Significance of Karbala in Islamic history by Adeelzaidi


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									                       Significance of Karbala in Islamic history

Even though there are many painful aspects associated with name Karbala, it holds a great
significance in the Islamic history. This place is home to the shrine of prophet’s grandson Imam
Hussain a.s, which is a sacred place for all the Shia Muslims. It is not just a place on the globe today
but has a great legend attached to it which has marked a strong place in the Islamic History

Karbala is the holy city of Iraq situated about 100 Km. away from Baghdad. This city is best known
as the place of the ‘Battle of Karbala’ and is amongst the holiest cities for Shia
Muslims after Mecca and Medina. It is located at the edge of the desert, surrounded with beautiful
greenery of fruit orchards and palm groves around it. The city has its own Islamic charm with about
more than 100 mosques and 23 religious schools, with Imam Hussain's shrine as the city's
centerpiece. The city is built around the twin Shrines of Imam Hussain and his brother Abbas,
which marks a pilgrimage to all Shia Muslims today.

The ‘Battle of Karbala’ was not merely an event in history which had taken place by chance rather
it was a significant movement for the revival of religion Islam. The Battle of Karbala took place on
10th Moharam, 680 AD on the banks of the river Euphrates in Iraq which was a subsequent
consequence of the conflict over succession of the caliphate between the Shia Muslims and Sunni
Muslims. In this battle Imam Husssain was killed along with his family members fighting for truth
and justice. However Hussain’s martyrdom provided Islam with an example for selfless struggle
and sacrifice for the religion. Every year on this remarkable day billions of people from all over the
world visit the holy shrine of Imam Hussain to pay pilgrimage to the grandson of prophet.
Karbala has imparted a new meaning to the term struggle and left an example for the humankind
to strive with patience and constancy in the face of extreme situation without losing standards and
self esteem. It has given a meaning that comfort and safety should not to be an obstruction in the
higher struggle for the rewards of the hereafter. Imam Hussain a.s did not give up his struggle even
though he was abandoned by the multitudes that had offered him support at the start nor did he
surrender while facing unbeatable odd consequences. He not only gave his life in the name of Islam
but also sacrifices all his family for the cause of Allah. Imam Hussain a.s had declared his noble
mission right from the birth to fight for Islam and save its value and traditions all over the world.

Also the date associated with the Battle of Karbala, 10th of Muharram has come to occupy a special
place in Muslim history till today. Seemingly, for hundreds of years, generations would rise,
invoking the name of Hussain ibn Ali, to uphold justice and to fight against cruelty. However for all
the Shia Muslims, it was the defining moment in Islamic history which will never be forgotten ever.
For sure Karbala has a universal appeal from decades and in today’s world of violence, and
tragedies it is more significance than ever. The world today is fighting for comfort and left the truth
and fight for peace only for the history. The tragedy of Karbala and its spirit of non violent
resistance and supreme sacrifice has been a source of inspiration to the likes of many non violence
supporters across the globe. . Look out the website for the collection of famous work

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