Lesson Plan 2: How can we improve by cXVwb19


									                   Lesson Plan 2: How can we improve?

Learning Objectives:

      Develop knowledge of local area
      Analyse evidence, draw conclusions or opinions and communicate


Analyse previous weeks data, drawing conclusions. Whole class mind
mapping session to discuss ways of reducing amount of litter in school.
Refer to website- THE HEAP, to look at examples of good practice.

Main Activity:

Lower Juniors:
Practical designing activity to encourage reduction of litter in the area
     Posters to encourage litter to be put in the bin
     Design a bin that younger children would find more appealing to use
     Designing a logo to be painted on an old jam jars for reuse as a vase

Upper Juniors:
Refer back to previous weeks group findings. Each group will need decide
on a practical solution for improving the area studied previously. See
above for possible improvement ideas.


Share design ideas then discuss any initiatives which children have seen in
place, e.g ‘Thanks Banks’ in Cardiff centre, Poster campaigns, Bottle banks
in car parks, chewing gum/ cigarette butt bins.

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