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                                      A rrowgrAms Official Bulletin of ArrowheAd PArlor No. 110, N.S.G.w.
                                                                                                               Vol. 9, No. 3

                               Brazelton Hall, corner of Date and Del Rosa Avenue,
                              Brazelton Hall, corner of Date and Del Rosa Avenue, San Bernardino

Vol. 9, No. 3 1
Vol. 12, No.                         “A Link to the PastPast with an Eye to Future”
                                        “A Link to the with an Eye to the the Future”                       March 2009
                                                                                                           January 2012

  PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                     MILESTONES
                                             Remember, one man’s junk is                   deputy COMING EVENTS Chris
                                                                                                    grand president, and
Brethren,                                               Five treasure!
                                             another man’sof our members recently                       JANUARY
                                                                                           Leon, member, Grand Parlor Board of
   On      The first half
             Tuesday,                                 In business and community
                                              reached Friendship, loyalty, and             1 - Sunday, into DAY, HAPPY NEW
                                                                                           Control, fallALL that category because
                                              milestones. Past President of Charity,       it comes with their jobs; so do Jim
 of my term mouth-
March 17, a is coming                                                                      YEAR !!
                                              Parlor Dennis Baxter has been elected
                                                                     Brother dennis        Smith and Richard Kimball because
                                                                                           4 - Wednesday, 7:00 PM, Installation
 to and           and
watering end Saint it
                                              President of Habitat for Humanity,           of are past grand presidents.) The
                                                                                           they 18 - Month Trustee, regular
 truly has been very
Patrick’s Day dinner                          Greater San Bernardino. His term will        meeting, will be held at Seaside,
                                                                                           convention and obligation of new
 gratifying. The at
will be served motto                               INITIATION OF NEW
                                              begin January 2012. Dennis says he is        just outside of Monterey, during the
 of our organization
Arrowhead Parlor of                           excited to lead the organization and to      third week of May.First Presbyterian
                                                                                           9 - Monday,
 Friendship, Loyalty
with       a      great                                    MEMBERS
                                              continue to grow the ReStore that opened
                                                Nine new members were initiated
                                                                                           Church, 1900 N. “D” Street, San
 and Charity shines bright cabbage
traditional corned beef andwithin the                                                      Bernardino; 3:00 PM, Celebration of
 membership of past, this has been
meal. In years our order. I have met
                                              in mid 2011. Funds Parlor 110 on
                                             into Arrowhead raised at the Re Store                COMING EVENTS
                                                                                           member Alexine Prince’s life (Mother
                                              go to build homes for underprivileged
                                             February 19. They included Rita
 many new people, month paths with
the highlight of the crossedof March.                                                                      Prince).
                                                                                           of Brother TimMarch It would have
 old acquaintances and$12 each, all
                                              families in need trustee of Copper
                                             Ramirez-Dean, a of housing, fulfilling        been her birthday.
   For the sum of only renewed the            the American dream of home ownership.        4 - - Wednesday, 7:00p.m., regular
                                             Mountain Community College District           18 Wednesday, 7 PM, Regular
 friendships with your friends and
adults, including longtime members            The      retired professor; Business
                                             and store is located at 25948Kathleen         meeting with election of of new
                                                                                           meeting with obligation Grand
 who have visited our the during
relatives, can celebrateParlorseason          Center Drive, off theprofessor; Amber
                                             Henry, a college I-10 Freeway at the          Parlor delegates.
 this all our brothers devoted slate
with past year. We have a and sisters.        Mountain View exit in self storage
                                             Lansaw, manager of aRedlands (909)            21 - - Friday
                                                                                           14-16 Saturday, Santo Bernardino
 of officers who continue (12 and
Bring your children to find ways              799-6778. Its Sell, “Building Homes,
                                             facility; Eric motto is a self-employed       History and Railroad Museum, 1170
                                                                                           Auburn, 49erSan Bernardino, 11:00
younger) for our unique organization.
 to promote only $6 each.                     Building and John
                                             printer; Hope”.            Valdivia,      a   W. 3rd Street,
                                                                                           17 - Tuesday, 6 p.m., annual San
                                                                                           AM, 124th Anniversary of the St.
 Dedications still today highlight of
   Please call are the for your                         Brother
                                             pharmaceutical Barbara Chavez was re-
reservation. Let MikeisAnderson way
 our fraternity, as this the true at          elected President of the Fontana Unified
                                             representative, all sponsored by Jim          Patrick's Day dinner, RSVP to
                                                                                           Bernardino Society of California
 to showcase what Jim Smith at
(909) 889-7303 or the Native Sons             School
                                             Smith District and Brother Barbara            Mike Anderson 909-889-7303 or
(909) 915-4785As a group you will
 is all about.      know that statewide         Others elected President of the an
                                              Flores was were Gil Navarro, San             21
                                                                                           Jim- Saturday, 909-915-4785 by
                                                                                                  Smith 2:00 PM, Memorial
 our membership is slipping March
attend. Please call them , byand now          Bernardino Unified School District. the      Service for Helen Lois Vance (widow
                                             education advocate and member of              of former (see article for details).
                                                                                           March 15member Vernon Vance and
15. the time to try and replace these
 is Yummy!                                              Brother County Board of
                                             San Bernardino Matt Levesque was              25 - Wednesday, noon, Vance).
                                                                                           stepmother of member Jim monthly
 lost members. Talk to your family            elected President of the EastanValley
                                             Education; and Jess Vizcaino,         aide
   With the initiation of nine new                                                         21 - Saturday, Sacramento, 6:00 Mt.
                                                                                           luncheon, Mitla's, 642 North PM,
members into our worthy orderthem
 members and friends and ask on               Water District, and Brother and Pitcher,
                                             to Congressman Joe BacaLauri trustee
                                             of now CEO/Shareholder ofCommunity
                                              is the San Bernardino Lucia & Co,            Grand Parlor’s Discovery
                                                                                           Vernon, San Bernardino. of Gold
 to join, but only those who you net
February 18, we now have aknow                                                             Banquet (See article)
gainbe of 25 new members this
 to      worthy. We need members              CPA’s. District, sponsored by Sam
                                             CollegeWholehearted congratulations are       25 - Wednesday,April Noon, Monthly
 who will be
membership asyear. motivated as yourself
                            Our total
                                              extended to our members as were Paul
                                             Garcia. Additional initiatesthey assume        1 - Wednesday, 7 p.m., regular
                                                                                           luncheon, Nena’s Restaurant, 642 N.
                                              their respective leadership positions.
 and will dedicate 275 time to help
membership is at their and we are            Chaney, a certified arborist, sponsored       meeting.
                                                                                           “D” Street, San Bernardino (Note
very close to becoming great fifth
 preserve the history of our the state,      by Paul NEW MEMBERS
                                                        Lane; and Bruce Varner, a           4 - location).
                                                                                           new Saturday, 8 a.m. until noon,
 CALIFORNIA. I am excited about                          attorney, sponsored by Jack
                                             corporate Four new members were given         rummage sale.
largest parlor in California.                                                                         FEBRUARY
 the am very proud of theas we have          Brown.
                                              the obligation to join Arrowhead during
   I last half of my term work we                                                          15- Wednesday, 7 p,m., regular
                                                A warm welcome is extended to all
                                              the month of December.                       1 - Wednesday, 7:00 PM, Regular
 much accomplished during
have more planned for our Parlormy   and
                                             these newDamon
                                                          members. Alexander               meeting with initiation. delegates
 the Inland We should all hope you
presidency. Empire. I trulybe proud.                                                 and   meeting, nomination of
                                              Deborah Robertson were obligated at               this year’s MEMBERS
                                                                                           for 50 YEAR Grand Parlor, and
 all final initiation before the order’s
Thehad an enjoyable Christmas. May                                                         obligation of new members.5-9-34
                                              our December 7th meeting. Brenda Bell        Carl Anderson
 the upcoming year bring closes on
2008-09 membership year you peace,                    NOMINATION OF                        10 - 11 - Friday, Saturday - El
 cheerfulness and good health.                and Jonathon Melzer were obligated by        Charles Dunihue          10-11-41
April 30 will be on April 15.                            DELEGATES
                                              PGP James Smith on December 27th.            Centro, De Anza Trek, 6:00 PM
                                                                                           Sherman information in 5-6-42
    In Friendship, loyalty and will be
   Also our monthly luncheon Charity.        Arrowhead         Parlor   elected      the
                                                        Alexander, sponsored by Smith,     (More                       February
                                                                                           Robert Hinze
                                                                                           Arrowgram)               10-24-42
                        Kevin Anderson
at Mitla Café, Wednesday, March               is a law enforcement to this year’s
                                             following delegates officer; Robertson,
                                                                                           10 - 11 Rouchleau        10-28-44
                                                                                           Leonard - Friday, Saturday - Fortuna,
25, at noon, on historic “Route 66,”          sponsored by Garry Devlin, a City
                                             Grand Parlor:Richard McInnis, isDoug
           CLEFT PALATE                                                                                              4-14-45
                                                                                           Wallace Peters the Redwoods, 5:00
                                                                                           Weekend in
642 North Mt. Vernon Avenue, San              of Rialto John W. Anderson, Tim
                                             Calkins, Councilperson; Bell, sponsored       Robert Lee White , Jr     6-23-48
                                                                                           PM. Headquarters Hotel is the Best
Bernardino.During the month of                by Carol Robb, is a Romano. Mark
                                             Prince, and Ben consultant and radio          Daniel Tillmans          10-26-48
                                                                                           Western ($75.00). Registration for
   Gather your received the annual
 December, we items for donations to         Shepherd was elected as our alternate.
                                              personality; and Melzer, also sponsored      Fred Mau is $30.00.
                                                                                           weekend                   9-21-49
 our Cleft PalateIt’s around Foundation
rummage sale. Charitable the corner             Because Arrowhead Parlor printing
                                              by Smith, owns his ownhas more               15 - Devlin               3-22-50
                                                                                           RogerWednesday, 5:30 PM, Annual
 from the at our parlor. It’s Carol
on April 4following members:a great          than 250 members, it is entitled to five
                                              company in Colton.                           Valentine Dinner.          details
                                                                                           W. Robert Holcomb (More 2-18-53 in
 Robb, $25.00 clear out that “stuff”
opportunity to and Richard McInnis,                     We welcome our new four of
                                             elected delegates. (In addition,members       February Arrowgrams)
                                                                                           Anthony Trozera             9-2-53
 $20.00.     funds for Native their
and raiseWe thank them for Sons.             our members are automatic delegates:
                                              and encourage them to participate in an      22 - Van Luven, Jr
                                                                                           Donald Noon, Monthly Luncheon,
 generosity.                                  initiation later in supervising district
                                             Mike Anderson, the year.                      Nena’s Dale
                                                                                           Francis Restaurant.      10-22-55
Page 2                                                                                                                                 Vol. 12, No. 11

                OFFICERS                                             NATIVE SONS, A FAMILY                         determine to what extent the Native
                                                                          TRADITION                                Sons played in bringing this couple
Page 2
July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012
                                                                                                                                        Vol. 9, No. 3
                                                                                                                   together, but two more Parlor
Kevin Anderson (Elsa) - (909)889-7303             President
                                                                            By Richard McInnis
                                                                                                                   Presidents and other Native Sons
                                                                            The Native Sons have
Garry Devlin - (909)875-2090 Junior Past President
Evelyn Alexander - (909)886-2704 1st Vice Presdent                           MILESTONES                             beginning at 6 p.m. this union.
                                                                                                                   would be the result ofThe dinner is
Vince Laster (Deborah) - (909) 882-2215 2nd Vice President           Member Arthur Kimball Fathers
                                                                  great family connections.was wed                  open to all Native Sons, their
                                                                                                                            Another family member,
Eric Sell (Elizabeth) - (909) 884-1121 3rd Vice President
 January 1, 2009—June 20, 2009                                     to the former and daughters into
                                                                  bringing sons Elizabeth Mendoza at                families, more friends. related
                                                                                                                   although and theirdistantly The cost
Sherry Livingston - (909) 875-2090
 Dennis Baxter                                      Marshal
                                                                   Newport Beach brothers sponsor
                                                                  the organization; on February 18.                 is uncle on Nancy’s for kids or
                                                                                                                   (an$12 for adults and $6 mother 12
                                             Inside Sentinel
Richard McInnis - (909) 875-8723 Past President
 Mike Anderson (Liza)               Jr.
Katy Henry - (909)362-5925
 Doug Calkins                       1st Vice President
                                           Outside Sentinel        Both of and work for the Coachella
                                                                  brothers themhusbands have initiated              and under. Please make reservations
                                                                                                                   Grandmother’s side) was Charles
Recording Secretary:
 Garry Devlin                       2nd Vice President            their wives. Historically there have
                                                                   Valley Unified School District.                  by March 15, who was Mike
                                                                                                                   William Viall by contactingParlor
                                    3rd Vice President
Mike Anderson(Liza)(PP ‘07) - (909) 889-7303
 Evelyn Alexander                                                 been a number of family connections
Email: mike@affordablehomeloansinc.com Marshal
 Mark Shepherd                                                                                                      Anderson in 1908 and again in
                                                                                                                   President at (909) 889-7303 or Jim
Financial Secretary:
 Vince Laster (Deborah)                 Inside Sentinel           going back to the start of Arrowhead              Smith John 915-4785.
                                                                                                                   1915. at (909)King Keir, younger
James Smith (PP ‘72-73)(PGP 80-81) Outside Sentinel
 Lorena Pizano                       - (909) 915-4785                             MARCH
                                                                  Parlor in 1887. Beginning with three
 Recording Secretary:
Email: pgp_jsmith@hotmail.com                                                                                      brother to William Edwin, became
Treasurer:Kimball (Barbara) (PP98-00)
                                                                  Charter members of the parlor who                         President in 1909.
                                                                                                                   Parlor CONDOLENCES Thus,
 email editorrich@aol.com                951-235-6704
Dennis Baxter(PP ‘08-’09) - (909) 886-3478                                siblings; Daniel, Benjamin
                                                                  were(with years of membership)                   in a twenty year span (1895 to
Trustees: Secretary:
 Financial                                                        and Bob Holcomb Today Arrowhead
                                                                    1- Joseph Rich. (56)                              This past month, Arrowhead
 Mike Anderson (PP 07)
Barbara Kimball - (909) 862-7973         909-889-7303
                                          6 - month Trustee                                                        1915) five of the Parlor Presidents
                                                                  Parlor continues(19) tradition with
                                                                    1- Ed Killgore that                             Parlor lost two 50-year members.
Carol RobbMike@Affordable HomeLoansInc.com
 email (Phil) - (909) 835-7278           12 - month Trustee                                                        were Keir family members. A
Ed Slaughter (Patty) - (909) 864-1055 18 - month Trustee          several current “member” families
                                                                    4- Paul Marshall (27)                           Jack Lee Cooley, 77, a 52-year
 Kevin Anderson (Elsa)                   909-889-7303                                                              third younger brother to John and
                                                                  that Randy Beasley (2)                            member, passed away in Fontana on
 Trustees:                                                          5- span several generations. In                William Edwin, Frank, was also a
                                                                  this Ralph Knadler (30) generations               February 15. Brother Cooley joined
 Tim Prince (Lucienne) )
                                     6-month Trustee
                                                                    6- group are the four                          Native Son.
                                                                  of the Anderson(27)                               the Parlor on April 25, 1956, and
                                                                    9- Ray Carston family and three
 Mikal Ewing (PP 05-06)             12-month Trustee
Dr. Wendell Moseley (Bobbie)18-month Trustee
 Barbara Kimball (Richard)                                                                                                  In       1931        Nancy’s
Supervising District Deputy, District 1                           generations of the Romano clan.                   was sponsored by Ed Alsip.
                                                                   11- Lee McConahy (24)                           Grandfather, William Donald Keir,
PGG Byron Wakeham(Elaine) Santa Ana Parlor #74
 Surgeon:                                                         But the recent initiation of Nancy                  B. Wesley Vaughan, 96, a 74-year
 Dr. Wendell Moseley (Bobbie) (760)328-6416      Surgeon           13- Sherman Thomas (PP49)(64)                   Sr. became the fifth family member
                                                                  (Keir) Lawrence brought to light                  member, passed away in Redlands
DDGP toDistrict 1: Parlor #110
 SDDGP Arrowhead                                                                                                   to be Parlor President and the
PGG Jack E. Doughty(Jackie)Santa Ana Parlor #74
 Mike Anderson                                                    a16- Paul Rubalcaba (1)
                                                                     remarkable family tradition that               on February 19. Brother Vaughan
                                                                                                                   family legacy was continued with
 DDGP to Arrowhead 110:                   (909)526-5437            17- Barbara Ferguson (1)
                                                                  extends through the entire span of                joined the Parlor on March 13, 1934,
DDGP to DeAnza Parlor #31274)                                                                                      William Donald Keir, Jr., Nancy’s
                                                                   18- Rodney the very beginnings in
                                                                  the parlor to Ness (PP79)(35)
 J. J. Friis (Harriet) (Santa Ana
                                                                                                                    and was sponsored by Ivy Hale.
Arthur Kimball(Elizabeth) Santa 714-538-2642
                                         Ana Parlor #74
                                                                   23- John Lemus (2)                              father, joining the NSGW. The
 DDGP to Santa Ana 74:                     (909)633-5211          1887.                                               Anna Rosa Willhite, 89, mother of
DDGP to KimballAna Parlor #74 909-862-7973
 Barbara Santa (Richard)                                           23- Frank Schnetz (9)                           records of Arrowhead Parlor 110
                                                                            Nancy’s initiation adds a               member Michael Willhite and
Barbarato De Anza 312:
 DDGP Kimball                  Arrowhead Parlor #110                                                               proudly reflect great traditions and
 Arthur Kimball                          (909)862-7973
                                         909-633-5211              24- generation to the (new)
                                                                  fifth Sir Issac Lindsay Keir-Aldridge             mother-in-law of member Roberta
                                                                                                                   great families. It is difficult to say,
                                                                   29- Bill Carey that
                                                                  family legacy (28) includes two                   Willhite, passed away in San
                                                                                                                   but it is a safe bet that the Keir-
Arrowhead Parlor 110                                               30- Alan Dyer (5)
                                                                  charter members and five Parlor                   Bernardino on February 5th.
                                                                                                                   Aldridge, Anderson and Romano
Brazelton Hall • (909) 882-7025                                   Presidents. The Two Charter                         Our names will are extended to
                                                                                                                   family condolences continue to fill
                                                                  members of Arrowhead Parlor 110,
                                                                           RUMMAGE SALE                             their families and friends in their
                                                                                                                   the parlor roster for some time to
                                                                  Alexander (Aleck) S. Keir and Jeptha              time of
                                                                                                                   come. sorrow.
DISABILITY BENEFITS will be paid only from the date
 DISABILITY BENEFITS will be paid only from
on which the Parlor was actually notified of sickness or dis-        This year's rummage sale will be
 the date on which the Parlor was actually notified of
ability, as provided by the Parlor’s By-Laws and NOT from         W. Aldridge start the tradition. Keir,
                                                                   held on Saturday morning, April 4,
 sickness or disability, as provided by the Parlor's By-
the date of the Doctor’s certificate.the Doctor's certificate.
 Laws and NOT from the date of COMMUNICATIONS,                     in the parlor's parking lot Nancy,
                                                                  Great, Great Grandfather to from 8                  DISCOVERY OF GOLD
                                                                                                                         49er WEEKEND
notifications of disability, changes of address, etc., should
 COMMUNICATIONS, notifications of disability,
 changes of to the etc., should be directed to the
be directed address, Recording Secretary, the Financial            a.m. until noon. merchant are
                                                                  was a salesman and Volunteerswhen                         WEEKEND
                                                                                                                     The annual 49er Weekend, held
Secretary, or the President. Financial Secretary, or the
 Recording Secretary, the                                                               present by 7 and
                                                                  he joined thebeNative Sons a.m.
                                                                   encouraged to                                             This year’s our parlors in
                                                                                                                    each March by one ofDiscovery of
ANNUAL DUES payable in advance, $50.00.
 President.                                                       Aldridge, the Parlor’s first Surgeon
                                                                   to set up. Chairman Evelyn                              weekend will take will on
                                                                                                                   GoldMother Lode country, placeonce
 ANNUAL DUES payable in advance, $50.00 for non-
                                                                   Alexander requests all was one of
                                                                  and a Great-Great Uncle,brothers to              Saturday, January 21st, in Sacramento.
 beneficial and $55.00 for beneficial members.
Arrowgrams editor:                                                                                                  again be held in Auburn this year,
Arrowgrams editor:                                                the early doctors in San Bernardino.             The highlight of the weekend will 14,
JamesM Smith (PGP) (PP 72-73)
 James M Smith (PGP) (PP 72-73)                                    bring in their rummage items now.                during the weekend of March 13, be
                                                                   We will also served for a time as
                                                                  Aldridge be glad to store them in our            the joint This event has Sacramento’s
                                 (909) 915-4785
                                  (909) 915-4785                                                                    and 15. dedication of not been held
           e-mail: PGP_JSMITH@ hotmail com                        Inside Sentinel. unable to attend a              Pioneer Hall, several7th Street, by
                 e-mail: PGP_JSMITH@ hotmail com                   garage. If you are                               in Auburn for 1009 years but some
                                                                            Aleck or our annual Saint
                                                                   parlor meeting Keir’s son William               Grand Parlor and Sunset Parlor #26,
                                                                                                                    of the best 49er weekends have been
 Contact the Editor. Rates are yearly starting in January         Edwin Keir (a forman for the Water               at 10:00 AM on Sunday, January
       Contact the Editor. Rates are yearly starting in January    Patrick's Day Dinner and need                    those held there.
                                                                  Company) and Jeptha’s brother                    22nd. weekend's activities will begin
                                                                   access to the parlor's building to                 The The headquarters Hotel is
                                                                  Marion Lafayette Aldridge (who                   the Sacramento at Auburn Parlor,
                                                                   drop items off, please call Evelyn at            with a reception Marriott Hotel.
                                                                  at one time was San Bernardino                   11211Commercial Drive (916) 638-
                                                                                                                    301 Point East Street, at 4 p.m.
We appreciate and encourage interchange of
 We appreciate and encourage interchange of                        (909).886-2704.
parlor bulletins. Please mail to:
 parlor bulletins. Please mail to:                                City Treasurer and later County                  1100. Mention “Nativecontinue with
                                                                                                                    March 13th, and will Sons of the
                                                                  Clerk) were Parlor Presidents in                 Golden West” there at 10 a.m. on
NSGW Arrowhead #110
 NSGW Arrowhead #110                                                 ST. PATRICK'S DINNER                           an initiation to obtain the $85.00
                                                                  1895 (William) and 1896 (Marion).                rate(Deadline is January dedication
PO Box 30
 PO Box 30                                                                                                          Saturday, followed by the 6th). The
San Bernardino, CA 92402 or                                          Arrowhead Parlor will between
                                                                  This close relationship hold its                 banquet on January 21stGap at 1 p.m.
 San Bernardino, CA 92402 or                                                                                        of Oliver's in Clipper is $40.00 per
                                                                   annual men beef and cabbage St.
                                                                  the twocorned became closer when                 person. Send the last operating gas
                                                                                                                    Oliver’s is you check payable to
If you wish to put anything in in the Arrowgrams, it
 If you wish to put anything the Arrowgrams, it                    Patrick's son, William Donald,
                                                                  William’s Day dinner on Tuesday,                 “NSGW on the old of Gold” to40. A
must be to the Editor by the 15th of the month.
 must be to the Editor by the 15th of the month.                                                                    station Discovery Highway Judy
                                                                   March Marion’s daughter, Irma.
                                                                  married17. This is the evening when              Harty, 13675 Mt. Echo Drive, Ione,
                                                                                                                    banquet will be held at the Mt.
                                                                   we o r i c l y of our good t t o
                                                                  H i s thonora lall i t i s d i ff i c u lIrish   CA 95640Grange January 16th. Bell
                                                                   members and those who wish they                  Vernon before Hall, 3185
                                                                   were Irish.                                      Road, at 6 p.m. On Sunday, Auburn
                                                                     Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.,            Parlor will hold a breakfast at its
                                                                   preceded by hosted cocktails                     hall, 7-10 a.m.
Page 3                                                                                                             Vol. 12, No. 1

   REASONS FOR YOU TO                            NEW DISPLAY OPENING                          the First Presbyterian Church, 1900
     PAY YOUR DUES                                AT DEPOT MUSEUM                             N. “D” Street, San Bernardino. Her
          It is important to remind you                   Artifacts on loan from the          private burial recently took place in
why you joined Arrowhead Parlor #110,          descendants of William F. Holcomb will         Williams, California.
Native Sons of the Golden West, and            go on display January 21, 2012 at the San               Loretta Mae McConahy,
why you should continue to support our         Bernardino History & Railroad Museum           81, mother of 27 - year member Lee
mission.                                       at 11:00 AM. The museum, which is in the       McConahy, passed away November
          First of all, when you joined,       depot at 1170 W. Third Street, will also       29th in Claremont, California. She
you became a part of a historical and          feature items from the San Bernardino          was born November 21, 1930 in
                                               Society of California Pioneers, which was      San Pedro, California. In addition to
constructive organization composed of
                                               organized on January 21, 1888 and will         Lee, she is survived by Clarence, her
native born Californians.
                                               celebrate its 124th anniversary that day.      husband for 61 years, son Ralph, and
          What is our mission? It is                                                          daughter Lora Broehm. Loretta and
the preservation of historical sites           (Arrowhead Parlor #110 was instituted on
                                               July 18, 1887 and will celebrate its 125th     “Mac” worked side by side as owners
throughout the State and we have a                                                            of Southcoast Rubber Stamps/Inmark
common love of loyalty for the State           Anniversary in July 2012). In 1982, the
                                               City of San Bernardino Historical Society,     for over 30 years. Services were held
of California. Through preservation                                                           December 4th at the Community
and marking of historical sites and            which was formed because of the nation’s
                                               Bicentennial, merged with the Pioneer
                                                                                              Bible Church in San Bernardino.
landmarks, we keep alive the rich                                                                      Bob Taber, 88, grandfather of
history of California. We also dedicate        Society and became the San Bernardino
                                                                                              member and San Bernardino County
in Truth, Liberty, and Toleration, and to      Historical and Pioneer Society. Today,
                                                                                              Supervisor Janice Rutherford, passed
the service of the people of California,       the organization continues to preserve         away on December 17, 2011. In
civic buildings within the State of            San Bernardino’s past and display it at        addition to Rutherford, he is survived
California. Recent dedications included        the Heritage House and Library at 796 N.       by his wife of 65 years, Carol. Janice
recognizing Centennial anniversaries for       “D” Street and at their depot museum. In       said his favorite song was “And the
Community Hospital and the National            1911, the society built the last of four log   Angels Sing”.
Orange Show in San Bernardino and the          cabins in Pioneer Park where it remained                Our sincere condolences
City of Rialto’s 100th celebration. We         until fire damaged it in 1973. Members of      are extended to our members, their
also recently dedicated three schools in       the Billy Holcomb Chapter of E Clampu          families and friends on their loss.
San Bernardino.                                Vitus will also be in attendance. Let us
          In addition to preserving            have a good representation of our Native         PJANUARY BIRTHDAYSP
historical sites, we participate in the Elks   Sons members.                                      (with years of membership)
Lodge #836 Annual Flag Day ceremony                       For more information. please         2 - Dorissa Curry (1)
on June 14th (Flag Day is also observed        contact Brother and President, San              2 - W. Robert Fawke (33)
on the same day in California); Present        Bernardino Historical and Pioneer               3 - Don Harris (4)
High School Scholarships; Sponsor a            Society, Steve Shaw, sshaw5@me.com or          14 - Kevin Anderson (32)(President)
Fourth Grade Essay Contest; Observe            (909)864-6179; cell (909) 856-3229.            15 - Thomas Rivera (New)
Admission Day on September 9th; and                      CONDOLENCES                          15 - Michael Thompson (39)
support our Cleft Palate Charitable                                                           16 - John Lightburn (28)
Foundation (Over $4,500,000 has been                     We lost one member and
                                               two member’s relatives recently.               17 - Jeff Austin (1)
contributed to three hospitals, including                                                     17 - George Schanarre (PP ‘91) (24)
Saint John’s Hospital’s Cleft Palate
                                                         Alexine C. Prince, 75, a 50
                                               - year resident of San Bernardino              18 - Kathleen Henry (3)
Clinic in Santa Monica).                                                                      18 - Rick Poe (14)
                                               County, died peacefully in San
          I trust this will give you an                                                       19 - Dee Landin (1)
                                               Bernardino on December 2nd. A
incentive to continue your support of          four - year member of Arrowhead                19 - Mikal Ewing (PP ‘04, ‘05) (9)
the greatest historical organization in        Parlor #110 and mother of long-
                                                                                              20 - Vince Laster (4)
                                               time Trustee Timothy Prince, she               21 - Harold Vollkomer (2)
NOMINATIONS OF GRAND                           was born in Chico on January 9th,              21 - Leticia Garcia (1)
  PARLOR DELEGATES                             1936. While teaching at Big Bear               23 - Ben Romano (PP ‘76) (41)
         On Wednesday, February 1st,           High, she met and married former               23 - Ruben Valencia (New)
nominations will be made for Arrowhead         San Bernardino City Attorney Ralph             24 - Neil Derry (4)
Parlor #110’s delegates to this year’s         H. Prince. She is also survived by
                                                                                              24 - Lawrence Pollard (5)
Grand Parlor. With a current membership        her daughter, Renee K. Prince, a
                                               doctoral student in psychology, and            24 - Jess Sandoval (3)
of 337, our parlor is entitled to five                                                        25 - Sidney Kwock (24)
                                               Tim’s two children Annelise and
delegates; however, if our membership is                                                      25 - Dan Walker (2)
                                               Justin. “Lexi” was very active in her
351 or more when we elect our delegates                                                       27 - Russell Case (35)
                                               city and volunteered weekly for the
on March 7th, we will be entitled to one       American Red Cross. A celebration              27 - Russ Fritz (12)
additional delegate (six). Membership          of her life will take place at 3:00 PM         27 - Eloise Reyes (1)
applications are available in the office.      on her birthday, January 9. 2012, at           31 - Michael Schaefer (PP ‘88) (26)
                                                                                                              Mt. View Mortuary
                                                                                                              & Cemetery
                                                                                         IVE SONS

                                      Ser vi rdino                                                            FD-1526
                                       Be rna
                                  San 2 years!
                                    for 6                                                                     robert “Bob” hinze
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