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Go Global: Ultimate Power Profits Review
More and more traditional MLM companies are shifting focus within their passive income
generation model to meet the demand for the industry to deliver on the years of empty promises
of getting rich. The old “recruit 100 people and see who sticks” strategy just doesn’t pan out for
most people…

And with recent advancements in Internet technology, new ways of generating income online are
emerging – much to the delight of people across the world. Gone are the days of drawing circles in
hotel conference rooms, gone are the days of trying to count how many people you need in your
organization to just break even, and gone are the endless nights banging your head against the
wall trying to figure this multi-level marketing thing out!


Global One: Ultimate Power Profits Review
Ultimate Power Profits launched July, 2012, by Scotty Evans. As Word spread around the Internet
Marketing world about being able to become a founding member, it became one of the top 5,000
most visited websites in the world!!

Hyped up? Well possibly, but there is no denying that “getting in” at the start of an opportunity like
Ultimate Power Profits could have untold benefits – not least being paid up to 1,000 times a
Do You Need to Sponsor in Ultimate Power Profits?

It would appear not! So once again you have the beginning of a success story as you will not have
to “sell” your business opportunity to friends and family or learn how to market your opportunity to
attract new recruits or sales – this one fact alone will have “failed” Network Marketers jumping with

What is Global One: Ultimate Power Profits?
Ultimate Power Profits is the brain child of Global One. Ultimate Power Profits is an “umbrella”
program, if you will. It consists of 3 radically different income-generating programs and
compensation plans that are designed to work in harmony to pay you in ways that have never
been imagined before…

Global One is broken down into 3 different income streams:

1) Spinf init y – The daily profit sharing fund

2) Inf init y – The affiliate program site

3) Global Prof it Pool

How Do You Earn Your Money with Ultimate Power Profits?

Commissions are sent out to active members every three days, half as cash commissions paid
directly to your e-wallet and half as bid tokens which you can use on the IGOBidWin penny
auction site.

Every active Global One member will receive a share of these company profits depending on their
membership or participation level.

What’s the Catch ?

Well, there isn’t one as such. You don’t have to sponsor. You don’t have to sell. But, clearly, if you
do refer people to this program and sign up new members (or sell some bid tokens), then you will
have a much bigger piece of the profit share pool. And you will also be able to create passive
income from their compensation plan.

How Does the Ultimate Power Profits Affiliate Program Work?
COPPER MEMBERS – $25 Monthly – gives you 25 bid tokens to redeem at IGOBidWin auction
and automatic qualification to earn additional income through the Spinfinity pool.

SILVER MEMBERS – $50 Monthly – gives you Copper membership benefits but 60 bid tokens to
redeem and a higher percentage of Spinfinity commissions. You are also entitled to earn a 25%
matching bonus on commissions by anyone that you personally refer to the affiliate program.

GOLD MEMBERS – $75 Monthly – gives you 120 bid tokens and all Silver membership benefits –
75% of Spinfinity commissions and a 25% matching bonus on your personally referred affiliates on
level one AND on level two.

PLATINUM MEMBERS – $100 Monthly – gives you 180 bid tokens with all gold membership
benefits and 100% on all Spinfinity commissions plus a 25% matching bonus on commissions by
your level one, two and three affiliates!

There are even further (massive) benefits available to those Platinum members who build teams of
platinum members and you can become a emerald, ruby or diamond.

Is T his T oo Good to Be T rue?

If you think getting as wealthy as the top 1% is too good to be true, then maybe this opportunity
is not right for you. I can assure you though the Ultimate Power Profits system is already gathering
huge momentum.

So Is T his for You?

Well, only you can answer that. But one thing is for sure, although I have signed up as a founding
member, I will be watching the build up to this very carefully as you can guarantee that with the
demise of Zeek – the other penny auction bid sites will be very careful to ensure that they are
operating within the law.

If you are going to jump in and try your hand at this, then I would recommend doing it now.

I never joined Zeek or Bidify but looked at it often in amazement. I am a marketer and earn my
income from multiple income streams but there is something that you need to know.
Ultimate Power Profits Review – What Other Members Won’t T ell

Ultimate Power Profits looks like a great opportunity, particularly if you join in the pre-launch and
founding membership stage. But, like any opportunity, if you want to earn a life changing income,
then it will take a little more time and effort.

In this instance, I would recommend joining an affiliate who is already a marketer who can show
you how to market this to get the maximum return for your investment – someone who
understands how this industry works and can show you how to build so that you are never in
danger of losing all your money like many Zeek reps did.

Who Could You Help with This Opportunity?
Right now, the economy is poor, and thousands of people are turning to the Internet to see if they
can supplement their income from home.

But – a word of caution….

As with any new company, there are risks that the company will not make it. So my advice is
always proceed with caution, and never put a huge investment in for too long. As soon as you see
your original investment returned, then remove it. Then proceed to take out about 30% income per
month. This way you will cover yourself just in case anything goes wrong.

As I said earlier, I generate multiple income streams from my business. I am not reliant on any one
source. I would wholeheartedly recommend you do the same.

I hope you found this Ultimate Power Profits Review
useful, and if you are ready to get started, then Click HERE
Be blessed!

Juli Becker

Text Me: 715.864.4555

Work With Me: Numis Network

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