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					                                                       Ms. Hyde’s E6 Descriptive Essay Rubric
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          CATEGORY            4                                     3                                 2                                  1
Title                         Title is creative, sparks interest    Title is related to the topic     Title is present.                  No title present.
                              and is related to the topic.          but needs to be more
Introduction (Organization)   The introduction is inviting,         The introduction clearly          The introduction states the        There is no clear introduction of
                              states the main topic, previews       states the main topic and         main topic, but does not           the main topic or structure of the
                              the structure of the paper, and       previews the structure of the     adequately preview the             paper. No lead is used.
                              includes a well-written, clever       paper, but is not particularly    structure of the paper nor is it
                              lead that is related to the essay’s   inviting to the reader. A         particularly inviting to the
                              topic which attracts the reader’s     well-written lead is used to      reader. A lead is used but is
                              attention.                            attract the reader’s attention.   not particularly attractive to
                                                                                                      the reader or does not relate to
                                                                                                      the topic.
Focus on Topic (Content)      There is one clear, well-focused      Main idea is clear but the        Main idea is somewhat clear        The main idea is not clear. There
                              topic. Main idea stands out and is    supporting information is         but there is a need for more       is a seemingly random collection
                              supported by detailed                 general. Topic sentences are      supporting information. Topic      of information.
                              information. Well-written topic       used in each paragraph.           sentences are used in most         Topic sentences appear in few or
                              sentences are used in each 5-7                                          paragraphs.                        none of the paragraphs.
                              sentence paragraph.
Supporting Information/       Several relevant, telling, quality    Supporting details and            Supporting details and             Supporting details and
Details                       details give the reader important     information are relevant, but     information are relevant, but      information are typically unclear
                              information that allow the reader     one key issue or part of the      several key issues or are          or not related to the topic. There
                              to picture, smell, feel, hear or      description is unsupported.       unsupported. There are details     are no or barely any vivid details
                              imagine tasting things described.     There are a few vivid details     but they do not help the reader    in the essay.
                                                                    in the essay.                     imagine they are involved.
Adding Personality (Voice)    The writer seems to be writing        The writer seems to be            The writer relates some of his     The writer has not tried to
                              from knowledge or experience.         drawing on knowledge or           own knowledge or experience,       transform the information in a
                              The author has taken the ideas        experience, but there is some     but it adds nothing to the         personal way.
                              and made them "his/her own."          lack of ownership of the          discussion of the topic.
Sentence Structure            All sentences are well-               Most sentences are well-          Most sentences are well-           Sentences do not have structure
                              constructed without using             constructed with complete         constructed but some are run-      and are incomplete or rambling.
                              repetitive ideas throughout.          thoughts.                         ons or are not descriptive.
Sequencing (Organization)     Details and transition words and      Details and transition words      Some details and transition        Many details are not in a logical
                              phrases are placed in a logical       and phrases are placed in a       words and phrases are not in a     or expected order. There is little
                              order and the way they are            logical order, but the way in     logical or expected order, and     sense that the writing is
                              presented effectively keeps the       which they are presented          this distracts the reader.         organized. The transitions
                              interest of the reader.               makes the writing less                                               between ideas are unclear or
                                                                    interesting.                                                         non-existent.
Conclusion (Organization)     The conclusion is strong and          The conclusion is                 The conclusion is                  There is no clear conclusion, the
                              leaves the reader with a feeling      recognizable and ties up          recognizable, but does not tie     paper just ends.
                              that he/she understands the           almost all the loose ends.        up several loose ends.
                              writer’s point of view.

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