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					       BENCHMARK FUND, INC.

            Presented To:

            Presented By:

            Meera Singh,
            Chief Executive Officer
            Austin, Texas USA
            Tel: 303-875-6420
                                        Cover Letter
19 October 2012

Dear Investor,

A BFI joint partnership recently completed the final stages of its environmentally friendly mining
project in Gooding, Idaho. As a direct result the partnership has developed a domestic (US)
supply of platinum group metals (rare earth) metals for a growing global demand driven by the
clean energy and environmental objectives using the latest technologies. Its production of
platinum and other rare earth minerals will be derived from the 50 million tons of ore reserve
that have been delineated on 10 claims in a larger holding of over two square miles of 70 mining
claims the partnership leases on US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in Idaho.

*Based upon a customized assaying of core hole composite samples and testing the halide leach
process on the partnership ore, the discounted value of all metals (platinum, gold, rhodium, and
palladium) in this proven reserve on just 10 of the 70 claims is valued at over $38 Billion Dollars.
The partnership claims also contain significant rare earth elements including cerium, lanthanum,
niobium, rubidium and yttrium.

      The BFI Partnership seeks to expand its existing facility and to move into full production.
       The existing physical plant is permitted by the state of Idaho and local regulatory bodies
       and can be expanded. BFI will provide those funds for expansion through the sales of
       “Platinum collateralized shares” of its seasoned corporate stock selling at $3.00/$3.10 a
       share redeemable over 180 days for $6.10 per share min. 200,000 shares.
      BFI has also issued a Private Placement Memorandum and intends to sell corporate
       unsubordinated debentures over the European Settlement House EuroClear in the $100M+
       range. The Bonds are 10 year MTN’s with an issuing cap of $21Billion.
      The fixed rate 7% coupon is protected through a “precious metals depository receipt” as
       are the redeemable bonds at maturity and tied to Pt or Au not currency.
      BFI requires bridge funding for the following reasons: 1) acquire a Baa rating by Moody’s,
       Fitch and S&P 2) provide the necessary funding to comply with the Swift MT500
       requirements at EuroClear.
      A $3-5M investment can be doubled to $6-10M in 180 days.

BFI intends to fully collateralize its project funding platform from the subsequent Dore Bar
production and Bond sales as there exists a substantial increase in using this asset class as
“collateral” in Global securities transactions. The Chinese and are increasingly using Gold as
collateral in securities transactions through the EuroClear Exchange due to the void created by
the Mortgage Backed Securities mess.

In addition to the US Based Mining Project, we have envisioned and partially fund some other
complementary projects, namely:

   1. A separate 6 star resort in Jamaica involving a 1200 acre development that includes golf
      courses, hotel accommodations condo and home sales, a marina and a 6,000 sq. ft
   2. A large scale property development in Hawaii.
   3. An oil and gas platform for Trinidad Tobago oil and gas reserves.

We hope to hear from you to continue to communicate about this extraordinary investment
opportunity, hopefully including an onsite visit and tour.


I think it is apparent that there are many ways to consider this opportunity, from investing in our
corporate securities along with your own Project/ Development of all listed sub-projects and the
remaining residential lots available for housing.

In our opinion, the minimal value of this opportunity is approximately US $49,000,000 to an
eventual value much higher than that considering all the commercial entities and their revenue

Whichever option you may select for investment and partnering, Mr. James Dascalos, a BFI
Director, will remain as the General Contractor overseeing all mining operations. Gerard Carter
is CEO of the Jamaica development. I, along with my associates, will function as Project
Managers, and fiduciary, carefully giving oversight to each phase of the project(s), maintain
financial records and scheduling integrity to meet our goals.

We hope that this level of detail, at this point, will enhance your vision of the opportunity. We
would love to have you or your trusted representative(s) visit the Mines for a first-hand view of
this area or any other project we have been entrusted with.

Please let me know how and where to proceed from this point.

Yours sincerely,

Meera Singh
Chief Executive Officer
PPM Available upon request


                              *Domestic and International mining disclosure standards

"JORC" (Reserves and Resources Disclosure Rules for Mining and Oil & Gas Companies :) or the Canadian public company




OBJECTIVE: to provide initial and long-term funding collateral for the Jamaican project attached.

        Benchmark Fund, Inc: Is the funding intermediary that can provide up to $60M for the Jamaican Loan using $50M
         in rated Platinum Backed Bonds or its own Corporate shares
        Benchmark Fund, Inc. uses various means to acquire liquidity for its clients including providing collateral and
         securities based lending platforms.
        The Lender and BFI possess the enhancement of using a versatile and mobile collateral system to insure project
         funding completion.
        BUDGET REQUEST: The overall request approx $1B
        PROJECT BENEFIT: Tourism, hotel, timeshare, golf course marina and airport accommodation.

Collateral Custody

BFI Platinum-Gold backed Bonds provides secure, insured, segregated custody
services to banks and other lending institutions that finance precious metal dealer

Using a tri-party depository agreement executed by: (1) BFI holding title to the
bonds and to the precious metal and/or coin assets, (2) the lending institution
desiring to secure its interest in those assets as its collateral, and (3) BFI Bond
Platform as the custodian of the assets, for the purpose of establishing a special
depository account in which to hold those assets as collateral, BFI can assist the
dealing community and their lenders with fulfilling their operational needs and
achieving their mutually desirable business goals.

Moreover, the Delaware location offers the lender special protections in these
arrangements. Contact us to learn more about BFI’s Collateral Custody Service.

Complies with UCC § 3-301 §3-203

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