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									                          Html 5 Mobile App Development
Ever since its inception, HTML has always been the favorable language for developers when it comes to
design & develop websites or web applications. However, with the evolution of mobile apps and
demand for developing cost effective & cross platform mobile apps , HTML 5 is gradually becoming the
future platform for developing cross platform mobile apps.

Today, internet giants like Google, Microsoft & Apple are making efforts to promote HTML 5 Mobile
App Development due to its capability to help developers developing innovative and unusual mobile
apps with ease.

HTML 5’s Key Features

      Offline Support
      Canvas Drawing
      Audio & Video Streaming Support
      GeoLocation API
      Advanced Forms

How can we help you???

At Addon Solutions, our HTML 5 Mobile Development Services are designed to allow our clients to
leverage from the rich features of HTML 5. It has been our passion to keep our eyes on the latest
technological advancements and innovations and help you get cutting edge mobile apps.

We have started mobile app development with first iOS then Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows,
J2ME and with our learning attitude, we are rapidly becoming a HUB for HTML 5 Mobile App

How we explore HTML 5 capabilities?

Through our sincere and dedicated approach to offer high quality HTML 5 mobile apps has enabled us to
provide following HTML 5 Mobile Development Services:

      HTML 5 Mobile Application Development
      Custom HTML 5 Mobile Apps
      HTML 5 Mobile App Theme Design

No matter what your requirements, whether you are looking for Gaming Apps, Entertainment Apps, GPS
navigation apps, Multimedia Apps or any other custom HTML 5 App Development, Addon Solutions has
the right team of technology analyst, experienced mobile app developers and innovative designers to
help you get maximum benefit from your HTML 5 mobile application development.

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