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									                    Medicine Hat’s Premier Nail Training Studio and Wholesale Distribution


Spa Manicure Class $450

Learn basic salon manicures including the basics of salon disinfection and sanitizing,
manicure soak, how to polish and the basics of UV polish. Our educator will review
aspects of treatments, hand massage, and disorders.

3 day training class which includes a Nubar basic manicure kit. With homework and
practical assignments outside of class, this is a 25 hour class. A Nubar Manicure Class
Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the program.

No prerequisite required

                                                           Infinity/Akzentz Soak Off Gel Polish Class $350

                                                           Learn the latest trend in gel nails. Perfect for spas wanting to create a long lasting
                                                           manicure with uv gel colours. Nubar and Akzentz colours have great pigment and are a
                                                           very easy to use, one coat application. soak off time is 10 minutes.

                                                           We teach natural nail preparation, colour application, and how to soak the gels off, as
                                                           well as some nail art tricks. This is a very easy application that anyone in the beauty
                                                           industry could perform.
                                                           Prerequisite: Manicurist or UV Gel

GELICURE – UV or LED cured Gel Polish $199

This hybrid gel & polish technology product will be arriving mid-January. Cured in 30 seconds by LED or 2
minutes with a UV light. This premium, exclusive formula designed to achieve ultimate results, is also
Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan. Choose the innovative, safe alternative, GELICURE by Nubar.
Coordinating lacquers available.

Prerequisite: Prior beauty training either esthetician, hair stylist, manicurist, pedicurist etc.

Gel Manicure Class $270

If you are already a practicing Certified Nail Technician and would like to offer an additional service this one day class teaches you the basics
of performing a long lasting UV manicure including polishing, and using the brand new, innovative new UV polishes, GELICURE by Nubar. Nubar
products are certified Cruelty free and Vegan, as well as carcinogen free. Manicure Certificate will be awarded.

Prerequisite required: UV Gel Certification

Additional Training Classes available at

UV Gel Nail Certification : This course teaches you everything you need to know about being a Certified UV Gel Nail Technician. You will
earn a worldwide accepted Certificate.

Beginner or Advanced Nail Art Workshops: Bling & glitzy nails are extensions of our wardrobe, a beautiful new accessory that you can change
all the time!

NUBAR and Akzentz Product Training: Learn about these revolutionary UV Gels that are on the market. Complete lines of exceptional nail
products for the most demanding nail technicians.

            All Classes are in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Please contact Akzentz/Nubar Educator Diane Meier to register.

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