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What the heck is Coq10 and why should
                I care?

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Q10 enzyme is an alternative medicine that can be very good to know about. Also known as
coenzyme q10 or coq10 this entity was discovered in the United States in 1957. Interestingly
enough the Japanese somehow got intrigued in it around the early 1960’s and started
marketing it.

Unfortunately they couldn’t figure out how to extract it inexpensively so the price was a lit
steep until the 1970’s then the price dropped a lot.

So what the heck is coenzyme q10 and what does it do? Good question and another name for
this substance is ubiquinone which is a hard name to pronounce right? Basically it means found
everywhere. So q10 is found in every cell of the human body.

Your probably wondering why in the heck would people buy this stuff if it’s found in their cells?
Well, there are a few answers such as if a person’s body has more of this helpful compound
than they will receive more benefits.

Also as someone gets older they produce less of this stuff plus various medical conditions can
reduce it as well.

This q10 enzyme does have a few main jobs and one of them is to convert oxygen into energy.
Think of it like air is the gasoline inside a car while coenzyme q10 is the spark plugs that cause
the reaction to take place.

Without the spark than the gasoline is useless. The cells that need the most of this stuff would
be the ones that work the most like the heart and lungs.

Can you guess what the number 1 cause of death in the United States is? Yep, it’s heart disease.
Having a weak heart is maybe one reason but it’s usually caused by blockage that stops blood

In theory if the heart has more coq10 than it has more energy and is stronger. Not only will a
stronger heart reduce the chance of heart disease but it will deliver more nutrients to where it’s
needed and thus help many more organs and cells.

In Japan they did around twenty five different studies and the results were that this substance
improved patients with cardiac problems by around 70 percent.

There is also some evidence that it can improve the immune system, increase sperm count,
decrease aging and of course help with diabetes.

When it comes to the ideal dosage amounts the brightest minds still are not sure what is ideal.
Plus many different factors could influence the amount such as age, weight, size and other
What is fascinating about overdosing on this substance is that not only is it rare but it is
unknown. As far as this means to me no body has overdosed on it but researchers do believe
that it’s possible in theory.

If it did happen likely symptoms would include diarrhea, heart burn, vomiting, and perhaps a
drop in blood pressure.

Now you may be wondering how you get more of this stuff because it does sound interesting.
Besides eating a lot of meat which does have a few unwanted ingredients like fat, and
chemicals someone can take a supplement.

The major thing with supplements is that they can be very helpful but they can also be harmful.
In the past 4 years around 200 various brands have actually been pulled from store shelves
after they were linked for harming health.

To avoid these types of products and to make shopping for dietary supplements more easy and
enjoyable I actually created a guidebook on it.

A few things you will discover in this guide book would be information on herbs, dosage
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Now you might be wondering what the price is. We both know the demand for the product is
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Click on the link below for a free guide on avoiding
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