Swimming Pools Safety Checklist by 1N8rNn9Z


									                            Swimming Pool Daily Checklist
Type of Activity: ( ) Free Swim          ( ) Lessons ( ) Other _________________________

Date: _______________________________________ Time: _______________________

Staff: _____________________________________________________________________


Children (Identify as swimmer or non-swimmer): _______________________________




    Water Safety Attendant is on duty. Life Guard Certificate or Water Safety Training
    Certificate is posted.
    The pool’s gate, fence and lock are in good repair.

    There is no breakable glass in the pool area.

    The pool has sufficient clarity. The bottom of pool is clearly visible at deepest part.

    Pool area is clear of debris, clutter and pool toys.

    All life saving equipment is conspicuously and conveniently on hand.

    Emergency telephone is available and in working order.

Water safety attendant/life guard were present at all times
   First aid kit is readily available.

    Emergency plan is readily available to staff.

    Legible water safety rules are posted.

    Children were instructed in water safety rules.

    All children have written permission to participate in water activities.

    Non-swimmers are visually identifiable and an adequate number of Coast Guard
    approved life vests are available for the numbers and ages of children.

    Responsible Staff’s Signature: _________________________ Date:__________

                                                                                      Revised 5/07

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