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									Avioding Higer Insurance from DUI Cases

One of the dangers with DUI conviction is that it amount to higher insurance premium. In order words, you will pay
heavier for a little insurance coverage than another insured without DUI conviction. This could be painful and might
amount to insurance premium of over fifty thousand dollars depending on the nature of your case. This is because
the insurance company would now consider you as being much more liable for accident than the other insured with
zero DUI conviction. In severe cases, the insurance company may drop the insured from his policy and would
discontinue their financial protection of his automobile if you have an aggressive DUI lawyer Seattle. The later is
even more disastrous than the former and would result to negative report on your insurance record.

Negative report on your insurance record could be destructive. It would mar your driving career perpetually.
Therefore, anything necessary to avoid negative reputation on your insurance record should be avoided with DUI
attorney Seattle. One of the major things that result to this negative reputation is Driving under Influence
conviction. Insurance companies rate drivers based on the risk factor involved. Your insurance premium would be
higher if your risk factor is higher. Therefore, in order to avoid high insurance premium, every necessary effort
should be made to be considered zero risk prone by your insurance company.

However, it would be a more severe thing for a DUI convict driver to be dropped by his insurance company. Once
your insurance record depicts “dropped by an insurance company”, every other insurance company will beware of
you. Therefore, if you are convicted of DUI, it is better to seek means of locating another insurance company before
you are dropped by yours. This will go a long way to prevent your insurance company from dropping you. If it can
be done, you should seek how to work with the law in order to erase your DUI record. DUI convict drivers would
pay heavily no matter the b they go to.

Sometimes, the insurance premium could be raised as high as four hundred percent of its original amount. The best
thing that a driver can do for himself is to avoid DUI conviction. Therefore, insurance companies would charge you
a very high premium in order to cater for your compensation in case you eventually involve in the expected
accident. Research has shown that drivers convicted of DUI often involve in accidents, therefore insurance
companies are not wrong in their analysis. Drunk driving lawyers are going to the solution for those who need
support in DUI cases.

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