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									          ISS USA Today Deployment Plan – Freshman Academies
 Steps                                                                                        Action
(Provide                                                  Person(s)                            Step
              Actions to Accomplish Plan                                  Measure(s)
detailed                                                 Responsible                         Completion
 steps)                                                                                        Date
   #1    Share grant overview with freshman             Setser         Plan                 11/21/06
         academy leads who take the grant               FLC Chairs
         proposal back to principal and selected

  #2       School reps and representatives from the     Setser         Training documents   January 9
           three satellite high schools receive         School reps                         9-12 ADR
           training in December from national USA
           Today trainer Debby Dodge on global
  #3       School lesson plan training that is web
           literacyleads work on how to deliver the     School         School based         December
           PLC training to freshman academy and/or      champion       deployment plans     2006
           teachers via existing structures (dep
   #4      meetings arrive relate back to the
           20 papersetc.thatdaily for 20 weeks SIP).    School         Papers and           January –
           starting the first week of the second        champion       distribution         May 2007
  #5       The school lead determines all logistics,    School         Deployment Plan      Spring 2007
           storage, and distribution schedules          champion
           including which papers go to the satellite

   #6      School leads develop PDSA on related         School         Data tracking can    Spring 2007
           training and track progress of students      champion       include: PA, EOG,
                                                                       and/or course
           over second semester in the areas of                        grades, etc.
           reading and writing since the global
           literacy plan has been in effect.
   #7      Study Results                                All            Reports              Spring 2007

   #8      Act on Changes                               All            Adjusted             Summer
                                                                       deployment plans     2007

   #9      Apply for new grant                          Setser         Application          Summer


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