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									                                                                                                         Grade- 4
                                                                                                         Month–wise Syllabus
                                                                                                         Subject -Mathematics

Month/    Topic                   Sub Topic                            Teaching Aid &                      Recapitulation
Days                                                                   Activities
April        1.   Revision         Topics that students have learnt   Indian Place-value Chart            Practice questions from exercise
&            2.   Romn numbers      in Grade 3
May          3.   Number system    Roman numerals upto 50             International Place-value Chart     Worksheet
             4.   Addition and     5-digit and 6-digit numbers in
                  Subtraction       Indian and International Place-    Roman Numeral Chart
                                    value system
W.D.-37                            Comparison, Ascending /
                                    Descending order
                                   Addition with and without
                                   Subtraction with and without
                                   Word problems

July         1. Multiplication     Multiplication of number by 10,    Flash cards for addition and        Practice question from exercise
             2. Division            100, 1000 etc.                     subtraction
                                   Multiplication of 3 and 4-digit                                        Worksheet
                                   Division by 10, 100 and 1000
                                   Word problems
                                   Properties of multiplication
                                   Properties of division

August    Factors and Multiples    Properties of factors and          Chart of Even and Odd numbers
          Number Patterns          HCF & LCM                          Sieve of Eratosthenes
                                   Prime and composite numbers
W.D.-22                                                                                                    Practice question from exercise
                                   Prime factorization
                                   Tests of divisibility
                                   Table patterns
                                   Adding odd numbers
                                   Adding even numbers
                                                                                                                      Grade- 4
                                                                                                                      Month–wise Syllabus
                                                                                                                      Subject -Mathematics

Month       Topic                              Sub Topic                             Teaching Aid                       Recapitulation
                                                                                     & Activities

September   Estimation                          Rounding numbers                    ---                                Practice questions from exercise
                                                Estimating sums
                                                Estimating difference                                                  Worksheet

                    Revision                     Revision

October             Fractions                                                                                           Practice questions from exercise
W.D.-21                                              Like and unlike fractions      Show fraction as a whole through
                    Decimal- An                      Equivalent fractions           activity                           Worksheet
                    Introduction                     Proper and improper
                                                      fractions                      Activities to add and subtract
                     Money                           Mixed numbers                  money
                                                     Unit and decimal fractions
                                                     Addition & Subtraction of
                                                      like fractions
                                                     Use of decimal notation in
                                                     Conversions in money
                                                     Addition and Subtraction of
                                                     Multiplication and Division
                                                      of money by whole number
                                                                                     Revision for Assessment            Revision for Assessment
               Revision for Assessment           Revision for Assessment
November    Geometry                            Closed figures and open figures     Geometry kit                       Practice questions from exercise
                                                Straight and curved lines
            Three dimentional shapes             Polygons: Triangle,                                                    Worksheet
W.D.-16                                         Quadrilateral, Rectangle , Square
            Perimeter of rectilinear figures     and Circle
                                                Perimeter of shapes above
            Unitary method                      3-D shapes: Cuboid, Cube and
                                                                                                                     Grade- 4
                                                                                                                     Month–wise Syllabus
                                                                                                                     Subject -Mathematics

                                               Introduction of unitary method

December                                       Reading time                                                           Practice questions from exercise
                   Time                        Use of a.m. and p.m.               Conversion chart for time
                                               Conversion of days into hours,                                         Worksheet
                                                hours into minutes                 New patterns observation criteria
                   Calendar                    Symmetry in Geometrical shapes
                                               Days of week                       Drawing symmetrical figures on
W.D.- 16           symmetry                    Months of year                     graph paper
                                               Writing dates
                                                                                   Identifying symmetrical figures
                                               Symmetrical figures
                                               Study different patterns and
                                                                                   Symmetrical figures through
                                                making new patterns                paper cuttings

                                                                                   Calendars of different years

January                                                                                                                Practice questions from exercise
           Measures f length, mass and         Measures of length, mass and       To show standard and non
           capacity                             capacity                           standard units.                     Worksheet
                                               Addition and Subtraction of
W.D.- 22                                       Word problems

February   Pictorial representation of data    Interpretation of Pictograph       Different pictographs               Practice questions from exercise
                                               Introduction to Bar graph          Bar graph
W.D.- 21

               Revision                          Revision                              Revision                            Revision

March                                                                    Annual Examination

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