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									                                Paris Challenge CEP Marathon 2007

This is an U15 international foil competition, held on Saturday 3 rd February, in Paris. Fencers must be
born in 1992 or later. Last year, there were approx 250 boys and 100 girls representing 21 different
countries, including entries from as far afield as Israel and the USA.

The format this year is a change from last year. All the fencing will be on the Saturday, starting at
7:30am and going on into the evening. The format will be two rounds of pools, with cuts after each
round, followed by DE with repechage. The repechage system is complex, but it in essence each
fencer who reaches the DE gets 2 “lives” – you have to lose twice to be eliminated. However, the
cutting after each round of pools adds to the importance of those pool fights. Only 64 boys and 32
girls will be promoted to the DE. This means that in each round of pools, it is vital to win half or more of
your fights, and to maximise the indicators (hits gained – hits received)

There will be a partial weapons control the night before. Last year, they checked masks (for safety)
and lames (for conductivity).

Full details on the competition website here http://www.escrime-cep.com/version_soft/index_soft.php
and clicking on the link Marathon Fleuret 2007. You can get an idea of the strength of the
competition by checking the results of GB fencers competing last year.

There will be a pre-competition briefing at the TA session at Upper Heyford on 25th Nov. This is
recommended but not mandatory.

The travel plan is still approximate in terms of timings, but here is an overview.

FRIDAY 2nd Feb
Late Morning: Coach makes first pick up in Birmingham area*
PM:             Coach makes several pick ups on way to Dover
Late Afternoon: Ferry Crossing
Approx 7pm: Final pickup at Charles de Gaulle airport to collect fencers/parents who have flown**
Approx 8pm:     Arrive at hotel
9pm             To venue for weapons control, group photos etc.
10pm            Back to hotel
10:30pm         Lights out
5:30am          Reveille
6:00am          Breakfast
6:30am          Leave for venue
7:00am          Check in closes
7:30am          Fencing starts
8:00pm          Finals, followed by presentation.
9:00pm          PIZZA!
11:00pm         Lights out
SUNDAY 4th Feb
7:00am          Reveille
7:30am          Breakfast
8:30am          Leave hotel, home via Charles de Gaulle, ferry and reverse of Fridays trip.
Mid afternoon Last drop off point at Birmingham.

*Birmingham is as far north as we can start without needing a second driver, and disproportionately increasing the cost of the
**We can only collect fencers at Charles de Gaulle who are accompanied by an adult

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