Painless Proctology

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					Painless Proctology

    A new dimension in proctology care
                                   Dr Rusy Bhalla M.S.
Current proctology

   Piles
   Fistula
Piles A curse! Is the treatment worse?
Formation of Piles

Causes Of Painful Proctology
Current Piles management

   Cutting of tissues at anal canal
   Exposing of Anal sphincter
   Blood loss
   Use of cautery
Normal Piles Surgery appearence
Complications of Routine Piles Surgery

   Pain for 3-4 weeks
   Intra op Bleeding
   Constipation increased due to anal spasm
   Partial Anal stenosis after 1 year
Result of Routine Piles surgery
Complications of Partial Anal Stenosis

   Life long medication to pass motions
   Straining at passing motions causes bleeding
   Interpreted as return of piles
   Abdominal pain due to constipation
Painless Laser Piles Surgery

   No Post operative pain
   No Intra op bleeding
   No Post operative complications
   No Recurrence
   No Anal stenosis
   No Constipation
   No medications
   OPD Procedure
Routine fistulectomy

Causes of painful Fistulectomy
Routine Post Fistulectomy Surgery
Post Operative Fistulectomy

   Intense pain for 3-4 weeks
   No sitting for 4 weeks
   Healing takes 2 months
   Partial Anal stenosis in more than 50% cases
   No relief of constipation
Partial Anal stenosis Development
Painless Fistulectomy
Painless Fistulectomy

   Minimal pain for 2 days
   Patient sitting on 2nd day
   Day care surgery
   No danger of Anal stenosis
   No danger of Anal Incontinence
   Total relief of constipation
   No medication beyond 1 week
Painless Proctology

 Ideal answer to problems of proctology
 Huge benefit to patients

 30% of General surgery practice

 Concept Marketing required

 Huge returns

 No centre in Mumbai practicing it

 First mover advantage

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