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									                                                               Northwestern Middle School

                                 Content Area: Life Science                 Grade: 7th      Date: Week of September 6, 2011

                                               Teachers: Hopps, Wiesner, Karow, Bartlett, Cranor and Gleit

                                   Monday                     Tuesday                     Wednesday                      Thursday                        Friday
                           Labor Day                S7L1                           S7L1                          S7L1, S7C6, S7C5              S7L1, S7C6, S7C5
      Standard (1)         Holiday

                                                    What do you need to know       Why do scientists classify    Why is it important to keep   __________________
 Essential Question (1)                             for the test?                  organisms?                    accurate and correct
                                                    Verbal discussion of           Correct answers on            Passing grades on             Passing grades on
      Success (2)                                   concepts.                      textbook review sheet         Notebook Quiz/correct         Test/Discussion of article
                                                                                                                 answers on review game.       and answers to
                                                                                                                                               corresponding questions
                                                    Brainstorm concepts for        Create a mnemonic for         Prepare notebook for quiz.    ___________________
  Sponge/Opening (3)                                Friday’s test.                 classification levels.

                                                    Study guide for Unit 0 Test    Guided Reading worksheet      Notebook Quiz                 Unit 0 Test
                                                    on Friday                      on classification.            Review Game/Question          Article: “ Mighty Bites”
    Presentation (4)                                Order notebook for             Online textbook review        and Answer session for        from Current Science
                                                    Notebook Quiz on                                             Test 0.                       magazine with follow-up
                                                    Thursday.                                                                                  questions to complete and
                                                    Discussion of study guide      Complete guided reading       Complete Notebook Quiz.       Complete Unit 0 Test.
  Guided Practice (5)                               for Unit 0 Test.               worksheet on classification   Play review game.             Read article and complete
                                                    Notebook organization          and online textbook           Study for Unit 0 Test, in     questions.
                                                                                   review.                       groups, using study guide.

                                                    Buddy check for notebook       Share mnemonic with           Study for Test                Discussion of article and
      Closure (6)                                                                  partner.                                                    venomous animals they
                                                                                                                                               have seen.
                                                    Study for Unit Test 0          Study for Unit Test 0         Study for Unit Test 0         None
Independent Practice (7)

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