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									Drugs in Old Medicine Centuries Ago
                                               Long before morphine and marijuana
                                               became illegal, many people used these
                                               drugs for medicinal purposes. Today, such
                                               practices are still in effect, using morphine
                                               for pain killers and using “medical
                                               marijuana” to treat various illnesses. The
                                               use of these substances as drugs has more
                                               than turned around over the past century,
                                               particularly the past thirty to forty years.
                                               The main reason for initiating the illegality
                                               of these substances is due to how much
                                               they can affect how a person thinks and
                                               reasons, even when they appear normal
and lucid. Even alcohol has a noticeable effect upon the abuser so that other people are
able to tell if someone is not competent to perform their job tasks. In the military,
mandatory testing was first initiated before certain personnel would have access to
machinery, ships, cargo, freight, secrets, lives, and weapons. Drug screening began in
high level military operations, no doubt after such abuse had cost lives and billions of
dollars of government resources. Then, it began spreading down to lower personnel, and
it eventually was adopted as a legitimate safety practice by companies, and now
businesses as small as fifty employees regularly use drug & alcohol testing as part of
their evaluation procedures and safety protocol.
The primary characteristic of illicit drugs in the practice of medicine for the past few
centuries has been the level of mental escape which it provides. Before modern medicine
was developed in chemical laboratories to actually cure illnesses, most people had to just
watch themselves decay and simply find ways to live with the increasing pain. Today,
onsite drug and alcohol screening is used to treat people who abuse this feeling, rather
than only using medicine which has been prescribed to help them manage their pain or
regulate and stabilize their bodies. For this reason, drug screening is able to do what illicit
drugs did back then. It is able to set a limit on the amount of abuse that a body must
endure as an illness or injury is processed in the system. Alcohol testing is extremely
effective in making sure that people understand that they are allowed to disrespect
themselves on their own time, but that the company certainly has respect for itself. Call
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