Disney
                          World, Sea World and Universal Studios, is Orlando’s single largest and most
                          luxurious hotel development. This self-contained resort stands on 450 acres of
                          land and houses a 25-story, 1,000-room JW Marriott hotel, and a 12-story, 585-
                          room Ritz-Carlton hotel. The resort also offers an 18-hole golf course designed
                          by Greg Norman, a 40,000 square-foot luxury health spa facility, and a 2,000
  CONCORD                 square foot children’s club and outdoor playground.

                                     CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                             GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

West Point, NY

1997 to 1999

240,000 SF

$32 million

Hudson River
                    Concord was engaged to serve as development manager for this project, on
Partners, LP
                    behalf of Hudson River Partners. Concord’s ongoing role was to manage all
                    aspects of the design, development and construction for both phases of the
                    project. Concord assisted in the formulation and implementation of the private
                    placement bond financing, which closed in early April 1998. Concord took the
                    lead role in generating full project budgets, timelines and construction

                    Concord also played significant roles in the physical re-design and pricing of
                    this challenging and complex project.

                    PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                    The Hotel Thayer is a historic hotel located just inside the main gate of the
                    United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. The project involved
                    the renovation of the existing 130-room hotel, all public areas and all back-of-
                    house areas.

                    Phase II is the construction of a 125-room expansion plus new conference
                    facilities, meeting rooms, pool and spa.

                    Programmed for a three-year development period (from start to finish), this
                    project involved historic preservation approvals, historic tax credit financing,
                    ADA and building code upgrades, negotiation with local community groups,
                    resolution of public-private partnership issues, creation of economic and
                    operating pro formas and interface with multi-level, civilian-military
                    participants. Concord was directly responsible for assessing and managing risk-
                    reward concerns, formulating strategic action plans, establishing milestone
  CONCORD           schedules, evaluating hard and soft cost budgets and generating detailed
                    development reports.
                    Concord Eastridge is currently evaluating the feasibility of Phase II at this time.

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                              GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Washington, DC


150-block area,         SCOPE OF SERVICES
encompassing the
entire Howard campus
                        Concord was engaged by Fannie Mae Foundation and Howard University to
and three separate      prepare a series of studies as part of a larger initiative to revitalize The LeDroit
residential             Park area of Washington, DC. Two major studies have been produced and
neighborhoods           published, a Land Use Plan and a Cultural District Plan.

Confidential            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                        The Land Use Plan was conceived and executed as a general land use plan for a
OWNER                   very large (150-block) area, encompassing the entire Howard campus and three
Fannie Mae Foundation   separate residential neighborhoods. As a companion study to The Land Use
/                       Plan, an additional study focusing on the proposed Cultural District in LeDroit
Howard University       Park was prepared by Concord. The Cultural District Plan focused on specific
                        projects recommended in a several block area centered on the intersection of
                        Florida and Georgia Avenues.

                        Following a comprehensive Land Use Plan, this study provided a block by
                        block analysis and feasibility study for the central district of LeDroit Park.

                        To enhance the usefulness of the Cultural District study, draft financial pro
                        formas were created for each of the proposed projects. In addition to providing
                        information on the current land ownership and zoning status of affected
                        parcels, these financial projections also calculated potential land and
                        construction costs for each project. The Cultural District Plan and the
                        companion Land Use Plan have been well-received by both our clients and the

  CONCORD               This report was published by Fannie Mae Foundation in January 1999.

                                    CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                             GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Washington, DC

May 1998 to December

1.45 million SF

$33 million             SCOPE OF SERVICES
                        Concord was retained to provide owner’s representation and development
OWNER                   management services for the final phase of the $100 million complete
Thayer Lodging Group,   renovation of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. Concord staff worked closely
                        with the owner, Thayer Lodging Group, and the hotel operator, Marriott

                        Project management services also included the completion of the new
                        conference center as well as substantial mechanical and emergency equipment
                        upgrades in existing facility areas.

                        PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                        This Project was a final phase of the renovation of the largest hotel in
                        metropolitan Washington, D.C. Concord completed the $33 million final phase
                        and on budget in a record breaking 12 weeks. This phase included the
                        renovation of all major program elements, including 1,000 guest rooms, all
                        public gathering areas, the ballrooms, conference facilities and three specialty
                        restaurants. A new entrance and porte cochere were also added to the hotel.
                        The hotel remained open and operating throughout the entire renovation, with
                        little interruption to guest services.


                                   CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Mesa, AZ


60 Acres

$90 million

Mesa Community
College and the
City of Mesa
                    SCOPE OF SERVICES
                    In order to successfully plan the use of $951 million in bond proceeds
                    approved by voters in the Maricopa County Community College District,
                    Concord Eastridge was engaged by the City of Mesa and Mesa Community
                    College to provide a development plan for a future $90 million development of
                    a mixed-use and multi-zoned downtown campus expansion.

                    PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                    Concord Eastridge created a Vision Map and Development Plan for combining
                    local synergies with public/private partnerships, creating a well defined urban
                    campus strategy capable of bringing 10,000 students into the Mesa Downtown
                    area. The project plan creates three areas of development:

                            Technology Zone
                            Public Safety and Health & Wellness Zone
                            Community Learning Zone

                    These three development “Zones” will combine existing City of Mesa
                    properties and buildings with new development benefiting both the City and
                    College. These facilities will include an enhanced City / College Library,
  CONCORD           Advanced Technology Building, Nursing / Allied Health / Paramedic Training,
                    Virtual Public Safety Training Center, Aquatic Center and a renovated Irving
  EASTRIDGE         School to be home to Mesa Public Schools programs.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                             GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Washington, DC

April 2001 to
June 2002

Gross: 103,000 SF
Conference: 5,000 SF
Restaurant: 40,000 SF

$9.5 million            SCOPE OF SERVICES
                        Concord was engaged to perform project
OWNER                   management services for the George
George Washington       Washington University. Concord’s services
University              included planning, scheduling, general
                        contractor and consultant selection, and
                        construction management.

                        PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                        One Washington Circle, an all suites hotel, is located in the cultural and historic
                        center of Washington, DC. Built in 1964 as an apartment building, it was
                        converted to its current use as a hotel in 1979. The nine story hotel has 151
                        rooms and includes spacious suites, meeting facilities, pool, restaurant and valet
                        garage parking.

                        The work included a complete renovation of all rooms, public spaces, main
                        lobby, façade and MEP infrastructure.


                                   CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                                 GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Davis, CA

Concord Eastridge is
short-listed for this
final selection TBD

20,000 GSF

BUDGET                      SCOPE OF SERVICES
$6 million                  Concord Eastridge and our comprehensive project team have been named to a
                            short list of developers by UC Davis. Formal selection is anticipated by
CLIENT                      September, 2005. As Project Developer, Concord Eastridge would manage all
University of California,   aspects of the financing, design, and construction of this facility, along with an
Davis                       adjacent 80,000 GSF office and classroom building for the Graduate School of

                            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                            The UC Davis Conference center will be part of a new five building complex
                            that serves as the new Southern entrance to the university. The Conference
                            Center will complement the existing Mondavi Performing Arts Center and the
                            Buehler Alumni Center, as well as the planned Graduate School of
                            Management building and a new 75 room hotel. The new UC Davis
                            Conference Center will fill a much needed void for meeting space to house
                            numerous academic meetings and symposia generated by UC Davis. In
                            addition, the center will be design and positioned to attract private sector
                            business from the Davis/Sacramento region. The kitchen for this facility will
                            also serve the exclusive catering needs of the Mondavi Performing Arts Center
                            and the nearby Mondavi Institute for Food and Wine

                            Members of the George Mason team who will also be involved in this
                            project include PFK Consulting and Gensler. In addition, Aramark
                            Harrison will be invited to submit a proposal to manage the facility.


                                       CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                               GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

Radford, VA

2005 - 2010

Initial Phase 78 Acres
1.2 million square feet

$150 million

Radford University Real
Estate Foundation
                          SCOPE OF SERVICES
                          Concord Eastridge is serving as Master Developer of this new mixed use park
                          development in Radford, Virginia. Concord Eastridge is responsible for project
                          conceptualization, feasibility, financing of infrastructure and vertical
                          development, marketing, design and development oversight.

                          PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                          The Project, RU West, is located on 78 acres adjacent to the New River and
                          Route 11 in Radford, Virginia, approximately 1.3 miles from Radford
                          University’s main campus. RU West will serve as an expansion academic
                          campus for Radford University with approximately 600,000 square feet of
                          academic related space nestled within a vibrant mixed use residential village that
                          includes riverfront development (luxury housing, entertainment/retail uses),
                          recreation, retail and commercial uses, with pedestrian access and mobility


                                     CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &




 Regent Partners

Cooper Carry &

                   PROJECT DESCRIPTION:
                   Centex Construction is providing general contracting services for the
                   Carlyle Mixed Use Block F, a hotel with condominiums, retail and
Completion Date:
                   parking. Residents and guests will find comfort in the luxury of this
 July, 2007
                   magnificent dwelling, whether they call it home or simply a temporary
                   get-away for work or play.
                   Designed to stand 15-stories tall, the structure will contain:
                               •   230,000 square feet of hotel space throughout 316 units
                               •   103,000 square feet of condo space throughout 79 units
                               •   5,500 square feet of retail space.

                   In addition, to accommodate residents and guests, a three-level, below grade
                   garage will be built to house 305 vehicles.

                   This high-end mixed use project will be built using post-tension concrete
                   (above grade) and cast-in-place concrete (below grade). Exterior features will
                   include brick, curtainwall, precast concrete and glass fiber reinforced concrete

                   When entering the hotel, guests will feel an instant tranquility by the
                   meticulously decorated lobby featuring rich tile and marble. Amenities will
                   include a bar and restaurant featuring mahogany veneer panels, and a ballroom
                   featuring custom chandeliers, stretch panel ceilings and high-end millwork.
                   The hotel rooms will feature carpet and vinyl wall coverings, while the condos
                   will feature carpet, tile and paint.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Tysons Corner, VA

SRS Properties

The Lukmire

                     PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Completion Date:     The Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner project involved the construction of a
December, 1986       23-story hotel tower containing 455 guest rooms and an adjacent three-story
                     building including a swimming pool, greenhouse, conference and meeting
Services:            facilities, restaurant, lounge, gift shop and exercise room. Centex Construction
General Contractor   provided contracting and construction services for the new 392,000-square-foot
                     hotel and conference center, which is concrete core and structural steel
                     perimeter. The project included both covered and uncovered parking for 526
                     vehicles, and other site improvements.

                                CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Kingsport, TN

Acquest Realty

Chapman Griffin
                    The 125,000-SF Meadowview Conference and Convention Center
Value:              uses brick, fieldstone and heavy timber-wood accents to recall the
$18,546,466         rustic, mountain lodges characteristic of the Kingsport area. It is
                    connected to an adjacent seven-story, 196-room Marriott hotel
Completion Date:    that overlooks an 18-hole municipal golf course. The Hotel and
November, 1996      Conference and Convention Center include a 35,000-SF
                    auditorium/exhibition hall, a 10,000-SF ballroom and a 120-seat
Services:           amphitheater. The main exhibition halls are accessed by several
CM at Risk          truck docks plus drive-in/out service. All meeting rooms feature
                    state-of-the-art video technology. The hotel features a
                    restaurant/lounge area, a health club, a gift shop and a swimming

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Houston, TX

Novak &

Gensler Architects


 Completion Date:
 March, 2002

CM at Risk

                     PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                     Centex Construction was commissioned to expand and renovate
                     the Inter-Continental Houston hotel, formerly the Crowne Plaza
                     Hotel. Located in the heart of Houston’s uptown district, the new
                     hotel is just one block from the famed Galleria, fine dining and
                     entertainment venues. Additionally, the hotel is a convenient
                     address and less than 10 miles from Houston's downtown,
                     museum district, Medical Center, George R. Brown Convention
                     Center, Reliant Park and Astrodome, and major sporting facilities.

                     The project scope included a 86,000 square foot addition to the
                     existing hotel which houses an elegant ballroom, prefunction,
                     fully-equipped health club and new kitchen facilities. Additionally,
                     Centex Construction renovated the main entrance, the ground’s
                     landscaping, porte cochere, lobby area, hotel bar and
                     administration areas. Because of the increased scale of the hotel,
                     additional parking was needed. Centex Construction built an
                     90,000 square foot, five level cast in place concrete garage.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Dallas, TX

Wyndham Hotels &

RTKL Associates


Completion Date:     PROJECT DESCRIPTION
October, 1998        Centex Construction became involved in this impressive hotel
                     renovation project early in the preconstruction process. Over 5
Services:            months of value engineering, budgeting, and constructability
General Contractor   review was performed by Centex Construction before starting
                     construction operations.

                     Centex Construction’s scope of work for this Wyndham
                     Gardens Park Central encompassed converting an existing Days
                     Inn Hotel into a first-class Wyndham facility. The project
                     included renovating the 200-room, 6-story hotel and adding a
                     new 16,000 square foot conference center which includes a
                     library, bar, kitchen, and a new three acre parking lot. An added
                     complexity to the project renovation is the location of an onsite
                     Chinese restaurant, which remained fully operational
                     throughout construction operations.

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Alexandria, VA

Mark Winkler



Completion Date:
May, 1986            PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                     One of the tallest structures in the Washington, DC area, the
Services:            32-story, 492,000-square-foot Radisson Mark Plaza Hotel
General Contractor   overlooks 80 acres of densely wooded hills. To take advantage
                     of the expansive views, 430 guest rooms are concentrated in the
                     30-story tower, while public functions are housed in a two-story
                     base, overlooking a man-made lake.

                     The base provides a variety of flexible meeting rooms for
                     conferences, seminars, and banquets, as well as a 144-seat tiered
                     amphitheater for general sessions. An adjacent five-story, 70-
                     room executive retreat and conference center offers a more
                     secluded atmosphere and includes executive conference rooms
                     and a private three-story great room, featuring a massive
                     fireplace. All conference rooms are equipped with state-of-the-
                     art audio-visual equipment and are served by a satellite-receiving
                     earth station for teleconferencing.

                     Five restaurants and lounges, an executive health club, an
                     indoor/outdoor pool, and tennis and raquetball courts are
                     available for guests’ enjoyment and an attached three-story
                     parking garage accommodates 475 cars and a roof-top heliport.
                     This Centex Construction project was a joint venture with
                     another area general contractor.

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Walt Disney World,

Walt Disney

Gwathmey Siegel &
Associates           PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                     Disney's Contemporary Resort Conference Center offers
Value:               meeting professionals over 90,000 SF of celebrated Disney-class
$16,784,747          meeting and convention space. The project includes 71,583 SF
                     of flexible function space, two ballrooms, 23 total breakout
Completion Date:     rooms and 18,227 SF of prefunction space. Add to that an
September, 1991      escalator concourse leading to 29,919 SF of flexible function
                     space on the Americas Level of the Contemporary Resort, a
Services:            Business Center and Meeting Planners Office, a Meeting/Press
CM at Risk           Room and two permanent convention registration counters.
                     Technical amenities include booth-controlled A/V and lighting,
                     closed circuit TV, A/V feed to the Ballroom of the Americas,
                     remote control lighting and projection, ceiling recessed screens,
                     state-of-the-art sound system; satellite up/down link capabilities
                     and roll-up door access to ballrooms. The space provides for
                     convenient truck access for quick set up of exhibits and exhibit
                     capabilities of 295 8x10' booths and 269 10x10' booths.

                             CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                     GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Grapevine, TX


Hnedak Bobo
Architects         PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                   This $330 million resort totals over 2.1 million square feet of
Value:             hotel, retail, convention center, and parking garage space.
$338,400,000       Included in the project are 1,511 rooms, 786,000 square feet of
                   meeting space, and unique theming, rivers and rockwork
Completion Date:   throughout which represent the culture and heritage of Texas.
April, 2004        The crowning glory of this beautiful resort is a 2.5-acre atrium
                   topped by a Texas Lone Star design.
CM at Risk

                           CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                          GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Hernon, VA

GT Realty and

Wisnewski Blair and
                      PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                      GT Renaissance Center is a 1,160,000-square-foot office, hotel,
                      and parking complex. The project involved design and
                      construction of a mixed-use facility consisting of a 410,000-
                      square-foot office building with a fiber-optic linked reservation
                      center, a 200,000-square-foot parking structure; 40,000- square-
Completion Date:
                      foot health club; and 450,000 square-foot hotel. Upon completion
March, 1986
                      of these facilities, a 100-room, 60,000-square-foot expansion of
                      the hotel was also provided. As part of the GT Realty and
                      Management development team, Centex Construction provided
                      all value engineering, constructability reviews, budgeting
                      throughout design development, and project scheduling, quality
                      control, and purchasing through construction and beneficial
                      occupancy. The project was completed on time and within budget
                      to the satisfaction of the client.

                      Continuing to team with GT Realty and Management, Centex
                      Construction provided design/build constructability, value
                      engineering, and budget review systems analysis for a 2,500,000
                      square-foot design/build addition to the GT Renaissance Center.
                      Plans for the addition included two 300,000-square-foot office
                      buildings; 290,000-square-foot hotel/exhibition area; a 285-room
                      hotel expansion; and three separate parking garages totalling
                      800,000 square feet (2,500 spaces). The scope of work included all
                      negotiations with federal and state agencies, local utilities, and
                      county planning and permitting agencies.

                                CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


College Station, TX

Texas A&M

Graeber Simmons &
                      PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Value:                A "library village" cluster was created at the Sterling C. Evans
$31,800,000           Library through a series of projects that moves delivery of
                      information services at Texas A&M University into the 21st
Completion Date:      century.
July, 1998
                      The addition of 178,500 sf of space in the new building was
Services:             needed to relieve overcrowded conditions at the Evans Library.
General Contractor    The new library addition offers approximately 60 group study
                      rooms and house the library's systems and NOTIS (on-line
                      catalog) offices, reserves, the learning resources center and
                      technical services unit. Two floors in the new addition were
                      shelled for future expansion. Scope includes a new parking
                      garage adjacent to the library with at least 621 parking spaces to
                      improve access to the library.

                      The new Student Computing Center will incorporate at least
                      600 microcomputer workstations and occupy a two-story
                      structure at the south end of the library addition.

                        “This difficult project contained more than its share of challenges.
                      Due to the your efforts, we completed the project to everyone’s
                      satisfaction. Their work has been of good quality, their staff diligent
                      and cooperative, and the finished product is something the students,
                      faculty and staff can be proud of for years to come.”

                                                                                      Guy Cook
                                                                      Former Assistant Director
                                                                Facilities Construction Division
                                                             The Texas A&M University System

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Davie, FL

Florida Atlantic

Schwab, Twitty &      PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Hanser                This 76,100-SF, four-level science and classroom building offers
Architectural Group   modern classroom space, meeting rooms and faculty offices.
                      The combination brick and concrete structure houses 19
Value:                psychology teaching and testing labs, five biology and chemistry
$10,436,216           research labs, eight botany/biochemistry teaching labs and their
                      associated instrument and preparation rooms, a computer lab, a
Completion Date:      gross anatomy dissecting lab and cold storage facilities. All labs
October, 1998         required an acid waste system, central gas, vacuum systems, air
                      systems, fume hoods and fiber optics for an enhanced Category
Services:             5 voice/data calling system.
CM at Risk
                      “It is a pleasure to work with such a professional organization. It is
                      easy to understand why Centex Construction enjoys the fine
                      reputation they carry throughout the construction industry. I strongly
                      recommend their consideration and believe that you will benefit
                      greatly from the experience of this organization.”

                                                                                   Tom Donaudy
                                                                   Director of Facilities Planning
                                                                      Florida Atlantic University

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


San Antonio, TX

University of Texas

Ford Powell &         PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Carson Architects &   This design-build project included construction of an
Planners, Inc.        academic/student services building and a four story parking
                      garage as part of Phase III at the University of Texas San
Value:                Antonio Downtown Campus. The 123,000 SF academic
$27,900,000           building encompasses state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, class
                      rooms, offices, study areas and architectural studios.
Completion Date:
August, 2001          The exterior of the building includes stone veneer walls to
                      blend in with tubular steel sunshades, exterior insulated finish
Services:             system, tempered glass railings, metal-framed skylights and
Design Build          architectural concrete. The interior materials for the building
                      range from traditional terrazzo and ceramic tile floors to stone
                      tile and veneer paneled walls. The Parking Garage included 332
                      parking spaces which were partially below grade and
                      incorporated cast in place concrete with a post tensioning
                      concrete system. The parking garage structure also included
                      architectural concrete, aluminum sunshade assemblies and stone
                      veneer columns. The combination of materials and construction
                      techniques allowed these contemporary buildings to serve their
                      functions while blending into San Antonio's traditional

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Dallas, TX

University of Texas
at Dallas

                       The technologically advanced addition to the University of
Value:                 Texas at Dallas’ Engineering and Computer Science Building
$25,000,000            was constructed to provide an additional 90,000 assignable
                       square feet for lecture and teaching facilities, computer research
Completion Date:       labs, and administrative space. This high-tech space connects to
September, 2002        the existing building by way of linked skywalks, delivering
                       seamless integration to the new facility. Features of this unified
Services:              complex include high-tech solutions to video conferencing and
CM at Risk             distance learning needs, such as, high-speed fiber optic cabling
                       and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.

                       The large, wood-paneled lecture halls optimize learning for
                       students and presenters and are fully equipped to broadcast
                       lectures and support remote learning students.

                       "Centex has been very supportive of UTD in managing the budget to
                       get the features needed for this high-technology building included.
                       They have also been very helpful in working with consultants and
                       architect to design and configure the technology parts of the project,
                       while maintaining control of the schedule and cost."

                                                              William P. Osborne, Ph.D., P.E.
                                                    Dean of Engineering and Computer Science
                                                             The University of Texas at Dallas

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                          GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Orlando, FL

University of Central

SchenkelShultz          PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Architecture            This 117,000-SF project includes the preconstruction and
                        construction of a new facility that contains classrooms, 15,750
Value:                  SF of research labs, 4,050 SF of instructional media space,
$12,588,450             40,400 SF of office/computer space and 1,200 SF of support
                        services space. Tilt-wall construction is being used for speed
Completion Date:        and feasibility.
November, 2004
                        The facility will be located adjacent to the Center for Public
Services:               Safety, Forensic Science and Security Building in the Central
CM at Risk              Florida Research Park. This is a joint-use facility between the
                        University of Central Florida for the study of cognitive sciences
                        and the U.S. Department of Defense (Army, Navy and Marines)
                        for the use of modern technology in in modeling, simulation
                        and advanced distributed learning.

                        * The U.S. Department of Defense uses the Digital Media
                        Suite’s state-of-the-art simulator technology to reproduce real-
                        life military combat situations, including visual and audio

                        * Partnership II is also designed to meet DoD anti-terrorism
                        standards for security and force protection.

                        * The facility contains more than 500,000 LF of data cable and
                        more than 176,000 LF of electrical and MC cable.

                                CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                           GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


San Antonio, TX

University of Texas
at San Antonio
                      PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Architect:            The exterior of the building was designed to provide visits with the “Gateway
HKS, Inc.             to the University” by recognizing the unique and high-end exterior appearance
                      as compared to the remaining campus. The University of Texas Health Science
Value:                Center San Antonio Student Services and Academic Administration Building
$13,000,000           consists of a 54,000 SF cast-in-place concrete structure with a brick masonry &
                      curtain wall exterior skin. Architectural precast accent bands, coping stones
Completion Date:      and 1500 lb. “torches” that accent the column lines, also highlight the exterior
December, 2004        skin. The design also incorporates punched windows with a dual finish on the
                      frames with high performance glass. The building is topped with a structural
Services:             concrete roof deck, taped insulation and a modified bituminous roofing system.
CM at Risk            The building is moisture protected using stainless steel flashings and end dams,
                      covered by flexible flashing at horizontal joints and then completely covered by
                      a “peel-and-stick” sheet dampproofing.

                      The interior features fabric wall coverings, ceramic tile, Neoparies (a Japanese
                      glass by-product), wood paneling and painted drywall on the walls. The floors are
                      covered by Portuguese limestone, ceramic tile, hand-woven and broadloom
                      carpets. The doors and frames, along with the millwork, office furniture and wall
                      paneling are made from figured clear maple veneer.

                      The building serves three separate functions for the University. The first floor
                      contains 10 classrooms along with a double story lobby / gathering area and
                      common areas. The third and fourth floors house the Executives of the
                      University, including the President, along with all necessary support staff. Both of
                      these floors also contain conference rooms along with all the necessary common
                      areas. The second floor is designated as a learning center for up and coming
                      doctors to practice their bedside manner through the use of mock exam rooms,
                      ICU rooms, OR rooms and ER-Trauma rooms. Future doctors are placed in
                      situation with actors and critiqued by reviewers who watch through one-way

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                     GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &



West Texas A&M

HKS, Inc.

$11,600,000        PROJECT DESCRIPTION
                   The Event Center at West Texas A & M University in Canyon
Completion Date:   was the first design/build project undertaken by Texas A & M's
February, 2002     alternate procurement delivery system. Centex Construction, in
                   conjunction with design/build partner HKS, built this new
Services:          recreational and instructional facility for intercollegiate
Design Build       basketball and volleyball competition with seating for
                   approximately 4,500 spectators.

                   This 75,000 square foot Multifunctional Event Center features a
                   combination of brick, EIFS and glass and arched insulated glass
                   entry. The facility houses a ticket office, reception areas, ticket
                   booths, open office space, lobby with vestibules, concessions
                   areas and storage, women and men’s public restrooms, locker
                   rooms with showers, dressing areas, training room, general
                   storage rooms, janitors rooms, A/V room, athletic laundry
                   room and electrical and mechanical rooms. The building is
                   conditioned by two stand-alone chillers with a state-of-the-art
                   computerized control system.

                   Surface parking with sheet flow drainage and approximately 850
                   spaces allow adequate spectator, visitor, and delivery parking.
                   The building is accented with extensive landscaping and

                           CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Tampa, FL

University of South   PROJECT DESCRIPTION
Florida               The Anchin Center and Education II Building are two separate
                      buildings that are connected and function as one, sharing
Architect:            common entrances, finishes, stairs, elevators, corridors, walls
Reynolds Smith &      and roof systems. The facilities contain state-of-the-art
Hills, Inc.           communications including data processing, Category 5, fiber-
                      optics and a Distance Learning Center. The David C. Anchin
Value:                Center is a two-story facility containing 22,421 SF of
$10,587,804           administrative areas, an education library, and the TECO
                      (Tampa Electric Company) Conference Room. The New
Completion Date:      Education Building II has four stories containing 63,830 SF of
April, 1997           teaching labs, research labs, education offices and common
CM at Risk
                      "We are pleased to experience the reality of Centex Construction’s
                      claim to quality construction. The Anchin Center and Education II
                      project has experienced no mechanical problems for its initial year of
                      service, and has no indications of any to come. This is a first for USF
                      construction, and you have certainly set the quality expectation bar to
                      new higher levels."
                                                                            Steven P. Warren
                                                   Director of Facilities/University Architect

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                      GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Durham, NC

North Carolina
Central University

                      This project is a new 126,000-square foot science and classroom
Value:                building for North Carolina Central University. The Building will be
$30,023,621           clad with face brick, alucobond metal panels, and cast stone accents.
                      The curtain wall type windows will contain shading features.
Completion Date:
                      The building includes both research and teaching labs, as well as
                      general classroom space within the following departments: Chemistry,
                      Biology, Math & Computer Science, Environmental Science,
CM at Risk
                      Geography, and Physics. The new science building will anchor the
                      proposed master plan expansion to the west. The central lobby will
                      serve as the main entrance from main campus as well as the new
                      parking lots proposed to the west of the building site. The
                      configuration of the building will contribute to easier flow of pedestrian
                      traffic to and from the parking lots serving this and other buildings in
                      the area. The siting of the new building takes into consideration the
                      University's plans to eventually expand the building to the west with
                      additional research labs. The building has been divided into ‘wings’ by
                      means of infrastructure intensity, wet and dry. There is aninfrastructure
                      intense ‘dry’ wing housing the classrooms and offices. The building also
                      contains an infrastructure intense 'wet' wing housing the teaching and
                      research labs for the various departments housed in the building.

                      Project data includes:
                      • 128,000 sf
                      • 3-stories
                      • Glass atrium
                      • Auditorium
                      • Classrooms, labs, and offices
                      • New west wing of campus

                            CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                    Relevant Projects -HOSPITALITY


Beverly Hills, CA

                        Beverly Hilton Hotel 582 Keys

                    As Executive Architect working with Hirsch Bedner Associates, Gensler is
                    renovating the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The 582-room icon hotel is located on
                    approximately 9-acres at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica
                    Boulevards in Beverly Hills, California. The team has begun an extensive
                    renovation to elevate The Beverly Hilton's prominence as a world-class, four-
                    star hotel. The plan is to reposition The Beverly Hilton as the destination for
                    savvy business and leisure travelers as well as locals.

                    The new design respects the contemporary architecture by creating an urban
                    oasis. The vision is to bring the outdoors inside by highlighting the use of
                    natural light, outdoor spaces, water features, pool vistas and landscaping. A
                    warm color palette with natural stone and wood accents combined with tailored
                    yet relaxed furniture creates a sense of modern elegance throughout the hotel.
                    In addition, the public spaces will be activated and upgraded offering enhanced
                    choices in dining, shopping and leisure for the hotel guests and local patrons.

                    The proposed renovation includes improvements to the hotel guest rooms and
                    interior public spaces, including ballrooms, conference areas, lobbies, and
                    service and retail areas, as well as pool and courtyard areas. We have paid
                    particular attention to the wayfinding of the hotel, and have re-named the
                    public areas to reflect a clear message to visitors. Gensler’s Studio 585’s has led
                    the hotel through a rebranding effort that mirrors the feeling of old Hollywood
                    glamour guests have experienced at the hotel for decades.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Houston, TX

                   The Woodlands Convention Center & Hotel Houston, Texas 373 Keys

                   Gensler designed this Mariott regional convention center and hotel in a prime
                   suburban location for The Woodlands Company. The 500,000 sf complex
                   includes a 14-story hotel, two-level convention center, 40,000 sf exhibition hall,
                   20,000 sf grand ballroom, 4,000 sf junior ballroom, and 15,000 sf of meeting

                   “Gensler’s long term relationship with The Woodlands Company, its
                   commitment to the local community and its understanding of the needs
                   of the client, make Gensler our first choice for projects requiring a variety
                   of expertise.”
                       – Mitchell Gruberg, AIA, The Woodlands Company

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

Houston, TX

                   Inter-Continental Hotel at Uptown Houston Houston, Texas 476 Keys

                   The existing Crown Plaza Galleria Hotel was re-flagged as an Inter-Continental
                   Hotel when the new facility opened in January 2002. Gensler designed a new
                   two-story, 65,000 sf meeting room/ballroom complex, a 9,000 sf exhibition
                   hall, a full-service banquet kitchen, a new rooftop health club, pool and spa,
                   and new service and parking facilities. Renovations included reconfiguration of
                   the rooms, an expanded concierge lounge, remodeled lobby and lobby bar. On
                   the exterior, the hotel features a new porte-cochere, rerouting of existing
                   driveways, new signage, and landscaping.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Oxon Hill, MD

                   The Gaylord Hotel Oxon Hill, MD 1,500 keys

                   Gensler designed this four-star 1,500 room hotel and 500,000 square foot
                   convention center (2 million square feet total) for Gaylord Hotels on a 45-acre
                   waterfront site on the Potomac River. Gaylord has a distinct brand of atrium
                   hotel and convention centers, but was challenged in this case to integrate their
                   property into the National Harbor Master Plan as well as the greater
                   Washington community.

                   Gensler’s design takes full advantage of the site along the Potomac River,
                   orienting the main programmatic functions towards the water. The two main
                   floors of the Convention Center overlook the river and invite the panoramic
                   views into the space. The hotel is organized around a light filled atrium with
                   interior balconies defining the upper edges and restaurants and hotel functions
                   spilling into the lower atrium. The atrium space opens onto the river view and
                   the atrium floor gently terraces down to meet the river’s edge and waterfront
                   pier, reminiscent of grand lake hotels of an earlier era.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Mountain, CO

                   Copper Mountain Resort Copper Mountain, Colorado

                   Gensler designed a new 41,500 sf facility at the base of Copper Mountain,
                   adjacent to the ski lifts. The client's goal was to centralize recreational and day
                   skier services and to respond to the growing demand for full conference
                   facilities during the resort’s off-season. Gensler's design solution was to create a
                   facility in a “Mountain Victorian” style that incorporated a high level of identity
                   from both the adjacent Interstate highway and the ski slopes. In addition to the
                   new building, the project scope includes programming for the existing 34,000-
                   square-foot ski center building. Gensler addressed such master planning issues
                   as skier movement, public walkways and transportation, architectural design
                   and interior renovation.

                   The new building features a “mountain level,” providing a 1000-skier great hall,
                   a full service kitchen, a prefunction area and a ski patrol facility. At the lower
                   “village level” the building provides meeting rooms, an intimate apres-ski bar
                   and employee facilities. Two towers define the entrances at the plaza and
                   mountain levels. Heavy timber trusses, wood decking, stucco, and field stone
                   are used to create a warm atmosphere, with dormer windows providing light as
                   well as stunning views of the mountains.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


San Jose, CA

                   The Fairmont Hotel San Jose, California 264 Keys

                   Over the last two decades, San Jose has transformed its central district into one
                   of the most attractive in California. Gensler designed The Fairmont Hotel,
                   which adjoins the City’s Art Museum, as an anchor of the area. The new 13
                   story expansion adds 264 guest rooms and 20,000 sf of meeting space to serve
                   the nearby convention center. Its curved shape frames the entry to the Paseo de
                   San Antonio, a north-south pedestrian walkway that extends from the heart of
                   the city to the university campus. Two-story storefronts along its base reinforce
                   the Paseo as a downtown retail corridor and create an interactive experience
                   through projecting retail signage. Gensler linked the new addition to the
                   existing property with a glass walled expansion bridge.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Boulder, CO

                   Colorado University at Boulder’s University Memorial Center

                   The 130,000 sf expansion and renovation of CU Boulder's University Memorial
                   Center has transformed a dark, disorienting building into a sunlit axis
                   connecting the university's “front door” to the student “front door.” The
                   Loggia is a 30 foot wide linear space which acts as an organizational element for
                   the building, connecting the new addition to the existing building. The four
                   major goals of the project were to create a welcoming environment for
                   students, faculty, and the general public; incorporate the latest technology;
                   respect the architecture of the existing building and the campus context; and
                   incorporate sustainable design.

                   The new addition included the expansion of the bookstore, added 18,000 sf of
                   offices for student groups and services, created a 5,500 sf public area with a
                   five-story atrium, and provided approximately 24,000 sf of conference and
                   meeting areas and a multi-purpose room. Among the renovated areas are the
                   Glenn Miller Ballroom, the credit union, and food service facilities.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Houston, TX

                   Fred Parks Law Library at the South Texas College of Law

                   Gensler’s completion of the new Fred Parks Law Library at South Texas
                   College of Law provided the opportunity to design a new ‘courtroom of the
                   future’ at the school. This adaptive reuse project involves the conversion and
                   replanning of the old library into a courtroom complex at the heart of the law
                   school that reflects the tradition, integrity and dignity of the legal profession. It
                   provides a flexible venue for training and practice, as well as a place for
                   receptions and celebrations.

                   The new 4,000-square foot moot court is a state of the art facility that allows
                   students to train and practice their advocacy skills within the context of the
                   tradition and dignity of the law profession. It accommodates the latest in
                   technology while maintaining court decorum, incorporating current computer
                   and video technology including the capability to function as a broadcast facility.

                   Additionally, an 11,000-square foot Student Development Center was
                   implemented to assist the students, faculty and local legal community with
                   departmental services including Career Services, the Frank Evans Center for
                   Conflict Resolution, the Development Office, Continuing Legal Education and
                   Alumni Services.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                           GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Zurich, Switzerland

                      Zurich Financial Services

                      Gensler was commissioned to design an Executive Development Centre for
                      Zurich Financial Services. The centre is the amplifier of business for ZFS to
                      release its full economic potential. The site, overlooking the lakes and
                      mountains around Zurich consists of five buildings. Swiss style chalets provide
                      accommodation for visitors and a newly constructed building has become the
                      business education space and well being facility for the complex.

                      In addition to providing a place for delivering their leadership development
                      curriculum, ZFS envision bringing teams and task forces in to focus on
                      strategic projects to develop strategies, products and ideas.

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Redwood Shores,

                   Oracle Corporation

                   High-speed growth is great. Unless it means your facility's meeting rooms are
                   so full, people keep having to conduct meetings in hotels. So Oracle
                   Corporation asked us to design an on-campus conference center that could
                   compete successfully for the business of its employees. And the facility had to
                   express its community function, while fitting the campus's modern character.
                   Since we'd already designed the other six buildings on the campus, we knew
                   just how to do that.

                   Given a tight infill site, we clustered uses that needed strict light control —
                   auditorium, broadcast facilities — toward the back of facility. At the street
                   edge, we placed classrooms and a two-story lobby in an open, finely detailed
                   volume. Extensive glazing highlights the facility's active nature.

                   The state-of-the-art auditorium facilitates large sales force meetings as well as
                   the big media events Oracle holds for new product launches. We collaborated
                   extremely closely with the interior designer, to ensure a seamless fit between
                   architecture and interiors — key in a building with an interior that's so visible
                   from outside.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Lancaster, PA

                   Armstrong World Industries Conference Center

                   Armstrong World Industries went through a number of campus renovations in
                   the late 1990s aimed at rebuilding their corporate culture around customer
                   needs and a new focus on innovation. In addition to a new headquarters
                   building and multiple renovations, Gensler created their partially sunken Multi-
                   Purpose Conference Center adjacent to the new administration building
                   connects below grade to an existing renovated building.

                   Its expressive interior exposes the inverted truss roof structure, enriched by
                   clerestory light from a sculpted rooftop element. The flexible arrangement seats
                   400 people for company presentations, training, and exhibitions.

                   The new buildings used sustainable building methods throughout to maintain
                   Armstrong’s respect for the natural site and the general environment.
                   Xeriscaping, the use of native drought-resistant plant species, facilitated a
                   smooth transition to the new building and maintained balance for existing
                   plantings. Engineering and facility controls, tied to campus-wide facilities
                   management software, allow centralized and efficient cycle management, critical
                   to maintaining comfort for the conference center and work spaces.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


Philadelphia, PA

                   The Zone @ PriceWaterHouseCoopers

                   The Zone, a compelling solution center for global management consulting
                   company PricewaterhouseCoopers, set a new standard for the experience
                   economy and changed the firm’s outlook on its approach to client problem-

                   CEOs, CFOs and senior executives get to "test drive" the company's talent and
                   solutions before signing up for longer-term consulting using this state-of-the-
                   art demonstration, development and training center. Gensler’s design uses light,
                   color, materials and exciting technology applications to customize the space for
                   each client engagement.

                   Where once the company used to walk one client through the door every week,
                   they are now hosting from three to seven, with over 400 hosted since its
                   opening. Time frames for solution development have decreased to three to six
                   months, increasing repeat and add-on business through speed, more effective
                   decision-making and cost-effectiveness.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &


London, England

                   IBM eBusiness Center – London

                   IBM’s e-business Learning spaces function as conference centers and also a
                   staff retention magnet. The space immediately tells the story of IBM’s forward-
                   thinking consulting practice and also reflects their new flexibility and
                   predisposition for dealing with and designing for change.

                   The centers are based on a common concept of an exploration area which
                   incorporates moving glass walls that change with colored light and moving

                   These are flanked by varying sized meeting rooms, including “experience”
                   theatre with a total blackout and surround optical fibre points. At the far end is
                   a "think tank" used for free association thinking and unconventional meetings.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                       GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

OPERATOR           ARAMARK Har rison Lodging List of Collegiate Proper ties

                   Batterymarch Conference Center
                   Northeastern University
                   Boston, MA 02101

                   Carolina Inn
                   The University of North Carolina
                   Chapel Hill, NC 27516

                   The Center for Executive Education
                   Babson College
                   Babson Park, MA 02457

                   The Charles F. Knight Center
                   Washington University in St. Louis
                   St. Louis, MO 63130

                   The Fluno Center for Executive Education
                   The University of Wisconsin
                   Madison, WI 53715

                   Inn at Colonnade
                   Johns Hopkins University
                   Baltimore, MD 21219

                   The James Allen Center
                   Northwestern University
                   Evanston, IL 60208

                   Mount Washington Conference Center
                   John Hopkins University
                   Baltimore, MD 21209

                   The Paul J. Rizzo Conference Center
                   The University of North Carolina
                   Chapel Hill, NC 27514

                   The Mount Washington Conference Center
                   John Hopkins University
                   Baltimore, MD 21209

                   R. David Thomas Executive Conference Center
                   Duke University
                   Durham, NC 27708

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Schulich Executive Center
                   York University
                   Toronto, Ontario, Canada

                   The Steinberg Conference Center
                   University of Pennsylvania
                   Philadelphia, PA 19104

                   University of California Mission Bay Conference Center
                   San Francisco
                   San Francisco, CA 94143

                   The Villanova Conference Center
                   Villanova University
                   Radnor, PA 19087

                   The Warren Conference Center & Inn
                   Northeastern University
                   Ashland, MA 01721

                   Wharton West Conference Center
                   University of Pennsylvania
                   San Francisco, CA 94101

                   Additional Pr oper ties Mana ged by ARAMARK Har rison

                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging offers a diverse selection of exceptional
                   properties. Many properties have striking historic or architectural features that
                   create memorable conference venues. Others combine excellent meeting
                   facilities with stimulating settings on some of the country's most prestigious
                   campuses. Without exception, our centers create a unique sense of place where
                   participants feel comfortable and ready to learn and achieve.

                   Just a few examples of our outstanding meeting destinations include:
                   A brand new conference center on the grounds of the old American Optical
                   Campus with a wonderful clock tower, historic facilities, and 19th-century

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   A landmark Georgian estate, secluded on 55 acres, reflecting the elegance and
                   rich tradition of Long Island's magnificent Gold Coast.

                   An historic Italian-style villa that graciously combines the luxury of a country
                   manor house with all the amenities of a world-class conference center.

                   ARAMARK Harrison Lodging is proud to be the largest conference center
                   brand in the country with the largest representation in the International
                   Association of Conference Centers (IACC). Although the biggest, our goal is to
                   be judged as the best—in customer service, meeting planner satisfaction, and
                   client partnerships. We are dedicated to ongoing innovation and premier
                   services. We are committed to setting the standard for the conference center
                   industry and maintaining ARAMARK Harrison Lodging’s position as the brand
                   of choice for meetings and training. We invite you to be a part of the

                   The Academy for Educational Development
                   Washington, DC 20009

                   The Boeing Leadership Center
                   Florissant, MO 63034

                   Boeing World Headquarters
                   Chicago, IL 60606

                   The Concordia
                   Washington, DC 20036

                   FDIC - Seidman Center
                   Arlington, VA 22226

                   The Federal Executive Institute
                   Charlottesville, VA 22901

                   The George Meany Center
                   Silver Spring, MD 20903

                   Harrison Conference Center & Hotel, Princeton Forrestal Center
                   Princeton, NJ 08536

                   Harrison Conference Center at Glen Cove
                   Glen Cove, NY 11542

                   Harrison Conference Center at Lake Bluff
                   Lake Bluff, IL 60044

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Hilton Garden Inn
                   Temple, TX 76504

                   John Hancock Conference Center
                   Boston, MA 02101

                   The Learning Center at Marlboro
                   Marlboro, MA 01752

                   The National Conference Center
                   Leesburg, VA 20176

                   National Conservation Training Center
                   Shepherdstown, WV 25443

                   The Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center
                   Southbridge, MA 01550

                   St. Paul Company
                   St. Paul, MN 55101

                   Terraces at Verizon Place
                   Dallas, TX 75261

                   Award-winning perf or mance
                   In 2003, ARAMARK was rated number one in the outsourcing services
                   category in FORTUNE magazine's Most Admired Companies in America for
                   the second year in a row—and was among the top 10 companies overall. Also
                   in 2003, ARAMARK Harrison Lodging was presented with Training
                   magazine’s Achieving Performance Excellence Award (APX).

                   For this special report, appearing in the July 2005 issue, Black Enterprise
                   evaluated the nation's top 1,000 publicly traded companies in several categories,
                   including employee demographics, diversity education and training, recruitment
                   strategies, supplier diversity, strategic alliances, community programs, marketing
                   and outreach plans, and the connection to diversity initiatives with strategic
                   business practices.

                   We have also received the Pinnacle Award from Successful Meetings magazine
                   and the Award of Excellence from Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                            GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   We proudly announce that eight ARAMARK Harrison properties have received
                   the 2005 Pinnacle Award — the most credible and prestigious symbol of
                   excellence among meeting planners.

                   Babson Executive Conference Center *
                   Charles F. Knight Center*
                   Harrison Conference Center at Glen Cove
                   Harrison Conference Center & Hotel, Princeton Forrestal Center
                   Harrison Conference Center at Lake Bluff
                   The National Conference Center
                   R. David Thomas Executive Conference Center *
                   The Villanova Conference Center*
                   * Collegiate locations

                   A Showcase of Award-Winning Hospitality-The Pinnacle Registry

                   Pinnacle Award-winners are chosen by the readers of Successful Meetings
                   magazine. More than 71,000 corporate and association meeting/convention
                   planners have the chance to vote for their top picks. Now in their 20th year, the
                   awards recognize hotels, resorts, and conference centers for excellence in
                   supporting meetings. Criteria for the Pinnacle Awards includes conference
                   services; meeting space and room design; technical facilities and services; guest
                   accommodations; food and beverage schedule; pricing value; recreational
                   amenities; and location.

                   Industry experts have compared the Pinnacle Award to other prestigious travel
                   awards such as the Mobil 5-Star and the AAA 5-Diamond. The Pinnacle award
                   has earned the repudiation as the most credible and prestigious symbol of
                   excellence among meeting planners and conference center executives alike.

                                 CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

HOSPITALITY        PKF Consulting provides a range of services to the conference center industry.
CONSULTANT         We have been active in this field for over 20 years and were instrumental in the
                   establishment of and remain active in the International Association of
                   Conference Centers. Our clients include developers, lenders, management
                   companies, corporations, colleges and universities and public agencies.

                   PKF's involvement ranges from initial planning through detailed feasibility
                   studies and then operational reviews, management consultation, and asset
                   management. A description of this work follows:

                           Preliminary Consultation - Typically this involves discussion of
                           the basic facility concept, the initial business plan, preliminary
                           market strategies, financial plans and the resources of the
                           development team.

                           Market Overview - We conduct market overviews to test
                           potential market support for selected elements of the plan.

                           Corporate Meeting Demand Analysis - We evaluate the total
                           meeting activity of corporations and universities to assess the
                           need for a single-user facility and to assist in better
                           programming of existing meetings and conferences.

                           Market Demand Study - This is the traditional market demand
                           study involving primary research of potential user groups and
                           extensive research into the performance of comparable or
                           competitive facilities.

                           Financial Feasibility - We combine our market findings with
                           development cost estimates and debt and equity assumptions
                           to perform a financial feasibility analysis. We also provide
                           appraisal services.

                           Management and Operational Consulting - This includes
                           compensation and benefit studies, operations reviews, review
                           of operating budgets, reviews of management contracts and
                           guidance in establishing criteria for selecting a management

                           Asset Management - This service is primarily used by
                           institutional owners or partners and includes scheduled
                           reviews of property performance, special troubleshooting
                           assignments and development of multi-year performance

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                           Related Services - As experienced hospitality and real estate
                           consultants, we also assist clients with uses that are frequently
                           associated with conference centers such as golf courses and
                           country clubs, office parks and resorts.

                   Examples of our work are listed on the following pages.


                           University Place Executive Conference Center – Indiana University
                           Management consultation and asset management services.

                           Seton Hall University
                           Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                           Columbia University
                           Market feasibility analysis.

                           Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                           Market demand analysis, consumer research.

                           American College
                           Management consultation and operations review.

                           Gallaudet University
                           Management consultation and management company selection.

                           Clemson University
                           Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                           Oakland University
                           Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                           Rutgers University
                           Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                           Pennsylvania State University
                           Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis,
                           management company selection.

                           Pennsylvania State University
                           Market and financial feasibility analysis for expansion of the

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Boston University
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                   University of Southern California
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                   University of Cincinnati
                   Market and financial feasibility analysis, developer selection.

                   Babson College
                   Management consultation, expansion analysis.

                   University of Rhode Island
                   Market, operational and financial analysis.

                   University of Nevada at Reno
                   Market and financial analysis.

                   University of California – Davis
                   Market demand study and financial analysis.

                   Northwestern University
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                   North Carolina State University.
                   Market and economic analysis.

                   Stony Brook University
                   Market demand study and financial analysis.

                   Vanderbilt University
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                   Clarkson University
                   Consultation on proposed concept.

                   St. Johns University
                    Management consultation.

                   Dartmouth College
                   Market analysis, financial analysis and valuation analysis.

                      CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                     GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                       Mississippi State University
                       Market analysis and financial feasibility analysis.

                       University of Mississippi
                       Market demand and financial analysis.

                       University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus
                       Market feasibility analysis.

                       University of Virginia
                       Management company selection and related consultation.

                       Johns Hopkins University
                       Market feasibility analysis.

                       Aspen Institute, Wye River Conference Center
                       Market study to determine expansion potential.

                       St. Michael’s College, Vermont
                       Market demand analysis.

                       University of California San Francisco
                       Management contract consulting.

                       Temple University (Sugarloaf Conference Center)
                       Future Positioning alternative and industry overview


                       Chase Manhattan Bank
                       Outsourcing evaluation, development of RFP for vendors,
                       evaluation of vendors.

                       Marlboro Learning Center (NYNEX)
                       Financial analysis of operations.

                       Andersen Center for Professional Education (Q Center)
                       Demand potential for outside users, financial analysis and sales and
                       marketing review.

                       Ace Center (CIGNA - Eagle Lodge Conference Center)
                       Asset management plan, expansion study, market strategy for
                       country club.

                          CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   DuPont Corporation
                   Assessment of corporate meetings and conferences.

                   Cleveland Clinic
                   Strategic plan for hotel accommodations and conference

                   Chubb & Son, Inc.
                   Preliminary consultation on corporate conference center.

                   Hercules Corporation
                   Feasibility study for corporate conference center.

                   Unisys Corporation
                   Feasibility study for corporate training and conference center.

                   General Electric Management Development Institute
                   Management consultation and operations analysis.

                   Apache Oil
                   Management consultation and operations review.

                   Pitney Bowes - Aberdeen Woods Conference Center
                   Operational consulting.

                   AMR/American Airlines Learning Center
                   Demand potential for outside users and financial analysis.

                   Xerox Training Center
                   Operational consulting.

                   United States Postal Service
                   Demand potential for outside users and financial analysis.

                   Norton Manor Conference Center
                   Acquisition and financial feasibility analysis.

                   United States Army, Kransberg, Germany
                   Market demand analysis and financial feasibility study for the
                   conversion of Kransberg Castle to a conference center.

                   American Security Council Foundation, Culpeper, Virginia
                   Market demand analysis.

                      CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                     GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                       Department of Natural Resources, State of Maryland
                       Market and financial feasibility study for an environmental
                       education conference center.

                       Girl Scouts of America (Edith Macy Conference Center)
                       Open market analysis and expansion study.

                       Electronic Testing Services (Chauncey Conference Center)
                       Management Contract Consulting.


                       National Park Service - The Presidio
                       Development consulting.

                       Desmond Great Valley Hotel and Conference Center
                       Market demand study, financial feasibility analysis, appraisal and asset
                       management services.

                       Annapolis, Maryland
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Scanticon-Princeton/The Forrestal
                       Management consultation and appraisal.

                       Hamilton Park Conference Center
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Westfields Conference Center

                       Evergreen Conference Center and Resort
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Arrowwood Conference Resort
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Gateway Conference Center
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis..

                       Washington County, Pennsylvania
                       Market and financial feasibility with financial structuring.

                          CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                    GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                       New Brunswick Development Corporation
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Airlie House
                       Business planning and management review.

                       Amtrak – Acela Conference Center
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Cedarbrook Hill Conference Center
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Hamilton Farms Conference Center
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       River Winds Conference Center
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Columbia, Maryland
                       Market and financial analysis of the potential for the adaptive re-use of
                       the Rouse Sales and Exhibit Center to a conference center.


                       Lansdowne Conference Resort
                       Market demand study, financial feasibility analysis and
                       operations review.

                       Dolce International
                       Strategic market planning.

                       Barton Creek Conference Center

                       Killeen Castle, Ireland
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis

                       Kiawah Resort Conference Center
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                       Sea Pines Conference Center
                       Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                          CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Snowmass Conference Center
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility analysis.

                   The Palm Springs Classic
                   Development consulting.

                   Villagio Resort - Catskills, New York
                   Market repositioning analysis.

                   Hoban House, Ireland
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility study.

                   Bulle Rock Conference Resort – Havre de Grace, Maryland
                   Market and financial analysis.

                   Bristol Harbor Resort - Rochester, New York
                   Market repositioning analysis.

                   Elbow Beach - Bermuda
                   Market repositioning analysis.

                   Sandia Pueblo, New Mexico
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility study.
                   Fountain Hills, Arizona
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility study.
                   Cedar Creek, Kansas City, Kansas
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility study.
                   Napa Valley Conference Resort, Napa, California
                   Market demand study, development consultation.

                   Bald Head Island, South Car olina
                   Market demand study and repositioning.

                   Mill Cr eek Conf er ence Resor t
                   Market demand feasibility study.

                   Dripping Springs Conf er ence Resor t
                   Market demand study and financial feasibility study.

                   Ford’s Colony, Williamsburg, Virginia
                   Market feasibility study.

                   Wintergreen Resort, Virginia
                   Market and financial feasibility study.

                      CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   McGuireWoods is a leading authority in tax-exempt financings for institutions
                   of higher education, as well as for private secondary and elementary schools.
                   Over the last 20 years, we have served as bond counsel, underwriter's counsel,
                   school counsel, issuer's counsel or lender's counsel on transactions large and
                   small, from more than $100,000,000 for the University of Virginia, to
                   $1,000,000 for The Montessori School of Westminster, Maryland.

                   We have been at the forefront of federal and state constitutional law analysis of
                   tax-exempt financings benefiting educational institutions affiliated with
                   religious groups. With our municipal litigation group, we spearheaded several
                   important validation cases in Virginia regarding the separation of church and
                   state for tax-exempt bonds for religiously affiliated educational institutions.

                   In November 2000, as bond counsel we successfully argued a landmark
                   constitutional case at the Supreme Court of Virginia validating the use of tax-
                   exempt bond financing for Regent University, a Christian graduate university in
                   Virginia. Virginia's highest court held that, notwithstanding Regent's religious
                   perspective, it was eligible to benefit from tax-exempt bonds to be issued
                   through the Virginia College Building Authority.

                   Since 1995, we have participated in more than 100 issues for universities,
                   colleges and private secondary schools, totaling more than $700,000,000. We
                   have served as bond counsel, underwriter's counsel, lender's counsel or school
                   counsel on financings, including student housing financings for public and
                   private university systems such as:

                           Clemson University
                           The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore Campus)
                           Medical University of South Carolina
                           Morgan State University
                           Norfolk State University
                           University of Richmond
                           Shenandoah University
                           University of South Carolina
                           University of Virginia
                           Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
                           Winston-Salem State University
                           Vanderbilt University (Tennessee)

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   We have served in the same capacities for liberal arts colleges and graduate
                   schools such as:

                           Bennington College (Vermont)
                           Centre College (Kentucky)
                           The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Illinois)
                           The Citadel (South Carolina)
                           Clarke University (Massachusetts)
                           Eastern Mennonite University (Virginia)
                           Francis Marion University (South Carolina)
                           Hood College (Maryland)
                           Queens College (North Carolina)
                           Randolph Macon Woman's College (Virginia)
                           Sweet Briar College (Virginia)
                           Ursinus College (Pennsylvania)
                           Winthrop University (South Carolina)

                   We have served as bond counsel, underwriter's counsel, lender's counsel or
                   school counsel for private K-12 schools including:

                           Annapolis Area Christian School (Maryland)
                           Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School (Maryland)
                           Calvert School (Maryland)
                           Charlotte Latin School (North Carolina)
                           Christchurch School (Virginia)
                           Episcopal High School (Virginia)
                           Garrison Forest School (Maryland)
                           Gonzaga College High School (District of Columbia)
                           Green Hedges School (Virginia)
                           Highland School (Virginia)
                           The Langley School (Virginia)
                           Notre Dame Preparatory School (Maryland)
                           Pinecrest Academy (Georgia)
                           The Potomac School (Virginia)
                           Randolph-Macon Academy (Virginia)
                           St. Catherine's School (Virginia)
                           St. Christopher's School (Virginia)
                           St. Stephen's and St. Agnes' School (Virginia)
                           St. Timothy's School (Maryland)
                           Woodberry Forest School (Virginia)

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   We have worked with many local issuers, as well as statewide issuers such as the
                   Virginia College Building Authority, the Maryland Health and Higher
                   Educational Facilities Authority, the North Carolina Educational Facilities
                   Finance Agency, and the Illinois Finance Authority. We also have experience in
                   multi-campus financings, such as transactions for the Church Schools in the
                   Diocese of Virginia, which operates six secondary schools throughout Virginia.
                   Drafting and negotiating complex financings and credit structures for
                   universities and secondary schools, including rated institutions, are also among
                   our focuses. We have structured innovative financing techniques, including
                   variable rate issues, letter of credit backed issues, synthetic leases, demand and
                   "soft put" bonds, and auction reset securities.

                   We have undertaken numerous public and private offerings, both tax-exempt
                   and taxable. Our experience includes resolving the particularly difficult tax
                   issues that often arise in financing private educational facilities, including
                   reimbursement issues and issues involving fundraising and arbitrage.


                   McGuireWoods has served as bond counsel to more than 250 counties, cities,
                   towns, service authorities, sanitary districts and other issuing entities. We serve
                   as bond counsel on an ongoing basis to some of the largest jurisdictions.
                   In Virginia, these include the counties of Arlington, Roanoke and Stafford; the
                   cities of Alexandria, Norfolk, and Portsmouth; and many smaller localities. In
                   Illinois, public finance clients on completed and pending transactions include
                   the state of Illinois, the city of Chicago and the Illinois Finance Authority, as
                   well as numerous municipalities, school districts and park districts. We have
                   assisted local governments in financing all types of public improvements using
                   numerous financing techniques.

                   We are experienced in traditional general obligation, revenue bond and working
                   capital financings, short-term financings by tax, grant and bond anticipation
                   notes, and non-traditional financings involving conduit issues, regional entities,
                   leases, service contracts, certificates of participation, lease revenue bonds,
                   "moral obligation" contracts, special assessment bonds and special taxing

                   McGuireWoods has been a leader in developing innovative financing structures
                   for local governments, particularly with respect to public/private partnerships,
                   and finance infrastructure and economic development and redevelopment
                   projects. We have experience in the financing of regional projects involving
                   multijurisdictional agreements. We have served as special tax counsel in taxable
                   and tax-exempt lease financing transactions, and have worked on transportation
                   project financings involving special taxing districts.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   We serve as underwriter's counsel to national and regional investment banking
                   firms in the issuance and remarketing of municipal and other tax-exempt
                   securities. We represent single managers, co-managers and syndicates in
                   transactions by issuers in Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina,
                   Georgia and Virginia.

                   We assist in due diligence and prepare disclosure documents, including the
                   Preliminary Official Statement and the Official Statement, and otherwise work
                   to ensure compliance with federal and state securities laws. We also negotiate
                   and prepare bond purchase agreements, agreements among underwriters, and
                   state “Blue Sky” memoranda.

                   We have served as bond counsel and underwriters counsel to numerous
                   localities to provide financing for the following types of facilities:

                           Public Schools (including Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as
                           Community Colleges)
                           Water and Wastewater Systems
                           Correctional and Detention Facilities
                           Roads and Transportation Facilities
                           Parking Facilities
                           Solid Waste Disposal Facilities and Landfills
                           Office Facilities
                           Recreational Facilities (including Parks, Forest Preserves, Open Space
                           and Golf Courses)
                           Convention Centers
                           Fire and Rescue Facilities and Equipment
                           Equipment, Vehicles, Computers, etc.

                   PUBLIC FINANCE
                   McGuireWoods' public finance lawyers combine extensive knowledge with in-
                   depth experience of banking, securities, real estate and tax matters – experience
                   that affords clients top quality services in all areas of public finance, while
                   retaining a strong commitment to providing personal, responsive attention.

                   AREAS OF FOCUS
                        Hospital and Health Care Financings
                        Higher Education and Private School Financings
                        Industrial Revenue Bonds and Exempt Facility Bonds
                        Local Government Financings
                        Special Tax Districts and Community Development Authorities

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                           General 501(c)(3) Financings
                           Public School Financings
                           Airport and Air Cargo Facility Financings
                           Affordable Housing Projects
                           Financing of Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
                           Transportation Facilities
                           Water and Sewer Financings
                           Regional Jail Financings
                           Lease-purchase Financings
                           Financing of Sports Facilities and Civic Centers
                           Annexation Matters
                           Economic Development

                        Airport revolving loan program for the Virginia Resources Authority
                        Broad Street Community Development Authority downtown
                        redevelopment financing in Richmond, Virginia
                        Camden Yards stadium financing in Baltimore, Maryland
                        Clean water revolving loan program for Virginia Resources Authority
                        Federal highway transportation revenue anticipation notes (Garvees)
                        for Virginia
                        Governmental pool loan program in Virginia
                        Greenville County School District installment purchase school facilities
                        in South Carolina
                        HarborView land-based financing in Baltimore, Maryland
                        Howard Hughes Medical Institute financing in Maryland
                        Regent University in Virginia Beach and Alexandria, Virginia
                        Qualified zone academy bonds in Chicago and in Norfolk, Virginia
                        Short Pump Town Center financing in Henrico County, Virginia

                   We have been involved in more than 2,500 tax-exempt financings as bond
                   counsel, underwriter's counsel and lender's counsel for agencies and other
                   instrumentalities of Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina and
                   South Carolina; as well as many cities, counties, towns, industrial development
                   authorities, community development authorities, service authorities, sanitary
                   districts, regional authorities and other special purpose issuers.

                   We have drafted legislation relating to various forms of public finance including
                   the Virginia Public Finance Act of 1991, legislation creating the Virginia
                   Resources Authority and the Virginia Water Facilities Revolving Fund, and
                   legislation authorizing the issuance of tax-exempt bonds by the Virginia Small
                   Business Financing Authority.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Our experience includes general obligation and revenue bond financings, bond
                   referenda, short-term financings through revenue, tax and grant anticipation
                   notes, variable rate financings, tax-exempt leasing and installment purchase
                   financings. Our experience also includes innovative techniques such as Internet
                   auctions, auction reset securities, multiple mode variable rate issues, issues with
                   various tender and conversion features, compound interest bonds, zero coupon
                   bonds and moral obligation bonds.

                   We are experienced with complex public offerings and issues using credit
                   enhancement devices such as letters of credit, standby credit arrangements and
                   bond insurance. We have served as special tax counsel in taxable and tax-
                   exempt lease financing transactions, and have experience in the financing of
                   regional projects involving multi-agency agreements.

                   Having pioneered the use of various innovative financing techniques such as
                   public-private partnerships, special revenue pledges, lease financing, moral
                   obligation pledges and other subject-to-appropriation financings, our public
                   finance lawyers have successfully established the validity of these financing
                   options through legislation, judicial validations and administrative

                   We have represented numerous financial institutions, investment banking firms,
                   financial advisors and underwriters in connection with tax-exempt financings.
                   Our relationships with both regional and national financial institutions and
                   underwriters are most valuable to our clients.

                   Our public finance lawyers have participated in presentations by issuers to
                   rating agencies and have assisted issuers in obtaining ratings for a wide variety
                   of financing structures, including issues which have received the highest rating
                   from rating agencies. In addition, our lawyers serve on numerous panels and
                   provide information to many organizations and governmental entities interested
                   in public finance, through speaking engagements and publications.
                   Special Tax Districts and Community Development Authorities, and Tax
                   Increment Finance.

                   McGuireWoods has provided advice to numerous localities, developers and
                   underwriters in Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina and Virginia, in connection
                   with the creation of tax increment districts and special taxing districts including
                   community development authorities (CDAs). Localities have included:

                           City of Alexandria, Virginia
                           Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
                           Baltimore City, Maryland
                           County of Culpeper, Virginia
                           Frederick County, Maryland

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                        GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                           City of Fredericksburg, Virginia
                           County of Henrico, Virginia
                           City of Harrisonburg, Virginia
                           City of Hyattsville, Maryland
                           County of James City, Virginia
                           Town of Lovettsville, Virginia
                           County of Montgomery, Maryland
                           County of Prince Edward, Virginia
                           Prince George's County, Maryland
                           County of Prince William, Virginia
                           City of Richmond, Virginia
                           County of Stafford, Virginia

                   We have served as bond counsel or underwriter’s counsel in connection with
                   the issuance of bonds by the Heritage Hunt Commercial Community
                   Development Authority in Prince William County, Virginia; the Lake Linganore
                   Community Development Authority in Frederick County, Maryland; the
                   Urbana Community Development Authority in Frederick County, Maryland;
                   the Bell Creek Community Development Authority in Hanover County,
                   Virginia; and the Broad Street Community Development Authority in the City
                   of Richmond, Virginia.

                   We serve as general counsel to the Bell Creek Community Development
                   Authority in Hanover County, Virginia; and the Broad Street Community
                   Development Authority in the City of Richmond, Virginia. We have served as
                   underwriters' counsel in connection with the bond issuance by the Short Pump
                   Town Center Community Development Authority in Henrico County, Virginia.
                   In Virginia, legislation authorizing the creation of CDAs was first enacted in
                   1993 and is now codified in the Virginia Water and Waste Authorities Act. It
                   provides that a landowner or group of landowners in a county, city or town
                   may petition the appropriate jurisdiction to adopt an ordinance or resolution
                   creating a CDA to provide certain infrastructure and improvements.

                   CDAs are granted the same powers as water and waste authorities with respect
                   to storm water control systems, water systems, sewer systems, refuse collection
                   and disposal systems. CDAs are also authorized to finance, establish, acquire,
                   construct, equip, operate and maintain other infrastructure. CDAs may request
                   the locality to levy and collect a limited ad valorem tax on taxable real property
                   within the CDA or a special assessment. The CDA may issue bonds for
                   improvements, payable from special taxes or assessments. The payments of
                   special taxes or assessments by the locality to the CDA are subject to annual
                   appropriation by the locality.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   McGuireWoods has also been a leader in innovative financing programs
                   undertaken pursuant to other types of special taxing districts. We have unique
                   experience in the formation of special taxing districts for the purpose of
                   financing major infrastructure projects.

                   We were the principal authors of the Local Transportation District Legislation.
                   In addition, we have participated in the formation of almost every special taxing
                   district formed under the Local Transportation District Law, including the
                   Route 28 Project ($141,000,000) in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties; the Route
                   234 Bypass Project ($100,000,000) in Prince William County; the Prince
                   William Parkway Project ($40,000,000) in Prince William County; and the
                   Route 5 Project ($10,000,000) in James City County.

                   We have also pioneered the legal structure used by the Northern Virginia
                   Transportation District Commission and the Potomac Rappahannock
                   Transportation District Commission in structuring revenue bond issues totaling
                   more than $116,000,000. We have dealt extensively with sports facility
                   financings, including financings through the City of Norfolk, the Richmond
                   Metropolitan Authority, and the Maryland Stadium Authority involving various
                   types of special revenue pledges.

                   In Maryland, we have served as bond counsel and underwriters' counsel in
                   connection with the issuance of special taxing district bonds by Baltimore City,
                   Prince George's County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, and
                   county commissioners of Frederick County.

                   These transactions have included innovative financings which combine special
                   taxes and special assessments to more fairly allocate infrastructure costs among
                   developed and undeveloped properties in a district, as well as "double-barreled"
                   financings which primarily pledge tax increment revenues, with special taxes as
                   a secondary source of funds to pay debt service.

                   We have also assisted Baltimore City in the development of its special taxing
                   district and tax increment financing legislation, as well as the creation of criteria
                   for evaluating potential district financings. Our experience ranges from large
                   financings such as the $14,000,000 bond issue for the National Business Park in
                   Anne Arundel County, Maryland, to smaller transactions like a tax increment
                   district in Cecil County, Maryland and the Town of Perryville to finance road
                   improvements of less than $500,000 related to an important economic
                   development project.

                               CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                         GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   All municipalities (including Baltimore City) and certain counties in Maryland
                   are authorized to create special taxing districts to finance certain infrastructure
                   improvements related to development within the district. The proposed district
                   must be approved by a specified percentage of the property owners in the
                   proposed district, measured both by number and by assessed value.

                   Infrastructure improvements that may be financed include roads, sewers, water
                   systems, parking, libraries, schools, parks and recreation facilities, sidewalks and
                   storm drainage systems. Bonds issued to finance infrastructure improvements
                   are payable from special taxes levied on property within the special taxing
                   district and other assets and revenues pledged by the issuer.

                   In Illinois, we have extensive knowledge and experience in special service and
                   tax increment financings and economic development. We have counseled
                   clients regarding numerous projects, including the drafting of various
                   appropriate project and tax increment plans, development and tax increment
                   agreements, and financing options, both bonded and “pay as you go” status.
                   We are frequent speakers for entities at tax increment financing conferences
                   and economic development conferences including the Illinois Tax Increment
                   Association, the Illinois Municipal League, and the Council of Development
                   Finance Agencies.

                   We regularly represent Illinois municipalities and other clients with respect to
                   redevelopment projects in accordance with the Illinois Tax Increment
                   Allocation Redevelopment Act, and are frequently engaged to offer special
                   advice and opinions concerning the tax increment process. Recent engagements
                   included the negotiation of an intergovernmental agreement among a home
                   rule unit and two school districts concerning the expansion of a downtown tax
                   increment area in Oak Park, Illinois.

                              CONCORD EASTRIDGE
                                            GMU—HOTEL/CONFERENCE CENTER

Section 1.
Qualifications &

D. Provide the          All information on individual team members is provided in section 1.b.
names, addresses,
and telephone
numbers of persons
within the firm or
consortium of firms
who may be
contacted for further

E. Provide a current    Financial statement for CEI is attached as a confidential document in Appendix
or most recently        A.
audited financial
statement of the
firm or firms and
each partner with an
equity interest of
twenty percent or

F. Identify any         As of the current team configuration, there are no members that would be
persons known to        obligated to disqualify themselves.
the proposer who
would be obligated
to disqualify them-
selves from partici-
pation in any
transaction arising
from or in
connection to the
project pursuant to
The Virginia State
and Local
Conflict of Interest
Act Chapter 31 (VA,
Code § 2.2-3100 et
seq.) if Title 2.2.

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Section 1.
Qualifications &

G. Identify proposed      Obtaining qualified workers is essential to the success of any construction
plan for obtaining        project. Centex Construction recognizes the importance of the trades and crafts
sufficient numbers        in delivery quality and timely construction; therefore, the firm maintains an
of qualified workers      updated database of subcontractors and individual workers. The firm will draw
in all trades or crafts   from this database and work with local economic development entities to
required for the          identify local businesses. Work fairs and job-training sessions will be conducted.
project.                  Training is also an integral part of assuring sufficient numbers of qualified
                          workers; Centex Construction has an excellent training program, as described

H. Provide                Centex Construction has always had an active and comprehensive training
information on any        program. Under the direction of the firm’s Manager of Training and
training programs,        Development, Centex Construction strengthens its emphasis on training. In the
including but not         calendar year of 2004, the firm’s Washington, D.C. metro office tracked that its
limited to                employees participated in more than 4,000 hours of training on subjects such as
apprenticeship            creating and maintaining a project schedule, successful project startup and
programs registered       closeout procedures, estimating by specific CSI division, contract law, English
with the U.S.             as a second language, giving and receiving feedback, presentation skills and
Department of             preventing sexual harassment.
Labor or a State
Apprenticeship            Centex Construction is an active member of several local and national industry
Council, in place for     associations including the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and has
employees of the          strong employee participation on several of the association’s committees, as
firm and employees        well as both the Virginia Chapter Board of Directors (Division President and
of any member of a        CEO John Tarpey) and the Metro Washington Chapter Board of Directors
consortium of firms.      (Senior Project Manager Scott Vossler), which deals with education and training
                          issues. Centex Construction encourages craft employees to attend the Virginia
                          chapter of ABC Carpentry Apprenticeship program, affiliated with Northern
                          Virginia Community College. In addition to carpentry education, the firm
                          supports and encourages craft employees to participate in English as a Second
                          Language education, also through ABC.

                          The firm also encourages its subcontractors to establish apprenticeship training
                          programs. Several of its projects in the District of Columbia have included First
                          Source Employment agreements that require any subcontractor with a contract
                          over $500,000 in value to register and be approved for an apprenticeship
                          training program.

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Section 1.
Qualifications &

I. Provide             Centex Construction is firmly committed toward fulfilling Governor Warner’s
information on the     Executive Order 29 to encourage participation of small, minority-owned and
level of commitment    woman-owned businesses in construction contracts. The firm will work with
by the firm or         the Department of Minority Business Enterprise and local economic
consortium of firms    development entities to notify local businesses of opportunities and hold work
to use Department      fairs and job-training sessions.
of Minority Business
Enterprise firms in    Centex Construction and THR Enterprises Inc., a Virginia-Based Minority
the developing and     Business Enterprise, have a mentor-protege agreement approved by SBA.
implementing of the    Centex Construction is further developing its mentor-protégé relationship with
project.               THR Enterprises, a highly capable construction partner with a track record of
                       general contracting and design-build success. Under the mentor-protégé
                       agreement, Centex Construction provides training and consultation to this
                       MBE in all aspects of its business, including training for its workers.

                       Selected examples of Centex Construction’s commitment include the following:

                       ~   Participated in the Pentagon Renovation Program and George Mason
                           University PTAP Small Business Conference (July 17, 2003, July 27, 2004
                           and May 3, 2005)

                       ~   Corporate sponsor for National Association of Minority Contractors.

                       ~   Associated General Contractors MBE Advisory Council member for over
                           15 years.

                       ~   ABC SBE/MBE/WBE Committee member for the past seven years.

                       ~   Annual host of the SBE/MBE/WBE Business Exchange Program
                           sponsored through ABC.

                       ~   Participate in the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Outreach
                           program for LDBE, MBE, and WBE subcontractors (annually).

                       ~   Advertise jobs on SUB-Net.

                       ~   Help subcontractors with SBA certifications as needed.

                       ~   Participate in the Annual ABC GC Expo networking event.

                       ~   Participated in the Small Business Council Outreach Conference (April 26,

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 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

                        ~   Participated in the Small Business Administration’s Business Matchmaking
                            Sessions (2004 and 2005)

                        ~   Participate in the GSA Small Networking event for the FDA CDER 2 /
                            Switzer projects (May 10, 2005)

                        ~   Participated in federal government sponsored pre-proposal
                            conference/subcontractor outreach forum in Washington, D.C. (April 8,

                        ~   Participated in the District of Columbia’s LSDBE Marketplace (September
                            14, 2004)

                        ~   Participated in the LSDBE Networking Session (April 13, 2005)

                        ~   Locally, Centex has subcontracted over $100 million to disadvantaged and
                            women-owned business firms in the past four years. And locally, we have
                            subcontracted over $500 million to small business firms over this same

                        ~   Recognized with American Minority Contractors and Businesses
                            Association’s outstanding leadership award for “outstanding and exemplary
                            performance in promoting Small, Minority, Women and Disadvantaged
                            Business Utilization,” May 2003.

                        ~   Selected as a finalist in the 2002 Diversity in Construction Awards by
                            Associated Builders & Contractors of Metro Washington.

J. For each firm or     These statements, including disclosure responses to A though L, are included in
major subcontractor     Appendix C.
that will perform
construction and/or
design activities,
provide the following

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 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

(1) A sworn
certification by an
representative of the
firm attesting to the
fact that the firm is not
currently debarred or
suspended by any
federal, state, or local
government entity.

(2) A completed
qualification statement
on a form developed
by the
ON that reviews all
relevant information
regarding technical
qualifications and
capabilities, firm
resources and business
integrity of the firm,
including but not
limited to, bonding
capacities, insurance
coverage and firm
equipment. This
statement shall also
include a mandatory
disclosure by the firm
for the past three years
any of the following

(A) bankruptcy filings
(B) liquidated
(C)fines, assessments
or penalties
(D) judgments or
awards in contract
(E) contract defaults,
contract terminations

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 Section 1.
 Qualifications &

(F) license
suspensions, other
disciplinary actions
(G) prior debarments
or suspensions by a
governmental entity
(H) denials of
findings of non-
(I) safety past
performance data,
including fatality
incidents, “Experience
Modification Rating,”
“Total Recordable
Injury Rate” and
“Total Lost Workday
Incidence Rate”
(J) violations of any
federal, state, or local
criminal or civil law
(K) criminal
indictments or
(L) legal claims
filed by or against
the firm

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Section 1.
Qualifications &

k. Worker Safety      Centex Construction is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and
Programs:             healthy environment for all Centex Construction employees, project personnel
Describe worker       and members of the general public affected by its construction projects. The
safety training       firm is concerned with accident prevention and control, first and foremost,
programs, job site    because it affects the safety and well-being of each and every employee.
safety programs,      Accident prevention also assists in conserving skilled manpower; controlling
accident prevention   unnecessary production costs; protecting machinery, equipment and materials
programs, written     from damage; and preventing the waste of time and effort. As policy, Centex
safety and health     Construction expects from all managers, subcontractors and suppliers, full
plans, including      cooperation and participation in all measures taken to ensure the safety and
incident              efficient operations of the project. This requires an observance of safe practice
investigation and     rules, and the detection and reporting of hazardous conditions, practices and
reporting             behaviors in the working environment, as well as the submission of
procedures.           recommendations to improve the safety and efficiency of the project.

                      The firm develops site-specific safety and health plans that comply with all
                      federal, state and local codes, laws and regulations. Key components of these
                      site-specific plans include:

                      Worksite inspections
                      The Superintendent conducts daily project safety inspections along with job
                      hazard analysis worksheets. The Safety Director conducts bi-monthly
                      inspections. A company safety committee made up of project supervisors and
                      managers and company safety personnel discusses safety and health issues,
                      makes recommendations for policy changes and conducts a project audit during
                      the busiest phase of construction. A safety recognition program, which includes
                      subcontractors, is tailored to the project. The program includes monthly and
                      quarterly awards for safe workers, presented at a jobsite-wide meeting.

                      Safety and health meetings
                      Centex Construction employees hold weekly safety meetings. Larger subcontractors
                      have their own weekly meetings, and smaller subcontractors may either have their
                      own meetings or participate in the Centex Construction meetings. Site safety
                      meetings for field supervisors are held with the Safety Director, and safety is an
                      agenda item discussed at weekly subcontractor meetings. Accident records and
                      accident summaries are kept and reported quarterly.

                      Safety and health training program, including new-hire orientation
                      All Centex Construction project staff, including line supervisors, participate in
                      an OSHA 10-hour construction safety and health course. Subcontractor
                      management and supervisory personnel are asked to participate as well. New
                      hires participate in a safety orientation program, receiving a written “guide for
                      safety and health” and viewing a video, both of which include basic training on
                      portable fire extinguisher and fire prevention, the OSHA required training
                      topics and a general set of safe work practices.

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Section 1.
Qualifications &

                   Inspection and accident investigation process
                   The Centex Construction Superintendent notifies the Safety Director
                   immediately for all emergencies or injuries. The Superintendent also and
                   ensures the appropriate medical care is provided in accordance with the Centex
                   Construction Injury Procedures and that Post Accident/Incident
                   Drug/Alcohol Testing is also conducted. The appropriate supervisor conducts
                   a “Supervisor’s Accident Investigation” and Report as applicable with the help
                   of the Centex Construction Safety Director as necessary to identify and
                   document the cause of all accidents/incidents and to determine what measures
                   can be taken to prevent similar occurrences.

                   Subcontractor compliance with site-specific plan
                   Centex Construction’s subcontractors implement a written Safety Program that
                   meets or exceeds the provision contained in the Centex Construction Project
                   Safety Program and applicable sections of the firm’s Loss Prevention Manual in
                   addition to complying with all federal, state and local codes, laws, regulations
                   and contracts.

                   Job hazard analysis process
                   The Job Hazard Analysis document, created by the Superintendent in
                   conjunction with the supervisor of the trade performing the work, identifies the
                   hazards associated with the work to be executed, precautionary measures to
                   take to prevent any losses and indicators that might provide foresight of
                   imminent danger or cause for concern. Once developed, this document is
                   reviewed with the crew performing the work prior to the first day of activity. In
                   the case of prolonged activities, it is periodically reviewed to ensure continued
                   compliance with the approved procedures.

                   Alcohol-free and drug-free workplace requirements
                   Centex Construction has a clear, written policy on drug and alcohol abuse,
                   including pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random
                   testing. Centex Construction employees and subcontractors are required to
                   comply with this

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 Section 4.
 Project Benefit &

A. Identify community      The proposed project will have significant long lasting benefits to the community
benefits, including the    including quality of life benefits, economic benefits, job creation benefits, and
economic impact the        work for Virginia subcontractors. More specifically the construction and
project will have on the   operation of the Hotel & Conference Center will:
MASON and local
community in terms of      Quality of Life Benefits
amount of tax revenue
                           The Hotel & Conference Center will create an asset for both GMU and the
to be generated for the
                           community at-large. The Center’s facilities will afford the surrounding
Commonwealth and
                           community (private industry, public entities, etc) a venue with quality amenities to
political subdivisions ,
                           meet their conference, meeting and social needs.
the number of jobs
generated for Virginia
residents and level of     Economic Benefits
pay and fringe benefits    Economic benefits are somewhat unquantifiable. As stated below, job creation
of such jobs, and          and the ability to add to the sales tax base of the affected communities will be the
training opportunities     most obvious areas of benefit, while other less obvious forces will become more
for apprenticeships        prevalent as the facility becomes operational.
and other training
programs generated by
the project and the        Job Creation Benefits
number and value of
subcontracts               The Project will require employees to facilitate and manage the operations of the
generated for Virginia     facility. As this is a new facility the net result is the creation of new jobs that do
subcontractors.            not currently exist in Fairfax County. The number of new jobs is not quantifiable
                           at this stage of the project, but a facility of this nature will create jobs at all levels
                           of the employment spectrum.

                           Work for Virginia Subcontractors
                           The Development Team for the Project includes a Virginia based general
                           contractor, engineering firms, as well as financial and legal consultants. The
                           ultimate construction of the Project will likely generate significant subcontracting
                           work for local Virginia trades.

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Section 4.
Project Benefit &

B. Identify any        The addition of the Hotel & Conference Center to the GMU campus will address
anticipated public     a need of both the University and the public and should be strongly supported by
support or             the public and local government. Local citizens will be the beneficiaries of the
opposition, as well    facilities, programs and services that will be offered at the Project. Based on
as any anticipated     these factors, the Development Team anticipates strong public and government
government support     support for the Project.
or opposition, for
the project.

C. Explain the         The Development Team intends to work very closely with officials of GMU’s
strategy and plan      Fairfax Campus to communicate to the public and officials at the affected
that will be carried   jurisdictions. Given that the project is being integrated into the Fairfax Campus,
out to involve and     the engagement with the public will be through a coordinated process with the
inform the general     GMU government affairs and public relations offices. As an additional part of
public, business       the process, the use of a dedicated web site with real time project cameras will be
community, local       publicized to allow real-time updates of the progress of the project. The
governments, and       Development Team will coordinate its communication plan with the marketing
governmental           efforts of GMU to ensure clear communication to political, business and
agencies in areas      community members affected by the Project.
affected by the

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Section 4.
Project Benefit &

D. Describe the        As a part of the expansion of the Fairfax Campus of GMU, the Hotel &
compatibility of the   Conference Center does not fit directly into the economic development efforts
project with local,    for Fairfax County, City of Fairfax or the Commonwealth of Virginia. It does
regional, and state    however provide all of the above agencies as well as the economic efforts of
economic               Arlington, Falls Church, Alexandria and to some part Loudoun and Prince
development efforts.   William counties with another strong tool that can be used to attract permanent
                       businesses and business organizations to the Fairfax Campus to potentially host
                       conferences or events.

E. Describe the        The proposed Hotel & Conference Center is consistent with the Master Plan of
compatibility with     the Fairfax Campus of GMU. The local infrastructure will not be significantly
the local              impacted due to the internal nature of the project within the GMU campus. The
comprehensive plan,    project will have minimal if any impact upon the capital improvements budget or
local infrastructure   other local government spending plan.
development plans,
and any capital
budget or other
spending plan.

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