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									         I want to hit harder in football
                 By: Drew Tate
                          Week 1
 Once upon a time frank Anderson and bob Anderson are brothers
   and there playing football and the coach said I want you to hit
harder in football please we need you really bad come on hit harder
for the team you can do it us cowboys now that you can hit you got
  a lot of faith in you and you now it you two. 1 play later Marion
 barber hit this #43 so hard he could not come in for the rest of the
   game he got hurt so bad. 12 plays later Terrell Owens caught a
  incredible catch against the Steelers in 2007 and was the hall of
fame catch of the year and the cowboys score is 56 and the Steelers
score is 56 and the cowboys and the Steelers go to over time 15:00
minutes to go and bob Anderson still has a chance to hit somebody
real hard. 9:00 minutes to go and so close to hitting #20 and he got
   really mad because he did not hit him. 3:00 minutes to go and
Terrell Owens hits #20 and knocks him out in the first game and so
 did Marion barber man it has been a good week on the first game.

                       Week 2
Alright now in week 2 the Dallas cowboys now take on the
Baltimore Ravens now in my opinion I really don’t now who is
going to win for real but I had talked to bob and frank and they
said that they are so ready they even said that they were going to
hurt somebody really bad because the ravens have won the super
bowl last year and they barely beat the cowboys 41- 35 so the
cowboys said they are coming back with a very bad revenge, well
now we will start the kick off at 15:00 in the first quarter well hear
we go here goes the kick off ahhhh boooooom!!!!!! 13:00 minutes
to go and the ravens get the ball first and Joe flacco I do not think
that he is ready for today because they won the super bowl last
year and now the Dallas cowboys are going to kick some butt
because they wanted that super bowl and they should not of even
got that super bowl anyways the ravens got a touchdown 7 to 0
awwww man the cowboys are pumped up now here comes tony
romo on the cowboys making his play on 2 to trick the ravens
watch down set hit offside’s ravens 5 yards up for the cowboys and
now tony romo says set hit throws it to bob Anderson he could go
all the way the 50 the 40 the 30 the20 the10 the 5 touchdown
     Cowboys good job a lot of celebration going on out there man
the whole crowd is screaming out there man they are exited my
gosh I have never seen a crowd that loud but the only reason that
they are so excited is because the cowboys are at there stadium that
is the most reason why and another reason why is because the
cowboys are catching up. It is a really good game my gosh I really
don’t now who is going to win I really want the cowboys to win
because that is my favorite team but like I just said that I really
don’t now who will win in my opinion it is just so hard to pick
from. We are starting the 2nd quarter now now the ravens half to
kick off to the cowboys because it is the 2nd half now. Ok now the
cowboys are on offense and Tony romo said he is ready for the 2nd
half he even said that he is going to throw along pass to frank
because frank said that he is going to catch that ball and frank is
really angry because he got knocked down in the first quarter it is
the 3rd quarter now bob is alright but still kind of mad alright the
Ravens forfeit byyyyy!!!!!!!!!!


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