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									                                    Town of Merton
                               Plan Commission Meeting
                             Minutes of September 3, 2008

      Called to Order by Chairman Morris at 7:02 p.m.
      Pledge of Allegiance led by Chairman Morris.
      Minutes of 8/6/08 Plan Commission Meeting. A motion to approve the minutes
       was made by Stamsta, second by Siepmann. Motion carried.

Present: Chairman Morris, Supervisors Kozlowski, Siepmann, Fleming, Klink, and
Stamsta, Attorney Chapman, Planner Haroldson, and Deputy Clerk Claas.
Also Present: Clerk Oman, Bob Kolbow, Bruce Krantz, Fowler McConnell, Christopher &
Kara Blake, Kathy Rosenheimer, Attorney Kathy Gutenkunst, Rob Davies, Barb Allen,
Rodney Nyholm, Joseph Lucey, and a few other citizens.

Old Business:

Farkas Election – Plan of Operation – Christine Lane – Haroldson stated the Plan
Commission reviewed the plan of operation at the last meeting, but action was not
taken. Haroldson said the minutes reflect the buildings would be for small business
operations, not storage sheds, and will not be operated as oversized garages. Stamsta
questioned what recourse the Town would have if using just as storage. Kozlowski said
it should be taken up with Karl Holt if that is the case. Oman said the Town would send
a letter.

A motion to approve the plan of operation was made by Kozlowski, second by
Siepmann. Motion carried.

Focus Flooring – Plan of Operation – Christine Lane – Morris said this plan of operation
is very similar to the Farkas Electric plan of operation. Morris stated they would have
their base materials and base types of flooring at this location.

A motion to approve the plan of operation was made by Stamsta, second by Klink.
Motion carried.

Kolbow – CSM – Land Division – CTH CW – Morris said the Plan Commission gave
Kolbow conceptual approval to have CSM draw up. Haroldson said Kolbow is proposing
four lots - two 3-acre lots, one 20.38-acre lot, and one 6.812-acre lot. Haroldson said a
Certificate of Compliance from Waukesha County for storm water should be obtained,
road access on the CSM should be identified, eliminate accessory buildings on lot 4 to 2-
3 or obtain a variance, and CSM should show drainage and utility easements. Stamsta
asked about the plan for clustering.

Kolbow said he met Haroldson for clustering. Kolbow said he asked for
recommendations at the last meeting and left feeling the Plan Commission accepted the
situation. Haroldson asked if he was planning on splitting the larger lot in the future.
Kolbow said he has no intention. Stamsta asked about having no further splits on lot 3.
Morris said he didn’t think that could be done on a large parcel.

PC - 090308

A motion to recommend approval of the CSM as presented to the Town Board was made
by Fleming, second by Kozlowski. Motion was dropped until further information was
received. Fleming and Kozlowski agreed to drop the motion.

Haroldson said Kolbow could have 2 accessory buildings or 3 if he comes back to the
Plan Commission. Chapman stated there is a silo, a barn, two sheds, and a garage on
the parcel. Haroldson read accessory ordinance 17.22(4)(a).

Chapman said the CSM is not formally approved, just conceptual. Kolbow said he
thought the buildings would be grandfathered in. Chapman stated the buildings are
grandfathered for the current lot, not when the lot is changed. Chapman said the CSM
couldn’t be approved formally until the buildings are worked out. Haroldson reminded
Kolbow that every lot created has a $1000.00 fee.

Hock – Stockdale – CSM – Combine Lots and Re-Configure – Garvin Lane – Chapman
said he read the letters the Town received opposing the Board of Adjustment’s decisions
and said the Plan Commission has no control over the Board of Adjustment. (Letters
were received from Nancy & Fowler McConnell, Bruce & Kathy Rosenheimer, Pat & Mary
Reardon, David Hiller, Mike & Sue Malahy, and Kara & Christopher Blake.) Chapman said
the sole issue of the Plan Commission is the CSM land division and they cannot take any
action on variances.

Chapman questioned the note on page 2 regarding the 18’ wide ingress-egress
easement. Gutenkunst stated it’s a continuation of the walkway. Gutenkunst said page 4
of 8 is what county approved with all building envelopes and said the maximum FAR is
15%. Siepmann questioned if the dwelling on lot would be torn down. Gutenkunst
stated Mr. Stockdale lives there. Gutenkunst said condition 6 of the variance states any
new building on Lot 3 must be 10’ off of lot line. Siepmann quested if the 15% FAR
includes the boathouse on lot 3. Gutenkunst said she believe it does. Stamsta
questioned the cottage on lot 4. Gutenkunst said it would be removed. Morris asked if
the boathouse would stay. Gutenkunst said it’s operational.

Gutenkunst said there are storm water concerns and Bob Davies is working with Leif and
Perry at Waukesha County. Davies said County is picking and choosing what has to be
done and stated there is concern about water quality and infiltration and they want to
make sure flow is less than what it is now. Gutenkunst said a condition of the variance
is the storm water plan needs approval by County staff. Davies said water quality will be
better, Waukesha County is adamant about infiltration, and they are going to make sure
first flush doesn’t get into lakes.

Morris stated there is concern about the trees being cut for road extension and building
envelopes. Davies said he doesn’t know how many trees will be cut. Davies said they
asked for a 12’ road, but County said no because they need 16’ for emergency vehicles.
Klink said the fire department requested they trim up the trees or remove; they would
like to see the 15’ bumped to 20’ for the turnaround, and the two pillars removed.

PC - 090308

Haroldson stated there is 24,000 sq. ft. of impervious area and questioned what each
parcel is allowed. Davies said they don’t all get equal portion, but it won’t add up to
more than ½ acre. Klink questioned the turn around easement granted to the Town of
Merton. Gutenkunst said it would be changed.

A motion to recommend approval of the CSM to the Town Board subject to storm water
plans and the artist cottage to be razed on new lot 4 with a date to be agreed upon was
made by Fleming, second by Stamsta. Motion carried.

Kunkel Engineering – Update on Needs Assessment – Haroldson stated this item is off
the agenda.

New Business:

Lucey – CSM – Combine Lots – Flynn Rd – Haroldson said they are combining the two
lots. Chapman asked if all corrections were made. Lucey said yes and submitted the
corrected CSM to the planner.

A motion to recommend approval of the CSM to the Town Board subject to planner
review and a clean copy of the CSM submitted to the planner with all corrections was
made by Klink, second by Kozlowski. Motion carried.

Schaefer – CSM – Combine Lots – Reddelien Rd – Haroldson said they are combining
lots and the changes have been made and reviewed.

A motion to recommend approval of the CSM to the Town Board as presented was made
by Stamsta, second by Fleming. Motion carried.

Nashotah Park – Proposed Dog Park Contribution – 2009 – Haroldson said Waukesha
County is asking each municipality to donate $500.00 or an adjusted amount towards
the $65,000.00 construction of the dog area. Haroldson said the Park Committee voted
to allocate $500.00 towards the park and a recommendation is needed from the Plan

A motion to donate $500.00 to the doggie park was made by Stamsta, second by
Siepmann. Motion carried.

Hasslinger Dr. – Barb Allen Property – Flooding – Klink said he met with Allen and shot
some grades to make sure the swale was working properly. Klink said they discussed the
neighbor’s driveway and made an asphalt swale. Oman said both the building inspector
and the highway superintendent talked to Allen and both told her there was nothing
they could do. Oman said she spoke with Tilley of Waukesha County who stated she
would be addressing a letter to Allen later this week.

PC - 090308

Klink stated there has been no considerable rain for 1½ months, Allen is still pumping,
and the lake level is higher than the basement. Klink said the property is on the bottom
of two hills and the water is not coming from Town roads.

Allen said she couldn’t fill out the Hazard Mitigation Application because it has to be
done by the Town. Oman listed the requirements of the application and stated the
application has to be submitted by September 15. Chapman stated this is not a planning
issue and the Plan Commission has no jurisdiction.

Allen stated she has contacted the Town various times and has pictures that the swale is
not working. Allen said her house is flooded by properties to the north and south of her
and the runoff has created problems.

Nyholm said the clerk’s remarks are not credible because Ms. Schwei from Waukesha
County talked to the clerk and the clerk told Ms. Schwei that she would not be able to
schedule this by the 15th. The clerk indicated the application is due by the 15th, but there
are no Town Board or Plan Commission meetings on the 15th.

Planner Update:

   1. Park Committee Update – Haroldson said the Monches Rec Club submitted an
      application for new bleachers that will cost approximately $23,000.00 and they
      are asking the Town to pay $4950.00 for excavation and concrete. Haroldson
      said the Park Committee agreed to allocate the money out of the park fund.
      Haroldson stated the Monches Rec Club hopes to have the bleachers done this

       Haroldson said the Town is receiving estimates for ¼ mile or ½ mile trails for
       the soccer park.

   2. Land Use Plan Update – Haroldson said the committee is meeting on September
      18 and she will need someone to go with her. Haroldson said they took the
      farmland off the map, are redoing the map and will make the final decision in

A motion to adjourn was made by Fleming, second by Kozlowski. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Holly R. Claas
Deputy Clerk


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