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					Daily Lesson Plan Template

A Standards-Based Approach

                           Daily Lesson GAME Plan Template
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Tall Tale Character Traits
Grade Level:                                       Unit:
Fifth Grade Language Arts                          Tall Tale Genre

     Students will read several Tall Tales to build an understanding of the elements
      that create this type of story.

     Students will use creativity to express their understanding.

     Students will work towards a solution to solve the problem: What type of
        characteristics would a “modern day” Tall Tale character need to possess in
        order to assist us with environmental issues?

Michigan Content Standards:
R.NT.05.02 Analyze the structure, elements, style, and purpose of narrative genre including
historical fiction, tall tales, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.

R.NT.05.03 Analyze how characters’ traits and setting define plot, climax, the role of dialogue,
and how problems are resolved.

R.NT.05.04 Explain how authors use literary devices including exaggeration and metaphors to
develop characters, themes, plot, and functions of heroes, anti-heroes, and narrators.


X Creativity and innovation                        X Critical thinking, problem-solving, &
 Communication and collaboration                  decision-making
 Research and information fluency                  Digital citizenship
                                                   X Technology operations and concepts
Instructional objective(s):
Students will be able to analyze and identify character traits of characters within Tall
Tale genre. Students will construct “character cards” that include an illustration and brief
summary describing the characters traits and their actions within the story.

Before-class preparation:
   1. Update classroom website with URL addresses for websites that contain Tall
      Tale stories and concept-mapping software that students will access.
   2. Ensure that classroom overhead projector is in working order.
   3. Create an overhead transparency containing illustrations of familiar Tall Tale
   4. Copy “Identifying Character Traits” worksheet. One for each student.
   5. Cut white cardstock into small (5 in. X 4 in.) pieces. Four for each student.
   6. Select rubric for final product (Tall Tale character cards).

                                         During class

Time                    Instructional Activities                     Materials & Resources
10 minutes   (Whole Group Discussion) Ask students if they           Overhead projector
             recognize any of the character illustrations.
             Students can share information, stories, and            Overhead transparency
             details.                                                containing illustrations of Tall
                                                                     Tale characters: Johnny
                                                                     Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, …

20 minutes   (Whole Group Discussion) Hand-out character             “Identifying Character Traits”
             trait worksheet. Read aloud. Discuss.                   worksheet

2-3 days     Students will explore websites, bookmarked on           Various websites containing
(45 min.     classroom website, that contain various Tall            Tall Tales
each)        Tales and identify characters/traits.
                                                                     Concept-mapping application
             While reading, students will create a graphic           (Example:
             organizer/concept map using web application.            http://www.bubbl.us)
             List character name, traits, and actions within the
             story. Note: Arrangement of information on
             graphic organizer can be completed according to
             student’s preference. Encourage neatness and
             the use of organizational skills.

2 days       Students will identify the main character in three      (3) 5 in. X 4 in. white cardstock
(45 min.     Tall Tales. Students will neatly illustrate and color   cards
each)        a main character on each card (use one side).
             Illustration should depict any unique                   Colored pencils
             characteristics. On other side of card (opposite
             side of illustration), students will write a brief
             summary defining the main characters traits and
             actions within the Tall Tale.

20 minutes   (Whole Group Discussion) Discuss the                    Tall Tales on bookmarked
             characteristics of Tall Tales and the history of this   websites
             type of story. Point out the correlation between
             hard times faced by many pioneer settlers and
             some of the invented exaggerations which made
             humorous light of the situations. Share that
             weather, climates, animals, and human strength
             were often the topics that lent themselves to
             exaggeration in Tall Tales.
(continued)   Brainstorm and create a list, on whiteboard, of     Whiteboard
              current environmental issues that could use         Expo markers
              assistance from a “modern day” Tall Tale
              character. Examples: pollution, lack of natural
              resources, oil spills, recycling, global warming…

20 minutes    Each student will create a “modern day”             (1) 5 in. X 4 in. white cardstock
              character that could assist with an environmental   card
              issue. Illustrate and color on remaining card.
              Write brief summary (scenario) on opposite side.    Colored pencils

20 minutes    Allow students to display and share character       Completed character cards
              cards on desks. Students will mingle throughout
              classroom to ask questions and view their peer’s

Notes: Students will participate in whole group discussion and work individually during
computer lab.

Ongoing assessment(s): During this lesson students will be informally assessed to
check for understanding. Teacher observation will take place. A rubric will also be
completed, by both student and teacher, to evaluate the final product (Tall Tale
character cards)- Tall Tale Character Card Rubric.doc

Accommodations and extensions:
    Students may type brief summaries in a word processing application (Microsoft
     Word), cut, and paste.

    Teacher will provide support for students who struggle using technology or
     understanding concepts.

    Students may view teacher-generated Tall Tale character cards on classroom

    Students may create additional cards for better understanding.

Backup plan: If computer lab is experiencing difficulties, teacher will read various Tall
Tales aloud. Students will also begin creating a rough draft concept-map using paper
and pencil.

                                   EVALUATE AND EXTEND
Lesson reflections and notes:
“Identifying Character Traits” worksheet- Character Traits.pdf

Variations of rubric can be created and used to assess.

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