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									Cathy Dandy                       Ward 15 Council
                                      Ward 15 Council                                Mike Gallagher
Trustee WARD 15                                                               Superintendent, SW4
 416-397-3803                                                                        416-394-2048
cathy.dandy@tdsb.on.ca                                                   mike.gallagher@tdsb.on.ca

                                      Meeting Minutes
                                   Monday, October 1st, 2012
                                    Chester Public School
   Attendee List:

   Janet Phillips (Principal -      Jennifer Story (FSLAC)            Karen Mathews (W.
   Chester)                                                           Burgess)
                                    Derby Crewe (Riverdale)
   Karen Albertson (VP –                                              John Trafananko
   Chester)                         Nicole Herbert
                                    (Riverdale/Minutes Taker)         (Leslieville)
   Mike Gallagher
   (Superintendent)                 Kelly Dyment (Blake)              Caitlin Hammond
                                                                      (Trustee’s Office)
   Cathy Dandy (Trustee)            Jenifer Albert (W.
   Doug Wright (Chair –
   Monarch Park)                    Emily Martin (W. Burgess)

   Welcome and Introductions:

   Doug welcomed everyone and the group introduced themselves. No changes to the agenda.

   Host School Introduction:

   Janet spoke about Chester, a K-5 school of 450 students connected to Westwood Middle
   School. Chester is a Gold Eco school representing a diverse community of 40 different
   countries in its population. It’s an open concept building with a dedicated staff and active
   parent volunteers. Community partners include ITLC intergenerational program and Ryerson
   nursing students running PALS playground program.

   Trustee’s Report:

   This year, Cathy is sitting on the Human Resources Committee and the Health & Mental
   Wellness Committee at the board. These tie in with her goals to further relationship building
   within the system and with the integrated services model. Working with Mike, Cathy is looking
   at research indicating that the Achievement Gap is strongly connected to the quality of
   relationship between student & teacher. Our Director is strongly committed to the idea of
   repurposing “excess” space in our schools via community use. Community partners like ICE
   and Woodgreen are interested in working with the TDSB where new policy and fee structures
   will help get these partners into the schools.

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                                    Minutes of Ward 15 Meeting
                                          October 1st, 2012

Cathy cited 3 emerging issues: Labour, Facilities, Full-day Kindergarten

The current labour issue between the Ministry of Education and the teachers’ union continues
to be a fluid situation. Staff feel constrained during this negotiation when it is difficult for the
board to communicate. Parents can contact Cathy with their concerns.

Recent negative press has given a one-sided view of the board’s facility status. The quality of
our facilities continues to be a significant issue at the board.

Full-day Learning is being implemented across the TDSB and many of our EA’s are training
with Humber to become ECE’s.

To support struggling students, Cathy is looking at tying resources to the Fall report card
and running separate events for elementary and secondary parents in the ward. Youth
Engagement continues to be a focus, especially for secondary and middle school. Continuing
efforts on integrated service delivery (ISD) will be exploring French delivery, space issues
and Full-day Kindergarten in connection with schools as hubs.

The group discussed system protocols and how the chain of command works. The Parent
Concern Protocol is in place to provide a sequence for parents. Classroom concerns first are
discussed with the teacher, then go to the Principal, then the Superintendent. The document
can be found at www.tdsb.on.ca/ppf/uploads/files/live/97/169.pdf

Superintendent’s Report:

Since the realignment of school Superintendents’ boundaries, our Family of Schools, now
called WR10, matches up with the Ward 15 boundaries. We now have 32 schools, all under
Mike and Cathy. New schools in the family are Dundas PS, Queen Alexandra MS, First Nations
PS, and Eastdale CI. The TDSB is working on the Program & Pupil Accommodation Plan,
where our ward is significant.

Mike reported on the board’s enrollment numbers, as we move toward the Fall reorganization.
We are up from projections by 625 students in elementary and down by 303 students in
secondary (following the declining enrollment issue as students age).

Mike also commented on the student achievement conversation, referring to the book
“Simply the Best” by Kelly E. Middleton. Confirming that it’s relationships that matter in
student success, we shall focus on learning, not on teaching to become more relevant to
today’s student.

Good news pieces:

       Jackman students were profiled in the media for their crusade on clamshell containers.
       Due to their efforts, this plastic will soon be recyclable!

       Monarch CI, through a public/private partnership, is getting a newly surfaced playing
       field with a dome for off-season use. The site is planned to open this November.

       Chester/Westwood ran its second Community Hub Fair with presenters from the
       community showcasing resources available for parents.

Mike discussed the new School Statement of Needs (SSoN) document that will replace the
Principal/VP Profile that school councils completed annually. A parent rep from each school will

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                                   Minutes of Ward 15 Meeting
                                        October 1st, 2012

complete this document for the Superintendent to use in the event of an admin staff change.
Next ward meeting, Mike will host a support session to assist School Councils in the completion
of this form.

Mike commented on the labour issue in our schools. In these uncharted waters, teachers in
elementary can opt in or out of extra-curricular activities individually and as a school. At the
secondary level, teachers can opt individually. Everyone’s key priority is maintaining the
safety and integrity of the classroom.

Finally, Mike gave an update on the upcoming Cross-Country meets. Only schools that were
registered by the deadline are eligible to compete. Less than half of the usual number of
students are registered for this week’s meets, so venues have been reduced accordingly. He
apologizes for the reduced capacity in this popular event.

PIAC Report:

John let the group know, that, due to a change in Deanna’s schedule, they have switched
roles, where John will be the Ward 15 Rep and Deanna the Alternate. PIAC has created an
instruction guide for the SSoN template. Both can be found on the PIAC website:
www.torontopiac.com Several changes in the sub-committee structure at PIAC have
occurred and they are considering a new Technology committee.

FSLAC Report:

Jennifer noted the depth of commitment and knowledge of this committee’s members. They
are drafting a new policy document, where none existed before. The draft will be available
soon. FLSAC intends to maintain the high quality of French programming in the TDSB, a level
which currently exceeds the ministry guidelines. Our ward has always had an exceptional
demand for French programming and considers the quality vs. quantity of French Immersion,
Extended French and Core French.

Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 7th at Danforth CTI

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