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weight less


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									உடல் எடட எளிதில் குடைய

How to reduce body weight simply


How to reduce body weight simply

If you are want to reduce your body weight or if you’r want to say the advice for reduce body weight to
your friends and relations so read this article and got to benefit.

All are know the ICE. <b>If you are the person of eats ice.so a benefit from it</b>.if eating the
ice,pounds of the body will be decrease it is found by a research.

<b>When eating the ice , that time the calories,fats of body will be dissolving.Already ,normally
particular temperature is available in our body,if in further eats ice it will be rise the temperature of in
our body and calories and fats of body is dissolving by that temperature</b>.

if eats the ice no any control to eat other foods.any food can eat.But after ate that food definetly eat
the ice because of this body weight will be reduce.

if you are in diet your weight will be loss so like that ice eats is the best way of reduce body weight.as
same ice eats is similar to diet.The ice is the thing block the hungry.so eats the ice weight will be
lose.When be the hungry that time eat the ice hungry will gone.,so calories will be decrease in body and
body weight will be decrease.

This is simple way to reduce body weight. Ice tumor broken and puts with in ice water and will be drink
because it will give the strong teeth.<b>but it ice eat raw teeth will be lose the strength .so ice did not
eat with ice tumor it will mix and drink the water.</b>

Note:<b><i>Do not eat the over ice by the inresting of body weight lose,Because if you are ate over ice
cold,cough will be come so please eat ice limit.</i></b>

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