EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN (EAP) _

LOCATION: Lihue Lanes Bowling Center
SPORTS:      Bowling
LANDMARKS nearby: County Building, War Memorial Convention Hall
Nearest Healthcare Facility: Wilcox Memorial Hospital
Emergency Personnel/Team: A Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), also known as Athletic Health
Care Trainer (AHCT), EMS, MD, Coaches, and Administration,
Emergency Communication: Cellular phone. Landline located at check in desk, snack bar, and
lounge. Pay phones are located outside the main entrance.
Emergency Equipment: First aid supplies carried by Coach or Athletic Trainer

Roles of Emergency Care Team Members:

           1.   Immediate care of the injured/ill student-athlete. Establish that the scene is safe and
                provide immediate care of athlete(s).
           2.   Activation of emergency medical system (EMS) in the following situations of if unsure
                of medical care needed:
                 Unconscious athlete(s)
                 No pulse or circulation
                 Anaphylactic Shock (allergic reaction)
                 Electrical Shock
                 Head injury with loss of consciousness
                 Neck injury resulting in a loss of sensation, strength, or range of motion: DO NOT
                     MOVE athlete
           3.   Call 911. Provide them with the following information:
                      Identify yourself and your role in the emergency
                      Specify your location and telephone numbers (if calling by phone)
                      Give the number of injured/ill individuals
                      Condition of the injured/ill individuals
                      Time of the incident
                      Care being given
                      Give specific directions to the scene of the emergency
                      Hang up the phone only AFTER the EMS dispatcher had hung up

                Direction of EMS to the scene:
               Assist EMS to the scene (give specific directions)
               Open appropriate doors
               Designate individual to “flag down” EMS and direct them to the scene
               Scene control: keep non-emergency medical team members away from the scene

           4.   Documentation and communication:
                    Document what time EMS was called and to what hospital the athlete was
                    Notify AHCT. AHCT will notify Athletic Director and Principal if necessary,
                      i.e. catastrophic injury.

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