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					                                     Damp proof membranes

P R O D U C T I N F O R M AT I O N                          PRIMERS
STAUF Primers on sub floors with
residual moisture

For	 any	 floor	 construction,	 primers	 are	                                Range of application STAUF damp proof membranes / SMP adhesive
the key components. While the adhesive
is	typically	matched	to	the	floor	covering	                                                                                                                          5,0 CM-%
                                                                                    Typical for fresh, bare concrete floors, also for composite screeds (CS), darr
to be installed in order to ensure long-                                            moisture (by mass) 6% and higher

term adhesion and dimensional stabil-                           4,0 CM-%
                                                                                                                                 4,0 CM-%         4,0 CM-%
                                                                                    Typical area: CS with residual moisture
ity, primers must ensure adhesion on a                                              3,0 CM-%               3,0 CM-%
variety of different substrates for which                          CS with
                                                residual moisture 2,0 CM-%
often	specifications	are	rather	vague	or	          CS with SFH 1,8 CM-%

non-existent. At the same time, primers
serve as bonding agents not only for sub             CS = cement screed
                                                                                    STAUF                   STAUF                STAUF             STAUF             STAUF
                                                                                   VDP-160                 VPU-155               VSP-110          SMP-950            VEP-190
floors,	but	also	in	the	other	direction	for	      SFH = sub floor heating

levelling compounds or different adhe-
sive systems.

In addition to the variety of other features
and effects characterizing primers, their
ability to form a layer that reduces and
controls the water vapor diffusion rate of            STAUF VDP-160
the	substrate	(DPM)	is	a	function,	which	             Layer-forming dispersion primer, to be applied with trowel or roller for use below nearly all
                                                      STAUF adhesives and levelling compounds
becomes increasingly important. Ever
                                                      ▪	 DPM up to 3.0 CM-% (cement screed only)
shorter construction deadlines, the mul-              ▪	 Bonding	agent	on	non-absorbent,	smooth	substrates	
titude of cement types used in cement                 ▪	 Special	feature:	can	also	be	used	as	bonding	agent	for	levelling	on	DPMs	which	otherwise	can	
screeds, the large variety of screed ad-                 not	be	leveled	directly	(STAUF	VEP-190,	STAUF	VPU-155).	That	saves	time-	and	labor-inten-
                                                         sive sanding of epoxy resin primers.
ditives and the increase in direct instal-
lation	 of	 coverings	 on	 concrete	 floors	          STAUF VPU-155
                                                      Layer-forming	PU	primer	to	be	applied	with	trowel	or	roller	for	use	below	STAUF	SMP-,	SPU-	
require	 solutions	 for	 floor	 construction	         and	PUK	adhesives
even when the moisture content of the                 ▪ increases hardness of screed surface
substrate exceeds the long-term equi-                 ▪	 Bonding	can	be	performed	after	1	hour	
                                                      ▪	 DPM	up	to	3.0	CM-%	(cement	screeds	only),	bonding	agent	on	non-absorbent,	smooth	subst-
librium moisture value or regular curing
                                                         rates,	hardens	overnight	when	used	as	DPM
standards.                                            ▪	 When	used	in	combination	with	STAUF	VDP-160,	it	can	also	be	used	below	STAUF	levelling	
For these tasks, STAUF offers a compre-
                                                      STAUF VSP-110
hensive system of primers and an adhe-                Silane-based,	layer-forming	levelling	primer	for	use	below	STAUF	SMP-,	SPU-	and	PUK	adhesi-
sive	 (STAUF	 SMP-950),	 which	 allows	               ves
                                                      ▪	 with	higher	application	quantities,	DPM	up	to	4.0	CM-%	(cement	screed	only)	
floor	 construction	 on	 graded	 residual	
                                                      ▪	 binds	dust	
moisture contents, differentiated accord-             ▪	 Bonding	agent	on	non-absorbent,	smooth	substrates	
ing to technological basis and custom-                ▪	 ready	for	foot	traffic	after	4	hours	
tailored to levelling compounds and ad-
                                                      STAUF VEP-190
hesive types. The system offers a wide                Layer-forming 2c epoxy resin primer, to be applied with trowel or roller for use below STAUF
selection based on parameters like con-               SMP-,	SPU-	und	PUK	adhesives	and	below	STAUF	levelling	compounds
                                                      ▪	 increases hardness of screed surface
struction options, product costs, overall
                                                      ▪	 DPM	up	to	5.0	CM-%,	on	concrete	substrates	up	to	6	percent	by	weight	
time for construction, health and safety,             ▪	 Bonding	agent	on	non-absorbent,	smooth	substrates	
environmental and consumer protection                 ▪	 direct	bonding	with	STAUF	SMP-,	SPU-	und	PUK	adhesives	within	24	hours
aspects as well as moisture levels, so                ▪	 can	be	used	below	STAUF	levelling	compounds	when	sanded	
                                                      ▪	 alternatively,	it	can	be	leveled	without	prior	sanding	when	using	STAUF	VDP-160	as	bonding	
that for each individual installation task
the right solution is made available.

 STAUF Klebstoffwerk GmbH          Oberhausener Straße 1                     Tel. +49 (0) 27 39 301-0               
                                   D-57234 Wilnsdorf                         Fax +49 (0) 27 39 301-200              

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