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									AP Biology Campbell 8th Edition Chapter 20 Study Guide                                       Due_____
On an attached sheet of paper, describe the following concepts. Connect as many as possible (to each other), use
diagrams where appropriate.

     1.  bacterial artificial                                    18. genetically modified                                33. restriction fragment length
     2.  chromosome (BAC)                                            (GM) organism                                           polymorphisms (RFLPs)
     3.  biofuel                                                 19. genomic library                                     34. restriction site
     4.  biotechnology                                           20. Huntington’s disease                                35. reverse transcriptase
     5.  cDNA library                                            21. in situ hybridization                               36. polymerase chain reaction
     6.  clone                                                   22. in vitro mutagenesis                                    (RT-PCR)
     7.  cloning vector                                          23. northern blotting                                   37. RNA interference (RNAi)
     8.  complementary DNA                                       24. nucleic acid                                        38. short tandem repeats (STRs)
         (cDNA)                                                  25. hybridization                                       39. sickle-cell disease
     9. DNA ligase                                               26. nucleic acid probe                                  40. single nucleotide
     10. DNA microarray assay                                    27. Parkinson’s disease                                     polymorphisms (SNPs)
     11. electroporation                                         28. plasmid                                             41. Southern blotting
     12. expression vector                                       29. pluripotent                                         42. stem cell
     13. gel electrophoresis                                     30. polymerase chain                                    43. sticky end
     14. gene cloning                                                reaction (PCR)                                      44. Ti plasmid
     15. gene therapy                                            31. recombinant DNA                                     45. yeast artificial chromosome
     16. genetic engineering                                     32. restriction fragment                                    (YAC)
     17. genetic profile
     Genetic Engineering Poster:
     Research a genetically engineered product or organisms of your choosing. Compare side-by-side the genetically
     engineered item to the conventional (non transgenic) methods of fulfilling that same need in a poster presentation.
     For example you can compare the use of pig insulin for diabetics to the use of human insulin gene inserted into
     bacteria, or traditional hepatitis vaccine to genetically engineered crops with hepatitis vaccine. Include in your
     poster the following:
       Conventional/Traditional Method                             Genetically Engineered Method
                                                       /5pts                                                                                                 /10pts
       Describe in detail how we used to fill                      Describe how your chosen product is genetically engineered (be
       our need prior to genetic engineering.                      specific in the biotechnological process, including scientific names,
                                                                   restriction enzymes, vectors, where the gene came from and what it
                                                                   was put into, the protein for which the gene codes and what it does)
                                                       /5pts                                                                                                   /5pts
       Pictures and diagrams supporting the                        Pictures and diagrams supporting the current biotechnology of your
       conventional production of your                             chosen product.
       chosen product
                                                       /4pts                                                                                                   /4pts
       The benefits of your chosen product                         The benefits of your chosen product being genetically engineered.
       being conventionally produced
                                                       /4pts                                                                                                   /4pts
       The drawbacks of your chosen product                        The drawbacks of your chosen product being genetically engineered.
       being conventionally produced
                                                     /1.5pts                                                                                                /1.5pts
       Bibliography                                                Bibliography
Be prepared to discuss your opinion of how society has been affected by the biotechnology of genetic engineering.
40pts You may work with 1 partner, you must clear topics with me, no duplication of topics

Due to Murphy’s Law, (and in order to avert technical difficulties, computer glitches, time warps, black holes, gremlins, natural and unnatural disasters) please do not wait
until the last minute to complete or print your project. Late projects are assessed 10% per day.

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