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									                                              Math 7A Syllabus

River Trail Middle
School Year 2012-2013
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Course Description:
The Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) Mathematics Curriculum is organized into five
domains: Statistics and probability, ratios and proportional relationships, the number system, expressions and
equations, and geometry. In addition, there are eight standards for mathematical practice that emphasize problem
solving, reasoning, representation, connections, and communication. A complete detailed description of the
CCGPS for Mathematics can be found at:

Topics will be presented in multiple ways including concrete/pictorial, verbal/written, numeric/data-based,
graphical, and symbolic and will be presented using various strategies such as collaborative pairs, cooperative
grouping, individual assignments, self assessment, and teacher modeling. Math 7A is designed to give students an
opportunity for more in depth discovery. This motivates students to create an environment that stimulates creative
problem solving, promotes independent learners, and strengthens critical thinking skills.

Grade Determination:
Fulton County policy states: A=100-90, B=89-80, C=79-70, below 70 is failing.

Grading Scheme:
       Tests, Projects              45%
       Quizzes/Mini projects        25%
       Class work/Notebook          20%
       Homework                     10%

Academic Honesty: The Fulton County Board of Education regards academic honesty as a cornerstone of its
educational mission. Cheating will not be tolerated at River Trail Middle School. If a student is caught cheating
at RTMS, he/she will be subject to a tiered system of consequences. A full description of the RTMS Academic
Honesty policy and the associated consequences can be found on p. 2 of the student agenda.

Homework: Homework is vital for subject mastery. Therefore, homework should be completed on time. It is the
student’s responsibility to do the homework and to bring it to class the next day.

Student Expectations: Students are expected to be advocates for their own learning in math class. This includes
completing all assignments, participating in class, asking questions, putting forth your best effort, and attending
help sessions if needed.

Make-up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any missed work from the teacher. Fulton County
policy states one additional day for every day absent. This means that if you are absent two days then you have
two days upon your return to complete any make-up work.

Late Work: Late assignments will only be accepted one day after the due date for a 70%. Work that is more than
a day late will receive a zero but should still be completed.

Recovery Process: Fulton County policy states that “Opportunities designed to allow students to recover
from a low or failing cumulative grade will be allowed when all work required to date has been
completed and the student has demonstrated a legitimate effort to meet all course requirements
including attendance.” It is the student’s responsibility to discuss recovery with his/her teacher when needed.

Extra Help: Help sessions are offered every day of the week for students needing clarification or further
instruction of any topic related to mathematics. Students may attend any of the sessions listed. Please take
advantage of this time. Acquire a hall pass from the teacher prior to the extra help session.
                      Day                           7:45 - 8:15                            3:45 - 4:15
                    Monday                        Ms. Cox G101
                    Tuesday                      Mr. West D109
                   Wednesday                   Ms. Birnkammer D121
                   Thursday                     Ms. Tetreault D108                   Ms. Van Looy D113
                     Friday                      Mr. Eggert G102

Supplies: 1-inch white binder with 5 dividers, graph paper, lined paper, pencils, colored pencils, dry erase
markers, a glue stick, and a red pen. I will provide calculators, rulers, scissors, compasses, and protractors, but you
are welcome to get your own if you like. I will let you know of any additional supplies you may need for projects.

TAG requirements: If you are enrolled as a TAG student in this class, you must maintain an average of 80 or
above. If your average drops below 80, you will be put on TAG probation.

Edmodo: This year we will be using Edmodo in math class. Edmodo is a free and secure learning network for
teachers, students, and schools. It provides a safe way for us to connect, share content, access assignments,
participate in discussions and receive class information. Edmodo is accessible online and through any mobile
device with Internet capabilities – including free apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Students
can access their account from any mobile device or computer, and set up notifications within Edmodo to receive
alerts/reminders via text or e-mail. Edmodo will not be used as a social network like Facebook or MySpace. This
tool will be used strictly for educational purposes using the following guidelines:
      Students are expected to use proper spelling and grammar conventions on Edmodo. “Texting Language”
          and slang should not be used for Edmodo posts.

     Edmodo does not allow private student-to-student messaging- the site will be used to discuss school-
      related content only

     No put-downs or sarcasm toward another’s ideas. All school rules and consequences related to
      harassment apply

Students who violate the guidelines above may face disciplinary action and/or face losing the privilege of
using Edmodo.

Edmodo also offers parent accounts. If you would like to sign up for Edmodo as a parent, please email me at
vanlooy@fultonschools.org, and I will provide you with a unique code which will be required for registration.

I look forward to a great year as we incorporate the use of technology into our classroom curriculum.
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syllabus and complete the contact information section.

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                         Extra Credit Opportunity!
Help Ms. Van Looy create her email distribution lists and earn your child 5 extra
credit points for their quiz average. It’s easy, here’s what you do:

   o Send Ms. Van Looy a blank email at vanlooy@fultonschools.org by
     Thursday, August 16th
   o Subject: “your child’s name”- ______ period math (insert your child’s
     math class).
          Example: John Doe- 4th period math.
   o Wait for a reply from Ms. Van Looy to confirm she received your email.
     This is how you know you got the bonus points.
   o If you don’t receive a reply within 24 hours, resend the email. My
     inbox may fill up with everyone sending me email. If I don’t reply it is
     because I didn’t get your message.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

-Ms. Van Looy

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