Moby Vocabulary by 1yG682


									Moby Vocabulary

Samples – a short segment taken from an existing recording
Looping – a musical idea repeated a few times.
Backbeats – accents on the second and fourth beats of the bar
Sub bass – a very low bass difficult to hear but you can feel it
Downtempo – a chill out style of techno dance music
Drum machine – a machine with sampled drum sounds
Breakbeat – a drum solo/beat
Clave – two wooden sticks hit together, a percussion instrument.
Harmonic sequence – the first 4 bars are repeated a step lower than the next eg
Am Em (G D)
Digital delay – an effect that produces ghostly echoes
High pass filter – distortion of the sound like listening on a telephone.
Timbre – a description of the type of sound eg soft and sustained or harsh,
piercing. If asked about the timbre state the instrument and describe the sound
Retriggering – an effect giving echoes

Essay question – you may be asked to comment on the following; structure,
harmony, texture, samples, technology.

Intro/ Verse/ Chorus/ Verse/ Chorus/ Verse

Whole song based on two simple repeated chord sequences.
Piano intro and verse: Am/Em/G/D
Chorus: C/Amx2and F/Cx2

Texture builds gradually throughout the intro and first verse.
Texture suddenly thins out when the chorus comes back for the second time. ␣
Fuller texture returns.
Final 32 bars (or 3rd verse) texture consists of just 1st vocal sample and synth.

Uses two vocal samples, both from a 1950s gospel choir.
Neither of the vocal tracks has been ‘cleaned up’ significantly.
The breakbeat sample was slowed down to fit the tempo of the track.

Reverb on piano and vocal
Triggering on second vocal track
Use of delay and EQ
Use of a filter to treat ‘answer’ vocal sample
Use of drum machine and sequencer

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