On Cooking Install Direc by HC121106075020


									                       “On Cooking” Installation Instructions
                            and System Requirements
Installation Part#1
1. If “On Cooking” does not start automatically, Double click Autorun.exe (application) file
   then follow the on screen instructions to install the program.
2. To run the program after installation: use your Start button, go to Programs >
3. Refer to the help section of the program for help with using the program.
4. After this initial installation, you must install the On Cooking Recipe File.

Installation Part#2
To Install the “On Cooking” Recipe File
1. Insert the MasterCook CD-ROM is in the CD-ROM drive
2. If the Install Screen Appears, click Cancel
3. Open the MasterCook program from Start>>Programs>>>MasterCook Deluxe
4. From the File drop down menu, click on Open.
5. In the Look In: field, select the CD-ROM. This will be labeled MasterCook.
6. Double-click on the On Cooking directory
7. Double-click the OnCooking.mc2 file.
8. Once the cookbook loads, choose Cookbooks from the navigation bar at the bottom of the
9. Click once on the On Cooking cookbook image.
10. Choose Save Cookbook As... from the File menu.
11. Name the cookbook On Cooking and save it in the My Collections folder.
12. You have now saved the Cookbook to your computer and do not need the CD-ROM to
    access the recipes in the future. You will need the CD-ROM in your drive when you desire
    to access to the video section of the CD.

       Minimum System Requirements:
       • Pentium 90+; 24 MB RAM; mouse or compatible pointing device; 2X CDROM drive;
         75 MB free hard drive space; SVGA 800x600 @256 colors.
       • Preferred: Pentium 133; 4X CDROM drive; 32MB RAM; High Color. QuickTime 4.0
         or later required for viewing video tips.

       PC System Requirements:
       • Win 2000 requires Pentium 133, Win ME requires Pentium 150, and Win XP requires
          Pentium 200
       • 16 MB for use on Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation
       • Win 2000 requires 64 Megs Ram, Win ME requires 32 Megs Ram, and Win XP
         requires 128 Megs Ram (for full OS functionality)
       • 8 MB of memory for use on Windows ME, Windows XP, or Windows 2000
       • SVGA display (256 colors; 640 x 480 pixel resolution) required
       • Microsoft Windows 98, NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows XP, or Windows 2000
       • A mouse
       • CD-ROM drive, at least 2X or faster

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