Irvington High School DISCIPLINE GUIDELINES by v1Nibn1t


									                                  Irvington High School
                                 DISCIPLINE GUIDELINES
    BEHAVIOR           ED           FIRST OFFENSE                SECOND                     THIRD
                      CODE                                       OFFENSE                   OFFENSE
Abuse of School       k         Suspend for               Transfer to
Personnel                       5 days                    Robertson/Move to Expel
Alcohol/Drugs,        k, c,     Suspend for 3-5 days;     Suspend for 5 days;
Sale                  d, p      Police Contact; Move to   Police Contact; Move to
or Possession                   Expel                     Expel
Attendance            k         Tardy=ASD                 After multiple tardies,   Major SARB Hearing &
Problems, Habitual              Cut=Saturday Detention    each additional tardy     Contract
                                Parent Conference         merits one SAT Mini
                                                          SARB Hearing;
                                                          Implement Contract
Cell Phones &       k           Confiscate-Return to      Confiscate – Return to    Confiscate and held in
Electronic                      Parent (E.C. 48901.5)     Parent after 30 days      Attendance till school
Devices                                                                             year ends
Cheating/Plagiarism k           3 Hrs. Saturday; “NC” on One Day Suspension;        3-5 Day Off Campus
                                the Assignment;          “NC” on assign.; Parent    Suspension; NC in class
                                Teacher calls Parent     Conf./Remove from          for quarter; Review Board
Defiance of           k         Warning; Class           1-3 Day Off Campus         1-5 Day off Campus
Authority                       Suspension; After        Suspension                 Suspension; Parent
                                School Detention;                                   Conference/Behavior
                                Saturday Detention                                  Contract
Destruction of        f         Pay for Material or      Same as First Offense      5 Day Suspension:
School Property,                Replace (Vandalism-      Plus 3-5 Day Off Campus    Contact Police
Books, etc.                     Suspend; Contact         Suspension
Detention, No         k         3 Hrs. Saturday          1 Day Off Campus           Same as 2nd Offense,
Show to After                   Detention, 1 Day Off     Suspension, 3 Day Off      5 Day Suspension
School                          Campus Suspension        Campus Suspension          Off Campus
Disruptive            k         Teacher                  Teacher Contacts Parent    3 Hrs. Saturday Detention
Behavior, Minor                 Detention/Suspension     After School Detention
                                Parent Contact Suspend Suspend 5 Days Off           Move to Expel
Major                           3-5 Days Off Campus      Campus
Explosives-           b         Each Incident:           Suspend 5 Days             Move to Expel
Possession/Use of               Confiscate Material;     Possible Expulsion         (E.C. 48915)
Firecrackers,                   Contact Police or Fire
Smoke Bombs, etc.               Departments; Suspend
                                3-5 Days
Extortion             a, e      Each Incident: Suspend Police Contact; Suspend
                                3-5 Days; Contact        5 Days; Possible
                                Police; (E.C. 48915)     Expulsion
Fighting, Mutual      a         Both Parties; Suspend 3 Suspend 5 Days
Combat                          Days; Possible Police    Move to Expel (E.C.
                                Contact; Possible        48915)
Assault/Battery       a, t      5 Day Suspension;        Suspend 5 Days
                                Contact Police           Move to Expel (E.C.
                                Possible Expulsion       48915)
Forgery,              k         1-3 Day Suspension       3-5 Day Suspension         5 Day Off Campus
Verbal/Written                  Parent Contact           Parent Conference          Suspension Parent
Hate Crime, Hazing,   k, q, r   Police Contact; Suspend 5 Day Suspension:           5 Day Suspension:
Bullying                        3-5 Days                 Contact Police Parent      Contact Police,
                                                         Conference/Behavior        Move to Expel (E.C.
                                                         Contract                   48915)
Leaving Campus        k         3 Hr. Saturday Detention 1 Day Off Campus           3 Day Off Campus
Without Permission                                       Suspension                 Suspension
                                    Irvington High School
                                   DISCIPLINE GUIDELINES
     BEHAVIOR           ED           FIRST OFFENSE                  SECOND                        THIRD
                       CODE                                         OFFENSE                      OFFENSE
Loitering: In &        k         Warning                     3 Hrs. Detention/Paper      Revoke Parking Privilege
About Parking Lot                                            Pick-Up                     &/or Suspend
&/or Littering
Missed Saturday        k         Reschedule for the next     1 Day in the RC             2 Day Off Campus
Detention                        Saturday                                                Suspension; parent must
                                                                                         come to school for a
                                                                                         meeting with
On Another             k
After School Hours               2 Hrs. ASD                  3 Hrs. Saturday Detention 1 Day Suspension

During School Hrs.               1 Day Suspension            3 Day Suspension            5 Day Suspension
On Campus Without k              Return to Class; ASD        3 Hrs. Saturday/Paper       3 Hr. Sat. & Parent
a Pass                                                       Pick-Up                     Conference
Parking Violation  k             Written Warning             3 Hrs. Saturday/Paper       Loss of Parking Privilege
                                                             Pick-Up                     and Parent Contact
Profanity:             i         Warning: Directed           3 Hrs. Saturday/Paper       3-5 Days Suspension
Language & Vulgar                Toward Staff: See           Pick-Up                     (Any More Will be
Gestures                         Abuse of School                                         Treated As Defiance)
Sale of Illegal        c, d, j   Suspend 5 Days;
Substance                        Contact Police; Move to
                                 Expel (E.C. 48915)
Sexual Harassment      .2        Written Warning (E.C.       Suspend 3-5 Days Off        5 Day Suspension;
                                 48900.2) 3 Hrs.             Campus, Parent              Contact Police
                                 Saturday Detention          Conference
Skateboard Policy      k         Confiscate skateboard       Confiscate skateboard for   See Defiance Third
Violation                        and return at end of day;   30 days; Parent must pick   Offense
                                 Assign after school         up skateboard; Assign
                                 detention                   Saturday detention
Spitting on Campus k             1 Hr. Campus                1 Day Suspension            3 Day Suspension
                                 Cleanup/Sat. Det.
Theft , Violation of   g, l      Suspend 3-5 Days Off        Suspend 5 Days Off          Move to Expel
Computer Fair Use                Campus; Contact Police      Campus; Campus;
Policy                                                       Contact Police
Tobacco,               h         Confiscate; 3 Hrs.          1 Day Off Campus            3-5 Days Off Campus
Possession of                    Saturday Detention          Suspension
Chewing or

Unacceptable           k         Change Clothing (Gang       Change Clothing; Parent     (Any More Will Be
Clothing (Drugs,                 Attire Will Be Given to     Conference (Gang Attire     Treated As Defiance)
Profanity, Tobacco,              Police) Contact Parent      Call Police)
Alcohol, Gang)                   on Gang Items
Weapons On             b         Confiscate; Contact
Campus                           Police; Suspend 5 Days;
                                 Move to Expel (E.C.


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