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									Introducing the NutriSchool™ Menu and Nutritional Information System at
CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition Conference

Introducing Epicure Digital NutriSchool™ menu and nutritional information
system centrally controlling menu and nutritional information on school
websites, on classroom smart boards, and on digital menu boards, at CSNA
2012 California School Nutrition Conference, Booth #305.

Pasadena, CA, November 06, 2012 -- Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in
digital menu boards, presents at CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition
Conference, the Epicure Digital NutriSchool™ Menu and Nutritional
Information System for centrally controlling menu and nutritional
information on school websites, classroom smart boards, and digital menu
boards in the cafeteria and around campus.

K-12 schools have just finished implementing the new revolutionary
healthful menus and face these challenges:
Promote the new school menus:
Students need to learn the benefits of good nutrition to help them make
healthier menu choices on a daily basis and as a way for life.

Meet the new regulations:
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, sections 204 and 209, requires
schools to make information more readily available to students, parents
and the public about the nutritional quality of meals.

Increase participation in the Breakfast and Lunch program:
School food services need fuller participation to sustain profit margins
in the face of increased food costs as a result of new and modified meal

“With the new school meal standards beginning to be implemented and the
growing importance of providing nutrIntroducing the NutriSchool™ Menu and
Nutritional Information System at CSNA 2012 California School Nutrition
Conferenceition information to families and students, Epicure Digital
NutriSchool is a logical way for K-12 schools to communicate to students
and parents about nutrition information relating to their menus. This
will help educate students and parents alike on the nutritional quality
of their food choices,” according to Kim Blum, MS, RD, LD, owner KB
Nutrition Consulting in Dallas, TX and a former USDA employee, “and it
makes perfect sense to showcase the improvements via a simple system
which can be displayed on cafeteria menu boards, online and in the

Increasing participation in breakfast and lunch programs is essential to
retaining profitability. Less than half of low-income children receiving
school lunches participate in the breakfast program and only about 30
million out of the total 50 million students in US public schools
participate in the school lunch programs. Food services have potential to
double the number of school meals served.

The NutriSchool™ system displays daily menus, nutritional data and
labels, allergen alerts, and educational and promotional messages and
graphics on classroom smart boards, on district and individual school
websites, and on menu boards in the cafeteria, to inform, engage and
encourage student participation.

In the classroom, teachers can use NutriSchool menus on smart boards to
help students make healthier menu choices. At home, viewing NutriSchool
menus on the school website, parents can guide their kids to make
healthier menu choices. In the cafeteria, digital menu boards can educate
on the front line, at the point-of-sale.

“NutriSchool is an affordable system,” explained Harvey Friedman,
President and Founder, Epicure Digital Systems. “Any size school district
can easily and quickly provide daily online NutriSchool menus on their
websites and existing classroom smart boards. And, the same system can
also be used to control LCD menu boards in cafeterias if and when they
are required.”

For schools that already publish weekly and monthly menu information on
their websites, NutriSchool provides the ability to display an additional
webpage updated daily with nutritional and allergen information for each
menu item.

NutriSchool utilizes a proprietary nutritional menu labeling system to
easily select icons representing food groups, allergens, and nutritional
data for each menu item.

NutriSchool can display district wide ES, MS and HS menus, or menu and
nutritional information for each school with each school’s local
messaging and graphics.

NutriSchool can display different graphics and communicate different
messages on the websites, smart boards and cafeteria digital menu boards,
targeting students and parents with relevant and timely information for
each platform.

NutriSchool can provide content in English and Spanish.

NutriSchool can read and display RSS feeds, campus alerts, live weather
forecasts and current news and information from the Internet and can
easily be set to display nutritional tips of the day and other school and
district news and information.

NutriSchool can integrate with food service management and nutritional
information systems.

NutriSchool is a product of Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital
menu board systems with over twelve years of experience designing
customized digital menu and nutritional board systems. The company
pioneered the display of nutritional data on menu boards in 2004 for the
U. S. Navy.

Epicure Digital clients include K-12 schools, colleges and universities,
hospitals, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service
companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.
The company's website ( has an extensive portfolio
of its client's digital and online menu board projects.

Visitors to the CSNA California School Nutrition Association Annual
Conference in Pasadena, 9-10 November 2012, Booth #305, will be able to
view NutriSchool at the Epicure Digital booth on large daylight readable
Sunbrite™ LCD screens for indoor and outdoor menu boards.

For more information, contact: Tommy Orpaz, 310-652-8246,

Tommy Orpaz
Epicure Digital
8665 Wilshire Blvd., Suite #305
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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