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					There Is Always Hope
So you need to test your employees for alcohol, and
you are once again stuck with no breathalysers or
defunct breathalysers. This is not a problem. CMM
Technology can take care of you just fine, without any
trouble at all. We carry a lrage range of wall mounted
and hand held breathalysers such as the FC10, FC20,
the Lion range such as the SD400, SD 500 and the
ubiquitous Lion Alcoblow. And, if that wasn’t enough,
we carry personal disposable breathalyser devices too.
We are so happy to welcome you to our line of
products, and we want to service your company to the
fullest extent possible. At CMM Technology, we love
that drug testing in Australia can be so easy. There is always hope for your company
when it comes to being comprehensively supplied with drug and alcohol testing
equipment, and when it comes to having all of your devices calibrated by us for you. We
are here to serve. Many businesses do not understand the power and validity of
continually purchasing good quality drug and alcohol testing equipment from a good
manufacturer and distributor for their regular employee testing. However, you never
know when or if you will need to do for-cause testing in the interim, especially if you
have new employees coming on board.
We love what we can do for you. We are a stable enterprise, dealing with business-to-
business transactions and we are one of the primary alcohol and drug testing equipment
suppliers in Australia. If you need drug tests or alcohol breathalysers, we supply them
and ship all over Australia and to select countries in the world. Even if you need to
purchase just a few tests on a trial basis or to see how easy they are or for personal use,
we are happy to help you. Since we are primarily a business-to-business company, many
of our clients are other companies. We would love to develop a positive, successful
relationship with you and your goals. Go to our website and check out our personal
breathalyser devices or our drug tests or our drug test kits. Learn about our sister site,
Mediscreen, which provides onsite testing services. Call CMM Technology today:(+61)
1300 79 70 30.

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