Bleach Art Project Mixed media by 0DsvQh87


									Bleach Art Project Mixed media                       B Peugeot

This project will help you with learning more about the elements of art and positive and negative
space. The students may chose what subject matter that they want to draw or they can create a
haunted house drawing.

When working with bleach with children always be careful and apply the bleach to the q-tips for


Black construction paper ( or a dark color)   scrap drawing paper q-tips    bleach

Colored pencils    crayons     pencil    eraser

white or yellow colored pencils (for writing their names)


   1. Please give a demo before giving them a q-tip with bleach
   2. Have the students draw their idea or design on a piece of scrap paper then remind them
      that when they draw with the q-tip and if they make a mistake with a line that they will
      have to incorporate the mistake into their art project. ( when you have lemons make
   3. Make sure that they either have paint shirts on or that you have garbage bags on them to
      protect their clothes
   4. Hand out the dark construction paper and a pencil white or yellow for them to write their
      names ( then collect the pencils)
   5. Pre- moisten the q-tips on one end only let them look at their design and recreate it using
      the q-tip like a pencil
   6. Students need to throw the used q-tips away before using the colored pencils or crayons

25 points   creating an interesting composition

25 points   good use of positive and negative space

25 points   creative and original drawing and use of colors

25 points   neatness

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